Business as Usual
Stardate: Unknown
Original Airdate: 7 Apr, 1997


(An after hours tongo game.)
DAX: I risk eight strips, with a purchase at six and a sale of ten.
(Quark is not paying attention.)
DAX: Quark, it's your move.
QUARK: Just a moment. (checking a PADD) I can't believe it.
DAX: You beg me to play tongo with you, and then you don't pay attention to the game.
QUARK: I'll be right there.
DAX: Let me put it another way. If you don't finish this hand, I'm going to call it a night.
QUARK: Okay, okay! Who'd have dreamed they'd strike feldomite on Parsion Three? The Sepian Commodities Exchange is in chaos. Everybody's selling, prices falling. Evade.
DAX: Are you sure?
QUARK: You heard me, evade!
DAX: Okay. Confront. You owe me fifteen strips of latinum.
QUARK: Take it. That's all I've got left. My antimonium options, my quadrotriticale futures, my powdered newt supplements all wiped out. That's it, I'm finished.
DAX: It can't be as bad as all that.
QUARK: It can and it is. I'm up to my lobes in debt. I put the bar up as collateral to three different brokers. The loans are due in a week. If I don't come up with the latinum there'll be nothing left of me but a greasy spot on the Promenade.
(The Bolian barman whispers in his ear.)
QUARK: Here? Now? Tell him I'm gone.
GAILA: If that's the best lie you can come up with, no wonder you're broke.
QUARK: Gaila! What a pleasant surprise.
GAILA: I doubt it. A clothed female. How titillating.
DAX: Isn't this the cousin that tried to kill you?
GAILA: I see you've heard of me. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to my dear cousin. Alone.
(Dax leaves.)
QUARK: If you've come for your latinum you've come a long way for nothing, because that's all I can give you. Nothing.
GAILA: Spare me the sad story. I'm well aware of your financial situation and I'm here to help.
QUARK: What are you going to do, loan me some exploding latinum?
GAILA: I can understand your scepticism, but I know a way that can help the both of us. I'm offering you a job.
QUARK: You'd defy the FCA ban on doing business with me?
GAILA: What's family for? Besides, I won't tell if you don't.
QUARK: You want me to sell weapons, don't you?
GAILA: That's what I do. Now I know you've had reservations about entering this lucrative field. It's dangerous, it's too technical, it's not a people business. But let me tell you something, cousin. Nothing could be further from the truth.
QUARK: I've told you before, I can't smuggle weapons through this station. Odo would be on to me in a second.
GAILA: Who said anything about bringing weapons here?
QUARK: Then what do you need me for?
GAILA: I need you, Quark, to do the things you do best. Public relations, showing our clients a good time, providing an atmosphere conducive to closing deals.
QUARK: I can do that.
GAILA: Of course you can. And you'll earn five percent off every sale.
GAILA: You'll take five.
(Shows him a PADD.)
QUARK: I had no idea.
GAILA: Weapons is a growth industry. In a month, all your debts will be paid. In six months, the Ferengi Commerce Authority will be begging to reinstate you. In a year, you'll have your own moon.
QUARK: My own moon.
GAILA: Success or failure? What's it going to be, cousin?
QUARK: What have I got to lose?

[O'Brien's quarters]

(The place looks like a toy shop. Miles is walking the baby.)
O'BRIEN: (sotto) Come in.
JAKE: Morning, Chief.
O'BRIEN: Shh. Quiet. You'll wake him. He only dropped off about an hour ago.
JAKE: You look terrible.
O'BRIEN: I didn't get much sleep. He woke up every hour or two. Every time I tried to put him back in his crib he started crying again. He misses his mother.
JAKE: When is Professor O'Brien due back from Bajor?
O'BRIEN: I don't know. A week, maybe two. However long it takes to get that blight under control.
JAKE: That long?
O'BRIEN: On top of that, Annel had some kind of family emergency, so I'm stuck without a babysitter.
JAKE: Don't worry about it, Chief. Everything's going to be fine. I'll take care of Yoshi.
JAKE: Absolutely.
O'BRIEN: You sure you're up to it?
JAKE: Absolutely. I've babysat Ensign Pran's hatchlings a couple of times, made sure their little wings didn't get tangled.
O'BRIEN: Kirayoshi doesn't have wings.
JAKE: Even better.
O'BRIEN: I think he's worn himself out. He should sleep now. If he wakes up, give him one of his bottles. There's diapers in the bag over there.
JAKE: Don't worry, Chief, I know the drill. Now go to work. You need the rest.
O'BRIEN: I'll be fine. I went through the same thing with Molly. It's just a phase. He'll grow out of it sooner or later. Gently now.
(O'Brien passes baby over. Yoshi gurgles.)
JAKE: You see, no problem.
O'BRIEN: I'll check in with you at lunch. If you need me, I'm just a comm-line away.
(Yoshi starts crying.)
JAKE: He, he
O'BRIEN: Give him to me. Shh. There, there, there. Shh, shh, shh.
(Yoshi goes quiet.)
JAKE: You're good.
O'BRIEN: He feels safe with me. Give me the bag. I'm taking him with me.
JAKE: To work?
O'BRIEN: What choice do I have?


(Quark is rattling the chairs.)
GAILA: Would you stop doing that!
QUARK: Shh. Just being careful. Odo could be anywhere or anything.
GAILA: Quark, we saw him walk down the Promenade five minutes ago.
QUARK: He's very tricky.
GAILA: There he is.
QUARK: Where?
GAILA: How good to see you again.
HAGATH: The pleasure's all mine.
(Yes, that is the wonderful Steven Berkoff.)
GAILA: Quark, this is my associate, Hagath.
HAGATH: Quark. And my companion, Talura. Your cousin speaks very highly of you.
QUARK: I've always said my cousin is an excellent judge of character.
HAGATH: I admire confidence in a man. In fact, I demand it of my salesmen. But in business, one must be careful not to grow too confident.
QUARK: That can be a fatal mistake.
HAGATH: I believe the phrase you used to bring me here was an opportunity of a lifetime.
GAILA: An accurate description.
HAGATH: Show me.


(Various weapons on display stands.)
HAGATH: Very nice.
(He hefts a rifle.)
HAGATH: Its weight and balance appears just right.
QUARK: We have a wide range of targets for you to choose from.
HAGATH: That won't be necessary.
(He fires at Quark. No damage done.)
HAGATH: A perfect replica. It even pulls a little to the right, just like the real ones.
QUARK: These are the finest holosuites in the sector.
HAGATH: I believe it. Remember we sold a hundred and fifty thousand of these to the Manchovites.
GAILA: And we sold another hundred thousand to the other side. Now there was a beautiful little war.
HAGATH: Too bad about the armistice.
GAILA: Well, all good things must come to an end.
QUARK: You sell weapons to opposing sides?
HAGATH: On occasion. It's very dangerous. If either side realises what you're doing, it could be most unpleasant.
GAILA: But as they say, the riskier the road, the greater the profit.
HAGATH: True. Well, I'm glad I came. This solves many of our problems.
GAILA: It certainly does. No actual weapons coming in or out, so we don't break any local laws. All shipping happens outside Federation space, so Starfleet can't touch us. And since all we're demonstrating are holograms, we can even show off the specialty items.
HAGATH: Gaila, well done.
GAILA: It was all Quark's idea.
HAGATH: Quark. You really are a find. I'm sure we're going to accomplish great things together.
QUARK: I can't wait.
HAGATH: Just one thing. Don't cross me, Quark. Don't ever cross me. Understood?
QUARK: Completely.
HAGATH: Right. Now, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to see my quarters.
(Hagath leaves.)
GAILA: If he were a bit shorter and his teeth were a little sharper, he'd make a perfect Ferengi.
QUARK: Why'd you tell him this was my idea?
GAILA: I want him to like you.

[Holosuite Weapons range]

(Quark is showing a customer a bazooka.)
QUARK: The Breen CRM one-fourteen works equally well against moving vessels or surface emplacements. It's guaranteed to cut through reactive armour in the six to fifteen centimetre range, and shields to four point six gigajoules.
CUSTOMER: It's light.
(He blows up a Dopterian interceptor)
(He disintegrates a big robot.)
QUARK: The quick recharge is one of its most popular features.
CUSTOMER: I'll take two thousand.
QUARK: It's a pleasure doing business with someone who appreciates a fine weapon.
(The customer leaves.)
QUARK: How'd I do?
HAGATH: You're a natural salesman.
QUARK: I am, aren't I? It's no different than selling sandwiches.
GAILA: What did I tell you?
HAGATH: I always like to celebrate a job well done. To Quark.
(Gaila hands over a glass of bubbly.)
GAILA: Quark.
QUARK: I'm going to like doing this job.

[Hagath's quarters]

(Hagath is watching the stock market.)
QUARK: You wanted to see me?
HAGATH: Just a moment. Who would have thought that so much money can be made from Andarian glass beads. How did things go with the Proxcinians?
QUARK: He purchased seven thousand tritanium plated assault skimmers.
HAGATH: Good. And he'll be back for more. The Proxcinian war is just heating up.
QUARK: Lucky us.
HAGATH: I suppose you're wondering when you'll start seeing your share of the profits.
QUARK: It had crossed my mind.
HAGATH: I'm afraid it won't be soon.
QUARK: I don't understand.
HAGATH: I took the liberty of transferring your earnings directly to your creditors. You'll be happy to know they were most appreciative.
QUARK: I would have paid them their money.
HAGATH: I don't doubt your intentions, but money does strange things to people and I can't afford to have an associate distracted with financial difficulties. So, until your debt is paid, you won't be seeing any profit.
QUARK: And once my debts are paid?
HAGATH: Your earnings will be yours to do with as you will, as long as you remain solvent. Quark, do forgive me. You see, my associates are like family to me and I feel it's my duty to keep them from getting into trouble, and to shower them with affection. (gives him a box) Go on, open it.
QUARK: Andarian glass beads. These must be worth
HAGATH: An absolute fortune. A small token of my esteem.
(To Hagath's companion, who is doing her nails.)
QUARK: Look!


(A darts match.)
BASHIR: Go ahead. Beat that, Chief!
(O'Brien is still cradling Yoshi)
O'BRIEN: Come on, Yoshi. It may not seem fair forcing the good Doctor to throw from farther away, but he is genetically engineered.
BASHIR: Chief, don't you think you should put the baby down?
O'BRIEN: I haven't put Yoshi down for a week. If I can carry him at work, I can carry him here.
BASHIR: There must be some babysitter on the station that can pacify him.
O'BRIEN: You want to bet?
BASHIR: But you can't hold him forever. You've already got one bad shoulder.
O'BRIEN: Okay. You want me to put the baby down? Fine. I'll put the baby down.
(He puts Yoshi down and he starts crying.)
O'BRIEN: Happy?
BASHIR: That's amazing.
O'BRIEN: No, this is amazing.
(O'Brien picks Yoshi up and he stops.)
O'BRIEN: Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's my throw.

[Hagath's quarters]

(Talura is giving Quark oo-mox.)
QUARK: That's right, keep going. Ah ha. Don't stop until you see smoke.
QUARK: Ahhh. Come in.
(Odo enters)
ODO: I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I believe you know the way to the Security Office.

[Security office]

QUARK: None of these charges are going to stick. I haven't broken any laws. I have a license to run holosuites.
ODO: But you don't have a license to sell weapons, do you?
QUARK: I defy you to prove that I brought a single weapon onto the station.
ODO: It's a mere technicality. We both know what you're doing. And I promise you, you're going to face the consequences.
SISKO: Not today, he isn't.
(Sisko and Kira enter.)
SISKO: Let him go.
ODO: Let him go?
SISKO: Major, tell the Constable what you told me.
KIRA: The Bajoran government insists that Deep Space Nine not interfere with the lawful transactions of Hagath or his associates. Hagath supplied arms to the Resistance. Without him, or people like him, we'd all be dead. The Cardassians would still be in power. We owe him.
ODO: Captain!
SISKO: I don't like it any more than you do.
QUARK: Better luck next time.
SISKO: You better hope there isn't a next time, mister. I have cut you a lot of slack in the past. I even looked away once or twice when I could have come down hard on you. But those days are over. Now, we may not be able to get you for selling weapons but you so much as litter on the Promenade and I will nail you to the wall.
(Sisko leaves.)
KIRA: Something to look forward to.

[Hagath's quarters]

GAILA: I'll never forget how many people told us we were making a mistake. Sell weapons to the Bajorans?
HAGATH: What chance do they have? Invest in a winner, sell to the Cardassians.
QUARK: But why did you sell weapons to the Bajorans? They couldn't have had much money.
HAGATH: My dear Quark, not every deal is about making money. Sometimes, you have to look at the big picture, and at times gaining a friend is more important than making profit.
GAILA: I admit it's not the Ferengi way, but it's good business nonetheless.
HAGATH: I knew the Cardassians would eventually lose, and you know why?
QUARK: Because they were overly confident.
HAGATH: Exactly. They underestimated the Bajoran thirst for freedom. I didn't.
GAILA: You want me to handle this?
HAGATH: No. Come in.
(Its a human male.)
HAGATH: Ah, Farrakk. How nice of you to join us.
FARRAKK: What was so important that you had to see me in person? I was about to close that deal with the Verillians.
HAGATH: Oh really? I heard they had no longer any need of our services.
FARRAKK: Since when?
HAGATH: Since they signed an agreement with Metron Consortium. I also heard that you hadn't even opened negotiations with the Verillians.
FARRAKK: That's a lie.
HAGATH: And that instead of doing your job, you were off enjoying yourself on Risa.
FARRAKK: I can explain.
HAGATH: I don't want any explanations. I put my faith in you and you let me down. As from now, our relationship is terminated.
FARRAKK: Hagath, can't we just talk this over? I made a mistake.
HAGATH: An expensive mistake. Goodbye.
(Farrakk pauses in the doorway. Gaila waves.)
HAGATH: Are you still there?
(Farrakk leaves.)
HAGATH: Now, that was a most unpleasant experience. Shall we get back to what we were talking about?


(Quark is polishing glasses and Morn is asleep at the bar.)
GAILA: Evening, cousin. Business always this good?
QUARK: I haven't had a single Starfleet customer all day. Come to think of it, nobody from the Federation has come through those doors. I must be off limits.
GAILA: Quark, as long as we keep the holosuite busy, you've got nothing to worry about. Which reminds me, we have a very special client arriving next week. The Regent of Palamar.
QUARK: Never heard of him.
GAILA: He's very, very wealthy.
QUARK: Can't wait to meet him.
GAILA: He's also very particular about how he's treated.
QUARK: As well he should be. After all, he's a Regent.
GAILA: I have to say, cousin, you've done well. And it couldn't have come at a better time for both of us.
QUARK: Why's that?
GAILA: I'm thinking about stepping back, taking it easy for a change. You could take my place, run things with Hagath. You'd be earning a bigger share of the profit.
QUARK: Have you spoken to Hagath about that?
GAILA: He likes you, Quark.
QUARK: And I like him. I'd also like a bigger share of the profits.
GAILA: Then everyone's happy. Except for Farrakk.
QUARK: What about Farrakk?
GAILA: Didn't you hear? His ship blew up shortly after he left the station. Warp core breach. That Hagath, what a temper.
QUARK: Are you saying Hagath killed him?
GAILA: You heard what he said, cousin. He doesn't like to be crossed. Just make sure you don't forget that.


QUARK: Double snail juice, extra smooth. Good morning, Commander. Mind if I join you?
DAX: Actually, I do.
QUARK: That's okay, I won't take it personally.
DAX: Quark, I'm busy.
QUARK: I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed in you. I thought you, of all people, would understand.
DAX: Understand what? That you've finally shown how despicable you truly are? That you don't care how many people die as long as you make a profit.
QUARK: Who said anything about people dying? The weapons I sell are strictly defensive. To be well armed is a deterrent to war. Don't you know anything about the balance of power?
DAX: Quark, you don't really believe any of that, do you?
QUARK: Jadzia, there was nothing else I could do. I was drowning. The waters were closing over my head and just as my lungs were about to burst, my cousin threw me a lifeline. How could I possibly refuse?
DAX: Feeling a little guilty, Quark?
QUARK: Guilty? Me? I don't have anything to feel guilty about.
DAX: Then why come to me asking for forgiveness?
(Dax walks out.)


BASHIR: I've got good news, Chief. Your son is fine.
O'BRIEN: Except that he cries constantly unless I'm holding him.
BASHIR: I've given him every imaginable test. Eyes, ears, digestive, pulmonary and nervous systems. There's nothing medically wrong with him.
O'BRIEN: What are you telling me, my baby's just sad?
BASHIR: Perhaps he's become prematurely aware of life's existential isolation.
O'BRIEN: You sure it's not a rash?
BASHIR: Look on the bright side. He'll probably be a great poet. There's nothing I can do for you, Chief.
O'BRIEN: Yes, there is.
BASHIR: What's wrong?
O'BRIEN: My neck.
BASHIR: Hold on, I'll get a neural modulator.

[Hagath's quarters]

(Dishes are being presented and explained to Hagath.)
QUARK: Palamarian sea urchin, lightly sautéed in garlic and moon grass. Matopin rock fungi tossed on a bed of tartoc and seasoned with clavisoa berries. And for the main course, stuffed Wentlian condor snake. All the Regent's favourite dishes. I obtained the recipes through his palace chefs in exchange for a small gratuity.
HAGATH: Quark, may I ask you a question?
QUARK: Go ahead.
HAGATH: Are you trying to ruin me on purpose, or is this sheer incompetence?
QUARK: Ruin you? I don't want to ruin you.
HAGATH: Here we are, about to open negotiations with an important new client and this is the welcome you're prepared to give him?
QUARK: They told me he'd like it.
HAGATH: This? He's going to like this?
(Hagath tries one of the dishes.)
HAGATH: Well, he should. It's delicious. We had you going there, didn't we?
GAILA: Oh, you had him, you definitely had him.
HAGATH: Quark, I love you. It's magnificent, all of it.
QUARK: So glad you approve.
HAGATH: Well, that's enough fun for now. The Regent will be here shortly, and tonight we are going to make some money.
(Later, the food has been decimated. The Regent is a Godfather or Sidney Greenstreet type.)
REGENT: Nassuc was the best officer I ever had. I took her out of the ranks and made her a general. In time, she would have inherited my entire empire. And how did she pay me back? By declaring independence for her homeworld.
HAGATH: Betrayal. It's the one unforgivable sin. Especially when it's committed by someone you trusted implicitly.
REGENT: Most arms dealers wouldn't understand such considerations. They have no ideals, no passions except for lining their own pockets. I always felt you were a man of honour. You're all men of honour.
GAILA: How very perceptive of you, Regent.
QUARK: Now, how can we help you?
REGENT: I want to make an example of Nassuc and her followers. I intend to eradicate her entire city.
GAILA: What kind of casualties are you looking for?
REGENT: Seven or eight million.
HAGATH: We can help you there.
REGENT: But that's just the beginning. Over the next couple of months, I would like the death toll to rise slowly but steadily.
GAILA: Can you give us a figure?
REGENT: About twenty million.
(Quark is shocked at this idea.)
HAGATH: Now, what would be most effective? Prions?
GAILA: Either that or a mutagenic retrovirus. What do you think, Quark?
QUARK: Twenty eight million dead? Can't we just wound some of them?
REGENT: I am here to buy weapons. Are you here to sell them?
HAGATH: Absolutely. Quark was just trying to make a little joke, but unfortunately Ferengi humour doesn't translate too well. So let's forgo any further attempts at jocularity, shall we? And get down to the business!

[Promenade - upper level]

GAILA: Quark, maybe I didn't make myself clear. I've been in the weapons business forty years. I want to retire.
QUARK: I don't blame you.
GAILA: But I'm not going to be able to retire if my hand-picked successor can't control his conscience.
QUARK: The Regent is insane.
GAILA: Stop being so judgmental. It's his bank account, not his mental health you should be concerned with.
QUARK: But twenty eight million people. That just seems wrong.
GAILA: If Hagath heard you talk that way he would toss you out the nearest airlock. Look out there. Millions and millions of stars, millions upon millions of worlds. And right now, half of them are fanatically dedicated to destroying the other half. Now, do you think if one of those twinkling little lights suddenly went out, anybody would notice? Suppose I offered you ten million bars of gold pressed latinum to help turn out one of those lights, would you really tell me to keep my money?


(Quark comes in from the Promenade to see Sisko with a big wound in his chest.)
SISKO: Hello, Quark.
QUARK: You don't look so good.
SISKO: That's because I'm dead.
JAKE: Way to go, Quark. I had my whole life ahead of me.
QUARK: I didn't do anything.
DAX: You killed us all.
QUARK: Now hold on. You can't blame me.
KIRA: Deny it all you want. You're responsible.
SISKO: I hope it was worth it.
DAX: How much latinum did they pay you?
KIRA: Enough to buy a new conscience?
O'BRIEN: Why, Quark? Why did you kill my baby?
(Suddenly everyone is standing round a dabo loaded with money.)
QUARK: This isn't my fault.
(The wheel stops.)
SISKO: You lose.
QUARK: No, no, no!
(Quark wakes from his nightmare.)
QUARK: What have I done?


(Everyone is whispering, and looking down onto a carry cot.)
SISKO: Chief, why is the baby in the pit?
O'BRIEN: It's kind of hard to explain, sir.
O'BRIEN: As soon as I took him down there with me, he fell asleep. Could be the pattern of the lights, the hum of the optronic emitters, the vibrations of the ODN relays, I'm not sure. But the point is, he's not crying.
SISKO: Yes. Chief, why don't you take off for a few days off until Keiko gets back? I think we can manage without you for that long.
O'BRIEN: That won't be necessary, sir. I have the situation well in hand.
SISKO: What I'm trying say is that keeping Kirayoshi in the pit is not an acceptable solution. Find another one.
O'BRIEN: Yes, sir. Sir?
SISKO: Yes, Chief?
O'BRIEN: Could we wait till he wakes up before we move him? He only just dropped off.
SISKO: Very well. And then I want him out of there.
O'BRIEN: Yes, sir.
SISKO: Don't you people have work to do?

[Dax's quarters]

(Quark has brought the tongo wheel.)
DAX: What the hell are you doing in here?
QUARK: I want you to have this.
DAX: You broke into my quarters to give me a tongo wheel? Get out before I call Security.
QUARK: I'm going.
DAX: And take that thing with you.
QUARK: I can't. It's a gift.
DAX: Think you can buy back my friendship?
QUARK: It's not a bribe. Chances are I won't be needing it anymore. Goodbye, Dax.
DAX: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
QUARK: Don't you want to know where it is I'm going?
DAX: Not really.
QUARK: What if I said it was dangerous?
(Dax goes into the bedroom and closes the door.)
QUARK: Figures. Doesn't matter. Where I'm going you can't follow. What I have to do, I have to do alone. One man who's had enough, who's going to stand up and say
DAX: Goodbye, Quark.


QUARK: Nervous? The worst Hagath can do is kill you. What's one life compared to the lives of twenty eight million people?

[Hagath's quarters]

HAGATH: What do you mean you can't get your hands on the mutagenic retrovirus?
QUARK: Our supplier sold all he had to the Minnobia for their war against the Vek.
HAGATH: This isn't good. I've just been telling the Regent that his shipment will be delivered within a week. He's leaving right now. He is not going to be happy, Quark.
QUARK: I know. He'll be stuck with twenty eight million people and no way to kill them.
HAGATH: I'm glad you're amused, Quark.
QUARK: Lucky for us, I can get hold of some Varaxian LM Seven.
HAGATH: Never heard of it.
QUARK: It's a new biogenic weapon, still in the experimental stage.
HAGATH: Is it effective?
QUARK: They'll be dropping like flies. Only trouble is, I don't know how much of it I can get. You think the Regent would be satisfied with only seventeen million people killed?
HAGATH: Well, seventeen million, it's better than nothing.
QUARK: Then what you have to do is tell him there's been a change of plans. Tell him we have something new to show him. It might take a little longer to get the results he wants, but we'll give him a twenty percent discount. In the meantime, I'll have a sample of Varaxian LM Seven sent here and we'll arrange for a small demonstration. We'll find a planet with some low-level lifeforms on it nobody will miss.
HAGATH: I'll speak to the Regent, try to keep him from leaving. You make sure you get this sample here as soon as possible. Don't fail me, Quark.
QUARK: Believe me, I want this deal to go through more than anybody. I'm finally out of debt. These are the first profits I get to keep.
HAGATH: Get going.


(Quark and Gaila are running.)
QUARK: Stop looking so unhappy. The dabo tables will still be there when you get back.
GAILA: But I was winning. What could be more important than that?
QUARK: I told you there's somebody I want you to meet.

[Quark's quarters]

QUARK: Gaila, meet General Nassuc, head of the Palamarian Freedom Brigade.
GAILA: Pleased to meet you. We need to talk.
QUARK: Will you excuse us for just a moment?


GAILA: What is that female doing on the station?
QUARK: I invited her.
GAILA: Are you crazy? She's the Regent's mortal enemy. Does he know she's here? Does Hagath?
QUARK: Of course not.
GAILA: You are scaring me, cousin.
QUARK: Relax. I know selling weapons to opposing sides is dangerous, but as you said yourself, The riskier the road.
GAILA: Don't quote The Rules of Acquisition to me. If Hagath finds out we're doing this behind his back, we'll wind up as dead as Farrakk.
QUARK: Only if we fail, and we're not going to fail. we're going to sell Varaxian LM Seven to both the Regent and the General.
GAILA: Is she interested?
QUARK: Oh, she jumped at the chance. She's as crazy as the Regent. Both sides will poison each other, we'll double our profits, and Hagath will be very happy.
GAILA: But what if they see one another, realise what we're doing?
QUARK: It's a busy station. We'll keep them far apart. Just think of all that latinum.
GAILA: What do you want me to do?
QUARK: Keep the General occupied for twenty minutes, then take her to cargo bay five. I'll meet you there.

[Cargo bay]

(Quark is kneeling by a container.)
REGENT: Open it.
HAGATH: You heard him.
QUARK: That's odd.
REGENT: What's wrong?
HAGATH: Nothing. Right, Quark?
QUARK: The code sequencer isn't working.
HAGATH: Then fix it.
QUARK: Right away. I just need to get a descrambler. And then while I'm at it, I'll get a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
HAGATH: Forget the champagne. Just get here as quickly as possible.
QUARK: Whatever you say.
HAGATH: He'll be back shortly.

[Outside the Cargo bay]

GAILA: Quark, where are you going?
QUARK: I'll be right back. I just have to get a descrambler.
GAILA: After you.
(Gaila and the General enter the cargo bay.)
REGENT: Hagath, what's she doing here?
MALE: It's a trap!
(Weapons fire. Quark runs away.)


(Quark comes through the airlock as Security starts rushing around.)
ODO: Attention all personnel. There are reports of phaser fire in cargo bay five. Seal the area.
SECURITY: You're with me. Double time!

[O'Brien's quarters]

O'BRIEN: Good afternoon, Commander.
WORF: Chief, my schedule shows you were supposed to begin modifying the deflector array aboard the Defiant today.
O'BRIEN: I'm sorry, sir. The Captain thought I could use a few days leave so I decided to take him up on it.
WORF: To care for your son.
O'BRIEN: Looking after a baby can be a full time job. Here, do me a favour. Just hold him for a minute. I have to get his bottle. He may cry for a bit, but it's okay, there's nothing wrong with him.
WORF: Chief, I need to
O'BRIEN: Just be a minute.
(Worf holds Yoshi while O'Brien goes into the bedroom. O'Brien comes out with a bottle.)
WORF: What is the matter?
O'BRIEN: The baby. He's not crying. He's not crying!
(O'Brien takes Yoshi and gives Worf the bottle.)
O'BRIEN: Here.
(O'Brien puts Yoshi in the carry cot and sits down.)
WORF: I never saw my son when he was this age. It is something I will always regret. You are a fortunate man. Chief. Chief?
(O'Brien is asleep.)

[Captain's office]

SISKO: You're facing some serious charges here, Quark. Incitement to riot, endangering the public safety, disregard
QUARK: How was I supposed to know everyone was going to start shooting? I just wanted them to cross paths so that the deal would fall through.
SISKO: It fell through, all right. Hagath and Gaila barely managed to get off the station alive.
QUARK: I hear General Nassuc sent a purification squad after them.
SISKO: I wouldn't count on seeing your former business partners again.
QUARK: I can live with that.
SISKO: What about the Regent's death?
QUARK: The Regent's dead?
SISKO: A purification squad caught up with him this morning.
QUARK: I can live with that, too. And I can think of twenty eight million other people who won't mind either.
SISKO: Twenty eight million and one.
QUARK: So, about those charges. Surely we can come up with some sort of accommodation?
SISKO: That depends.
QUARK: On what?
SISKO: This is what it's going to cost to repair the cargo bay.
QUARK: That much?
SISKO: That much.
QUARK: Well, maybe we could come up with some sort of installment plan?
SISKO: Works for me.

[Dax's quarters]

DAX: Retreat.
QUARK: Acquire.
DAX: Confront.
QUARK: Evade.
(Quark wins.)
QUARK: The risk is at ten, with a purchase of seven and a sale of fourteen.
DAX: Nice move. But then you always had a knack for getting out of tight spots.
QUARK: It's a gift. Now, about my tongo wheel.
DAX: It's not your tongo wheel. You gave it to me, remember?
QUARK: I know that I gave it to you, but at the time
DAX: I'm not giving it back, and that's final. Confront.
QUARK: Retreat.

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