Apocalypse Rising
Stardate: Unknown
Original Airdate: 30 Sep, 1996

Last time on Star Trek Deep Space Nine

GARAK: Odo, what's wrong?
ODO: I don't know.
(Odo fits and goes semi-goo.)
ODO: I think you did this to me.
FOUNDER: You killed a changeling, Odo. That's why we forced you to return home to enter into the Great Link and be judged.
(Odo is tossed naked from the Link onto the atoll.)
SISKO: What have you done to him?
FOUNDER: We made him a solid. He's one of you now.
BASHIR: Captain, I'm reading a heart, lungs, and a digestive system. It's as if he were human.
GOWRON [on monitor]: Will be considered the enemy and fired upon.
ODO: Captain. It's him.
SISKO: Gowron? What about him?
ODO: During the Link, I sensed that the other changelings were trying to hide things from me. Faces, names. One of them was him.
KIRA: What are you saying?
ODO: I'm saying that he's one of them. Gowron, the head of the Klingon Empire, is a changeling.


WORF: Where are they? They should've been back hours ago.
O'BRIEN: Maybe the meeting with Starfleet Command took longer than they thought it would.
KIRA: Then why haven't Sisko or Dax contacted us?
O'BRIEN: Well, the whole area they're travelling through is crawling with Klingon ships. The second they use their subspace transmitter, they become a target.
WORF: I never should have let them leave in a runabout. I should have insisted that they take the Defiant.
KIRA: You did. But the Captain's orders were clear. As long as we're at war with the Klingons, we need the Defiant here to help protect the station.
O'BRIEN: All I know is that I'd hate to be dodging Klingon raiding parties in nothing but a runabout.
WORF: It would take a fleet of Klingon ships to breach the station's defences. I say we take the Defiant and go looking for them.
O'BRIEN: I'm with Worf.
KIRA: I'm glad the two of you are in agreement. But with the Captain gone, I am in charge of the station and I say we stay.
WORF: You may be in charge of the station, Major, but I command the Defiant.
KIRA: Mister Worf, the Captain has given us our orders and I intend for us to follow them until he issues new ones.
O'BRIEN: Hold on a minute. I'm reading a warp signature approaching the station.
WORF: It is the Rio Grande.
KIRA: On screen.
(A damaged runabout, trailing flames in vacuum. Where have I seen that miracle before?)
O'BRIEN: Looks like they had a run in with some Klingons. Weapons systems, shields and comm. system are all pretty shot up.
KIRA: Life signs?
O'BRIEN: Two. One human, one Trill.
WORF: Permission to welcome the Captain back on board.
KIRA: Permission granted.
(Worf and O'Brien leave.)
(A short time later Dax and Sisko come up on the turbolift.)
KIRA: Glad you made it back in one piece.
SISKO: So are we.
KIRA: How was your meeting with Starfleet Command?
SISKO: I'm afraid the war's not going very well. The Klingons are throwing everything they have at us. Starfleet's been able to slow them down, but that's about all.

[Captain's office]

KIRA: It's hard to believe one changeling could cause so much chaos.
DAX: He can if he's impersonating the leader of the Klingon Empire.
KIRA: So is Starfleet going to do something about Chancellor Gowron or not?
DAX: Oh, they're going to do something.
SISKO: Starfleet's sending an infiltration team to Klingon territory. Their orders are to do whatever it takes to prove that Gowron's a shape-shifter.
KIRA: Tough assignment. Who are they sending?


(The Writ of Accountability on the wall and no Ferengi staff.)
QUARK: Captain, you're just in time for happy hour.
SISKO: Do I look happy, Quark?
QUARK: Do you think any of these people looked happy when they walked in here? How could they? There's a war going on. But they come because they know I'll do everything in my power to help them forget their troubles. For a reasonable fee, of course. Now, what can I do for you?
SISKO: I'm looking for Odo.
QUARK: Oh, Captain, we all have our failures, and he's mine. Every since he lost his shape-shifting abilities, I haven't been able to get a smile out of him.
SISKO: Where is he?
QUARK: I'm telling you, Captain, that's one depressed ex-changeling. He's upstairs at his usual table. Just follow the black cloud.

[Quark's cafe]

SISKO: Constable.
ODO: Listen, Captain. Do you hear it?
SISKO: You mean the bubbles?
ODO: Soothing, isn't it? You know, before I became a solid I never heard that. I didn't have a sense of taste so I never paid much attention to food or drink. I had no idea how seductive they could be. (tops up the glass) Would you like me to get you a glass?
SISKO: I'm on duty.
ODO: I'm not.
SISKO: I thought you were always on duty.
ODO: You know, at first I found the whole process of ingestion disgusting. But now that I've gotten used to it, I find eating and drinking to be quite comforting. It's one of the few things that you, that we humanoids have control over.
SISKO: Not necessarily. There's always the temptation to eat too much, to drink too much.
ODO: One has to find something to do with one's time. For some reason, my work isn't as fulfilling as it used to be.
SISKO: I might be able to do something about that. Starfleet has ordered us to try to expose the Gowron changeling. I want you to come with us.
ODO: Maybe it would be better for you to take Deputy Yndar. There's nothing I can do that he can't.
SISKO: I don't need Yndar. I need you.
ODO: What you need is someone who can turn into Gowron's pet targ. I can't do that anymore.
SISKO: What I need is my Chief of Security. There will be a staff meeting at sixteen hundred hours. I expect you to be there.


SISKO: According to Starfleet intelligence, Chancellor Gowron has relocated Klingon military headquarters to Ty'Gokor.
WORF: That will make our job more difficult. Ty'Gokor is located in an asteroid field deep in Klingon space. It is probably the most heavily fortified installation in the Empire.
SISKO: There are at least thirty warships stationed there at any given time and the entire asteroid field is protected by a tachyon detection grid.
O'BRIEN: Which means there's no way we can get a cloaked ship within transporter range.
WORF: Even if we do find a way inside, getting close to Gowron will not be easy. He is guarded around the clock by his personal security force, the Yan-Isleth.
DAX: The Brotherhood of the Sword.
KIRA: Look, I don't want to sound negative, but even if you do get to Gowron, how are you going to prove to the Klingons he's a changeling?
ODO: I doubt he's going to stand still and let us take a blood sample.
BASHIR: The Klingons are obsessive about blood screenings. If he's lasted this long, the changeling impersonating Gowron must have already found a way around them.
WORF: There is another option. We could kill him.
O'BRIEN: Dead changelings do revert to their gelatinous state.
SISKO: Our orders are to expose Gowron, not assassinate him. Which is why Starfleet has given us these.
(Four baseball sized devices.)
BASHIR: Very impressive. What are they?
DAX: They're modified polaron emitters.
(Prototype X-47 according to the wall monitor Dax switches on.)
SISKO: Starfleet Science thinks that exposure to polaron radiation will have a destabilising effect on changeling physiology.
ODO: In other words, if we use these on Gowron and he is one of my people, he won't be able to retain his humanoid shape.
SISKO: That's the theory.
DAX: The problem is, for it to work properly, you have to activate all four emitters at once.
SISKO: (holding the remote) With this.
O'BRIEN: I hate prototypes.
DAX: Plus, too much polaron radiation can be fatal. Which means we can only expose a person once. Any more than that, changeling or not, and they could die from radiation poisoning.
SISKO: The plan is to smuggle these into Ty'Gokor. Once they're set up, they can cover about twelve thousand cubic metres.
O'BRIEN: So let me get this straight. All we have to do is get past an enemy fleet, avoid a tachyon detection grid, beam into the middle of Klingon headquarters and avoid the Brotherhood of the Sword long enough to set these things up and activate them in front of Gowron.
WORF: If we succeed, there will be many songs sung in our honour.
O'BRIEN: Let's hope we're there to hear them.
KIRA: The first problem is how to get you safely to Ty'Gokor.
SISKO: That's one I think I can solve.


(A Klingon ship decloaks and docks.)
DUKAT: Major, I must say I'm shocked. You use my daughter to lure me here, you're asking me to risk my ship on some fool's errand into the Klingon Empire, and you're pregnant. I hope First Minister Shakaar appreciates what a lucky man he is.
KIRA: Shakaar's not the father.
DUKAT: Then who is?
KIRA: Chief O'Brien.
(Kira gets into the turbolift while Dukat's jaw bounces on the floor.)
KIRA: Promenade.


DUKAT: Well, at least there's one good thing about your condition. You won't be going on this suicidal mission.
KIRA: It may not be as hopeless as you think.
DUKAT: How can Sisko be so deluded to think he and three of his crewmen can infiltrate Klingon military headquarters? They'll be caught in a heartbeat.
KIRA: Maybe.


(Sisko, Odo and O'Brien have been surgically to look like Klingons.)
KIRA: Maybe not.
SISKO: What's wrong, Dukat? Haven't you ever seen a Klingon before?

[Ducat's Bridge]

(Worf has also been disguised somewhat.)
SISKO: I see we're all here.
WORF: The ship is ready for departure, sir.
SISKO: At your convenience, Gul Dukat.
DUKAT: Captain, I insist we make a holographic record of the four of you. Consider it payment in full for the use of my vessel.
O'BRIEN: Maybe after the mission.
DAMAR: After the mission you'll all be dead.
DUKAT: Damar, let's not spoil this special moment with predictions of doom. Even you have to appreciate the audacity of Captain Sisko's plan.
DAMAR: Personally, I think we'd be better off launching an orbital assault on Gowron's command centre. A full spread of photon torpedoes would take care of him, the Klingon High Command and everyone else within a few hundred kilometres.
ODO: You should ask Dukat for some shore leave. I think you've been in space too long.
DAMAR: Why? Because I'm willing to spill a little Klingon blood to get the job done?
O'BRIEN: Shelling Ty'Gokor won't get the job done. You'd be lucky to launch one torpedo before they shot you down. Besides, even a dozen won't penetrate the shielding around the command centre.
SISKO: Thank you for the input, Mister Damar, but we'll stick to the original plan. Are you making any progress with our Klingon identity files?
DUKAT: Oh, don't worry, Captain. By the time we get to Ty'Gokor, we'll have something suitably impressive to plant in their central computer system.
WORF: Our names should be added to the list of candidates for the Order of the Bat'leth.
DUKAT: The Order of the Bat'leth? Don't you think you might be overdoing it?
SISKO: They'll be inducting some new members in a few days, and Chancellor Gowron will be presiding over the ceremony.
DUKAT: That should make for a very interesting evening.

[Captain's office]

BASHIR: Here are the results of the crew physicals.
KIRA: Anything interesting?
BASHIR: Lieutenant Vilix'pran is budding again.
KIRA: You're kidding. How many will this make?
BASHIR: Let's see now. He had two from the last litter, four before that. Could be anywhere from eight to eighteen.
KIRA: He'll need bigger quarters again.
BASHIR: He said the request will be on your desk in the morning.
KIRA: Eighteen? I just hope I can survive one.
BASHIR: You're doing great.
KIRA: I don't feel great.
BASHIR: You're positively glowing.
KIRA: Oh, really?
BASHIR: I think so, but then, I suppose my opinion really doesn't count.
KIRA: It counts. But don't forget, this is still your fault.
(In real life, Sid is the father of the child Nana was carrying at the time, remember.)
BASHIR: My fault?
KIRA: You performed the transfer from Keiko to me.
BASHIR: After you volunteered.
KIRA: After you put the idea in my head.
BASHIR: After you flew the runabout into an asteroid field.
KIRA: After you insisted we check on those anomalous bio-scans.
BASHIR: That was Keiko.
KIRA: That's right, it was. But I'd rather blame you!
BASHIR: Whatever makes you happy. I never argue with my patients or my commanding officer. You think they'll make it?
KIRA: They'll make it. Question is, will you be able to give them their old faces back?

[Dukat's ship - room]

(Worf has the pseudo-Klingons lined up. He stops in front of Odo.)
WORF: We shall start with you. I am waiting.
ODO: I don't understand.
WORF: I am not interested in excuses. Are you a Klingon warrior or an Alverian dung beetle?
ODO: I really don't see the point
WORF: Do not look away from me. I called you a dung beetle.
ODO: I heard you.
WORF: And what is your response?
ODO: You should have your eyes examined.
(O'Brien sniggers.)
WORF: This is not going to work. It is not enough to look like a Klingon. One must act like one. Perhaps it is better if I went
(Sisko hits Worf.)
SISKO: Are you questioning the validity of my plan?
WORF: Very convincing, Captain. But was it your intention to challenge me to a battle to the death?
SISKO: No, not at all.
WORF: The next time, do not strike me with the back of your hand. Use your fist.
O'BRIEN: This is more complicated than I thought.
WORF: You should think twice before insulting a Klingon like that.
O'BRIEN: What did I do?
WORF: Look at you. You stand so far away from me. You speak so softly. Are you afraid of me or just disgusted by my presence?
SISKO: Klingon warriors speak to each other proudly. They do not whisper or keep their distance.
0'BRIEN: Sorry! I'll do better next time.
WORF: Keep practising.
(Meanwhile, Odo is leaving, so Sisko follows him.)

[Dukat's ship - another room]

SISKO: Constable?
ODO: Captain, I have no business being on this mission. I'm not a very convincing Klingon.
SISKO: Then you'd better work on becoming one. Because like it or not, you are on this mission.
ODO: I'd hate to be the reason it fails.
SISKO: Let me worry about that. Odo, I know this has been a difficult time for you. That you never would've chosen to become a solid. But what's done is done. Brooding isn't going to change anything, and shirking your responsibilities isn't going to make you feel better about yourself.
ODO: No, I don't suppose it will.
SISKO: Then I suggest you get back in there and do your job.
(Then an alarm goes off.)

[Ducat's Bridge]

SISKO: What's going on, Dukat?
DUKAT: We're being hailed by another bird of prey.
ODO: What are you doing about it?
DUKAT: We're hailing them back. I wouldn't worry. This happens all the time.
DAMAR: Sir, they're requesting visual contact.
DUKAT: By all means. It's a shame you can't see the holo-image I'm projecting over the comm. system. I make quite an imposing Klingon.
DAMAR: Sir, the holofilter's not working.
DUKAT: What do you mean it's not working?
O'BRIEN: Let me take a look at it.
DAMAR: Sir, they're repeating the request.
O'BRIEN: The optronic relays are fused.
ODO: Maybe Worf should speak to them.
WORF: I might be able to convince them that
DUKAT: I have a better idea.
(And fires a spread of torpedoes. KaBOOM!)
WORF: You should have let me speak to them!
SISKO: Was that really necessary?
DUKAT: It was either that or trust in Mister Worf's ability to lie. And frankly, I have more faith in my weapons. Get us out of here, Damar. I want to put as much distance between us and that wreckage as possible.
(They arrive at Ty'Gokor, a planet surrounded by space stations and space ships.)
O'BRIEN: (with an emitter) I hope I remember how to set this thing up.
WORF: If that is a joke, I am not amused.
O'BRIEN: It's not easy being funny wearing these teeth.
DUKAT: Well, Captain, I've enjoyed your company as always, but it appears it is time we said goodbye. I don't envy your assignment.
O'BRIEN: Orbiting this place for the next day or so won't be the safest job in the galaxy either.
DUKAT: Which is why we'll be leaving as soon as you beam down.
ODO: Leaving? For how long?
DUKAT: I really don't see any pressing need to come back.
SISKO: That's not what we agreed to.
DUKAT: I realise that. But how long do you think we can stay here undetected without the holofilter? Besides, if you succeed, the war will be over and you won't need us. And if you fail.
WORF: Did you add our names to the Commendation List?
DUKAT: I haven't survived this long by being sloppy, Mister Worf. (to Sisko) And now Jodmos, son of Kobor, your medal awaits you.

[Ty'Gokor corridor]

(Sisko, Worf, Odo and O'Brien beam in.)
SISKO: Cho'Ghos!

[Hall of Warriors]

(A huge room with plenty of statues, a brazier, racks of medals, a raised central stage and plenty of Klingons eating, drinking, singing and headbutting each other. One headbutts O'Brien as the group enters.)
ODO: You all right?
O'BRIEN: I'm fine. I just wish they'd stop ringing that bell.
SISKO: The Hall of Warriors.
WORF: You can smell the blood of history in these stones. Come, we must celebrate. T'kah!
ODO: Now what?
SISKO: Now we celebrate!

[Promenade - upper level]

BASHIR: How's the view?
JAKE: You know, you can tell a lot about people's moods just by watching them walk on the Promenade. When things are going good, people take their time, window shop and talk to their friends. Then there's days like today.
BASHIR: Everybody's in a hurry.
JAKE: They can feel the Klingons breathing down their necks.
BASHIR: Well, I shall have to remember to walk a little slower. Show no fear, that's my motto.
KIRA [OC]: Ops to Doctor Bashir.
BASHIR: Go ahead, Major.
KIRA [OC]: Report to the Infirmary. The Armstrong and the Drake were ambushed by a Klingon battle group and they took heavy casualties. They'll be docking in a few minutes.
BASHIR: I'm on my way. Your father's going to be all right, Jake.
JAKE: I suppose. But sometimes I wish that he wasn't so good at his job. That way, maybe every once in a while they'd give someone else the tough assignments.
BASHIR: He goes where he's sent. It's all part of wearing the uniform, and I doubt that's ever going to change.

[Hall of Warriors]

(The group fill their tankards from a barrel of bloodwine.)
BURLY: I was the first to board their starship. With one blow from my bat'leth, I beheaded their helmsman, a Tellarite. The pig didn't even have time to raise his weapon. Well then I turned my attention to the Captain, a Benzenite named Laporin. Ah. He put up a valiant struggle, but in the end I ripped the breathing tubes from his head and (slit throat gesture)
(Sisko punches him out)
SISKO: Brag all you want, but don't get between me and the bloodwine.
(The boasters move away, cheering.)
O'BRIEN: You knew Captain Laporin?
SISKO: We went to the Academy together.
ODO: How long before Gowron gets here?
WORF: Many hours. He will not appear until tomorrow morning at the earliest. This is an endurance test as much as it is a celebration. It's part of the initiation rite for the Order of the Bat'leth. The idea is to eat, drink, stay awake all night and still be clear-eyed when Gowron arrives for the ceremony.
O'BRIEN: So when do we set up the emitters?
SISKO: Not until morning. I don't want to take the chance of anyone spotting them once they're in place.
ODO: In that case, we might as well drink up. it's a pity it doesn't have any bubbles.
(The bloodwine in the barrel is now a lot lower. Sisko is having an arm-wrestling match with one of the drunks.)
O'BRIEN: You know, I think I'm actually beginning to like bloodwine.
ODO: It's really not too bad, except for the taste.
O'BRIEN: Just be thankful the anti-intoxicant we took is still working.
WORF: Or you would be so drunk you would not be able to stand.
(Sisko wins his match)
O'BRIEN: Not bad.
SISKO: Captain of the Academy wrestling team. Twenty two years ago. Ow.
(Sisko massages his aching arm.)
KLINGON: General Martok!
WORF: Captain.
SISKO: I see him.
(The crowd cheer Martok as he walks through the hall.)
0'BRIEN: What if he recognises us?
ODO: We'll have come a long way for nothing.
SISKO: Q'apla!
ODO: Q'apla!
WORF + O'BRIEN: Q'apla! MARTOK: Q'apla.
(And walks on to the wine barrel)
WORF: If Martok is here, Gowron will not be far behind.
SISKO: Let's get it done.
(The four head off to place their emitters on various statues. A hand falls on O'Brien's shoulder.)
MARTOK: Hold on there. Don't I know you?
O'BRIEN: I would be honoured to think so.
MARTOK: I know we have met.
O'BRIEN: I am Pahash of the House of Konjah.
MARTOK: The name is not familiar to me, but there is something about you.
O'BRIEN: Perhaps we met on the battlefield. My regiment fought at Mempa.
MARTOK: Mempa! Many noble deeds were done on that dark day.
O'BRIEN: And yours have become legend.
MARTOK: Mempa. Yes, that must be it.
O'BRIEN: After the ceremony would you honour me with a drink?
MARTOK: We will salute the fallen. There is something very familiar about this face.
(Martok walks off, the group relaxes slightly and the emitters get placed, except - )
DRUNK: Hey, where's Gowron?
(Odo's emitter falls to the floor and rolls to the boot of - )
KLINGON: What is this?
ODO: Get away from me or you won't live to see Gowron. (he elbows the drunk) I'll take that.
KLINGON: This looks like some sort of weapon.
WORF: Kodrak, my brother. Ah, you found it.
KLINGON: Found what?
WORF: It's a tinghamut.
KLINGON: A what?
WORF: A Vulcan toy for children.
ODO: The spoils of war from the raid on Archanis.
WORF: If you want one, you will have to find your own.
(Worf takes the emitter from the Klingon and hands it to Odo.)
WORF: Give this to your son.
ODO: I'll make sure he gets it.
(Drums start up. Enter Gowron and guards, to great jubilation. As Gowron stands on the stage, Odo goes to set up his emitter.)
MARTOK: Long live Gowron! Long live the Empire!
GOWRON: Klingon Warriors, I salute you. At least, those of you still on your feet!
(The comatose drunks are being dragged from the hall.)
GOWRON: This is a great day for the Empire, a day when we honour you who have brought us glory, whose deeds of valour will live on in song and story. And so now, here in this hallowed hall, under the watchful gaze of our greatest heroes, you will receive the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a Klingon. The Order of the Bat'leth!
(A young warrior takes a vantage point just where Odo wants to put his emitter.)
MARTOK: Come forward, H'Ta, son of Kahmar.
GOWRON: Glory to you and your house.
(Gowron pins the medal on H'Ta.)
ODO: This is my place. Step down.
YOUNG KLINGON: Find another.
MARTOK: Come forward, T'vis, son of Barot.
ODO: That won't be necessary.
(Odo tosses the lad of his pedestal)
GOWRON: Glory to you and your house.
MARTOK: Come forward, Huss, daughter of A'trom.
(The last emitter is in place.)
GOWRON: Glory to you and your house.
MARTOK: Come forward, Jodmos, son of Kobor.
(Sisko puts the remote away, Worf puts his hand on his disruptor handle.)
GOWRON: Glory to you and your house.
(Sisko receives the medal and walks away to trigger the emitters, when Martok hits him from behind with a bat'leth.)
MARTOK: Captain Benjamin Sisko. I knew I recognised that face. Seal the room! It seems we have some uninvited guests.

[Prison cell]

(Sisko, Odo, O'Brien and Worf are in the same cell)
MARTOK: Captain, you have no idea how much I've looked forward to killing you in battle. And now your foolishness has cheated me of that pleasure.
SISKO: I'm sorry to disappoint you.
MARTOK: Leave us. You heard me!
(The guards leave)
MARTOK: Don't you understand you've thrown your lives away for nothing? Or did you really think you could fool us into believing that Chancellor Gowron was a Dominion spy?
ODO: Gowron is the one who's fooling you. And as long as you follow him, the Empire will be nothing but a pawn of the Founders.
MARTOK: Where's your proof?
WORF: You want proof? Take our polaron emitters and use them on Gowron.
MARTOK: Gowron had your equipment destroyed.
O'BRIEN: Of course he did. He had to make sure he couldn't be tested.
MARTOK: Captain, your mission was a failure. For that, you deserve to die.
SISKO: Would you be happier if we'd succeeded?
MARTOK: I am a loyal officer of the Empire.
SISKO: You think we're right, don't you? You believe Gowron's a changeling too.
MARTOK: That would be treason.
WORF: Since when is it treasonous to act in the best interests of the Empire?
SISKO: How long have you suspected?
MARTOK: Months. I've known Gowron a long time. And it is no secret that we have not always agreed on the way he runs the Empire. He is a politician, too eager to compromise, too eager to talk. Last year, he stopped the attack on Deep Space Nine instead of going to war with the Federation. And then he changed. Suddenly he was the one calling for war.
O'BRIEN: I would have thought that would make you happy.
MARTOK: At first it did, but after the war began he started ignoring the counsel of his generals, throwing aside all wisdom in his pursuit of victory. Our losses continue to mount and still he listens to no one.
ODO: No one but the Founders.
MARTOK: There is only one certain way to expose Gowron for what he really is, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a changeling. Gowron must die.
ODO: Once he's dead, he'll revert to his natural form and all doubt will be eliminated.
WORF: You could challenge him to honourable combat.
MARTOK: There will be no honourable combat, no formal challenges. I will release you and help you reach the Hall of Warriors, and then you will kill him.

[Ty'Gokor Corridor]

MARTOK: The prisoners will come with me for further interrogation.
GUARD: General, I have strict orders from Gowron himself. The prisoners are not to leave this cell.
MARTOK: I see. Well, we wouldn't want to disobey the Chancellor.
(Martok turns then disintegrates the guard. Sisko knocks out the second one)
MARTOK: Follow me.

[Hall of Warriors]

GOWRON: What? Another toast? Then let us salute Rurik the Damned, conqueror of the Zora Fel, liberator of Vrax.

[outside the Hall of Warriors]

(Martok stabs the two sentries, and they all get their weapons ready)
MARTOK: For the Empire.
SISKO: Let's go.
(Martok stops Odo with his disruptor.)
MARTOK: Not you. There's no telling where your loyalties lie.

[Hall of Warriors]

GOWRON: What is this?
WORF: It is your death.
(Gowron and Worf duel. Sisko shoots a Klingon who aims a gun at Worf. Gowron knocks out another who gets up on the stage to help.)
GOWRON: No. Lower your weapons. If this traitor wants a fight, I will give him one. You want to kill me, Worf? You're welcome to try.


MARTOK: What are they doing? Why doesn't Sisko just shoot him?
ODO: I have a better question. Why isn't Gowron letting his bodyguards kill Worf? I'll tell you why. Klingon honour. A concept you should be very familiar with. My people, on the other hand, don't care about honour. How did you put it? There will be no honourable combat, no formal challenges. Hardly the words of a Klingon. Tell me, General, did Gowron destroy the polaron emitters or did you?

[Hall of Warriors]

(Worf breaks Gowron's bat'leth and is about to deliver the death blow when)
ODO: Worf, stop!
(Odo and Martok are fighting.)
ODO: Martok's the changeling.
(Martok morphs a tentacle to strangle Odo. Sisko fires his disrupter. The others join in and Martok turns into goo then explodes.)
SISKO: Well, looks like we found our changeling after all.
GOWRON: So the Founders mislead Odo into thinking I was a spy, hoping that you'd eliminate me and pave the way for that thing imitating Martok to take over the Empire.
SISKO: That way the war between the Federation and the Klingons would continue until both sides were destroyed.
GOWRON: Leaving the Alpha Quadrant wide open for a Dominion invasion.
ODO: That seems to have been their plan.
SISKO: And we played right into it.
GOWRON: But they sorely underestimated Odo here.
ODO: Thank you.
SISKO: If we really want to strike a blow against the Founders, we have to find a way to end this war.
GOWRON: That may not be possible.
WORF: Why not? You told us that the Martok changeling was the one who pushed for the attack on the Federation.
GOWRON: True, but if your Klingon blood wasn't so thin you'd know that once battle has begun, there can be no turning back. You want the war to end, then the Federation must allow us to annex Archanis and the other worlds we've seized.
SISKO: I wouldn't count on it. But if the fighting stops and the negotiations begin
GOWRON: Ah, yes. Talk.
ODO: That's right. Talk. The last thing the Dominion wants.
GOWRON: I will call a meeting of the High Council, advise a temporary cease fire.
SISKO: Where Gowron leads the Council will follow.
GOWRON: Perhaps. I'll see to it that you're safely delivered back to that space station of yours.
SISKO: I'd appreciate that.
GOWRON: You have done a great service to the Empire. For that I thank you. As for you, (to Worf) you should have killed me when you had the chance. I promise you won't get another.


(Sisko is back to human.)
BASHIR: Now, that's better, isn't it?
SISKO: I don't know. I could do without ridges but I kind of miss the fangs. That leaves you, Odo.
ODO: It's about time. I, for one, won't miss the fangs at all.
BASHIR: You know, Constable, I could give you any face you like. Bajoran, human, Trill.
ODO: My old face will do very nicely, thank you.
SISKO: You heard the man.
BASHIR: Whatever you say.

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