Second Sight
Stardate: 47329.4
Original Airdate: 22 Nov, 1993

Personal log, stardate 47329.4. I finally realise why I've had trouble sleeping the last few nights. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the massacre at Wolf three five nine. The fourth anniversary of Jennifer's death.

[Sisko's quarters]

SISKO [OC]: I'm not sure what bothers me more. The date itself, or the fact that it almost passed unnoticed.
(Sisko is staring at a 3D chess set)
JAKE: Dad what are you doing up?
SISKO: I was about to ask you the same thing.
JAKE: I had a weird dream.
SISKO: Get some hot chocolate and tell me about it.
JAKE: Nah, it's nothing.
SISKO: Come on. Tell me about this weird dream.
JAKE: It's stupid.
SISKO: Maybe so, but the thing about dreams is, if you talk about them, they kind of go away faster.
JAKE: Okay, but don't laugh.
SISKO: I promise.
JAKE: I don't know. I was on the station somewhere. I'm not sure where. And I was trying to get back here but I couldn't find my way. Every time I saw a familiar corridor, it kind of led into some other direction. See, I told you it was stupid.
SISKO: You got me interested.
JAKE: Well then, I guess I got a little scared and started looking for you, but I couldn't find you. Somehow I ended up in Ops but you weren't in your office. And then it was like the floor started sloping and I couldn't keep my balance and all I wanted to do was find you.
SISKO: And here I am.
JAKE: Dad, I love you.
SISKO: I love you too.
JAKE: I have a calculus test in the morning.
SISKO: Then you'd better get some sleep.
JAKE: Yeah. Dad? I miss her.
SISKO: Me too.

[Promenade - upper level]

(Sisko stares out at the stars. Suddenly there's a woman in red behind him.)
FENNA: Beautiful, aren't they? I don't think I've seen the stars shine so brightly.
SISKO: The Bajorans call that constellation the Runners. I can never figure out if they're running toward something or away from something.
FENNA: Does that matter? Sometimes it just feels good to run.
SISKO: I never thought about it that way. I'm Benjamin Sisko, Commander of this station.
FENNA: I'm Fenna. I'm sorry. You must be very busy. I didn't mean to bother you.
SISKO: You're not bothering me at all.
FENNA: Good.
(They walk)
FENNA: Commander of the station. That must be very exciting. All those ships coming and going. Every day must bring something new.
SISKO: It has its moments. In some ways, though, I prefer this time the best, when everything's quiet and
FENNA: And you can feel a kind of anticipation in the air like something wonderful's going to happen but you don't know what it is. I guess that sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?
SISKO: Not at all. That's one of the great things about this station. You never know what's going to happen next, or who you're going to meet.
FENNA: I like it here. I wish I could stay longer.
SISKO: Where are you going?
FENNA: I'm not really sure. I guess I'll just keep going, like the Runners.
SISKO: I tell you what. Before you run any farther, why don't I show you around the station? If you have the time.
(She's vanished)
SISKO: Fenna?


(O'Brien is working down in the pit)
SISKO: Good morning, Chief.
O'BRIEN: Morning, Commander.
SISKO: Is this maintenance or repair?
O'BRIEN: Right now it's maintenance, but five'll get you ten it'll be a repair by the time I'm through.
SISKO: Admit it, Chief. If you were on a station where everything worked, you'd be miserable.
O'BRIEN: You may be right, sir. (sparks) But I'd be willing to give it a try.
SISKO: Good morning, Major. Computer, one chiraltan tea, with a double twist of lemon. Something wrong?
KIRA: No, nothing.
SISKO: If something's bothering you, Major, I want to hear it.
KIRA: It's just that every morning for the last year, I've seen you walk in here and start your day with a raktajino.
SISKO: I love raktajino.
KIRA: I know. You never even talk to anyone until you've had your first cup.
SISKO: I'm not awake until I've had my first cup.
KIRA: So how come you're drinking chiraltan tea?
SISKO: I, er, I just felt like having something different. That is all right with you, isn't it, Major?
KIRA: Of course. You can drink whatever you like.
SISKO: Thank you, Major. I appreciate your support.
DAX [OC]: Dax to Sisko.
SISKO: Go ahead, Lieutenant.
DAX [OC]: Professor Seyetik and I are in the science lab, if you'd like to meet him.
SISKO: On my way.

[Science lab]

SISKO: Lieutenant, where's our guest?
DAX: Inside the flux generator.
SISKO: What? What's he doing in there? He could be killed.
DAX: Well, that's what I tried to tell him.
SISKO: And he went in anyway.
DAX: Benjamin, have you ever met a terraformer?
SISKO: No. What's that got to do with it?
DAX: You can't tell a terraformer anything. It's an amazing talent bringing dead worlds to life, but humility and common sense aren't part of the job description.
(A big man comes out of the strobing light of the generator in a protective suit)
SEYETIK: There you go, Lieutenant. That should increase your generator output by at least five percent. You must be Commander Sisko. Gideon Seyetik. Great pleasure to meet you, sir.
(He's got grey hair and a beard, and a big smile)
SISKO: Professor. I'm a great admirer of your work.
SEYETIK: Good. A man of intelligence and taste. I can see we're going to get along famously.
SISKO: My son and I visited Blue Horizon on the way to Deep Space Nine. I must say I was impressed.
SEYETIK: Of course you were. I created the place and even I'm impressed. How did you like Da Vinci Falls?
SISKO: We didn't get to see them. We were only on the surface for a few hours.
SEYETIK: Oh, Commander, you missed Blue Horizon's crowning glory. Imagine water cascading off cliffs the height of Mount Everest, thundering through continuous rainbows, straight into an ocean the colour of sapphire wine. I'm going to have to take you there one day. By God, I wouldn't mind seeing it again myself.
SISKO: I may take you up on that.
SEYETIK: Good, good. But first, Epsilon one nineteen.
SISKO: Yes, I understand the initial surveys look promising.
SEYETIK: Promising? They look magnificent. Imagine, reigniting a dead sun. Bringing new life to an entire solar system. Next to that, terraforming planets will seem like child's play.
DAX: Let's hope it works. Right now, it's a promising theory.
SEYETIK: Of course it'll work. I never fail. Well, I did once, but I found it didn't agree with me. So I swore never to do it again and I never break my word. You should be glad you're coming with me, Lieutenant. This'll be my crowning achievement. Giving birth to a star. Even I will have a hard time topping that one.

[Quark's cafe]

DAX: Benjamin, you're not going to let that last piece of Andorian tuber root go to waste, are you?
SISKO: Why do you ask?
DAX: Because it's delicious. May I?
SISKO: Be my guest.
DAX: I'm going to need the extra calories to keep up with Seyetik. The man works almost as much as he talks. Benjamin?
SISKO: What?
DAX: Are you looking for someone?
SISKO: I'm sorry, what were you saying?
DAX: Nothing important. I have to meet with Chief O'Brien. We're boosting the maximum speed of Seyetik's ship to warp nine point five. If his experiment fails and that sun goes supernova, we're going to need to get out of there fast.
SISKO: I'll see you in Ops.

[Promenade - upper level]

(Sisko walks out to the window and suddenly)
FENNA: Benjamin, I was hoping I'd see you again.
SISKO: I was just thinking about you.
FENNA: Were you really? I've been thinking about you, too.
SISKO: Where did you disappear to last night?
FENNA: I had to go. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rush away like that. Does your invitation still stand? To show me around the station?
SISKO: What would you like to see?
FENNA: Everything.
SISKO: Everything? That's going to take some time.
FENNA: I don't mind, if you don't.

[Upper Pylon airlock]

(A bird's eye view of the station)
SISKO: What do you think?
FENNA: It's wonderful.
SISKO: I'm glad you like it.
FENNA: You must come here all the time.
SISKO: Not really. But when I do, a ship is usually blocking the view.
FENNA: We should have brought a picnic basket.
SISKO: Here?
FENNA: What better place?
SISKO: Well, I guess there is tomorrow.
FENNA: Is that an invitation?
SISKO: Sounded like one to me.
FENNA: Then I accept.
SISKO: Good. There's plenty left to see. In fact, I doubt that we can see it all in one evening.
FENNA: Then you can show me the rest after our picnic tomorrow.
SISKO: Do you always do that?
FENNA: Do what?
SISKO: Say exactly the right thing.
FENNA: No one's ever told me that before.
SISKO: There you go again. So, tell me all about yourself.
FENNA: There's not much to tell.
SISKO: Whatever there is, I want to hear it.
FENNA: I can't.
SISKO: Can't what?
FENNA: I can't tell you.
SISKO: Why not?
FENNA: I'm sorry, Benjamin, but I have to go.
SISKO: Fenna, wait.
(She runs into the turbolift)

[Sisko's quarters]

JAKE: So then Tiet looked down at Altrina's lunch and said, Klingon food? Those are worms. And Altrina vomited all over the table. It was pretty disgusting.
SISKO: That's nice, Jake.
JAKE: Nice? She threw up.
SISKO: Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I was thinking about something else.
JAKE: Dad, are you in love?
SISKO: What?
JAKE: You know, with a woman. You're showing all three of the signs.
SISKO: Signs?
JAKE: The ones that Nog told me about. Loss of appetite, daydreaming, smiling all the time.
SISKO: You've been talking to Nog about women again?
JAKE: Look, I just want you to know that if you're in love, it's all right with me.
SISKO: Thanks, Jake.
JAKE: What's she like?
SISKO: She's really interesting.
JAKE: Interesting, huh? So when do I get to meet her?
SISKO: I think it might be a little early to do that.
JAKE: Why? She likes you too, doesn't she?
SISKO: I think so.
JAKE: So then what's the problem?
SISKO: Well, er, it's just that, er, she keeps disappearing.

[Security office]

(Odo is briefing his deputies)
ODO: Above all, stay alert. If the subspace transmission I received is correct and Villus Thed is en route to the station, I want to be notified the moment he arrives. Keep him under constant surveillance, but remember, he's a short-range telepath, so stay at least five metres away from him at all times. That's all.
DEPUTY: Yes, sir.
(Sisko enters and the Deputies leave)
ODO: Commander, what can I do for you?
SISKO: I need to ask a favour, Constable, of a personal nature.
ODO: Go on.
SISKO: I'm looking for someone. A woman.
ODO: Name?
SISKO: Fenna.
ODO: First name or last?
SISKO: I don't know.
ODO: Species?
SISKO: I don't know. Humanoid.
ODO: What ship did she arrive on?
SISKO: I don't know.
ODO: Well, what can you tell me about her?
SISKO: Let's see. I'd say she's about one point six metres tall. Brown skin, dark hair. And the last time I saw her, she was wearing, she was wearing red.
ODO: Well, that's something, anyway.
SISKO: Do you think you can help me?
ODO: I don't know.
SISKO: I need to find her, Constable. I think she may be in some kind of trouble.
ODO: What kind of trouble? Let me guess. You don't know. Well, it's not much to go on, but I'll do what I can.
SISKO: I appreciate your help, Odo.


DAX: Benjamin, do you have a minute?
SISKO: In my office.

[Commander's office]

SISKO: What's on your mind, Dax?
DAX: I was hoping you had something to say to me.
SISKO: I don't follow you.
DAX: You really have no intention of telling me, do you?
SISKO: Telling you what?
DAX: Come on, Benjamin. I saw you with her last night on the Promenade. What's her name?
SISKO: Fenna. But believe me, Dax, there is nothing to talk about.
DAX: You used to tell Curzon everything.
SISKO: Not everything.
DAX: You know what I mean. It's because I'm a woman now, isn't it?
SISKO: Don't be ridiculous.
DAX: No, I understand. It's hard to talk man to man with a woman.
SISKO: That has nothing to do with it.
DAX: Then tell me what's going on.
SISKO: I will. As soon as there is something to tell.

Personal log, supplemental. Odo continues to search for new information about Fenna. In the meantime, Professor Seyetik has invited me and the senior staff to dinner on board the Prometheus.

[Seyetik's quarters]

SEYETIK: A great terraformer needs the green thumb of a gardener, the eye of a painter and the soul of a poet. And of course it doesn't hurt to be a raging egomaniac.
KIRA: Which makes you eminently qualified.
SEYETIK: Of course.
BASHIR: Terraforming is amazing enough, but I don't understand how you intend to re-ignite a dead sun.
SEYETIK: Basically I'll use a remote-piloted shuttlepod to deliver proto-matter into the dead star. This will cause a cascade effect which will transform the star's carbon and oxygen into elemental hydrogen. Then we just stand back and watch the fireworks.
DAX: Of course, if it doesn't work it might be the last thing we ever see.
SEYETIK: Come now, Lieutenant. Nothing of worth was ever created by a pessimist.
SISKO: I don't know about that. Van Gogh, Beckett, Y'Raka. I wouldn't exactly call them optimists.
SEYETIK: Precisely, and look at their work. Dark and dreary and dismal. Art should be an affirmation of life. For example, take my own work in the field.
BASHIR: I once saw an exhibit of your paintings at the Central Gallery on Ligobis Ten. They were certainly memorable. I don't think I've ever seen such huge canvasses.
SEYETIK: Doctor, nobody ever accused me of understatement.
DAX: Certainly not anyone who's ever read your autobiography.
SEYETIK: Nine volumes and counting. You know, I always said I wanted to write as many books as I've had marriages. Which reminds me, wait till you taste the food my wife has created for you. None of that replicated nonsense you're used to. No, every dish was prepared entirely by Nidell's own sweet hands.
KIRA: I can't wait to meet her.
SEYETIK: And so you shall. She should be just about ready. I'll go and get her.
(Seyetik leaves)
KIRA: Commander, you think he'd notice if we weren't here when he got back.
SISKO: Don't even think about it, Major. I've had dinner with about two dozen Bajoran ministers. I think you owe me this one. Besides, Seyetik is one of the Federation's greatest minds.
KIRA: I know. He told me.
BASHIR: I for one find him remarkable entertaining.
(Seyetik enters)
SEYETIK: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet my wife and my inspiration. Nidell.
(Fenna's identical twin)
DAX: Now we have something to talk about.
(After dinner)
BASHIR: I can't eat another bite.
O'BRIEN: That was delicious. Do you think I could have the recipe?
NIDELL: You'll have to ask Gideon. It's his creation.
SEYETIK: Well, it took me years to perfect it. The secret, you see, is to sear the kalo roots slightly before layering them over the slices of roasted waroon.
SISKO: She acts like she doesn't recognise me.
SEYETIK: (under the dialogue) The most important thing is the broth. One litre of clear Rumall stock. A tumbler and a half of Gremish, two clusters of Vulcan redspice.
DAX: It is the same woman, isn't it?
SISKO: She looks the same.
SEYETIK: Half a dozen humat pods, and a dash of ice salt. Then you reduce it in a Andorian boiler, cook it exactly five hundred degrees Kelvin and then just pepper to taste. Any questions?
O'BRIEN: Maybe you should write that down.
SEYETIK: Of course. No trouble at all. Now, I think we should continue this conversation in the other room. We shall be more comfortable there.
(Everyone leaves except Sisko and Nidell. She starts clearing the plates.)
NIDELL: Commander, can I help you with something?
SISKO: I hope so. It would have been a lot easier if you'd told me you were married.
NIDELL: I don't understand.
SISKO: Yesterday, on the Promenade. You had plenty of opportunity.
NIDELL: Commander, I don't know what you're talking about. I've never met you before tonight.
SISKO: I suppose you never told me that your name was Fenna? Would you like to talk about this?
NIDELL: Commander, obviously you have mistaken me for someone else.
SISKO: Seems that way, doesn't it?


SISKO: I'm telling you Dax, it was the same woman. The face, the voice. It was Fenna.
DAX: Maybe you ought to talk to her when her husband isn't around.
SISKO: Dax, she's a married woman.
DAX: That would have never stopped Curzon.
SISKO: It's just that this was the first time since Jennifer's death that I felt drawn to someone.
(Odo enters)
ODO: Commander, may I have a word with you? I thought you should know I've checked this week's docking and transporter logs, and there is no record of anyone matching the description you gave me.
SISKO: Thanks, Odo, but you can call off your search. I've already found the woman I was looking for.
ODO: Did you? And where was she, if you don't mind my asking?
SISKO: Aboard the Prometheus.
ODO: The Prometheus? Are you sure?
SISKO: Yes, we just left there a few minutes ago.
ODO: That's impossible.
SISKO: What do you mean?
ODO: I checked the de-embarkation logs as part of my search. With the exception of Professor Seyetik, no one has left the Prometheus during the entire time it's been at the station.

[Promenade - upper level]

QUARK: Commander?
(Quark has brought out a drink)
QUARK: I thought you could use this.
SISKO: No thanks, I was just leaving.
QUARK: Stood you up, didn't she? When you've worked in a bar as long as I have, you get to recognise that look. I've even seen it in the mirror once or twice.
SISKO: I'd better be getting home.
QUARK: If you'd like, we could go down to the bar and talk. You know, about women.
SISKO: I don't think so.
QUARK: Don't forget, the holosuites are always open.

[Sisko's quarters]

FENNA: Benjamin!
(Fenna comes in from the previously empty corridor and hugs him)
FENNA: I missed you. Is there something wrong?
SISKO: I just had dinner with someone who looks exactly like you.
FENNA: Like me? How strange?
SISKO: Then you're telling me that your name isn't really Nidell and you're not the wife of Gideon Seyetik.
FENNA: Of course not. I'm Fenna, you know that.
SISKO: Right now, I'm not sure what I know. I don't suppose you have a twin sister, do you?
FENNA: Not that I know of.
SISKO: Fenna, I need to know where you came from, what you're doing on this station.
FENNA: Does that matter?
SISKO: Of course it matters. I need to know who you are.
FENNA: You do know me, Benjamin. When I came here, I thought I was looking for a place, somewhere I belonged, but I was wrong. I wasn't looking for a place, I was looking for a person. I was looking for you.
(They kiss)
FENNA: Benjamin.
(Fenna vanishes in front of him.)

[Airlock corridor]

O'BRIEN: All right, Lieutenant. I've got the warp drive on the Prometheus purring like a kitten. It'll do nine point six in a pinch but I wouldn't take it any faster.
DAX: I thought the theoretical maximum for those engines was warp nine point five?
O'BRIEN: It was.
SEYETIK: Must I remind you, Lieutenant, some of us only have one lifetime.
DAX: I'll be right there.
O'BRIEN: Good luck, Lieutenant. Commander.
(O'Brien leaves as Sisko arrives)
DAX: Come to see us off, Benjamin?
SISKO: Not exactly. I'm going with you. After all, how often do you get to see a star reborn.
DAX: Do you really think this is a good idea?
SISKO: I need answers, Dax, and the key to Fenna's disappearance could be on that ship.

[Prometheus Bridge]

(The crew are in TNG-style uniforms)
PIERSALL: Have you finished loading the protomatter device into the shuttlepod?
DAX: All set. The containment fields are holding fine, remote guidance systems are fully operational.
(Sisko and Seyetik enter)
SEYETIK: I'm telling you, Commander, by the time I was through with New Halana, it was a veritable paradise. How are we doing, Mister Piersall?
PIERSALL: We'll be initiating preliminary scans in a few hours.
SEYETIK: Let me know when we get there.
SISKO: Well, Professor, you must be eager to get started. What did you call this? Your crowning achievement.
SEYETIK: Don't remind me. Commander, my entire life has been a series of escalating triumphs. It's what I live for, knowing that no matter what I achieve, there's always another triumph waiting for me.
SISKO: And now?
SEYETIK: Are you familiar with the Klingon poet G'trok?
SISKO: A little. The Fall of Kang is required reading at the Academy.
SEYETIK: So honour the valiant who die 'neath your sword.
SISKO: But pity the warrior who slays all his foes.
SEYETIK: Yes, well, a bit obvious perhaps, but true nonetheless. So, what were we talking about?
SEYETIK: Of course. My favourite subject. Where was I?
SISKO: You had just finished terraforming New Halana.
SEYETIK: Ah, of course. Well, you can imagine how grateful the Halanans were. Endless parades and receptions. Got to be a bit of a bore actually. But then I met Nidell. She was the daughter of a local dignitary. She was utterly infatuated with me from the very start. I can't say I blame her, actually. The first time she saw me, I was surrounded by crowds of people, unveiling a statue they'd commissioned in my honour. I could tell from the start she was something special. You know, she'd never been off world before she met me. I promised to show her the galaxy. I'd have given it to her if I could've.
SISKO: She must love you very much.
SEYETIK: She does, Commander. Don't ask me why, but she does.

[Prometheus guest quarters]

SISKO: Fenna?
FENNA: Benjamin, I'm so glad to see you.
SISKO: Dax, report to my quarters immediately.
DAX [OC]: On my way.
FENNA: Benjamin, what's wrong?
SISKO: The last time I saw you, you vanished.
FENNA: I'm with you now and I'm never going to leave you again.
SISKO: I wish I could believe that.
FENNA: You have to, Benjamin.
(Dax enters)
SISKO: Dax, this is Fenna.
(Dax gets out her tricorder)
FENNA: What is she doing?
SISKO: It's all right. She's not going to hurt you.
DAX: I'm not reading any cellular structure. No DNA patterns. Just pure energy.
FENNA: Benjamin, what is she talking about?
SISKO: I think it's time we found out.

[Seyetik's quarters]

(Nidell is unconscious on a couch)
SEYETIK: Help her. She won't wake up.
DAX: She's in shock. Her respiration is shallow, her heartbeat irregular and falling. Her blood pressure's dropping. Benjamin, she's dying.
SEYETIK: You've got to do something!
DAX: I don't know that I can.
SEYETIK: Fenna. I should have known. But you can't be here. Nidell promised me you'd never come back.
FENNA: I don't know what you're talking about.
SEYETIK: Just look at her.
FENNA: She looks like me.
SEYETIK: Of course she looks like you. She is you. The real you.
SISKO: Professor, what the hell is going on here?
SEYETIK: That thing over there isn't real. She's an illusion, created by my wife's unconscious mind.
FENNA: That's not true! Benjamin, you know that he's lying.
SEYETIK: Nidell is a psychoprojective telepath. Fenna's just another one of her projections.
SISKO: Lieutenant?
DAX: I've never seen readings like these. Her occipital lobe is giving off enormous amounts of energy. I don't see how she can survive more than an hour or two like this.
SEYETIK: She's dying. You've got to something.
DAX: There's nothing I can do.
SISKO: Get Fenna to my quarters, Dax, and notify Doctor.
SISKO: Get her out of here, Dax.
FENNA: Benjamin, I want to stay with you
SISKO: It'll be all right, Fenna. I just want to talk to Professor Seyetik here.
(Fenna and Dax leave)
SISKO: All right, Professor, if what you're saying is true, Nidell's psychoprojective abilities are killing her and I need to know why.
SEYETIK: Nidell doesn't even know this is happening. In times of deep emotional distress Halanans sometimes lose control of these abilities. My wife is very emotionally distraught. This happened once before, three years ago on Terosa Prime. It nearly killed her then. She swore to me it'd never happen again.
SISKO: Obviously it has.
SEYETIK: You may have noticed, Commander, that I tend to invoke strong emotions from people, particularly my wives. Oh, they all start out loving me, but a few years of togetherness soon cures them of that. My others all had the good sense to leave me.
SISKO: Why can't Nidell? What keeps her with you.
SEYETIK: Halanans mate for life. She can never leave me, no matter how much she might want to.

[Prometheus guest quarters]

FENNA: Benjamin, I've never seen Seyetik or that woman before. I don't know why he's saying those things about me but they're lies. I'm as real as you are.
SISKO: Oh, how I want to believe that. But can you tell me where you came from? How you got to the station? Can you tell me a single memory of your life before we met on the Promenade?
FENNA: Benjamin, I'm so frightened.
SISKO: Nidell's dying, Fenna. She only has a few hours.
FENNA: What happens to me if she dies?
SISKO: You no longer exist without her. But you can save her, give her back the life she gave to you.
FENNA: I don't know how.
SISKO: You can go back to her. I've seen you do it three times.
FENNA: But even if she lives, then I die, and everything you and I have dies with me.
SISKO: Fenna, what we have is a dream. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but it's still just a dream. Nidell's dream.
FENNA: And she won't remember any of it, will she?
SISKO: There's no way to be sure.
FENNA: I love you, Benjamin, and I always will.
(Their passionate embrace is interrupted)
DAX [OC]: Commander, you'd better come to the Bridge right away.
SISKO: What is it?
DAX [OC]: It's Seyetik. He's launched the shuttlepod toward Epsilon one nineteen, and he's on board.
SISKO: On my way.

[Prometheus Bridge]

DAX: He's opening a channel.
PIERSALL: On screen.
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: I hope this transmitter is working. I'd hate to go to all this trouble without an audience.
PIERSALL: Professor, you'll be killed. What do you think you're doing?
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: Making history. You might want to record this for posterity and all that.
DAX: He's about sixty seconds from impact.
(Sisko and Fenna enter)
SISKO: Gideon, you don't have to do this. We've found a way to save Nidell.
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: I had a feeling you would, Commander. This is the only way I can really set her free. I owe her that. Besides, this'll be my crowning achievement. Remember The Fall of Kang. Well, this is one warrior who refuses to be pitied.
PIERSALL: What's he talking about?
SISKO: Klingon poetry.
DAX: Thirty seconds from impact.
SISKO: Gideon, I want you to turn the shuttlepod around now. That's an order.
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: Too late, Commander. I've already entered the gravity well of the star.
SISKO: Engage the tractor beam.
PIERSALL: He disabled it before he left.
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: Commander, when this is over, you'll find a case among my personal belongings. There's something in there you need to find.
SISKO: What is it?
(The signal is starting to break up)
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: My obituary. I wrote it myself. After all, I couldn't leave such an important document to some stranger. Do me a favour and see to it that it's sent to the Daystrom Institute for publication. Which reminds me, I didn't get a chance to update it before I left. Let the record state, 'He sacrificed himself on the altar of science.'
DAX: Ten seconds.
SISKO: I'll be sure they get it.
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: I'm sure I can count on you.
DAX: Five seconds.
SEYETIK [on viewscreen]: Keep you eyes on the viewscreen, Commander. You'll never see anything like this again. Let there be light!
(Ka-BOOM is not sufficient for the birth of a sun)
(Fenna cries and fades away)

Station log, supplemental. Epsilon One Nineteen continues to burn brightly, a fitting memorial to a brilliant man. Meanwhile, I'm happy to report Nidell has made a complete recovery. Unfortunately, she has no memory of Fenna's experiences.

[Promenade upper level]

(Sisko is gazing out of the window again)
NIDELL: Commander.
SISKO: Nidell. How did you know I was here?
NIDELL: Lieutenant Dax told me.
SISKO: So, when does the Prometheus leave?
NIDELL: Soon. I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you. It'll be good to get home.
SISKO: How long do you plan on staying on New Halana?
NIDELL: For the rest of my life. I've been gone too long as it is. I wish that I could remember Fenna, what she did, how she felt, but I can't. I'm sorry.
SISKO: That's all right. I can remember for both of us.
NIDELL: Tell me one thing.
SISKO: If I can.
NIDELL: What was she like?
SISKO: Fenna? She was just like you.

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