Strange Bedfellows
Stardate: Unknown
Original Airdate: 19 Apr, 1999

Last time on Star Trek Deep Space Nine

WORF: This is intolerable! They have us caged up like animals!
(A Breen enters. Worf goes for him and gets zapped multiple times.)
EZRI: Stop it!
(Worf, Ezri and five Breen beam in to a Jem'Hadar bridge.)
WEYOUN: We meet at last.
BREEN: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: Gifts? How thoughtful. You should be honoured. You're witnessing an historic moment. The birth of the alliance between the Dominion and the Breen.

And now, the continuation.

[Jem'Hadar bridge]

WEYOUN: We will secure the prisoners below. They will share a cell. They may wish to physically comfort each other during the long trip back to Cardassia. I find inter-species mating rituals fascinating to watch.
(Worf gets zapped then he and Ezri are taken away by two Breen.)
DAMAR: Interesting device.
WEYOUN: I am so sorry. Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce Legate Damar, head of the Cardassian Union. Thot Gor.
DAMAR: Thot. that's the equivalent of a legate, isn't it?
GOR: (electronic noise)
(Weyoun laughs.)
DAMAR: What did he say?
WEYOUN: He says you need to get your universal translator adjusted.
DAMAR: I would have, if I'd known we were meeting with the Breen.

[Jem'Hadar corridor]

(The female shape-shifter stops to morph away her very dry skin before entering)

[Jem'Hadar bridge]

FOUNDER: It is a distinct pleasure to finally meet you.
GOR: (electronic noise)
FOUNDER: Thank you. If our face to face talks are as productive as our subspace communications have been, I'm sure we'll sign the treaty documents within a few days.
DAMAR: I haven't even seen this treaty.
WEYOUN: We'll discuss it later.
FOUNDER: The alliance between the Breen Confederacy and the Dominion will end the destructive war that has torn this quadrant apart. With the Breen at our side, the Federation will not be able to stand against us. They'll be erased from the face of the galaxy.
(After the opening titles, Damar is reading a PADD.)
DAMAR: This is outrageous! Have you read this treaty?
WEYOUN: Parts of it.
DAMAR: There's a reference to territorial concessions that the Cardassians are to make to the Breen, but it doesn't say what those concessions are.
WEYOUN: Oh, you needn't worry about that. It's all been itemised in a secret protocol between the Dominion and the Breen. All that is required of you is sign the document as the acknowledged leader of the Cardassian Union.
DAMAR: I want to see this protocol.
WEYOUN: It wouldn't be much of a secret then, would it?
DAMAR: You expect me to agree to territorial concessions when I haven't even seen what they are?
WEYOUN: Damar, you are missing the point. We need the Breen to win this war. When it's over, there will be more than enough territories available to compensate Cardassia for the loss of a few minor planets.
DAMAR: There are no minor planets in the Cardassian Union.
WEYOUN: Do you know what I think you should do? Talk to Thot Gor. Express your concerns. He's very reasonable and quite personable once you get to know him.
DAMAR: I don't trust him or his people. The Founders should never have agreed to give away Cardassian territory without my consent!
WEYOUN: I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood you. It sounded as if you were implying that Cardassian territory doesn't belong to the Founders. Surely that isn't what you meant?
DAMAR: No. Of course not.
WEYOUN: Oh good. I look forward to receiving the signed documents from you within the hour. Is there something else?
DAMAR: The Klingons have attacked Septimus Three.
WEYOUN: I'm aware of that.
DAMAR: Are you also aware that they've landed fifteen divisions? The Cardassian troops will never survive without reinforcements.
WEYOUN: I assure you the Septimus Three situation will be dealt with. We will not allow your brave soldiers to perish in vain. You have my word.

[Captain's office]

MARTOK: Septimus Three will fall within the week. The Cardassian Eleventh Order. It's a reserve unit. Old men and walking wounded. They don't stand a chance.
SISKO: I think you're right.
MARTOK: But enough about the war with the Dominion. I want to hear about the war at home. You just married that freighter captain, didn't you?
MARTOK: Then war has broken out, whether you know it or not. A long, gruelling, intoxicating war. I remember the day my beloved Sirella moved into my home. I had a pet targ. Had him since I was a boy. A filthy, mangy beast, but in his bony breast beat the heart of a warrior. Of course, Sirella loathed him. Well, to make a long story short, while she was supervising the unloading of her bags, Sirella accidently left the front door open, and my faithful targ, ever ready to follow the call of the wild, tottered outside on his frail legs and disappeared into the forest. I never laid eyes on him again.
SISKO: Lady Sirella draws the first blood.
MARTOK: You see my point. Don't get me wrong, I would not trade Sirella for all the targs on Kronos. And over the course of our marriage I've won more than my fair share of the battles between us. But in the end, I know she will win the war.
SISKO: I'll keep that in mind.

[Winn's bedroom]

(The new lovers are having breakfast in bed.)
WINN: You ate all the milaberries.
DUKAT: Well then, have Solbor bring us more.
WINN: And give him another chance to frown disapprovingly?
DUKAT: The good Ranjen doesn't much care for me, does he?
WINN: You'd think he'd be pleased to see his Kai so happy.
DUKAT: Are you happy, Adami?
WINN: More than I've ever been in my life. The Prophets are smiling on us. They've not only brought us together, but they've given us a great task, the Restoration of Bajor.
DUKAT: Our world will be reborn. And you will be its leader.
WINN: It's a sacred responsibility.
WINN: I pray that I'll have the strength to do what the Prophets are asking of me.
DUKAT: I will be at your side. We won't fail them. But the Restoration will not come without struggle. There will be those who will stand in our way.
WINN: It is not allowed to interfere with the will of the Prophets.
DUKAT: Even those who claim to speak in their name.
WINN: The Emissary.
DUKAT: In your vision, the Prophets said he'd faltered.
WINN: I can only hope that he doesn't choose to oppose them. Their love is strong, but so is their wrath.

[Jem'Hadar cell]

(Worf and Ezri are hanging from the ceiling by their ankles.)
EZRI: I hate to say it, but this is doing wonders for my back.
WORF: I doubt that is what our captors had in mind.
EZRI: Probably not.
WORF: We must get back to the station and warn Starfleet about the Breen.
EZRI: You're right. There's just a few problems. We're on a Jem'Hadar ship heading in the wrong direction, hanging upside down and
WORF: And what?
EZRI: I think I'm getting spacesick.

[Sisko's quarters]

(The happy husband is cooking.)
SISKO: Well, welcome home, Mrs Sisko.
KASIDY: Thank you, Mister Sisko.
SISKO: So, how was your cargo run?
KASIDY: Interesting. It seems my Bajoran crewmembers have decided that serving under the wife of the Emissary is a little different than serving under his girlfriend. I've known some of those people for ten years or more and suddenly they're asking me for advice about their children, their wives, their husbands, their spiritual relationship with the Prophets.
SISKO: Welcome to the club. Which reminds me. Every spring, the Emissary holds a little ceremony to bless the women on the station who want to be mothers.
KASIDY: What does this have to do with me?
SISKO: There's been a request made. Several, in fact, that the new wife of the Emissary perform the ceremony this year. This week, actually.
SISKO: Kasidy.
KASIDY: No. I've got to draw the line somewhere. I married you. I didn't convert. And I'm not going to start acting like I suddenly believe in the Prophets.
SISKO: I wouldn't want you to do anything you're uncomfortable with.
KASIDY: Good. Then it's settled. I'm going to go take a sonic shower.
SISKO: Take your time. Dinner won't be ready for another fifteen minutes.
(Kasidy leaves.)
SISKO: And so the battle begins.

[Cardassian holding cell]

(They are trying to dismantle the leg of a cot.)
EZRI: Let me try.
WORF: No. You lack the necessary strength.
EZRI: And your fingers are too fat.
EZRI: Would you just
WORF: Wait, I've got it.
WORF: Quiet.
WORF: Are you hurt?
EZRI: Yes, I'm hurt. You just cut my finger and made me hit my head!
WORF: It was an accident.
EZRI: I still don't see how getting a pin out of a bunk is going to help us escape.
WORF: If you would stop interfering and allow me to remove the pin, I would show you. Let me look at your head.
EZRI: No, thank you. The last time you touched me, things got a little out of control.
WORF: You are right about that. I was seduced and betrayed.
EZRI: Seduced? I seduced you?
WORF: At least we agree on that point.
EZRI: What?
WORF: You desired a physical relationship with me from the very start. That much was obvious.
EZRI: You have the biggest ego of any man I've ever known.
WORF: Considering how many men you have known, that is quite a statement.
EZRI: Am I supposed to be embarrassed because Jadzia had a few lovers before you?
WORF: A few?
EZRI: You're right. It was more than a few. It was dozens. Hundreds. In fact, I don't think there was anyone aboard DS Nine who wasn't her lover!
(The door opens. It's Weyoun with Damar and two Cardassian guards.)
WEYOUN: Let me take this opportunity to welcome you both to Cardassia Prime. I trust you've been well-treated for so far? I've been looking over the information you supplied to the Breen during your interrogation, and the results are a bit confusing, as mental probes so often are. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sifting through the data and clarifying certain issues for us.
EZRI: You can't be serious.
WEYOUN: I'm always serious. You see, if you don't do as I ask, I'll have to hand you over to Legate Damar and you know how ruthless the Cardassians can be.
DAMAR: It is my duty to inform you that you will be turned over to a Cardassian Tribunal where you will be tried as war criminals.
EZRI: War criminals? What are the charges?
DAMAR: That is not necessary for you to know. All you need to know is that you will be found guilty and executed.
WEYOUN: However, if you should decide to help us in our search for a quick end to this miserable war, your sentence will be reduced to life imprisonment.
EZRI: If you want to end the war why don't you convince the Founders to surrender?
WEYOUN: You know, my dear it would be such a shame for you to die without the good Doctor Bashir knowing how you felt about him.
(Worf grabs Weyoun's head and breaks his neck. A Cardassian guard knocks Worf down and aims his weapon.)
DAMAR: Wait!
(Damar checks that Weyoun is dead, then bursts out laughing.)
DAMAR: Overconfidence. The hallmark of the Weyouns. Maybe the Founders should eliminate that from your genetic recipe next time. They'll just make another copy of him, you know. You should've killed me. There's only one Damar.
WORF: I will keep that in mind.
DAMAR: I'm sure you will. Consider his offer, Klingon. You die in two days. Pick that up and let's go.

[Winn's quarters]

(Turquoise drink is poured into tall glasses.)
DUKAT: There you are.
WINN: Who are you?
DUKAT: What do you mean?
WINN: I mean, who are you, Anjohl Tennan? I want to know everything about your family, your childhood.
DUKAT: It would bore you.
WINN: Not at all. What might seem trivial to you matters a great deal to me. I need to know more about this guide the Prophets have sent me. This simple farmer, this man who shares my bed.
(As they gaze into each others eyes, we go to Limbo)


SISKO: We are of Bajor.
KIRA: We await the Restoration.
WINN: I am ready. I have met the Guide. You need only tell me what to do. I give myself to the Prophets in all things.
SOLBOR: She does not understand.
ODO: She is fearful.
SISKO: There is no other path. She is the chosen one. She must embrace us.
WINN: I will. I swear it. Give me a chance. Please.
SISKO: Give us your allegiance Kai Winn Adami.
SOLBOR: Restore us to our rightful place in the Celestial Temple.
ODO: Reject the false Prophets.
KIRA: Walk our path and embrace your own destiny.
SISKO: Feel our love. The love of the Pah wraiths.
(Sisko's eyes glow red and he shows her a Pah wraith cult earring.)
WINN: No! No!

[Winn's quarters]

DUKAT: What is it? What's happened?
WINN: They, they came to me. A vision.
DUKAT: Blessed be the Prophets.
WINN: No! They weren't the Prophets. They were
DUKAT: They were what?
WINN: The Pah wraiths. Find Solbor. Tell him go to the Shrine and bring me the Orb. I must bare my soul to the Prophets and beg their forgiveness.
DUKAT: Eminence, are you sure that's wise? What do the Prophets
WINN: Go! Bring me the Orb!


(Dukat has a big grin across his face.)

[Dominion briefing room]

(Enter Weyoun Eight.)
DAMAR: Well hello.
WEYOUN: I'm glad to see you find the death of my predecessor so amusing.
DAMAR: Oh, you misjudge me. I miss him deeply. Here. Let's drink to Weyoun Seven.
WEYOUN: When will the prisoners be executed?
DAMAR: When the trial is completed. Legal protocol must be observed.
DAMAR: The execution is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, fourteen hundred hours.
WEYOUN: Have they agreed to cooperate?
DAMAR: No. Maybe you should talk to Worf again.
(Breen enter.)
WEYOUN: Ah. Welcome to our command centre.
GOR: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: Of course. Go right ahead.
GOR: (electronic noise)
DAMAR: Absolutely not! That database is classified
WEYOUN: What Legate Damar means to say is that our entire database is open to you. Feel free to examine it at your leisure.
GOR: (electronic noise)
DAMAR: Surely you don't mean that.
WEYOUN: On the contrary, I'm quite sincere.
DAMAR: They don't need to know everything about our military operations in order to help us.
WEYOUN: The decision was made by the Founder herself. The Founder's also decided that from now on your military recommendations will be submitted to Thot Gor, and he will pass it on to her.
DAMAR: I will not!
GOR: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: I trust that was simply an unguarded emotional outburst, so I will ignore it this time. Make plans to do exactly as the Founder instructed or you can schedule an execution for yourself as well.

[Cardassian holding cell]

(Worf has got the bed apart. The leg makes a nice club. Ezri is using a pin to work a wall panel.)
EZRI: Ready.

[Cardassian corridor]

(The cell door opens with a bang. Worf kills the guard, and they take both his weapons. Around the corner, Ezri shoots one guard but Worf is injured before she can kill the one behind them.)
WORF: Leave me!
EZRI: Oh, shut up.
(Worf kills another guard.)
WORF: You never listen
EZRI: Look who's talking.
(But they are surrounded)


(Quark places a drink in front of an empty seat.)
O'BRIEN: Do you have to do that?
QUARK: I do it every day at this time.
O'BRIEN: I know, but there's something morbid about it.
QUARK: Morbid? That implies she's not coming back.
O'BRIEN: I wasn't implying anything of the kind.
QUARK: One of these days Ezri's going to come walking through those doors again, and this drink is going to be sitting right here waiting for her when she does.
O'BRIEN: Yeah, well, in the meantime, all you're doing is reminding us that she's missing.
QUARK: No one's forcing you to sit here.
BASHIR: It was the Badlands.
O'BRIEN: What?
O'BRIEN: You said something about the Badlands.
BASHIR: Oh, Worf. If his escape pod hadn't drifted into the Badlands, the Defiant would have picked him up and Ezri wouldn't have had to go looking for him.
QUARK: I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but I wish the Defiant had found that lumbering Klingon oaf.
O'BRIEN: Well we can't do anything to change what's happened, we just have to hope for the best.
BASHIR: Funny, I was just starting to.
O'BRIEN: Starting to what?
BASHIR: I don't know. But there was something, something about her, wasn't there? Something that made me happy, anyway. She was this old soul and yet so young at heart, and, and, I don't know what I'm saying.

[Winn's quarters]

WINN: Where is he?
DUKAT: He'll be here any moment. He said there were certain security precautions that had to be observed before the Orb was allowed to leave the Shrine. May I ask what you're planning?
WINN: No, you may not. This is far beyond your ability to comprehend, Anjohl.
WINN: Come in.
(Two guards carry the Orb in.)
SOLBOR: The Orb of Prophecy.
WINN: Place it on the table and then go.
SOLBOR: How may I serve you?
WINN: You are not required here, thank you.
(Solbor and the guards leave.)
DUKAT: There's nothing to fear.
WINN: Of course not. I am the Kai. The Prophets will make everything clear to me.
(Dukat has to turn away as she opens the tabernacle.)
WINN: Something's wrong.
DUKAT: What?
WINN: There's nothing. The Prophets show me nothing. They won't speak to me.
(She closes it again.)
WINN: They have forsaken me because I have been in communion with the evil ones.
DUKAT: Adami, I know this may be hard to hear, but you must listen. I've hidden something from you. I didn't come here by chance. I had a vision. The true gods of Bajor came to me and asked me to serve them.
WINN: The true gods?
DUKAT: The Pah wraiths. They led me to you.
DUKAT: They're not evil. They care about Bajor.
DUKAT: They want to make Bajor strong.
WINN: Heretic!
(Winn slaps him.)
DUKAT: Listen to me.
WINN: Get away!
DUKAT: Enough! The Prophets have done nothing for you. During the occupation, they turned their backs and let our people suffer.
WINN: Let me go.
DUKAT: You've sacrificed everything for them, and how have they rewarded you? They've appointed an alien Emissary. They've rejected you at every turn. Even now they won't speak to you.
WINN: Solbor!
DUKAT: Shh. Listen to me, please. The Pah wraiths will give you everything you've ever dreamt of. The power, the adoration of your people. In spite of your protestations of humility, that's what you really want. Admit it. Stop pretending to be something you're not. Take what they're offering you.
WINN: Get out!
DUKAT: Go. Crawl back to your Prophets. Beg their forgiveness. Live the rest of your life in Sisko's shadow.
(Dukat leaves.)
(A lot later, Winn is sitting on the floor in front of the Orb.)
WINN: I'll do anything you ask. You need only give the word. (Silence.) Have you nothing to say to me? Am I so offensive to your eyes that I don't exist for you any more? (Silence.) There must be something I can do to prove to you that I'm still worthy of your love.

[Kira's bedroom]

KIRA: Go ahead.
WINN [OC]: This is Kai Winn. I need to speak with you. Would you come to my quarters?
KIRA: Of course.

[Winn's quarters]

SOLBOR: Colonel Kira to see you, Eminence.
WINN: Come in, my child. Please sit down. Thank you for seeing me at such a late hour.
KIRA: What can I do for you?
WINN: I have often sensed that you don't approve of how I conducted myself as Kai, that you believe I put my own political interests ahead of the spiritual well being of our people. I wish I could disagree with that assessment. I have strayed from the path the Prophets laid down for me.
KIRA: Eminence.
WINN: You don't know. You don't know.
KIRA: Eminence, when you told me that the Prophets had spoken to you, I prayed that they would open your heart, that they would change you.
WINN: I want to change. I'd do anything to earn their forgiveness, nut I'm afraid it's too late.
KIRA: It's never too late. The worst of us can be redeemed.
WINN: How?
KIRA: I'm not a Vedek, but it seems to me that you have to set aside the things that led you astray. Ambition, jealousy.
WINN: Oh yes, I have given in to the temptations of power.
KIRA: Turn away from temptation.
WINN: Yes.
KIRA: Give yourself over to the Prophets.
WINN: I'll do whatever it takes to make myself worthy in their eyes.
KIRA: Everything will change once you step down as Kai. You'll see.
WINN: Step down? I don't understand. Why would I do that? Bajor needs me.
KIRA: Eminence, being in power is what led you on the wrong path.
WINN: I've resolved to change. Don't you see? Once I have regained the Prophets' trust, I'll be better able to serve them if I remain Kai. If the Prophets wanted me to step down, surely they would have told me so.
KIRA: They don't always use words to make their wishes known. Sometimes they speak to us by touching our hearts, but only you would know if they had done that.
WINN: But Bajor needs me.
KIRA: Goodnight, Eminence.

[Dominion briefing room]

(Weyoun and Gor are having a laugh when Damar enters.)
WEYOUN: Oh, Damar, there you are. I want you to hear this. Thot Gor had an interesting observation regarding our forces along the Romulan border. In his view, we have failed to take advantage of several weaknesses in their defences.
DAMAR: Is that so.
WEYOUN: For instance, Romulan colony in the Unroth system is ripe for attack. Their long range sensor array is being repaired
DAMAR: Septimus Three has fallen.
WEYOUN: Excuse me?
DAMAR: Septimus Three. An entire Cardassian Order has been wiped out. Five hundred thousand men!
WEYOUN: Oh, yes. A great tragedy.
DAMAR: You promised reinforcements.
WEYOUN: I promised nothing of the kind. I said the situation would be dealt with, and it was.
DAMAR: By leaving them to be slaughtered by the Klingons.
WEYOUN: If you will calm down and listen, I will explain. The sacrifice made by the Eleventh Order will not be in vain. They forced the Klingons to commit worthwhile valuable troops and resources to capture a strategically worthless planet.
GOR: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: I'm glad you agree.
DAMAR: Well, I don't. You condemned a half million loyal Cardassians
WEYOUN: If they were truly loyal Cardassian, then they died willingly for the Dominion. There can be no greater sacrifice.
DAMAR: How many more sacrifices will my people be asked to make?
WEYOUN: Your people, Damar? We are all one with the Dominion. Vorta, Cardassian, Jem'Hadar, the Breen.
GOR: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: We all serve the Founders and we will all make whatever sacrifices they deem necessary. Thot Gor, would you mind reiterating your plan for the Unroth System? I seem to have lost my train of thought.
GOR: (electronic noise)
(Damar leaves.)
WEYOUN: Yes, I know. It's become increasingly difficult to get a full day's work out of him.

[Damar's quarters]

(Damar knocks back one glass of kanar, then sees himself in the mirror. He pours a second and throws it at the mirror.)

[Cardassian holding cell]

EZRI: The Dax symbiont has lived for over three hundred years. Experienced eight lifetimes. And now it's all going to end with an execution on Cardassia. Ezri Tigan's contribution to the Dax legacy will be to end it.
WORF: There is no honour in self pity.
EZRI: You know, Worf, I have had just about enough of your little Klingon aphorisms. The only reason I came on this mission was to save your miserable life, so the least you could do is stop acting like such a self righteous targ.
WORF: Your motives for rescuing me were not honourable.
EZRI: Do you really think that I would disobey orders and risk my life so I could seduce you? I hate to burst your bubble, Worf, but it wasn't that good.
WORF: Always the barb, always the joke.
EZRI: There was a time when you found my sense of humour to be one of my more endearing qualities.
WORF: That was Jadzia, not you.
EZRI: Are you angry at me for something that I did or because I'm not Jadzia? Let's cut right to the heart of the matter. Do you love me? Me? Ezri?
WORF: You are trying to turn this around and make it about me.
EZRI: Answer the question. Do you love me?
WORF: I have made my feelings clear back on Goralis Three.
EZRI: What is it, Worf? Could it be that you're feeling just a little guilty because you don't have the same feelings for me that you did for Jadzia? If that's true, maybe we both made a mistake back on Goralis. So maybe we both should be forgiven.
WORF: This night would be better spent preparing ourselves for the next life, instead of rehashing the mistakes of this one.
(Later, Ezri is trying to sleep.)
WORF: You are right.
EZRI: What?
WORF: I said you are right. I do not love you as I loved Jadzia.
EZRI: There's no crime in that.
WORF: I dishonoured myself. I know how often I use that word. Maybe too often. But in this case, it is appropriate.
EZRI: Go on. From the first moment you came on the station, I knew you were not Jadzia, and yet I knew that there was a part of Jadzia still alive within you. On Goralis, I allowed myself to see her instead of you.
EZRI: I felt the same way. A part of me, the part that was your wife, wanted very much to be close to you.
WORF: I realise Jadzia saw physical love very differently than I do. To her it could mean many things, but to me it is a deeply spiritual act. When I made love to you, my motives were not spiritual. It was an unworthy impulse.
EZRI: Worf, we're not gods or prophets. We're people. We make mistakes. There is one other thing I want you to know. I honestly didn't realise how I felt about Julian. I would have never hidden something like that from you.
WORF: I believe you. And I do not hold any malice toward you or Doctor Bashir.
EZRI: That's good to know. Friends?
WORF: And more.
EZRI: And more.
WORF: It appears all we have left to do is to be executed.
EZRI: Sounds like a lazy day to me.
(The door opens.)
DAMAR: It's time.

[Cardassian corridor]

(As Ezri helps Worf walk along, Damar shoots the two guards in the back.)
DAMAR: There's a Cardassian patrol ship sitting in launch bay three A, two levels above us. Its computer has all the necessary information to get you past our security checkpoints.
EZRI: Why are you doing this?
DAMAR: I want you to give a message to the Federation. Tell them they have an ally on Cardassia.
WORF: Why should we trust you?
DAMAR: You can either trust me or you can stay here and be executed.
EZRI: I vote for option one.

[Dominion briefing room]

GOR: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: Escaped? How could this have happened?
DAMAR: You're the one that put the Jem'Hadar in charge of the detention area.
WEYOUN: Thank you for reminding me.
GOR: (electronic noise)
WEYOUN: No, I assure you this is not typical of our security procedures. (beep) The Founder. She wishes to see me. She has to be told about this.
DAMAR: Oh, I'm sure she'll understand. But if she doesn't, I look forward to meeting Weyoun Nine.

[Winn's quarters]

SOLBOR: Eminence, Anjohl is here. He claims you called for him.
WINN: Show him in.
SOLBOR: As you wish.
(Solbor sighs and leaves.)
WINN: I remember the first time I saw the Gate of the Celestial Temple. I was on the Promenade. When it burst into view, this whirlpool of colour and light, the people around me were in awe. They said they could feel the love of the Prophets washing over them. Do you know what I felt, Anjohl? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I smiled and pretended I did because it was expected of me. I've never admitted that to anyone.
DUKAT: I can understand why.
WINN: They've never spoken to me. Never offered me guidance. Never trusted me with the fruits of their wisdom. And now, I'm supposed to step down as Kai in order to be blessed by them? No. I have worked too hard, waited too long to give it all up now.
DUKAT: You shouldn't have to. Merciful gods don't ask their children to make such sacrifices.
WINN: The Prophets have turned their backs on me. After all I've done for them, all the pain I've endured for them.
DUKAT: They are not worthy of you, Adami.
WINN: I'm a patient woman. But I have run out of patience. I will no longer serve gods who give me nothing in return. I'm ready to walk the path the Pah wraiths have laid out for me.
DUKAT: I'll walk with you, and no one will be able to stand against us.
WINN: Those who dare to try, the Federation and its Vedek puppets, the false gods and their precious Emissary, they'll all be swept aside like dead leaves before an angry wind.

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