Stardate: Unknown
Original Airdate: 23 Oct, 1995

[Kira's quarters]

(KIRA is meditating)
WORF [OC]: Worf to Major Kira.
KIRA: This is Kira.


WORF: Major, you've got an incoming transmission from a Razka Karn. He claims to be an old friend.

[Kira's quarters]

KIRA: Put him through. Razka. It's been a while. How's business?
RAZKA [on monitor]: Oh, let's just say I miss the old days on Bajor. Smuggling might not have been the safest line of work, but it was a lot more exciting than selling scrap metal.
(Everyone say Hi! to Roy Brocksmith, previously seen as Kolrami in Peak Performance)
KIRA: What's on your mind, Razka?
RAZKA [on monitor]: I picked up a lead on the Ravinok.
KIRA: Like the last time?
RAZKA [on monitor]: Last time it was just a rumour. This time I have evidence, a fragment of metal. Looks like it's part of the forward sensor array.
KIRA: Can you bring it to Deep Space Nine for analysis?
RAZKA [on monitor]: Sorry. I'm afraid I can't leave the Badlands right now. Important business. You understand.
KIRA: Tholians are after you again?
RAZKA [on monitor]: Let's just say it'd be better if you came to me.
KIRA: It's been six years. Even if you have found a piece of the Ravinok, it doesn't mean there are any survivors.
RAZKA [on monitor]: There's only one way for you to find out. I'll be waiting.

[Security office]

ODO: And item number seventeen, Trelos Vren was arrested on the Promenade outside of the Klingon restaurant. He's being held on four counts of petty theft.
KIRA: Trelos Vren? Where have I heard that name?
ODO: We arrested him once for attempting to break into the assay office.
KIRA: And now he's taken up pickpocketing?
ODO: Without much success. Still, I suppose you should admire him for his persistence. That was a joke.
KIRA: I'm sorry, Odo. I may have a lead on the Ravinok. I know what you're going to say. It's been six years since the Ravinok disappeared. Odds are everyone on board is dead.
ODO: That all may be true, but that is not what I was going to say. I was going to say good luck.
KIRA: Good luck?
ODO: You had a friend aboard the Ravinok, correct?
KIRA: Lorit Akrem.
ODO: Which means it doesn't matter if I think there are any survivors, or even if you think there are any survivors. You are going to go looking for that ship, and all I can say is good luck. And I hope you find them.

[Kira's quarters]

(Kira is packing when the doorbell rings.)
KIRA: Come in. Captain. You here to see me off?
SISKO: I'm afraid not. I'd like you to postpone your trip for at least for a day or two.
KIRA: What's wrong?
SISKO: Somehow the Cardassian government got wind of your plan to search for the Ravinok. They've asked permission to send someone with you.
KIRA: And you said yes?
SISKO: I said I'd talk to you about it. The Ravinok was a Cardassian ship.
KIRA: Carrying Bajoran prisoners. I'm not stopping anyone else from looking. I just don't see why they have to come with me.
SISKO: The request came directly from the leader of the new civilian government. Nerys, I know this isn't what you had in mind, but Bajor and Cardassia must to learn to work together and that means cooperating on missions like these.
KIRA: All right. Just tell them I'm not going to wait forever. If their representative isn't here within fifty two hours, I'm going alone.
SISKO: I'll be sure they get the message.


DAX: So did you and Kasidy have a nice time last night?
SISKO: I just wish she wasn't leaving tomorrow.
DAX: It sounds like the two of you are getting serious.
SISKO: I don't know about that. I don't think Kasidy is looking to get serious.
SISKO: Kasidy.
DAX: We were just talking about you.
KASIDY: I don't mean to interrupt. I wanted you to know I won't be leaving tomorrow after all.
SISKO: That's good news. I mean, that's great. How long are you going to be here?
KASIDY: That depends on whether I get this new job or not. I've applied for a position with the Bajoran Ministry of Commerce to captain one of their freighters.
SISKO: You're going to work for the Bajorans?
KASIDY: If we can hammer out an agreement. It's a terrific opportunity. I get to use my own ship, pick my own crew, and the best part is, I never have to leave this sector.
DAX: Where're you going to live?
KASIDY: On my ship, I suppose.
DAX: Well, why don't you stay here? I'm sure that Benjamin could arrange for some quarters.
KASIDY: That's not a bad idea.
SISKO: Yeah.
KASIDY: Well, I have a meeting on Bajor and the shuttle leaves in a few minutes. I'll see you tonight?
(Sisko kisses Kasidy and she leaves.)
DAX: That answers that. She's serious.


WORF: Captain, the Cardassian transport Rabol is approaching the station. They're requesting permission to beam their representative directly to Ops.
KIRA: Someone's in a big hurry.
SISKO: Permission granted.
WORF: Aye, sir.
(Dukat beams in, carrying a bag)
DUKAT: Ah, Major Kira. I'm ready to leave whenever you are.


KIRA: We'll be crossing into the Badlands in approximately six hours.
DUKAT: Very good, Major.
KIRA: Dukat, let's get one thing straight. This is my mission. The only reason you're here is because I agreed to let you come along. When I give an order, I expect you to follow it. No questions asked.
DUKAT: Believe me, Major, I want nothing more than for this mission to be concluded as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I leave the details in your capable hands.
KIRA: Good, then we shouldn't have any problems. There's one thing I don't understand. Why did the Cardassian government send you?
DUKAT: The Ravinok was under my general command. Those were my troops and it is my duty to try to find them. The question is, what are you doing here, Major?
KIRA: I knew someone aboard the Ravinok.
DUKAT: One of the prisoners, I assume?
KIRA: Lorit Akrem.
DUKAT: I see. So you're on this mission for personal reasons.
KIRA: Is there something wrong with that?
DUKAT: Not at all. I've found that when one is trying to do a difficult job, personal reasons can be quite an incentive. So who was he? A family member, a compatriot, a lover?
KIRA: Lorit recruited me into the Shakaar resistance cell.
DUKAT: Ah. The infamous Shakaar resistance. We never could eliminate that little group of yours. And it was not from lack of trying, I assure you. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, Major, but I've always admired you. You are the embodiment of the new Bajor. A Bajoran born out of the ashes of the occupation, a Bajoran tempered with Cardassian steel.
KIRA: Captain Sisko's right. You are in love with the sound of your own voice.
DUKAT: I know you find this to accept, but I believe that in some ways the Occupation actually helped Bajor.
KIRA: Which part? The massacres or the strip mining?
DUKAT: I have no desire to debate the merits of the Occupation with you. I'm even willing to admit that perhaps we were a little harsh in our methods. But the fact is, the Bajoran people are stronger now than they have been in centuries. When we arrived, you were a weak, contemplative race, choking on your isolation. And now you have a new confidence, a whole new sense of purpose, not to mention a key role in the future of this entire quadrant.
KIRA: All of which Bajor achieved in spite of the Cardassians, not because of them.
DUKAT: Think what you must, But I believe the time will come when Cardassia and Bajor will grow to be not only allies but also close friends.
KIRA: Cardassia and Bajor, maybe. You and me? I doubt it.
DUKAT: All I ask is that you have an open mind.
KIRA: All right, Dukat, that's enough. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to spend the next six hours in silent meditation.
DUKAT: Is that a request, or an order?
KIRA: Whatever it takes.
DUKAT: Well, in that case, as much as it pains me.
(Dukat shuts his mouth and leans back in his seat.)
KIRA: We both might survive this trip after all.

[Sisko's quarters]

(At candle-lit dinner.)
KASIDY: They didn't even wait for the interview to be over. After twenty minutes, Minister Azin said she'd heard enough, and if I wanted the job, it was mine.
SISKO: So what did you tell them?
KASIDY: What do you think I told them? I said yes.
SISKO: Congratulations.
KASIDY: That's it?
SISKO: Oh. (kisses her)
KASIDY: That's not what I meant. I want to know how you feel about it.
SISKO: I think it's great. We'll see a lot more of each other.
KASIDY: You know, I was thinking about what Dax said. Maybe I should get quarters on the station.
SISKO: That's a big step.
KASIDY: What does that mean?
SISKO: I just meant it's a big step.
KASIDY: A bad big step, or a good big step?
SISKO: A good one.
KASIDY: Could you muster a little more enthusiasm?
SISKO: I am enthusiastic. I'm proud of you. This job
KASIDY: Forget about the job. I'm talking about us. I tell you I'm thinking about living on the station and all you can say is, it's a big step?
SISKO: Oh, I don't think you took it the way I meant it.
KASIDY: I don't think you know what you meant. But I do. You're afraid of commitment.
SISKO: Who said anything about commitment?
KASIDY: Obviously not you. You know what? Forget the whole thing. I'm not going to take the job. If you don't want me to stay here, that's fine with me.
SISKO: Phew.
(Sisko starts tucking into his food, but Kasidy thinks about pouring the wine then puts the bottle down and leaves.)


(In the badlands, having rendezvoused with another ship)
KIRA: How'd you get a hold of this, Razka?
RAZKA: I bought it off a Ferengi scrap metal merchant.
(Dukat scans it)
DUKAT: It appears to be composed of uridium alloy. It's definitely Cardassian.
KIRA: Can you tell if it's from the Ravinok?
RAZKA: Why didn't you tell me you were bringing him along?
KIRA: Because when we talked, I didn't know I would be.
RAZKA: Too bad. The Maquis would've paid handsomely to get their hands on him.
DUKAT: And my government would be very happy to get their hands on you. Razka Karn, if I'm not mistaken. Smuggler, thief, black marketeer. There are at least twelve outstanding warrants for your arrest on Cardassia right now. But I suggest we ignore all that and try to cooperate with one another.
RAZKA: The voice of the new Cardassia, so compassionate, so understanding. Almost makes you forget that five years ago he was working Bajorans to death in forced labour camps and shooting anybody who tried to stop him. Almost makes you forget.
DUKAT: It's from the Ravinok. No doubt about it.
KIRA: Did the Ferengi tell you where he found it?
RAZKA: No, but I was curious so I bribed one of his crewmembers. Turns out his last trip was to the Dozaria system.
DUKAT: Dozaria. I believe there is one class M planet in that system.
RAZKA: Barely class M. He found that in orbit.
KIRA: Dozaria it is then. Thanks, Razka. I owe you one.
RAZKA: Just let me know what you find out. Lorit was my friend too.
(Later, en route.)
KIRA: I just don't understand how the Ravinok could've gotten so far off course. Dozaria is light years from where they should have been.
DUKAT: The Central Command always believed that the ship was destroyed in some kind of escape attempt by the Bajoran prisoners.
KIRA: Maybe. Or they could've had a problem with their navigational array or run into some kind of subspace anomaly.
DUKAT: Hopefully we'll find the truth.
KIRA: We're entering orbit.
DUKAT: I'm reading severe ionic interference in the planet's atmosphere. Sensors will be limited, to say the least.
KIRA: I'm picking up a faint magneton signature. It could be residual radiation from a damaged warp nacelle.
DUKAT: Shall we beam down?
KIRA: I wouldn't advise it. All this ionic interference will scatter our molecules halfway around the planet. We're going to have to do this the old fashioned way.
DUKAT: It's going to be a difficult landing. I'll take the controls if you like.
KIRA: That'll be the day. Going in.


(In Soledad Canyon, at 100 degrees plus)
DUKAT: Invigorating, isn't it. A bit sunny, perhaps, but this heat feels wonderful.
KIRA: Only a Cardassian would call this hellhole invigorating.
DUKAT: Oh, I forgot. Compared to us, you Bajorans are a bit fragile, physiologically speaking, of course.
KIRA: Don't worry about me.
(They come over a crest)
KIRA: The Ravinok.
(The wreck of the space ship is mostly buried inside the slope they've just come down.)

[Quark's cafe]

DAX: It's a big step. That's all you said?
SISKO: That's all.
BASHIR: You're sure?
SISKO: Positive.
DAX: What do you think, Julian?
BASHIR: It's ambiguous. Definitely open to interpretation. But it could've been worse. He could have said it's a very big step.
DAX: You didn't say that, did you?
SISKO: I don't think so.
BASHIR: Oh, that's good, anyway. So, what does he do now?
DAX: It's simple. He goes to Kasidy, admits that everything was his fault, and pledges his undying love.
BASHIR: That sounds a little extreme to me. What if he just tells her he made a mistake, there had been a misunderstanding, and that he really would like her to live on the station?
DAX: Could work. Assuming that's what you want.
QUARK: Captain, I would think long and hard before answering.
SISKO: I don't recall asking your opinion, Quark.
QUARK: Well maybe you should. I mean, who knows more about women than me?
BASHIR: Everyone.
QUARK: You humans. All you want to do is please your women. You want them to be your friends. But we Ferengi know better. Women are the enemy and we treat them accordingly. The key is to never let them get the upper hand. If she says she doesn't see you enough, threaten to see her even less. If she wants more gifts, take back the ones you've already given her. It's all about control.
DAX: What if your woman leaves you?
QUARK: That's what holosuites are for.
(Quark leaves)
BASHIR: It's a wonder the Ferengi reproduce at all.
DAX: So, you never answered the question. Do you want her to stay or not?
SISKO: I appreciate all the advice. I'll let you know how it turns out.
(Sisko leaves)
BASHIR: So, just between you and me, what do you think about Kasidy moving onto the station?
DAX: It's a big step.
BASHIR: A very big step.

[Crash site]

KIRA: She didn't just crash. These are phaser hits.
DUKAT: Looks like she put up quite a fight.
KIRA: And paid for it.
(Next to the ship is a circular arrangement of stone cairns, looking like the petals of a flower.)
KIRA: Twelve graves.
DUKAT: There were eighteen crewmembers and thirty two prisoners aboard.
KIRA: So where's everybody else?
DUKAT: First things first.
KIRA: What are you doing?
DUKAT: We need to identify these bodies.
KIRA: I'll help.
DUKAT: No. Our funeral rites are very strict. It would dishonour the dead for a non-Cardassian to view the remains.
KIRA: There could be Bajorans buried here too.
DUKAT: No doubt. But if memory's correct, Bajorans are much more concerned with the souls of the dead than they are with the physical remains. How did Kai Meressa put it? What remains after death is but a shell, a sign that the pagh has begun its final journey to the Prophets. Please, Major, don't make this any more difficult for me than it already is.
KIRA: I have a list of the missing Bajorans. I should be able to identify them from the family imprints on their earrings. I'll work on the Ravinok. I should be able to get something from the ship's computers.
DUKAT: You'll need the command codes.
KIRA: Standard Cardassian military codes from six years ago, right?
KIRA: I got them from Bajoran intelligence before we left.
DUKAT: Very good, Major. Very good.


(The ship is a mess. Kira gets the computer online.)

[Crash site]

(Dukat has opened several graves. He takes out an earring, then a bracelet and sits down to stare at them. Kira comes out of the wreck.)
KIRA: Dukat, I was able to reactivate the (sees him sitting) Dukat. What was her name? I recognise a Bajoran pledge bracelet when I see one.
DUKAT: Her name was Tora Naprem. You see, Major, you're not the only one who had a friend aboard that ship.
KIRA: Friend? Is that all she was? I see. Don't worry, Dukat. You're not the only Cardassian officer who kept a Bajoran mistress.
DUKAT: It wasn't like that. Naprem and I loved each other.
KIRA: The head of the Occupation in love with a Bajoran?
DUKAT: Ironic, isn't it?
KIRA: Did your wife know?
DUKAT: No. And she's never going to find out. Now if you don't mind, Major, I'd rather not talk about this right now. Here are the earrings you wanted.
KIRA: If Lorit's dead, he's not buried here. According to the ship's computers, the Ravinok was attacked by two unidentified warships. The attackers chased the Ravinok here and must have forced her to crash-land.
DUKAT: Then the survivors could have been captured and taken away.
KIRA: Or they could still be here somewhere on this planet.
DUKAT: We should go up in the runabout and scan for them from orbit.
KIRA: Too much ionic interference. The sensors would never be able to pick up their life signs. There may be another way. In these conditions, tricorder readings will only be about twelve metres, but that should be enough.
DUKAT: Enough for what?
KIRA: During the occupation, Bajoran resistance fighters carried subdermal implants of tritonium isotopes. The idea was that if they were captured, they could activate the implant which would leave a trail of isotopes so they could be tracked and rescued. I think I have something. That way.
DUKAT: Let's go.


(Night has fallen.)
DUKAT: I don't know why we have to stop.
KIRA: For one thing, I can't see two metres ahead of us. And anyway we could both use the rest. So stop pacing and sit down.
(Dukat sits, then cries in pain)
KIRA: What is it?
DUKAT: I don't know. I sat on something. I sat on something!
KIRA: Let me see.
DUKAT: Ooo, get it out.
KIRA: Well keep still and let me see what I can do.
DUKAT: Get it out!
KIRA: Oh. This is going to hurt.
DUKAT: It already hurts. Just take it out.
KIRA: If you say so.
(She pulls out a big plant spine.)
KIRA: Ouch. Run this dermal regenerator over the wound.
DUKAT: This isn't funny.
KIRA: It is from this angle.
DUKAT: You know what's even funnier? This doesn't work.
KIRA: You have to activate it.
DUKAT: Ah. Ah, yes. Oh, much better.
KIRA: You probably should eat one of these.
DUKAT: Ah, I haven't had field rations in a very long time. I'm sure they haven't improved a bit.
KIRA: Actually, they've gotten a little worse. Tell me something.
DUKAT: What?
KIRA: Who's Tora Ziyal? When I reactivated the Ravinok's computer, I downloaded the manifest. There were two civilians on board in addition to the prisoners and crew. One was your friend, Tora Naprem, and the other was Tora Ziyal, a thirteen year-old girl.
DUKAT: I suppose you wouldn't believe me if I told you she was Naprem's sister?
KIRA: Ziyal's a Cardassian name. The way I see it, there's only one explanation. Ziyal was Naprem's daughter, and you
DUKAT: I was her father.
KIRA: Now I know why you're in such a hurry to find the survivors. You're hoping that she's still alive and you can rescue her.
DUKAT: Not quite. You see, if my daughter is still alive, I'll have no choice but to kill her.


(Next day, on the march.)
KIRA: You know I'm not going to let you do it. I mean it, Dukat. You are not going to kill that girl.
DUKAT: Major, why don't you worry about the other survivors and let me worry about Ziyal. After all, she is my daughter.
KIRA: That's right. She's your daughter. And there is nothing more important to Cardassians than family. At least that's what your people are always saying.
DUKAT: I have a wife and seven children. They are my family. They are the ones I must protect.
KIRA: Well, you should have thought of that before you got involved with Naprem.
DUKAT: You're right. I should have. But I made a mistake. A mistake I intend to correct.
KIRA: You don't have to take her back to Cardassia with you. Let me take her to Bajor. No one has to know that you're her father.
DUKAT: What kind of life would that be for her? Your people have never exactly welcomed half-Cardassian children into your society. That's why I sent her and her mother away in the first place. I knew the Occupation was coming to an end, and that there'd be no place for them on Bajor or Cardassia.
KIRA: So you sent them to a prison camp.
DUKAT: They were not on their way to a prison camp. The Ravinok was supposed to rendezvous with a freighter which would take Naprem and Ziyal to Lissepia, where they could live out their lives in some sort of peace.
KIRA: I don't understand. If you cared enough to help Ziyal then, how can you be thinking about killing her now? Why not send her away again?
DUKAT: Because my position isn't nearly as stable as it once was. By aligning myself with the new civilian government, I've made many enemies. Enemies that wouldn't hesitate to use Ziyal against me.
KIRA: Listen to you. It's not your wife or your seven children you're protecting, it's you.
DUKAT: By protecting myself, I am protecting them.
KIRA: And the only one who suffers is Ziyal. You would kill your own daughter to save your career. I don't understand you. You said you loved Naprem. I saw you crying at her grave.
DUKAT: I did love her. And when I bury Ziyal, I'll weep over her grave just as I wept over her mother's. But that will not stop me from doing what I have to do. Do you understand? And when the time comes, I suggest you stay out of my way.

[Sisko's quarters]

(Jake is having breakfast.)
SISKO: Good morning, Jake-o.
JAKE: Morning, dad.
SISKO: So, what's new?
JAKE: Nog and I ran into Kasidy last night over at the Vulcan restaurant. I guess she's not going to take that job after all.
SISKO: She told you? Did she say why?
JAKE: She said you didn't want her to take it.
SISKO: Look, Jake, sometimes things between men and women can get a little complicated.
JAKE: Yeah, maybe, but I don't think this is one of those times. It's pretty simple, Dad. You're scared.
SISKO: What do I have to be afraid of?
JAKE: A lot. Kasidy's willing to make a major change in her life just to be close to you. If things don't work out, you're going to feel responsible, and that's scary.
SISKO: You figured out all this by yourself?
JAKE: Actually, I talked with Nog about it.
SISKO: You talked to Nog about my relationship with Kasidy?
JAKE: And we think you have nothing to worry about. If Kasidy wants to change jobs, that's her decision, not yours. Same thing if she wants to live on the station. If things don't work out, they don't work out.
SISKO: Have you told any of this to Kasidy?
JAKE: No. Nog and I thought about it, but we thought it would be better if you told her yourself.
SISKO: I see.
JAKE: So, what's new with you?


KIRA: Take a look.
(A mineshaft is guarded by humanoids wearing complete body armour and workers are pushing a wagon inside.)
DUKAT: Breen? What are they doing here?
KIRA: My tricorder's picking up a large concentration of dilithium in the area. They must be using the survivors of the Ravinok to mine the ore.
DUKAT: It makes perfect sense. The Breen homeworld is a frozen wasteland. This place is about fifty degrees too hot for them.
KIRA: You approve of what they're doing?
DUKAT: No, not at all. I do admire their ingenuity.
KIRA: What is it?
(Kira snatches the binoculars from Dukat to see a teenage Cardassian/Bajoran girl ladling out water to other workers.)
KIRA: It's her.
DUKAT: My daughter.
KIRA: All right. We're going to need some help. I'm going to stay here and keep an eye on things while you go back to DS Nine for reinforcements.
DUKAT: I have a better idea. You go back to the station. I'll stay here.
KIRA: I'm sending you back, Dukat. That's an order.
DUKAT: And I hate to refuse it, but I'm afraid I must. You're welcome to file an official protest with the Cardassian military when we get back.
KIRA: There's no way I'm leaving you alone here.
DUKAT: Well, then I suggest we devise a plan to rescue these prisoners together. You need me, Major.
KIRA: Maybe I do. But if you hurt that girl, I promise I'll kill you.


(Two Breen walk along then attack another Breen. One opens their helmet.)
KIRA: Don't make any noise. We're here to help.
HELER: You're Bajoran.
DUKAT: (keeping his helmet closed) Gather as many prisoners as you can. Tell them to meet us here.
KIRA: How many Breen guards are there?
HELER: I'm not sure. There are always at least eight in the mines.
KIRA: How many prisoners?
HELER: There're only thirty one of us left.
KIRA: What about Lorit Akrem? Did he make it?
HELER: He died in a cave-in two years ago. You knew him?
KIRA: He was a friend.
DUKAT: (opens his helmet) My condolences, Major, but we don't have time for this. Tell me where I can find Tora Ziyal.
KIRA: Don't tell him anything.
HELER: He's a Cardassian. I don't understand.
KIRA: There's a peace treaty.
HELER: You mean the Occupation is over?
DUKAT: I need to find the girl. Where is she?
(They get shot at. Everyone ducks and Dukat gives his gun to Heler before running off. Kira shoots a Breen.)
KIRA: Dukat!
(The other Breen surrenders.)
KIRA: Go get the rest of the prisoners. Meet me at the entrance to the mine.

[Mine passage]

(Dukat knocks down a Breen.)
DUKAT: Where is Tora Ziyal?
(Kira goes hunting for Dukat.)


(Ziyal is filling a container from a well.)
DUKAT: Ziyal.
ZIYAL: Father? It's really you. Mother said you'd
(Dukat is pointing a weapon at her)
ZIYAL: Father, what's wrong?
KIRA: Dukat, no. I'm warning you, Dukat. Don't do it.
DUKAT: I have no choice.
KIRA: There's always a choice. You don't want to do this. If you did, you never would've told me about Ziyal. Now, put the rifle down.
ZIYAL: The Cardassian prisoners, they told me this would happen. That you'd never let me go home. But I didn't believe them.
KIRA: Ziyal, run!
ZIYAL: I used to dream about you coming to save me. It's what kept me alive.
DUKAT: Ziyal.
ZIYAL: If I can't be with you, then I'd rather die.
(Dukat drops his weapon and embraces Ziyal.)
DUKAT: Let's go home.

[Cargo bay]

SISKO: Kasidy Yates.
KASIDY: Hello, Ben. Hold this a second.
SISKO: About that job with the Bajoran Commerce Ministry.
KASIDY: You know someone who's qualified for it?
SISKO: I know someone who would be perfect for it. You. I think you should take the job. I want you to take the job.
KASIDY: You've been talking to Jake.
SISKO: How'd you know?
KASIDY: Oh, he's a smart boy. Must take after his mother.
SISKO: I owe you an apology. You came to tell me all this wonderful news, and all I could say was, it's a big step. I don't know what I was thinking.
KASIDY: Take a guess.
SISKO: I wanted to tell you how happy I was for you, for us. But it didn't come out that way. I was uncomfortable, and a little nervous.
KASIDY: A little nervous?
SISKO: All right, a lot nervous. I haven't been in a serious relationship for a long time, and I didn't expect to be in one anytime soon. Until I met you. This life I lead, the job I do, that's what got Jennifer killed. If anything ever happened to you
KASIDY: Why not let me worry about that?
SISKO: That's what Jake said.
KASIDY: You see? Smart boy. Look, I could stay here and listen to you apologise all day, but I've got to get to Bajor.
SISKO: Bajor? I thought
KASIDY: Oh, I know what you thought, but I took the job. Do you think I'd give up a great opportunity just because you got cold feet? You're a good man, Benjamin Sisko, but you've got a lot to learn about women. Especially this one. I'll see you when I get back. You can help me pick out quarters.
SISKO: I'll be here.

[Promenade - upper level]

DAX: What was it like, all that time alone with Dukat?
KIRA: I've had better weeks. But I'll never forget the look on his face when he sat on that sand spine.
DAX: I wish I'd been there.
DUKAT: Major.
KIRA: Dukat. Where's Ziyal?
DUKAT: Waiting for me aboard my ship. We'll be leaving for Cardassia shortly.
DAX: I think I'll leave the two of you alone.
(Dax leaves.)
DUKAT: I just wanted to say thank you, Major, for a most interesting journey.
KIRA: You're taking Ziyal back to Cardassia with you.
DUKAT: After six years, she deserves a home and a father.
KIRA: Won't that make things difficult for you?
DUKAT: I'll let you know.

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