The Search, part 2
Stardate: Unknown
Original Airdate: 3 Oct, 1994

Last time on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

SISKO: Our mission is to take the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant and try to find the leaders of the Dominion, the Founders.
KIRA: What the hell is wrong with Starfleet? How could they do this to him?
SISKO: This has been a long time coming, Major. Starfleet has never been happy with the Constable. I want him to stay as much as you do but he has to want to stay.
ODO: Ever since we've come into the Gamma Quadrant, I've had this feeling of being drawn somewhere, to a specific place. The Omarion Nebula.
(Three Jem'Hadar against one Defiant, they get boarded and beaten.)
ODO: The last time I saw the Defiant, she was dead in space and surrounded by Jem'Hadar ships.
KIRA: Sisko? Bashir?
ODO: I don't know.
FEMALE: Welcome home.

And now the conclusion.

[Planet surface]

ODO: You really are just like me, aren't you?
ODO: And you're saying this is where I'm from?
FEMALE: This is your home.
ODO: I wish I could remember it.
FEMALE: It's understandable that you cannot. You were still newly formed when you left us.
ODO: Newly formed? You mean I was an infant?
FEMALE: An infant, yes.
ODO: I suspected as much. Tell me, do I have any family at all?
FEMALE: Of course.
ODO: I'd like to meet them, if that's possible.
FEMALE: You already have. We are all part of the Great Link.
ODO: Is that all of us, or are there others?
KIRA: Odo, this isn't a police investigation.
ODO: I'm aware of that, Major.
KIRA: Then stop interrogating these people. This is the moment you've been waiting for all your life. Enjoy it. He really is happy to be here. Aren't you?
ODO: Yes, of course. It's just this is all very sudden.
FEMALE: And you have many questions.
ODO: Yes. Please, what exactly is this Great Link?
FEMALE: The Link is the very foundation of our society. It provides a meaning to our existence. It is the merging of thought and form, the sharing of idea and sensation. Is something wrong?
ODO: I've lived a very solitary life.
FEMALE: That's unfortunate but necessary, as you'll learn in time. But now, that part of your life is over. You're home.
(She holds out her hand to Odo.)
MALE: What are you doing?
FEMALE: Take it.
MALE: It's not time. He isn't ready.
FEMALE: He's been gone too long. He needs to remember, if only for a moment. Don't be afraid.
(Odo takes her hand and their limbs blend for a short while before reforming again. Odo appears overwhelmed.)
KIRA: Odo. What have you done to him?
FEMALE: I allowed him to experience the Link.
KIRA: Odo.
ODO: Yes, Major.
KIRA: Are you all right? What happened?
ODO: I'm not sure. But I know one thing. She's right, I am home.


SISKO: Commander's log, supplemental. It's been six days since we had to abandon the Defiant after the Jem'Hadar attack. We still don't know what happened to the rest of the crew. Doctor Bashir and I have plotted a course back to the wormhole. Whether the shuttle can get us back there or not is questionable at best. Our engines are failing, our external sensors are barely functioning and life support systems are at twenty percent and dropping.
BASHIR: But other than that we couldn't be in better shape.
SISKO: I thought you were sleeping.
BASHIR: From the sound of things I wish I were.
SISKO: Things could be worse.
(They're pulled to a halt)
BASHIR: I believe you. You think it's some kind of tractor beam?
SISKO: Could be. I wish these sensors were working.
(Clang and the rear hatch starts to open. Bashir levels a phaser at it.)
BASHIR: Now what?
O'BRIEN: Whoa. Hey, don't shoot. We surrender.
SISKO: Chief. Dax.
BASHIR: I don't believe it. We thought you'd been captured by the Jem'Hadar.
DAX: Well, we had our doubts about ever seeing you again either, Julian.
O'BRIEN: We've been searching for you for days.
SISKO: What about the others?
DAX: No sign of them yet, but we still have ships out looking for them.
O'BRIEN: Meanwhile, our orders are to get you back to DS Nine as soon as possible.
DAX: There are big things happening there, Benjamin. I think you're in for a surprise.

[Planet surface]

(An open area with lights, plants, an obelisk)
KIRA: This is beautiful.
ODO: How long do they plan on making us wait here?
KIRA: It's only been a few hours.
ODO: I finally return home and they still treat me like an outsider.
KIRA: Believe me, you're not the outsider here. I am.
ODO: You?
KIRA I'm the one they don't trust, not you.
FEMALE: How perceptive, Major. If our history has taught us anything, it's to avoid contact with Solids whenever possible.
KIRA: Solids?
FEMALE: Our name for mono-forms like yourself, who'll never know the joys of the Great Link.
KIRA: I don't intend to stay long. There's a chance Sisko and the others survived the attack. I'm going to go back to the shuttle and try contacting them.
FEMALE: I'm sorry. I cannot allow you to send any communications from the planet's surface. They could be traced back here. We value our isolation.
ODO: Yes, of course.
FEMALE: Tell me, Odo, have you made good use of the arboretum?
ODO: In what way?
FEMALE: By assuming the various shapes surrounding you.
ODO: Why would I do that?
FEMALE: To become a thing is to know a thing. To assume its form is to begin to understand its existence.
ODO: Understand it? How?
FEMALE: Living among the Solids has damaged you far worse than I realised. It has left you ignorant of the gifts you possess.
ODO: Then teach me what I need to know.
FEMALE: I'll do what I can. But in the end, this is another journey you'll have to make on your own.
(She hands him a rock.)
FEMALE: And when it is over you'll be ready to take your place in the Great Link.
(She leaves.)
KIRA: Odo.
ODO: I'd like to be alone if you don't mind.
KIRA: All right. But if you need me, I'll be in the shuttle trying to contact Sisko. Don't worry. When I was in the resistance I learned to camouflage subspace messages with quantum interference. I taught the method to Commander Sisko. If anyone intercepts the signal all they'll read is elevated levels of background radiation.
ODO: Good luck.
KIRA: You too.


NECHAYEV: Well, Commander, it appears your mission was an even greater success than we hoped.
SISKO: So I'm told. Has the delegation from the Founders arrived on the station yet?
NECHAYEV: They're already meeting with representatives from the Federation Council and a dozen other Alpha Quadrant alliances. We're hoping to have a treaty signed within a matter of days, and we have you to thank for it.
SISKO: Actually it's Lieutenant Dax and Chief O'Brien who deserve most of the credit.
O'BRIEN: We were lucky the Jem'Hadar handed us over to the Founders.
DAX: We just had to convince them that we were serious about peace.
O'BRIEN: Actually, it didn't take that much convincing.
SISKO: I suppose the only question is, can we trust them?
NECHAYEV: It's a risk, I know, but both the Federation Council and Starfleet Command believe it's one worth taking. By the way, Commander, one of the Founders asked to see you the moment you arrived on the station.
SISKO: Asked to see me?
NECHAYEV: If you're not too busy.
SISKO: Well, I suppose I could spare a few minutes.

[Guest quarters]

BORATH: Commander Sisko, come in. I've looked forward to meeting you. I am Borath.
SISKO: And you're one of the Founders?
BORATH: That's correct. You seem surprised.
SISKO: Not really. Only I hadn't realised till now I've already met one of your people.
BORATH: You're referring to Eris, of course. Yes, she is one of us. Though she couldn't very well admit it while you were pointing a phaser at her. I'm glad to see you're not holding one now.
SISKO: Do I need one?
BORATH: Not at all. You seem sceptical.
SISKO: Can you blame me?
BORATH: No. I realise you have no reason to trust the Dominion, but you must understand that we were only trying to defend ourselves.
SISKO: From what?
BORATH: We felt threatened by your incursions into the Gamma Quadrant.
SISKO: And now?
BORATH: Commander, you risked your life to bring us a message of peace and friendship. We chose to accept your offer. Would you rather we refused?
BORATH: Good. Because believe me, Commander, an alliance between the Dominion and the Federation will be beneficial to both our people.

[Promenade - upper level]

GARAK: Doctor, welcome back.
BASHIR: Why thank you, Garak. It's good to be back.
BASHIR: Business keeping you busy?
GARAK: The tailoring business, or the spy business? I'm joking, of course.
BASHIR: Of course.
GARAK: I've missed you. I've been genuinely concerned for your safety. Lunch hasn't been the same without you.
BASHIR: That's very kind of you to say so, Garak. Hopefully things'll start getting back to normal around here.
GARAK: Oh, I doubt that's going to happen, Doctor. I doubt that very much.
BASHIR: And why is that?
GARAK: There's an old saying on Cardassia. Enemies make dangerous friends. And I fear the Dominion will make a very dangerous friend indeed.
BASHIR: I take it you're referring to the peace talks.
GARAK: Exactly. I'm afraid these treaty negotiations are a mistake we're going to live to regret.
BASHIR: Is that your opinion or the opinion of the Cardassian Central Command?
GARAK: The former, I assure you. The Central Command is very much in favour of this treaty. Which, as far as I'm concerned, only justifies my fears.
(They go down the stairs.)


BASHIR: Well, I for one, hope you're worrying about nothing.
(T'Rul leaves the infirmary with a bandaged hand)
BASHIR: Sub-Commander T'Rul, are you all right?
T'RUL: I'm fine. I had a minor disagreement with some Starfleet security officers. They refused to allow me to speak with the Federation's negotiating team.
BASHIR: What did you want to talk to them about?
T'RUL: I wanted to protest the exclusion of the Romulan Empire from the treaty negotiations.
BASHIR: I wasn't aware the Romulans had been excluded.
T'RUL: Every great power in the Alpha Quadrant has been invited to participate except for us.
BASHIR: There must be some mistake.
T'RUL: The mistake is thinking the Romulan empire will stand by and allow such a betrayal to go unchallenged. Believe me, Doctor, if a treaty is signed without our approval, it will mean war.
GARAK: Still feel that I'm worrying about nothing, Doctor?


KIRA: Computer, transmit a subspace signal using a narrow theta band frequency shifted into a background radiation domain.
COMPUTER: Working.
KIRA: I hope you're out there, Commander.
COMPUTER: Unable to transmit signal due to external interference at all frequencies.
KIRA: Identify source of interference.
COMPUTER: Interference generated by thermal radiation from a subterranean power source.
KIRA: Locate power source.
COMPUTER: Power source is located four kilometres beneath the planet's surface, coordinates one two seven mark three.
KIRA: Can you identify?
COMPUTER: Unable to identify due to an unknown polymetallic substance within the surrounding rock.
(Odo enters)
ODO: Any luck, Major?
KIRA: No. Some kind of power source interfering with my signal. Do you have any idea what it could be?
ODO: I haven't a clue.
KIRA: Are you all right?
ODO: I have spent the last two hours shape-shifting. Rocks, flowers, trees. I have been everything in that garden.
KIRA: And?
ODO: And nothing. Oh, I can become a rock, all right, but I have no more of an idea what it is to be a rock than I did before.
KIRA: I'm not really sure what that means.
ODO: I'm not sure either, and that's unfortunate. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to return to my bucket.

[Commander's office]

DAX [OC]: Commander. Admiral Nechayev is here to see you.
SISKO: Send her in.
(Nechayev enters)
NECHAYEV: You asked to see me, Commander?
SISKO: I understand that the Romulans haven't been invited to the peace talks.
NECHAYEV: That's correct.
SISKO: I was wondering what prompted that decision.
NECHAYEV: The Founders requested that they be excluded.
SISKO: Did they say why?
NECHAYEV: They felt the Romulans would be a disruptive influence.
SISKO: More disruptive than the Cardassians?
NECHAYEV: They seemed to think so. Do you have a problem with this, Commander?
SISKO: Whether I have a problem with it isn't the point. It's the Romulans we have to worry about.
NECHAYEV: Commander, if this treaty is signed, and I'm confident it will be, we'll never have to worry about the Romulans again.
SISKO: Are you sure of that?
NECHAYEV: Quite sure. After all, what chance would they have against the combined power of our new alliance?
SISKO: They wouldn't have much of a chance at all.
NECHAYEV: I'm glad we agree. Believe me, Commander, the Federation carefully weighed all the options before entering into these peace talks.
SISKO: I realise that.
NECHAYEV: Then we have nothing further to discuss, do we?

[Planet surface]

ODO: Why do you dislike humanoids so much? I know they have their flaws, but I've found many of them to be kind, decent people.
FEMALE: Like Major Kira?
ODO: Yes, like Major Kira.
FEMALE: Then you've been more fortunate than most Changelings.
ODO: Changelings?
FEMALE: You recognize the term.
ODO: I've been called a Changeling on occasion.
FEMALE: It's a name given to us by the Solids. They meant it as an insult, but in defiance we took it and made it our own.
ODO: Go on, please.
FEMALE: The Great Link tells us that many years ago our people roamed the stars, searching out other races so we could add to our knowledge of the galaxy. We went in peace, but too often we were met with suspicion, hatred and violence.
ODO: Why?
FEMALE: The Solids feared our metamorphic abilities, so we were beaten, hunted and killed. Finally we arrived here. And here, safe in our isolation, we made our home.
ODO: Tell me, why was I sent away?
FEMALE: Because even in our solitude we desired to learn more about the galaxy. You were one of a hundred infants we sent off to gain that knowledge for us.
ODO: But how could you be sure that we'd find our way back here?
FEMALE: You had no choice. The urge to return home was implanted in your genetic makeup. And now, thanks to the passageway, you're the first to return to us. We weren't expecting you so soon.
ODO: When were you expecting me?
FEMALE: Not for another three hundred years.
ODO: How long was I away?
FEMALE: A long time. But now all that matters now is that you're here.
ODO: It's different than I imagined it would be.
FEMALE: Whatever you imagined, I promise it will be better.
(They embrace and melt together completely.)
(Later, Kira enters the garden and tries talking to various objects there.)
KIRA: Odo, are you here, Odo? I'm going to try to track down the source of the interference. If I can't find it and neutralise it, I'm going to have to leave here and try to find Sisko and the others. I'm really glad you made it home, Odo. I know everything is going to work out just fine. I don't believe it. I'm talking to a tree. You're probably not even here, are you?


(Kira's tricorder leads her to a metal door set in the rock.)
KIRA: Why would shape-shifters need a door? Kira to computer. Scan the area dead ahead of me for one hundred metres.
COMPUTER: Unable to penetrate due to interference.


QUARK: Excuse me. Pardon me. (to a Jem'Hadar) After you. Look out. Coming through. Sorry to keep you waiting, gentleman. That's two synthales. On the house.
O'BRIEN: What's put you in such a good humour?
QUARK: I have inside information that the peace agreement is about to be finalised.
BASHIR: And where did you get this information, from one of your friends on the Federation Council?
QUARK: If you must know, I overheard two Jem'Hadar officers.
BASHIR: And you believed them?
QUARK: I don't see why not. Oh, I know we got off to a rocky start but, they're not so bad really. I think they have the gene.
O'BRIEN: What gene?
QUARK: The gambling gene. They've barely been on the station a week and already they can hardly drag themselves away from the dabo table.
BASHIR: How fortunate for you.
QUARK: How fortunate for all of us. You see, I have a dream. A dream that one day all people, human, Jem'Hadar, Ferengi, Cardassians, will stand together in peace around my dabo tables.
BASHIR: You're a regular visionary, Quark.
QUARK: I am, aren't I?
JEM'HADAR: You're in my way.
O'BRIEN: Sorry.
(The Jem'Hadar knocks O'Brien over anyway)
BASHIR: Now look
(The Jem'Hadar pulls O'Brien back up off the floor and throws him over the bar. And goes to do it again.)
QUARK: Gentlemen, please, remember my vision.
BASHIR: That's enough.
(Bashir gets pushed up against the wall.)
EDDINGTON: All right, what's going on here?
JEM'HADAR: He addressed me in a disrespectful tone.
BASHIR: That's a lie.
EDDINGTON: Easy, Doctor. We're all friends here.
BASHIR: Tell him that.
EDDINGTON: I'll see this doesn't happen again.
JEM'HADAR: I expect you will.
(The Jem'Hadar leaves.)
BASHIR: Is that's it? You're just going to let him walk away?
EDDINGTON: Our orders are to give the Jem'Hadar a wide berth.
BASHIR: Look, I know what the orders say, but he attacked Chief O'Brien and we have rules here against that sort of thing.
EDDINGTON: I'm aware of station regulations, Doctor. However, the Jem'Hadar are not. We have to allow them some time to get used to our customs.
BASHIR: So in the meantime, they're free to do whatever they want?
EDDINGTON: Remember that before you get into another brawl with them.

[Sisko's quarters]

JAKE: Dad, pass me the potatoes. Dad?
SISKO: Yes, Jake.
JAKE: The potatoes?
JAKE: Dad, is something wrong?
SISKO: Not really. I'm just a little preoccupied, that's all. It's these Dominion negotiations.
JAKE: What about them?
SISKO: Well, it's all happening behind closed doors. I guess I just feel out of the loop.
JAKE: There's something going on, isn't there?
SISKO: Like what?
JAKE: You tell me.
SISKO: Come in.
DAX: Benjamin, did you know about this?
SISKO: Know about what?
DAX: I'm being transferred to the Lexington. I'm their new Science Officer.
SISKO: There must be some mistake.
DAX: The orders are right here.
SISKO: Let me see this. I don't believe it.
BASHIR [OC]: Bashir to Sisko.
SISKO: Go ahead, Doctor.
BASHIR [OC]: Commander, I need to talk to you about the Jem'Hadar.

[Guest quarters]

SISKO: I want to know what the hell is going on.
NECHAYEV: Commander, I don't appreciate your barging in here.
SISKO: I want to know why my Science Officer's been transferred without my consent. I want to know why my Chief of Operations is lying in the Infirmary while the Jem'Hadar who beat him is free to walk the station, and I want to know why the Federation is willing to risk a war with the Romulans to form an alliance with a group of people that we hardly know and barely trust.
NECHAYEV: Are you finished?
SISKO: I haven't even begun.
BORATH: Admiral, I think you should tell Commander Sisko what he wants to know.
NECHAYEV: All right. I suppose he deserves to be the first to hear the news.
SISKO: What news?
NECHAYEV: The Federation is pulling out of this sector. All Starfleet personnel currently stationed on DS Nine will be reassigned to other posts. Yourself included.
SISKO: What about Bajor?
NECHAYEV: Our plans for Bajor are on hold for the time being. From now on Bajor will be the Dominion's responsibility. They'll be running this station.
SISKO: And you're telling me the Bajorans have agreed to this?
BORATH: We're confident they'll have no objections.
SISKO: And if they do object, what then? You send in the Jem'Hadar?
BORATH: The Jem'Hadar are used only against our enemies. Bajor will be protected, Commander. We'll see to it.
SISKO: What about the wormhole? Will they get to protect that too?
NECHAYEV: It's the price of peace, Benjamin.
SISKO: Well, if you ask me, the price is too damned high. What is the Federation supposed to get out of all this?
BORATH: Our friendship. Isn't that enough?
NECHAYEV: And you, Benjamin, get a promotion. Captain Sisko. It's an important step toward that Admiralcy you've always wanted.
SISKO: I want a chance to speak to the Federation negotiating team before this treaty is signed.
NECHAYEV: It's too late for that, Ben. The treaty was signed late this afternoon.
BORATH: It's the beginning of a new era, Commander, and you helped make it possible. Congratulations.

[Planet surface]

(A bird flies down and turns into happy Odo)
KIRA: Odo, I've been waiting for you.
ODO: Major, I have just had the most remarkable experience. For a few moments I actually felt what it was like to be an Arbazon Vulture. The air currents beneath my wings, the exhilaration of soaring above the treetops. Oh, it was all very stimulating.
KIRA: I'm so happy for you.
ODO: I know you are.
KIRA: So, I guess this means you'll be staying here a while.
ODO: I've enjoyed working with you, Major.
KIRA: I've enjoyed working with you too, Odo. But before we say goodbye, I need your help one last time.
ODO: Certainly.
KIRA: Remember that power source I was telling you about?
ODO: The one preventing you from trying to contact Commander Sisko.
KIRA: Well, I've found it.
ODO: And what did it turn out to be?
KIRA: I couldn't tell. There was a door blocking my path. I need you to help me open it.
ODO: What kind of door?
KIRA: It's composed of some kind of metal the tricorder couldn't identify. Other than that, it's an ordinary door.
ODO: That's odd. My people have no need for doors. They dislike taking humanoid form.
KIRA: I know.
ODO: Then who could be using it?


GARAK: Ah, Commander. I was hoping to see you before you left. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I've been with you during these past two years. You've run this station with strength, dignity and compassion. Well done.
SISKO: Thank you, Mister Garak.
GARAK: But I'm sure you'll be back before long. Though from what I've heard, it'll be to fight against Bajor.
SISKO: I've heard the same rumours. That Bajor has forged a pact with the Romulans to stand against the Jem'Hadar and their allies.
GARAK: The Bajorans have fought for their freedom before. It only makes sense that they'd fight for it again.
SISKO: So much for my peace mission.
GARAK: Do I detect a note of bitterness in your voice?
SISKO: I wouldn't be surprised.
GARAK: If it means anything to you, Commander, I happen to share your feelings about this Dominion treaty. I've thought about it a great deal, and the only explanation I can find is that our leaders have simply gone insane.
SISKO: It seems that way.
GARAK: Unfortunately, there's nothing you or I can do about it.
SISKO: I suppose not.
GARAK: After all, you have your orders and as for me, well, I wouldn't dream of opposing the wishes of the Central Command. A pity.
SISKO: I agree that it's a pity.
GARAK: I thought you would.
SISKO: Mister Garak, I never knew we thought so much alike.
GARAK: Life is full of surprises, Commander.


)T'Rul is being chased by Jem'Hadar.)
T'RUL: Commander Sisko!
JEM'HADAR: There she is.
(T'Rul is shot in the back and she falls into Sisko's arms. He grabs a Jem'Hadar rifle and rams it into the soldier's gut before he's eventually knocked out.)

[Security office]

EDDINGTON: Can I help you?
DAX: We're here to see Commander Sisko.
EDDINGTON: Sorry, my orders are no one sees him.
BASHIR: But we're here on urgent business.
EDDINGTON: You'll have to talk to Admiral Nechayev. She's in charge here until the Jem'Hadar
GARAK: I'm afraid you have a loose thread right here.
(Garak gives him a hypospray)
GARAK: I'm sorry, but we are pressed for time.
DAX: I'll get Sisko.
GARAK: Doctor, if you'd be so kind as to take his legs.
BASHIR: If I didn't know better, I'd say you were enjoying yourself, Garak.
GARAK: Not at all, Doctor, but after years of hemming dresses, a little action is a welcome change of pace.
SISKO: I hope you feel the same way an hour from now. The first thing we need to do is get our hands on a runabout.
DAX: It's already taken care of, Benjamin. The Chief's waiting for us at landing pad C with the Rio Grande and a full complement of photon torpedoes.
SISKO: How did you know we needed photon torpedoes?
DAX: I know you. You want to make sure the Dominion stays on their side of the galaxy, and the only way to do that is to collapse the entrance to the wormhole.
SISKO: I'm glad we're all in agreement.
BASHIR: Well, I guess this means the end of our Starfleet careers.
GARAK: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, Doctor.
DAX: That's easy for you to say.
GARAK: Oh, you misunderstand me, Lieutenant. All I meant was it's a little foolish to worry about your careers at a time like this, when there's a good chance we're all about to be killed.


ODO: Interesting. Judging from this locking mechanism the purpose of this door is not to keep people out, but rather to keep whatever's on the other side in.
KIRA: Do you think you can get it open?
ODO: We'll see.
(Odo morphs his hand to fit the lock)


(Sisko is leading Bashir and Garak when two Jem'Hadar come around a corner.)
JEM'HADAR: Halt. Put down your weapons.
GARAK: I have them. I have them. (points his weapon at Sisko) By all means, Commander, do as they say.
BASHIR: Garak?
GARAK: You heard me, Doctor. I'm glad to see the plan is going according as scheduled.
JEM'HADAR: What plan is that?
GARAK: You mean no one told you? You see, I pretend to be their friend and then I shoot you.
(Garak shoots the Jem'Hadar.)
SISKO: Well done, Garak.
GARAK: Well, it's just something I read once in a book.
BASHIR: I'm sure.
(Garak is shot)
BASHIR: Garak! Garak.
(Dax drives off the attacker.)
GARAK: Doctor, I'm afraid I won't be able to have lunch with you today.
(Garak dies)
SISKO: We've got to go. Come on.


SISKO: Move it, Lieutenant.
DAX: I'm right behind you.
(She kills a pursuing Jem'Hadar as the airlock doors close.)


SISKO: Get us out of here, Chief.
O'BRIEN: What about Garak?
BASHIR: He's not coming.
O'BRIEN: I see. Hang on. We'll reach the wormhole in thirty seconds.
SISKO: Prepare to launch photon torpedoes.
DAX: We're being hailed. It's Admiral Nechayev.
NECHAYEV [on monitor]: Commander, I'm ordering you to stand down. Return to the station immediately.
SISKO: I'm afraid I'm going to have to refuse that order.
BORATH [on monitor]: Please, Commander, don't make us send the Jem'Hadar after you.
SISKO: Go right ahead. But you'd better warn them not to expect any reinforcements for about seventy years.
(Transmission ends, wormhole goes WHOOSH.)
SISKO: Attack pattern theta, Mister O'Brien. Hard a-port.
O'BRIEN: Yes, sir.
(Three torpedoes enter the wormhole, then Mega KaBOOM!)


(Odo finishes picking the lock from the inside.)
ODO: Step back, Major.
(The door opens to reveal waiting Jem'Hadar soldiers who escort them down a tunnel into

[Interrogation room]

(The Defiant crew are hooked up to machines)
BORATH: Please, come in.
KIRA: Commander?
BORATH: They can't hear you.
ODO: What have you done to them?
BORATH: Nothing harmful. We're just conducting a little experiment.
KIRA: What kind of experiment?
BORATH: To see how they'd respond to an attempt by the Dominion to gain a foothold into the Alpha Quadrant. We were curious to see how much they'd be willing to sacrifice to avoid a war.
KIRA: And what have you found out?
BORATH: Unfortunately, they're proving to be just as stubborn as I'd feared.
ODO: I'm glad to hear it.
BORATH: You are? Well, that is a problem. But thankfully, it's not one I have to solve.
FEMALE: But I do.
ODO: I don't understand. You knew about this?
ODO: But how could you allow it?
KIRA: You belong to the Dominion, don't you?
FEMALE: Belong to it? Major, the Changelings are the Dominion.
ODO: You're the Founders.
FEMALE: Ironic, isn't it? The hunted now control the destinies of hundreds of other races.
ODO: But why control anyone?
FEMALE: Because what you control can't hurt you. So, many years ago we set ourselves the task of imposing order on a chaotic universe.
KIRA: Is that what you call it? Imposing order? I call it murder.
FEMALE: What you call it is no concern of ours.
ODO: How do you justify the deaths of so many people?
FEMALE: The Solids have always been a threat to us. That's the only the justification we need.
ODO: But these Solids have never harmed you. They travel the galaxy in order to expand their knowledge, just as you once did.
FEMALE: The Solids are nothing like us.
ODO: No, I suppose they're not. And neither am I. I've devoted my life to the pursuit of justice, but justice means nothing to you, does it?
FEMALE: It's not justice you desire, Odo, but order. The same as we do. And we can help you satisfy that desire in ways the Solids never could. This will all become clear to you once you've taken your place in the Great Link.
ODO: No. I admit this Link of yours is appealing. But you see, I already have a link with these people. I want you to remove those devices and bring them their comm. badges.
BORATH: We can't allow them to leave.
ODO: And I can't allow you to keep them here. They're leaving, and so am I.
FEMALE: It's taken you many years to find your way back home. Are you really willing to leave it again so soon?
ODO: Unless you intend to stop me.
FEMALE: No Changeling has ever harmed another.
ODO: Whatever you do to them you're going to have to do to me.
FEMALE: They're free to go.
ODO: Thank you.
FEMALE: The next time, I promise you, we will not be so generous.
SISKO: Major? Constable?
O'BRIEN: What happened to the Rio Grande?
DAX: The last thing I remember is collapsing the wormhole.
T'RUL: The last thing I remember is being shot by some Jem'Hadar soldier.
KIRA: I'm sure it all seemed very real, but the truth is, you've been held in this room since the Jem'Hadar brought you here from the Defiant.
SISKO: Borath? What the hell is going on here?
BORATH: Your ship is in orbit. You may transport back to it whenever you're ready.
ODO: Commander, I'll be along shortly.
KIRA: I'll stay down here and make sure that he gets back to the ship.
BASHIR: Another Shape-shifter.
ODO: Commander, you must leave now. I give you my word I'll explain everything later.
SISKO: I'll look forward to it. Sisko to Defiant. Five to beam up.

[Planet surface]

FEMALE: I hope that one day you'll return to us, Odo, and take your rightful place within the Dominion.
ODO: I don't think that's possible.
FEMALE: Your link to the Solids won't last. You will always be an outsider.
ODO: Being an outsider isn't so bad. It gives one a unique perspective. It's a pity you've forgotten that.
FEMALE: Then perhaps one day I'll come visit you. The Alpha Quadrant seems wracked with chaos. It could use some order.
ODO: Imposing your type of order on the Alpha Quadrant may prove more difficult than you imagine.
FEMALE: We are willing to wait until the time is right. We will miss you, Odo, but you will miss us even more.
(She returns to the sea of changeling goo)
KIRA: Odo?
ODO: Ready, Major.
(Kira takes his hand and presses his comm. badge)
KIRA: Kira to Defiant. Two to beam up.

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