Introducing the new Companion

Original Airdate: 23 Apr 2016

Friend from the Future

DALEKS: Exterminate! Seek, locate, destroy.
(The Doctor and his companion flee down a corridor from Dalek weapons fire, then duck left to hide. The companion is a dark-skinned young woman. They whisper together.)
BILL: What's that thing?
DOCTOR: A Dalek.
BILL: A what?
DOCTOR: A Dalek.
BILL: What's a Dalek?
DOCTOR: Never mind. It's a Dalek.
BILL: That's not explaining. That's just saying a word. What's a Dalek?
DOCTOR: It's an alien war machine. The deadliest alien war machine ever devised.
DALEK [OC]: Exterminate!
DALEK 2 [OC]: Exterminate!
BILL: Fat, though.
DOCTOR: Sorry?
BILL: It'll never get through that door. It's too wide.
DOCTOR: It's a tank. A tank driven by a super-evolved mutant programmed to wipe out all other lifeforms, so please keep your voice down.
BILL: It's got a sucker on it.
DOCTOR: It's also got a gun.
BILL: It's got a gun and a sucker? Why? They run out of guns?
DOCTOR: Bill, please.
BILL: Is there a Dalek out the back with no guns and two suckers that's really hacked off?
DOCTOR: I don't know. I've never asked, because I've always been too busy running away. Now please, shh.
DALEK [OC]: Exterminate!
BILL: One more question.
DOCTOR: Oh, you do surprise me.
BILL: Why do they keep saying exterminate?
DOCTOR: Because they want to kill us.
BILL: Wouldn't it be quicker to just say kill?
DOCTOR: Do we really want them to save time?
BILL: Good point.
(Something beeps. The Doctor flips it open to look at it, then puts it back in his pocket.)
DOCTOR: Oh no, we need to get back.
BILL: Back where?
DOCTOR: To the future. 2017 needs us.
(They run hand in hand. Things go bang. Dalek weapon just fire misses.)
DALEK: Exterminate!
(They stop running towards an apparent dead end.)
DALEK: Humanoid detected.
(The Doctor and Bill turn to face the Dalek.)

Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill

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