Necessary Evil
Stardate: 47282.5
Original Airdate: 15 Nov, 1993

[Pallra's living room]

(It is a dark and stormy night, and the electric is off)
PALLRA: I didn't kill him, you know. A lot of people believed it was me. That shape-shifter thought so. But he was wrong.
QUARK: It was a long time ago.
PALLRA: Say what you will about the Cardassians, at least they could keep the power on. Would you like more ice?
QUARK: I'm fine.
PALLRA: You were always very kind.
PALLRA: You made life a little easier.
QUARK: I ran a black market for anyone who could pay. Never exactly thought of myself as kind.
PALLRA: There was always that little extra ginger tea in that package you gave me, wasn't there?
QUARK: You didn't call me to Bajor to talk about tea.
PALLRA: No. I need a favour.
QUARK: For old times sake?
PALLRA: That's right.
QUARK: I'm still as kind as ever.
PALLRA: I can pay you.
QUARK: I'm listening.
PALLRA: My husband kept a strongbox in our shop on the station, buried in the wall. I want you to bring it to me.
QUARK: What's in it?
PALLRA: Nothing anyone would value.
QUARK: Anyone but you.
PALLRA: Sentimental reasons.
QUARK: Why not take a sentimental journey back to the station, if it's your property?
PALLRA: I couldn't stand being back in that shop where my husband was murdered.
QUARK: Or maybe you'd rather not let Odo see you there.
PALLRA: I'm sure he's forgotten about all that by now. Can you neutralise the security system? It's behind the panelled wall on the left as you enter. Four panels in, five up.
QUARK: Four in, five up.
PALLRA: And I can pay you five bars of latinum.
QUARK: Five?
PALLRA: And as always my personal gratitude.
QUARK: A day, maybe two.
(Quark leaves and a muscle man enters)

Commence Station Security log. Stardate 47282.5. At the request of Commander Sisko, I will hereafter be recording a daily log of law enforcement affairs. The reason for this exercise is beyond my comprehension, except perhaps that humans have a compulsion to keep records and lists and files. So many, in fact, that they have to invent new ways to store them microscopically, otherwise their records would overrun all known civilisation. My own very adequate memory not being good enough for Starfleet, I am pleased to put my voice to this official record of this day. Everything's under control. End log.


(As the last light goes out)
QUARK: Now, when we get to the entrance, you stay flat against the wall. It's a pulsatel lockseal. I can get it to release in twenty five seconds.
ROM: Twenty five seconds? But somebody will see us. Let me do it.
QUARK: You? We'd be at it all night.
ROM: All night? No, only about ten seconds.
QUARK: How would you get a pulsatel lockseal to release in ten seconds?
ROM: You have one on the storeroom door.
ROM: Sometimes, when you forget to leave me the desealer, I have to get the storeroom open.
QUARK: You've unsealed the storeroom without my knowledge?
ROM: Only to serve a customer's needs.
QUARK: In ten seconds?
ROM: You forget fairly often.
QUARK: Ten seconds. We'll see how you handle the desealing rod.
ROM: That's all right. I have my own.
QUARK: What?
ROM: Nog made it for me. The boy's always been clever with his hands.
QUARK: My storeroom.
ROM: Time this, Brother. You'll be very proud. There, you see?

[Ship's Chandlers]

(And they're in)
QUARK: Thief. Don't deny it. You've been stealing from me.
ROM: Brother, I'd never
QUARK: Tomorrow morning, I'm changing my entire lock system. Four in, five up. Here. It's behind this one. Keep an eye on the Promenade while I burn off the panel.
ROM: The glare could attract attention. I have a better idea.
QUARK: A better idea?
ROM: I took the liberty of bringing along a small vial of magnasite drops.
QUARK: Magnasite drops? What are magnasite drops?
ROM: A compound that will eat through duranium one on each corner and the panel will fall off.
QUARK: How do you know that?
ROM: When you were in the Gamma Quadrant overnight we did very good business. Naturally, I had to keep your profits safe, but you had the only key to the latinum floor vault.
QUARK: You got into my latinum floor vault with that?
(Fizz, fizz, fizz, fizz, clunk)
ROM: I didn't want to tell you because then you'd know I'd burned off your floor plates, but I replaced them out of my own salary, brother.
QUARK: My floor vault.
(There's a small box in amongst the piping)
ROM: Should I take it out for you?
QUARK: Don't touch it. Don't you touch anything ever, ever, again.


(Quark lasers open the box)
QUARK: Just a piece of paper?
ROM: A treasure map, perhaps? (a list in alien writing) What does it mean, brother?
QUARK: I have no idea. Eight names. All of them Bajoran. I want to get a picture of this list before I reseal the box. Go, get me an imager. Go.
(Rom leaves and the muscle man comes out of the shadows.)
QUARK: You can't be in here. We're closed.
(The man raises a weapon)
QUARK: Well, if you really want a drink. She sent you, didn't she?
TRAZKO: She knew you couldn't resist opening it. (he takes the list) I'm sorry.
QUARK: Yeah. Me too.
(And Quark is shot)
ROM: Brother! Brother? Brother? Help! Somebody help! My brother's been killed!
(The emergency services have already arrived when Sisko walks in.)
BASHIR: Ten cc's of cortolin. I want an anti-grav lift in here, stat! Ready the cortical stimulator. What kind of weapon? I am waiting for an answer!
ODO: Whatever it was had to get by the scanners. My best guess is a compressed tetryon beam weapon.
BASHIR: Okay, okay, that's consistent with what I'm seeing here. Get the stimulator over here.
SISKO: Doctor?
BASHIR: Thoracic cavity ruptured. Extensive neural trauma. Now.
(Quark jolts)
ODO: Rom says it was a robbery attempt.
SISKO: Was anything taken?
ODO: He says he doesn't know, but he knows.
KIRA: Security's stopping everyone at the airlocks but it took them five minutes to get in position. The assailant may already be on a ship.
SISKO: Delay all outgoing vessels as long as you can. Advise their respective security details.
BASHIR: We've got to get him to the surgery. Help me get him up here.
(Quark is lifted onto the anti-grav and floated away)
ROM: He's dying, isn't he? He's dying. What am I going to do if my brother dies?
ODO: Do? Oh, you'll have a lot to do once this place is yours.
ROM: But if he dies. Mine?
ODO: Wives serve, brothers inherit. Rule of Acquisition number one hundred thirty nine, if I'm not mistaken.
ROM: I hadn't thought of that.
ODO: Really? I had. Because it's a solid motive for murder.
ROM: Yes, actually, I have heard of a few untimely deaths that seemed. Wait a minute, you're not suggesting that I?
ODO: I've had my eye on you for a long time, Rom. You're not as stupid as you look.
ROM: I am too. I would never
SISKO: Constable, it's his own brother.
ROM: My own brother.
SISKO: I hardly think
ODO: Stay out of this, Commander. I know these Ferengi. They'd sell their own flesh and blood for a Cardassian groat.
SISKO: Odo, he's a family friend. His son is very close to my boy.
ODO: Well, you'd better tell his son that Dad's going to the lunar prison on Meldrar One. Two hundred degrees in the shade.
ROM: I didn't! It's not true! Oh! Irony of ironies. I finally get the bar and I'm falsely accused of my brother's murder.
SISKO: Rom, as a friend, if you know anything that might be helpful, I think you should tell us.
ROM: It was a list. The man who shot my brother stole a list.
ODO: What kind of list?
ROM: Of names. Eight Bajoran names. It was in this box we, we found.
ODO: Found?
ROM: In a manner of speaking.
ODO: You...


ROM: My brother was hired by someone on Bajor to retrieve it.
ODO: Who?
ROM: He didn't tell me. He never told me anything. I tried so hard to earn Quark's trust. Now he's dead, and I can never earn his trust.
ODO: Just his share of the profits.
ROM: I swear I don't know who hired him. All I know is that the box had been hidden years ago.
ODO: How many years ago?
ROM: I'm not sure. When the Cardassians were here. When the ship's store used to be the chemist shop.
ODO: The chemist shop?
ROM: That's right.
ODO: Here? This is where you found the box?
ROM: Behind a duranium wall panel. I'll show you which one. Do you want me to open it? I can do it in ten seconds.
(Odo uses an access code instead)

[Memory - Chemist shop]

(Odo is in civilian clothes, Dukat is drinking something from a mug)
ODO: You asked to see me?
DUKAT: Yes, yes, please come in. I'm Gul Dukat. We've met before.
ODO: Have we?
DUKAT: I wouldn't expect you to remember. I was one of the guests at the reception at the Bajoran Centre for Science. It must have been two years ago.
ODO: Ah, yes, when the Cardassian High Command was invited to view me.
DUKAT: You were very amusing that night.
ODO: Was I?
DUKAT: Yes. You did a Cardassian neck trick that brought the house down.
ODO: The Bajoran scientist who worked with me thought you might find it entertaining. He made me practice for weeks on the Cardassian neck trick.
DUKAT: Gul Hadar couldn't stop talking about it. He wanted to send you out to entertain the troops. I, on the other hand, began to wonder if you couldn't provide a more valuable service for the Cardassian Empire. I've stayed informed about you, Odo, ever since you walked out on your Bajoran keepers.
ODO: I simply felt I could learn more outside a laboratory.
DUKAT: Yes, you've become quite the student of humanoid nature, haven't you?
ODO: Just what is it you need, Gul Dukat?
DUKAT: Have you ever seen a dead man before?
ODO: Yes. In your mines.
DUKAT: Oh, those are casualties. This is murder. (removes the cloth from the body) And I've decided you're going to investigate it.
ODO: Me? Why me? I'm no investigator.
DUKAT: Ah, but I suspect you'd make a good one, shape-shifting your way into places the rest of us can't go.
ODO: I have no intention of being a Cardassian agent.
DUKAT: Not an agent. An investigator.
ODO: There's a difference?
DUKAT: We can't have these Bajorans running around murdering each other, now can we? I'm talking about order here, justice.
ODO: There's very little justice in the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
DUKAT: Don't push me, Odo. My superiors would have me solve this murder by rounding up ten Bajorans at random and executing them. I'm hoping you'll give me a better alternative. Now, these Bajorans won't talk to us but they seem to trust you. I understand you used to sort out petty disputes concerning food, blankets, everyday sorts of things. They come to you.
ODO: I suppose I'm considered a neutral observer.
DUKAT: Of course. You're not one of them. And for that you should be thankful. So, here's one more petty dispute, only this time I'm bringing it to you. Find the murderer.
ODO: Are there any witnesses?

[Memory - Storage room]

(A pseudo Security office, pro tem)
DUKAT: I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Mrs Vaatrik. This is Odo. He'll be investigating your husband's death. Perhaps you two already know each other.
PALLRA: Have you been into the shop?
ODO: No, I don't use chemicals.
DUKAT: I've assigned this space to you. We'll get you anything you need. Madam, my sympathies. Good hunting.
(Dukat leaves)
ODO: I'm sorry for your loss.
PALLRA: Thank you.
ODO: Do you have any idea who might have done this?
PALLRA: I have a very good idea.
ODO: You do?
PALLRA: May I be honest with you?
ODO: That might be helpful.
PALLRA: My husband was having an affair. Some girl showed up on the station a couple of weeks ago. He became infatuated with her, I don't know. Why are men like that?
ODO: Believe me, I have no idea.
PALLRA: We had two wonderful years together, till she arrived. And now
ODO: You loved him very much.
PALLRA: Of course I did.
ODO: Then, perhaps you could explain something I don't understand.
PALLRA: What's that?
ODO: Mister Vaatrik was found dead two hours ago. Mrs Vaatrik hasn't shed a tear.
PALLRA: What makes you think
ODO: By necessity I'm an observer, Mrs Vaatrik. When a humanoid cries, the epidermis below the eyes swells noticeably. Your epidermis is perfectly normal.
PALLRA: I've been too angry to cry. I, I, the shock, I
ODO: Of course. So, you were about to accuse this other woman of the murder, I believe?
PALLRA: He confessed his indiscretion to me days ago, but said it was over
ODO: And when he broke it off with her, she killed him in a jealous rage.
PALLRA: Something like that.
ODO: Do you know her name?
PALLRA: No, but I can point her out to you.

[Memory - Promenade]

(On the Bajoran squalor side of the dividing gate)
GUARD: Move along. Step back from the gate. That's enough.
COMM [OC]: Attention, all bio-organic materials must be disposed of according to regulations.
ODO: When was the last time you saw Mister Vaatrik alive?
PALLRA: At dinner. He went back to the shop to do some inventory work afterwards.
ODO: You don't live in community quarters.
PALLRA: No. We were lucky enough to be assigned a private room. I guess because we ran the shop, but at least we had a little privacy. There. That's her.
(She's pointing at a long-haired Kira Nerys)


KIRA: Odo. We haven't picked up anyone at the airlocks. I can't hold up outbound traffic any longer.
ODO: I'm sure he disposed of the weapon before he left.
KIRA: I heard about the list, the one that Quark got out of the wall.
ODO: Rom said it had been hidden there during the occupation.
KIRA: I couldn't help wondering if it had something to do with Vaatrik.
ODO: I've been wondering the same thing.

Security log, stardate 47284.1. In this job, there is no unfinished business. The assault on Quark reopens a five year old murder case that I've never, not for a moment, closed. Patience is a lost virtue to most. To me, an ally.

[Security office]

ROM: I barely saw it. I'm sorry. I don't remember any of the names.
ODO: All right, all right, let's just relax for a moment.
ROM: I really ought to be getting back to my bar.
ODO: He's not dead yet, Rom.
ROM: They're not keeping him alive by artificial means, are they? My brother wouldn't want that.
ODO: No, he's clinging to life all on his own.
ROM: Typical.
ODO: All right, let's try again. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind of everything in it, if there's anything there. Breathe. Breathe. Now, what do you see?
ROM: The bar.
ODO: Yes?
ROM: With my name on it.
ODO: The past, Rom, not the future. The box opens. There's a piece of paper inside it.
ROM: Yes, yes, I see it.
ODO: Quark unfolds it. There's a list of names, Bajoran names.
ROM: Right.
ODO: The one at the very top catches your eye. And the first letter is?
ROM: C! It's a C.
ODO: And the next letter is?
ROM: Er, er.
ODO: Skip to the last letter in the name, Rom.
ROM: O! It's an O.
ODO: Starts with a C, ends with an O.
ROM: And, and there's a mark in the name.
ODO: An apostrophe?
ROM: Ches'so!
ODO: You're sure?
ROM: Yes. Maybe.
ODO: Maybe?
ROM: It's something like Ches'so. I think.


ODO: Call me day or night if you remember something else.
KIRA: Anything? (Odo hands her a PADD) Ches'so.
ODO: Might be the first name on the list. Remember anyone from those days on the station with that name?
KIRA: No, but I wasn't here very long.
ODO: So I recall.
KIRA: We never talked about it.
ODO: We never had to.
KIRA: I would have been executed.
ODO: You were innocent of the crime I was investigating.
KIRA: That wouldn't have mattered to the Cardassians.
ODO: It mattered to me.

[Memory - Bajoran soup kitchen]

GUARD: Work detail tomorrow. Surrender your passes. You there, keep moving. This way, this way.
COMM [OC]: Radiation crew, report to observation level. Radiation crew, report to observation level.
ODO: Do you mind if I join you?
COMM [OC]: Sector four salvage team report at once to your work station.
ODO: A pretty girl like you shouldn't be eating alone.
KIRA: I don't do whatever it is you want. Not for money, not for food.
ODO: No, you misunderstand. I'm sorry, of course I can see how you could. Let me start over.
KIRA: Are you some kind of a security officer?
ODO: How did you know that?
KIRA: You are, aren't you.
ODO: Unofficially, I suppose that's true.
KIRA: Unofficially? What's that supposed to mean?
ODO: Gul Dukat asked me to investigate the murder of a Bajoran man named Vaatrik. I understand you knew him.
KIRA: Who says I did?
ODO: His widow.
KIRA: I suppose she also told you I killed him.
ODO: Did you?
ODO: On the contrary, you were in love with him.
ODO: But he was in love with you.
ODO: It doesn't sound like much of a romance.
KIRA: We weren't having a romance.
ODO: Then why would he tell his wife that you were?
KIRA: You'll have to ask him.
ODO: If you were having an affair, I promise you I'll find out about it.
KIRA: All you're going to find is that I've been here for two weeks. I met the man right after I arrived. He had Pyrellian ginger tea. How he managed to get it I don't know, but I happen to like ginger tea. We became friends. Maybe he was attracted to me. It never went anywhere. Why do you think Dukat wanted you on this investigation?
ODO: I'm sure he had good reasons.
KIRA: Why not his own security people?
ODO: No Bajoran would talk to them.
KIRA: That never stopped the Cardassians before. They have ways of getting their information. Something to think about.
ODO: Where were you last night?
KIRA: I was at the bar. I heard the Ferengi are allowed to hire some Bajorans for dog work. It's better than the mines.
ODO: You haven't spent any time in the mines.
KIRA: How do you know?
ODO: Your hands.
KIRA: You're not bad at this. You're right. My last job was at a replicator plant on Bajor.
ODO: You're not allowed to quit those jobs. What happened?
KIRA: I hit a supervisor for trying what I thought you were trying a few minutes ago.
ODO: I appreciate your restraint this time. You're not planning on leaving the station soon?
KIRA: If I were, would you have the Cardassians stop me?
ODO: Yes.
KIRA: Then I'm not planning on leaving the station soon. Let me tell you something. Unofficially or not, you're working for the Cardassians. Sooner or later, you're going to have to decide whose side you're on.
ODO: I don't choose sides.
KIRA: Everybody has to choose sides, Constable.

[Pallra's living room]

PALLRA: I don't know what you're talking about.
ODO: You knew nothing about a list?
PALLRA: Nothing.
ODO: Why would your husband have hidden a list of Bajoran names?
PALLRA: I can't imagine why. Are you sure it was his?
ODO: No.
PALLRA: Maybe the Cardassians put it there before they left.
ODO: Someone on Bajor told Quark where to find it.
PALLRA: I wish I could help. I sort of liked that little Ferengi.
ODO: Don't write his eulogy yet. He's still with us.
PALLRA: I thought you said
ODO: He was shot at point blank range. The Federation doctor saved his life.
PALLRA: Good for him.
ODO: Does the name Ches'so mean anything to you?
PALLRA: I don't think so. Who is it?
ODO: Oh, just someone I'd like to talk to. Thank you for seeing me.
PALLRA: If this has anything to do with my husband's murder, I want to be of help in any way I can.
ODO: Oh, there was one other thing. I understand your power was recently terminated for lack of payment.
PALLRA: That's right.
ODO: Yet you were able to transfer funds to the power company this morning.
PALLRA: I don't appreciate your looking into my private affairs.
ODO: Just part of a routine investigation. If you could tell me where you got the money?
PALLRA: A loan from a friend.
ODO: Of course. And your friend's name?
PALLRA: Odo, this really has nothing to do with your investigation.
ODO: Good. Then you won't mind giving me the name.
PALLRA: I'm sorry. My friend is married. I won't drag him into this.

Security Log, supplemental. The Ferengi holds on to life like it's gold-pressed latinum. Maybe he just doesn't want his brother to get the bar, or maybe he knows he's the only real witness I have.


BASHIR: The next several hours will tell the whole story. We've done everything we can for him. I'll keep you updated.
(Bashir leaves, Kira enters)
KIRA: I've got some good news and some bad news. I think I've found our Ches'so.
ODO: Who is he?
KIRA: A Bajoran mining engineer. He's been very active in charity work for the war orphans.
ODO: What makes you think he's our man?
KIRA: Some connections from my past suggested he might be. His work brought him to the station a lot. The bad news is he's dead. Drowned in a pond on his property last night.
ODO: I'm responsible.
KIRA: How?
ODO: I mentioned the name Ches'so to the Vaatrik woman. If she recognised it as Ches'sarro, and thought he might lead us to her. Security to the Infirmary.
SECURITY [OC]: Acknowledged.
ODO: Major, I need some help. Advise the Medical Examiner that I want a complete autopsy on Ches'sarro, and that his death is to be treated as a suspected homicide. I'll need the communication records for the Vaatrik home for the past fifty-two hours and have the Central Bank keep a supervisor on duty all night. I'll need several bank records as well.
KIRA: Whose?
ODO: I don't know yet.
(The security guard enters)
ODO: I want round the clock armed security on Quark. No visitors.
GUARD: Yes, sir.

[Memory - Quark's]

QUARK: Stop by one of the holosuites. Two programs for the price of one.
ODO: I'm looking for the proprietor of this establishment.
QUARK: Does he owe you money?
ODO: No.
QUARK: Are you here to arrest him?
ODO: No.
QUARK: Then you've found him. Quark, at your service. First drink on the house. An old and dreadful Cardassian tradition. What'll you have.
ODO: I don't drink.
QUARK: A soft drink, then.
ODO: I don't drink.
QUARK: I guess that's why we don't see you around here much.
ODO: I'd like to ask you a few questions about the death of the Bajoran chemist.
QUARK: Wait a minute. You're the shape-shifter. You're the one who's working for Dukat.
ODO: I'm not working for Dukat. I'm just trying to solve a murder.
QUARK: No, I've heard about you. You do some Cardassian neck trick, am I right?
ODO: Not anymore.
QUARK: That could go over big in this room.
ODO: I'm checking on the alibi of a young Bajoran woman, red hair, named Kira Nerys. She says she was here last night
QUARK: Yeah, I remember her. She wanted a job.
ODO: How long was she here?
QUARK: Long enough.
ODO: Long enough for what?
QUARK: Oh, you know.
ODO: No, I don't. Why don't you tell me.
QUARK: She was showing me her, er, initiative.
ODO: Is that some sort of sexual reference?
QUARK: These jobs are hard to come by. Her credentials were very impressive. (Odo grabs his lapels) Hey, listen. Listen here, what's the problem?
ODO: The problem is you're lying.
QUARK: You've got me all wrong.
ODO: I want the truth otherwise I'll just turn you over to Gul Dukat and he can get it for me.
QUARK: Okay, fine, I didn't realise we were dealing with a murder here. She didn't pay me enough for that anyway.
ODO: She paid you for an alibi? I wonder how Gul Dukat will react when I tell him about that.
QUARK: I'm sure it'll cost me a case of Cardassian ale.
DUKAT: Two cases at the very least. A broken alibi. That sounds like progress. Is there someone you want me to arrest?
ODO: Not yet.
DUKAT: But soon. I need a name, Odo.
ODO: You'll get your name when I'm certain it's the right name.
DUKAT: Listen to the way he speaks to me, Quark. You're not afraid of anyone, are you, shape-shifter? Not even me. I was right about you. You are the man for this job.
QUARK: Listen, I feel you and I, we've gotten off to a bad start here. Let me make it up to you. You need anything? A little ginger tea? No, you don't drink. Chocolate? Maybe companionship?


SISKO: You look like you just lost your best friend, Constable.
DAX: Is Quark?
ODO: Quark is stable.
SISKO: What's this?
ODO: The list.
DAX: You found it?
ODO: No, I assembled it from the Vaatrik woman's communication records. She's been talking to each of these people a lot. Odd thing is, she'd never talked to any of them until two days ago.
SISKO: When the list was stolen.
ODO: Interestingly, every one of them has transferred exactly one hundred thousand Bajoran litas into her bank accounts within the last twenty six hours.
SISKO: Blackmail?
ODO: Blackmail.
SISKO: What did they have to hide?
ODO: For one thing, that they'd come out of the occupation with that kind of money.
DAX: You think they were working with the Cardassians.
ODO: Selling out their own world for a profit. Collaborators. Not even a Ferengi would do that. It explains a lot of things.
SISKO: Do you have enough to charge her?
ODO: Not yet, but I'd like to bring her in for questioning. With your permission, I'll ask the local Bajoran authorities transport her here.
(Muscle man finishes his drink and leaves)

ODO [OC]: Nobody ever had to teach me the justice trick. That's something I've always known. A racial memory from my species, I guess. It's really the only clue I have to what kind of people they are. Are these kinds of thoughts appropriate for a Starfleet log? I don't care. There's no room in justice for loyalty or friendship or love. Justice, as the humans like to say, is blind. I used to believe that. I'm not sure I can anymore.

[Memory - Storage room]

KIRA: Yes, I lied about my alibi. That doesn't make me a killer.
ODO: Where were you when he was murdered?
KIRA: Asleep, alone.
ODO: No one saw you in the community quarters.
KIRA: I wasn't there. I've found a small corner in
ODO: You're lying.
ODO: Don't bother. Your whole face changes. I should have seen it before. You don't lie well.
KIRA: Thanks.
ODO: So why don't you start telling the truth?
KIRA: Whose side are you going to be on, Constable?
ODO: I'm not going to play your game.
KIRA: When I tell you the truth, you'll have to choose.
ODO: No. No, that's why I was given this job. That's why all of you always come to me with problems. I'm the outsider. I'm on no one's side. All I'm interested in is justice. If you're innocent, you'll go free. If you're not, I'll turn you over to Cardassian authorities. That's the only choice here.
KIRA: I didn't kill him. When he was killed, I was on level twenty one.
ODO: Twenty one? Ore processing?
KIRA: Check the Cardassian security logs. You'll see a breach on twenty one last night. I'm in the Bajoran underground. I came here to commit acts of sabotage against the Cardassians. Last night, I succeeded.
ODO: The ore processor was damaged by a sub-nucleonic device at twenty five hundred hours last night. It'll be out of operation for two weeks.
KIRA: Give the mine workers a little time off at least. I'll describe the device I used if you still don't believe me.
ODO: That's why you needed an alibi from Quark.
KIRA: If you tell the Cardassians the truth, none of this will matter. I'll be executed for the sabotage. Who cares about Bajorans killing Bajorans when you can hang a rebel.
DUKAT: Is this her?
ODO: I told you when I have the name
DUKAT: Is this her?
ODO: No. You can go.
DUKAT: If you're lying, shape-shifter.
ODO: If you know as much about me as you say you do, Gul Dukat, you know I don't lie. I am convinced that she did not kill Vaatrik.


TRAZKO: (with flowers) Is it too late for visitors?
GUARD: I'm sorry, sir. No visitors are permitted here.
TRAZKO: Perhaps you could just put these in water for him.
GUARD: Of course.
(Trazko stabs the guard then turns off Quark's life support and puts a pillow over his face. Rom enters and does that high pitched Ferengi scream. There's a struggle and Odo arrives with more guards and grabs Trazko)
ODO: Odo to Bashir. Report to the Infirmary immediately.
(Security restarts the life support. Rom is still screaming.)
BASHIR: On my way.
ODO: It's over, Rom, over. You're a hero.
ROM: I am?
ODO: You saved your brother's life.
(Rom screams again, and Quark smiles.)

[Holding area]

(Trazko is in a cell)
PALLRA: I've never seen him before in my life.
ODO: Really? Your communications records indicate that you made several calls to his home, and received several as well.
KIRA: You also transferred a large sum of money into his account two days ago.
PALLRA: I want to confer with my advocate.
ODO: Certainly. I'll make arrangements for you to speak with him. Meantime, the two of you can introduce yourselves to one another.
(Kira leads Pallra into the second cell)
PALLRA: I don't care what you think you know, shape-shifter. You will never be able to prove that I killed my husband because I didn't.
ODO: I know.

[Security office]

KIRA: When did you realise?
ODO: The possibility occurred to me when you got the name Ches'sarro so quickly. Your friends from the underground must have already suspected him of being a collaborator. Once I knew the eight names were a list of collaborators the murder of Vaatrik made sense for the first time. He must have been a collaborator too. He had the money for ginger tea. He had the private quarters. I never had a motive for his murder until now. He kept his wife in relative luxury. She surely wouldn't have killed him. So who would kill a Cardassian collaborator? Someone in the Bajoran underground, of course.
KIRA: A colleague of mine was given the job of sabotaging the ore processor. Vaatrik was my responsibility.
ODO: You were here to execute him.
KIRA: No. I was here to find the list. The names of the Bajorans who were selling us out. We'd been informed that Vaatrik was their direct link to Dukat.
ODO: That must have been why Dukat chose me to investigate. He had to stay as far away from this incident as he could so as not to endanger his network of Bajoran sympathisers.
KIRA: Obviously, I never found the list. But that's what I was looking for in his shop when Vaatrik walked in on me. I didn't have a choice.
ODO: I misjudged you, Major. You were a better liar than I gave you credit for.
KIRA: You were working for the Cardassians.
ODO: I haven't been for more than a year. You've had all that time to tell me the truth.
KIRA: I tried to tell you the truth a hundred times. What you think of me matters a lot. I was afraid.
ODO: That might affect our friendship? Maybe it doesn't have to.
KIRA: Will you ever be able to trust me the same way again?

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