Death Comes To Time, by Colin Meek

A BBC Radio Collection Audio Drama released Oct 2002



(Medieval style lute playing in the background. A view of space and stars.)
CASMUS: Once, long ago, on an island in a sea of clouds...
(View of a planet, gradually closing in on it.)
CASMUS: ... there was a land where giants walked. And the giants lived amongst the other peoples of that land. And they used their great strength to help them. But the power of the giants was too great - their hands were too strong, their tread too heavy. And the more they tried to help the people, the greater was the destruction that they caused, until the people they had tried to help were no more.
(The planet image fades to be replaced by a cloud in space like a nebula.)
CASMUS: And the giants were alone and the island was laid waste. And in their shame, the giants built a temple, and there they swore that never again must they meddle in the affairs of mortal men. And then they scattered, ever to wander abroad in repentance until the twilight of the world. Until Death comes to Time.

(Voices over static and the sounds of a battle with ships in space and views of explosions.)
FIGHTER PILOT: No effect, Admiral. Our weapons don't work!
(ADMIRAL METTNA in green uniform with headset attachments on her head and her black hair cut so that it point down in a triangular shape over the forehead of her worried face.)
ADMIRAL METTNA: Aim for the bridge of the Gun ship. Aim for the bridge!
(Explosions and whiteout.)
FIGHTER PILOT: No effect. Still no effect. Admiral, I don't think we're even penetrating their armour. We could use mining charges.
ADMIRAL METTNA: They won't work either. I can see what's happening.
ADMIRAL METTNA: Stand by. (Amplified) All ships, this is Admiral Mettna. We're having no impact on their armour with our weapons. If they reach the planet, you know what will happen. We did our best, now let's go out fighting. Disable your containment fields, prepare for suicide runs. Aim for the bridge of the ships and May You Find The One.
(Ship advancing in space.)

(Faint radio voices about "you are cleared to land". A man in purple uniform and blond hair - the PILOT - and like all Canisians, has a strange headset with red goggles which has one goggle raised and the other completely covering one eye.)
PILOT: General, we're encountering resistance. But it appears to be a merchant fleet - mostly weakly are mining craft, sir.
(GENERAL TANNIS in purple military uniform but with an ornate gold collar and shoulder pads.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Engage them.
PILOT: Engage, fire at will.
(Communicator electronic reply.)
PILOT: Sir, their formation suggests they're preparing for suicide runs.
GENERAL TANNIS: Their whole defence effort was a suicide run. What a pathetic display. Mining ships, huh. Pilot, get me their command craft.
PILOT: Yes General.
(The craft can be seen on a monitor screen behind GENERAL TANNIS.)
PILOT: Enemy craft, you have the honour of being addressed by his Excellency General Tannis, Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces of the Canisian Suns. You will kneel.
(ADMIRAL METTNA appears on the monitor. Her voice over the communicator is electronic and distorted.)
ADMIRAL METTNA: (communicator) I am Admiral Mettna, Commander of the armies of the Republic of...
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh shut up and watch. Gun ship?
(Communicator electronic reply.)
GENERAL TANNIS: This is General Tannis. Target city of Annet on the Northern Continent.
(The planet is seen on the monitor.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Pilot, what is its population?
PILOT: Approximately nine million, sir.
GENERAL TANNIS: Mm, good. Prepare and target a tectonic bomb.
ADMIRAL METTNA: (communicator) No! Wait! We can negotiate terms...
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, why do they always think they can negotiate? How many times have we heard that, Pilot?
GENERAL TANNIS: Admiral? Admiral, do I take it you and your "fleet" surrender? Oh dear, you hesitated. Fire.
ADMIRAL METTNA: (communicator) No...!
(Monitor showing the planet. Explosion, white flash. The whole planet now engulfed in a red glow.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Pilot, what is the population of the city of Annet?
PILOT: Population, nil, sir.
(GENERAL TANNIS is amused.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Now, Admiral, you're going to die. I'm going to destroy your ship, and then I'm going to rape your planet. However, if you kneel and surrender first, I may allow your remaining fleet to live. Well? Pilot, destroy a couple of vessels.
ADMIRAL METTNA: (communicator) No! I surrender!
GENERAL TANNIS: Finally, reality dawns. How pathetic. All vessels fire at will. Oh, and destroy the Admiral's ship last.
(Whiteout. Explosions.)

(Sounds of battle in the background as ships on a planet fire down causing explosions on the ground.)
PRESIDENT OF SANTINY: (Over P.A.) This is the President of the Republic of Santine.
(People running in fear including a woman with child, people being caught in the explosions, a robed man falling as the President speaks.)
PRESIDENT OF SANTINY: (Over P.A.) I would like to wish you a good day. Sadly this day is far from good. As I speak, Canisian troops are landing on our precious world. Today, as I can give you no hope, I am giving you the last order that I shall ever give.
(Silence falls. PRESIDENT OF SANTINY is a man with thick beard and moustache and has a green uniform.)
PRESIDENT OF SANTINY: Resist the Canisians. Breathe harder to starve them of air and as they kill you bleed on their boots. Offer them no compliance, no words, no recognition of their existence. For it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Farewell, and may you find The One.
(Sounds of struggle. Walking forwards. GENERAL TANNIS there with his purple-uniformed armed guards in the background.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Ah, Mister President.
PRESIDENT OF SANTINY: This is illegal. You are in breach of the treaty of Carselai. You must leave at once.
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, I would. But how can I leave when you are standing on my planet?
(PRESIDENT OF SANTINY gasps as though he has been stabbed.)
GENERAL TANNIS: The President is dead. Long live the republic. Pilot, begin a curfew.
PILOT: Yes, General.
(Bleep of communicator.)
PILOT: All Commands! Enforce a curfew operative immediately. Anyone found outdoors is to be shot on sight.
(Bleep of communicator.)
GENERAL TANNIS: I want the Senate cleared and all members of the Government brought to me. Oh, and get me some clean boots. These have got blood on them.


(Baby crying. An armed guard in purple uniform with a large number of people gathered with three Senators on a raised dais.)
SOLDIER: Civilians, move to that side of the hall, Senators, this side. Move.
SENATOR SALA: We are all members of the Government.
SOLDIER: The children too? Do you think I'm stupid?
(Their guns have bayonets attached.)
SOLDIER: You are now under Canisian Command. You will do exactly as ordered or you will be killed.
SENATOR: This is an outrageous violation. The UP will hear about this.
(A shot, the SENATOR cries.)
SOLDIER: And don't hold your breath for the UP. This world is blockaded. There is no chance of escape. There is no way on or off the planet. No help is coming.
(To the left of the dais, the Police Box shape of the Tardis materialises. The door opens. THE DOCTOR in his seventh incarnation and wearing his dark jacket stands outside the Police Box.)
THE DOCTOR: Hello! I'm The Doctor.

(Opening Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero, shown over the title sequence of the swirling cloud in space.)
MALE ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who. Death Comes To Time, by Colin Meek. Episode One - At The Temple Of The Fourth. Starring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor.
[Note: Colin Meek is a pseudonym of producer Dan Freedman.]

SOLDIER: Who are you?
THE DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor. And this is my companion Antimony.
(ANTIMONY is wearing a short-sleeved yellow top with green collar. He has light-coloured orange or blond hair. He is also voiced by an actor in his forties but sounds like a young male. But his most unusual features are his eyes. The white of the eye, the sclera, is either not white but black, or barely visible, and the iris pigments are very dark. All we can see from his eyes is blackness.)
ANTIMONY: How do you do.
SOLDIER: What are you doing here? What is that machine?
THE DOCTOR: You see, Antimony? A sign of a good enquiring mind - someone who asks questions. What do I always say, Antimony?
ANTIMONY: Never stop asking questions, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: That's my boy.
SOLDIER: How did you get here?
THE DOCTOR: He's going to be unconscious in just a few seconds and he's still using his time profitably.
SOLDIER: Answer or I fire.
THE DOCTOR: Don't you worry about how we got here. All you need to know is that two strangers arrived in a flying box and hit you. Antimony?
SOLDIER: Don't move or I'll...
(Punch and gasp as though ANTIMONY has hit him.)
THE DOCTOR: Good boy.
(THE DOCTOR faces the group.)
THE DOCTOR: Tell me, which one of you is the leader of the resistance?
SENATOR SALA: I'm Senator Sala. I'm the leader...
(SALA has a yellow outfit with green robe and has a tiara-like object on her head of brown hair.)
SENATOR: Sala...
SENATOR SALA: If they find us all they'll kill us all anyway, they're shooting people in the streets. I'm Senator Sala, I was chosen as the leader in the event of an invasion.
THE DOCTOR: Good, now ... listen, all of you! Please come inside the Tardis, quickly.
ANTIMONY: Come on! The Doctor knows what he's doing. It's bigger on the inside than it looks.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Come on.
ANTIMONY: Come on now.
THE DOCTOR: And it's slightly more hospitable than a Canisian cell. Come on, quickly, quickly...

(In white moustache and beard, CASMUS in a blood-red gown looks and sounds like an old man. The armed guard GOLCRUM in purple uniform looks younger.)
CASMUS: Good morning. I've come for the prisoner.
GOLCRUM: What do you mean, you've come for the prisoner?
(Gun prepared for firing.)
GOLCRUM: Who are you? You're not even in uniform.
CASMUS: Quite so. I'm not in uniform because I'm not in your army. I have however, managed to come on board this ship and penetrate all your security systems with ease. I am therefore likely to be quite powerful. Now, give me the prisoner and save yourself further trouble.
GOLCRUM: Who are you? Put your hands up!
CASMUS: Oh dear...
(His voice changes to an echoed voice which we will call the Command voice. It is like the voice of Scaroth from City Of Death. The background disappears while he speaks to be replaced by a red glow.)
CASMUS: (command voice) "I am a God of The Fourth. Fear me. Unlock the door.
(Door opened.)
CASMUS: (command voice) "Now pick up the girl and bring her to me."
(The sound of this being done.)
CASMUS: (command voice) "Good. Now, sleep. Oh, and when you wake up you will devote your life to medicine ... Ha-ha!"
(The Command voice ends.)
CASMUS: Wake up. Wake up! We're leaving.
(Groan from the familiar-sounding female prisoner he has just released.)
CASMUS: That's better. Can you hear me? Do you remember your name?
ACE: Ace.
(Her hair is cut shorter than when she was last seen on TV and she is wearing a plain green military uniform.)

(THE DOCTOR facing SENATOR HAWK and the rest of the Santine people in a forest with the Police Box nearby.)
SENATOR HAWK: Put your hands up!
SENATOR HAWK: We shouldn't have let them come here.
ANTIMONY: Oh, that's brilliant, that is. We just saved your lives. Shall I bash him, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: No, we need their trust. This is pointless, we're here to help.
SENATOR SALA: Then why are you leaving us?
THE DOCTOR: We can't do anything else for you here. We have to work on the Canisians from the inside.
SENATOR SALA: What do you mean?
THE DOCTOR: I mean that while you organise your resistance I'll visit General Tannis and see if I can persuade him to be a bit more neighbourly. I have a way with power-crazed dictators. They tend to underestimate me.
SENATOR HAWK: You are lying! You're working for him!
ANTIMONY: Come off it.
SENATOR SALA: Then why do you refuse to share the technology of your ship or your weapons?
THE DOCTOR: I told you, we don't have any weapons. The Tardis has no technology, not as such.
SENATOR SALA: Then lend us this Tardis. We could go to Alpha Canis and destroy the whole planet in the blink of an eye. At least give us that advantage over the Canisians. Show us how to use it.
THE DOCTOR: I can't. I can't fight with you or for you.
SENATOR SALA: Why not? Are you a coward? Are you better than us?
THE DOCTOR: No, no, no, no - I'm just bound by a code.
SENATOR SALA: A code? What sort of code is it? Do you save people, but only a little, just for a short time then run away and leave them to die?
THE DOCTOR: I wish it were different. But I can't interfere in your internal affairs.
SENATOR SALA: Internal affairs? Do you call the destruction of an entire city an internal affair? What kind of insane game are you playing?
SENATOR HAWK: We can't risk letting them go. We should shoot them now and take their ship.
THE DOCTOR: All right, please, yes, shoot me, get on with it. I don't mind. I've been dead before.
ANTIMONY: Hang on, Doctor, I haven't.
THE DOCTOR: You'll find the Tardis a lot more difficult to operate than a gun, but ... you should know that there are bigger things at stake than the fate of this planet.
SENATOR SALA: What do you mean?
THE DOCTOR: I mean that if the Canisian occupation of Santiny becomes permanent, they will have a springboard to a thousand other planets, each with burning holes where cities stood. If you fight them alone, the best you can hope for is to irritate them. But if you let me, I can destabilise the Canisian power-base so that when you strike it will cripple them. Now, I don't think you're going to kill us in cold blood, and you don't think we are going to betray you. Put the gun down and let us go.
SENATOR SALA: You are right. We are not Canisians. We do not kill people for things. There is something about you that suggests that you mean well. Let them go.
SENATOR HAWK: No! They said themselves they weren't from the UP. We can't trust them.
THE DOCTOR: All right, my boy, now you can bash him.
(Gasp by SENATOR HAWK as punch. ANTIMONY sighs)
ANTIMONY: Oh! This gun wasn't even charged. You lot are going to make great resistance fighters.
SENATOR SALA: Enough. Mister Antimony, the gun, please.
THE DOCTOR: Go on, my boy.
SENATOR SALA: Now, tell me, Doctor. While you are creating a great sabotage, what do you suggest we do? Rot here and hope the Canisians don't find us?
THE DOCTOR: There's plenty for you to do. The basis of the Canisians' power is money. If you can sting them economically that will weaken them greatly. Fight a guerrilla war and organise your army. When their leader is weakened, you'll hear from us. You must be ready to strike.
(Sound of burning and there is a red glow in the forest behind SALA and THE DOCTOR.)
CIVILIAN: The trees are burning! They're burning without heat!
SENATOR SALA: Nobody touch them. Everybody get back.
(The glow fades.)
THE DOCTOR: Don't worry. It's not dangerous.
(The burning stops.)
SENATOR SALA: What? How do you know? What does this mean?
ANTIMONY: Yeah, what does this mean, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: It means that we have to go now, Antimony. We'll be back as soon as we can. Come on, laddie.
ANTIMONY: Eh? But Doctor...
SENATOR SALA: But wait. What is going on? What - what does it mean?
THE DOCTOR: Don't worry. I'll explain later. Good luck!

(Tardis door opened. Inside Tardis control room with roundels on the walls and occasional console noises.)
ANTIMONY: Doctor, what are we doing?
THE DOCTOR: Mm? What are we doing?
THE DOCTOR: What are we doing. Maybe she's right. Playing an insane game. Oh, I'm beginning to wonder how long we can keep this up, in a complicated age.
(Tardis door closing.)
THE DOCTOR: Now I can't interfere, can't do this, can't do that. (Laugh.) I sound like a Time Lord.
(ANTIMONY is behind THE DOCTOR and standing near a pillar.)
ANTIMONY: Eh? I thought you were a Time Lord.
THE DOCTOR: If you're going to be rude, I'm not playing.
ANTIMONY: (Laughs.) Anyway, I meant, what are we doing now? What's going on, what - what's all that tree stuff about?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, that, yes, that. It was a rather unorthodox message to me. We have to go to Micen Island.
ANTIMONY: Oh. And what's that?
THE DOCTOR: It's a planet, in the heart of the Great Nebula of Orion.
ANTIMONY: Doctor...
ANTIMONY: What do you think's happened to Ace? Well, they said she left, I mean, shouldn't we have heard from her by now?
THE DOCTOR: Mm, I'm sure she'll be able to look after herself. Wherever she is.
(He sighs with pleasure.)


CASMUS: Once, long ago, in the strange dream of history, there lived an artist named Circassius.
(A man with paintbrushes, red beret, long hair, black/gold outfit.)
CASMUS: He was a painter of such skill that his every picture blazed with passion. One day, he painted a woman so beautiful, that she seemed to come alive.
(A framed picture of the head and shoulders shot of a young seemingly naked woman.)
CASMUS: And as he looked into the lucent eyes of his creation, Circassius fell deeply and inexorably in love with her. His days and nights were tormented with impossible desire. Then, one night, as he stared at the lifeless face of his beloved and wept, he ran outside and prayed to his maker. "Oh, Divine Creator," he railed. "I beg of you. Bring her to life, for I cannot be without her." To his astonishment, when he next gazed at the painting, he saw that it moved, as if the woman were indeed alive within the picture. "My dearest," cried Circassius. "Who's calling to me?" asked the painting. "It is I, your creator," cried Circassius. "But where are you?" she replied. "Here. I am here. I am ... out," he said. "What is 'out'?" she answered. "Are you left, right, up or down?" "I am ... out," he pleaded. But she could not see him. For she lived in a world of only two dimensions - horizontal and vertical. She was flat. She could not understand what "out" was.
(The painting moving inwards until all we see of it is the straight line of the frame's edge.)
CASMUS: She could not even conceive of what it might be. In her two-dimensional world, she had nothing to compare it with. The third dimension was beyond her can. Out of sight, out of mind, out of her very conception. And so Circassius ran to the night to vent his anger at his maker for this cruel trick. But as he stared at the heavens, another thought came to him.
(The image of Circassius moving inwards in the same way.)
CASMUS: "Oh maker," he said, "Where are you?" And the answer came: "Out."
(Both the painting and Circassius now straight lines.)

(A landscape with two domed trees towering over bushes and a fountain in the foreground.)
ACE: So what's that supposed to mean?
CASMUS: It is supposed to mean that just because you cannot readily see an order to things, it does not mean that such an order does not exist.
ACE: So why couldn't you say that in the first place? I'd rather you just told me what point you were trying to make instead of telling me fairy stories. I'm not a child, you know.
CASMUS: Age is not a measure of wisdom. But a wise man learns, and a fool teaches.
ACE: Well, that makes you a fool, then.
CASMUS: (laugh.) Considering I am with you of my own free will, I fear it does.
ACE: So what are you doing here? Why did you rescue me from the ship? And why won't you tell me what I'm doing here?
CASMUS: I have already done that. You are here to learn.
ACE: Learn what?
CASMUS: If I could tell you in a few words, it wouldn't be worth learning.
ACE: Huh, spare me. Then who are you?
CASMUS: I am Casmus, your teacher.
ACE: What if I don't want to learn?
ACE: Look, all I'm saying is that...
CASMUS: What do you know about gravity?
ACE: Eh? Look, if you...
CASMUS: Don't you know? Such a simple thing.
ACE: Of course I know. It's a force of attraction.
CASMUS: And who made it? Who made that force that makes one body attract another?
ACE: Erm ... Isaac Newton, wasn't it?
CASMUS: Isaac who? Oh. I suppose he was the one who discovered it for your culture. No doubt he fell out of a tower or a fruit fell on his head like all the others. What is gravity made from? What is its substance?
ACE: It has no substance. It's, erm ... I don't know.
CASMUS: It has no substance, it is not made from physical things, and yet it exists. It has no substance, and yet it is far more powerful than any weapon, any planet, any sun. That is the power of the One.
(The image of the gaseous nebula in the night sky.)
CASMUS: It is the prime mover, the cause of all things. It is the deep sublime intelligence of the universe. And where there is intelligence, there is a pattern, and where there is a pattern, there is predictability. Here you must learn to predict the movements of the universe.
ACE: How?
CASMUS: Where others see the bird, you must see the flock.

CAPTAIN: (communicator) Properly secured, sir.
PILOT: And the Parliament building? Where's the Government? I want those Senators! Didn't we send a unit in?
CAPTAIN: (communicator) None's announced, sir.
PILOT: What! Take your unit and meet me at the Parliament building, immediately.

PILOT: Who ... who did this? On your feet, soldier. Where are the Senators?
SOLDIER: Sir, they ... Sir, you won't believe it...
PILOT: What? Get to the point now!
SOLDIER: Sir, two men arrived in a ... a flying box and rescued everyone.
PILOT: Really? You're right. I don't believe it.
(Shot. Cry of SOLDIER.)
PILOT: Now, people don't just vanish into nothing. Scour the complex. Where are they?


(Echoed voices of a dream, the image of the nebula in space.)
FEMALE VOICE: Save us, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Where am I?
THE DOCTOR: Where am I?
(The voice sounds a little like the Tom Baker Doctor)
MALE VOICE: On the edge.
THE DOCTOR: The edge of what?
MALE VOICE: On the edge.
(Another voice sounds a little like the Jon Pertwee Doctor)
MALE VOICE 2: On the edge.
THE DOCTOR: What is the edge?
(A third voice of an old man)
MALE VOICE 3: Thou shalt not break the laws of destiny...
FEMALE VOICE: Save us, save us...
THE DOCTOR: I can't save you...
(Tardis materialisation and THE DOCTOR starts to wake up.)
THE DOCTOR: I can't save you. (Moans.) I can't save, can't save...
ANTIMONY: Wake up, Doctor. Doctor ... Doctor. What...
(Roundels behind him on the walls. THE DOCTOR is inside the Tardis control room.)
ANTIMONY: What can't you save me from?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, it was ... oh, a bad dream, my boy.
THE DOCTOR: What's wrong?
ANTIMONY: Oh - the Tardis has landed. We're here.
(Tardis door opening.)
ANTIMONY: Micen Island.

(Outside. Greenery, and a raised area with standing stones, an altar in the centre with hieroglyphics on it, and vast statues of three men surrounding it.)
ANTIMONY: (sigh.) What is this place, Doctor? It must be ancient.
THE DOCTOR: This is the Temple of the Fourth. It's been abandoned for a long time.
ANTIMONY: It's so peaceful. Does anyone live on this planet?
THE DOCTOR: Not any more.
ANTIMONY: Who are those statues of?
THE DOCTOR: They're Time Lords, like me, but long gone.
ANTIMONY: Did you know them?
THE DOCTOR: Some of them.
ANTIMONY: And what's that writing?
(Four lines of hieroglyphics running down each side of the stone altar.)
THE DOCTOR: It's an epitaph. An epitaph from a bygone age. If there be blood on my sword, let it be my own. Something like that.
ANTIMONY: And what about the writing on the tablets?
THE DOCTOR: Oh, so many questions.
ANTIMONY: But you told me to question everything.
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes, forgive me, yes ... Yes, it says...
(As THE DOCTOR speaks, a voice behind his speaking in a different language.)
THE DOCTOR: We serve the many, till the many are One, until twilight falls and Death comes to Time.
ANTIMONY: What's going on, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Hide, come on!
ANTIMONY: But I thought you said it was...
(Tardis materialisation sound, and a new pillar which blends perfectly with its surroundings appears. Door opens with a hum. A brown-haired man with high-collared black Time Lord robe and wearing a blue cravat.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Doctor! My dear Doctor, how splendid to see you.

(Forest noises and rain. The head of a statue lying on the ground. THE DOCTOR and THE MINISTER OF CHANCE in a part of the forest.)
THE DOCTOR: Tell me, why all the fireworks and the burning bushes? I mean, couldn't you have summoned me in a more discreet manner?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Discreet? Who but you would know it was me? Communications would be intercepted. Besides, I ... I don't think there's anything wrong with the odd bit of excitement.
THE DOCTOR: Perhaps. But why here? And why all the secrecy?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Two Time Lords have died, violently.
THE DOCTOR: Who died?
(Two of the statues seen side by side, sweeping across to the third.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: The Saints, Antenor and Valentine. It ... bothers me.
THE DOCTOR: Why? Even Time Lords die.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: No, it's - it's not that, it's deeper, I ... I sense something unnerving, something ... terrible is about to happen, and I sense that the taking of the lives of Antenor and Valentine is the herald of a ... of a larger pattern. I was hoping you would have some thoughts. What do your dreams tell you?
THE DOCTOR: Nothing special.
FEMALE VOICE: (whispering) Save us, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: What about you?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I see ... water. Wells, cataracts, whirlpools.
THE DOCTOR: Whirlpools. What does it mean?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I wish I knew, but they feel ominous. And the dream lingers in my thinking long after I wake.
(A sweeping image from one of the statues to the top of the pillar that supports the Stonehenge-like temple.)
THE DOCTOR: The first thing is to find out what happened to the Saints.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Precisely. And as you were closest to their work, you are to investigate that as a matter of urgency.
THE DOCTOR: But what about my work on Santiny?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I am to go in your place. Oh, is there anything special I need to know? Let me see, erm, erm, erm erm, erm ... Sentin. Yes, it's sun is Saeef, isn't it?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: The Canisians have no doubt invaded by now, mm? And you'll be seeding a rebellion, I suppose.
THE DOCTOR: Exactly. I'll transmit the co-ordinates and contacts when you send me yours.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well then ... good luck, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: And to you. And be careful.
THE DOCTOR: I don't know. Whirlpools?


PILOT: Come on, man. Talk!
(GOLCRUM has blood on his face from several wounds and a couple of bruises near the eye.)
GOLCRUM: (gasp.) It was just like I said, General, sir. I was guarding the girl and then ... the old man came and he - he just spoke to me and ... and I - I did it. I-it was like ... it was like the voice of a God, General. He spoke and I just had to do what he said. And he took the girl and ... and then he vanished...
(GENERAL TANNIS is beside him.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Another vanishing? This is becoming interesting. You didn't think of anything original, like shooting him, then?
GOLCRUM: I tried, General, but ... Sir, if I may say, you're looking awfully tired. You ought to rest and drink lots of water.
PILOT: Insolence! I'll have you shot!
PILOT: You...
GENERAL TANNIS: No. No, Pilot. So you're worried about my health?
GOLCRUM: Yes, sir. You seem agitated. I'll have your blood pressure checked if I was you, sir. I could do it for you if you like, sir...
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, you're very kind, soldier. You're very kind. Perhaps, you would like to get away from all this beastly warfare and concentrate on curing disease, hmm?
GOLCRUM: Oh yes, sir. That would be very nice.
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, wouldn't it? I have the very place for you, soldier. There is a planet called Anima Persis, where none of the diseases has a cure, except that on Anima Persis, none of the diseases has a victim. The inhabitants died long ago from the results of biochemical warfare. Legend has it that only mutated monstrosities and the vengeful spirits of the dead remain - take him away!
(Cry of protest by GOLCRUM as he is led away.)
GENERAL TANNIS: (sighs.) Pilot?
(The PILOT is behind him.)
PILOT: Yes, General?
GENERAL TANNIS: I want to know what's going on. We can't fight an enemy we can't see. Scan all our data sources for incidents of vanishings, flying boxes, or anything else that might be unusual. I'll find whoever is behind this. Time is the key, Pilot. That's the link.
PILOT: Yes, General.
(Door slides open and closed to indicate the PILOT leaving the room.)
GENERAL TANNIS: And if I'm right, he won't be vanishing for much longer. After all ... even Time Lords die.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero. The MP3 release has no announcer here. The closing sequence is a swirling nebula-like cloud over an image of space.)
MALE ANNOUNCER: Doctor Who - Death Comes To Time featured Sophie Aldred as Ace, Jon Culshaw as the Guard and Senator Hawk, Kevin Eldon as Antimony, David Evans as Pilot, Leonard Fenton as Casmus, and Stephen Fry as The Minister of Chance. Senator, Soldier and Civilian were played by Richard Garaghty, Senator Sala by Britta Gartner, Fighter Pilot by Benjamin Langley, and The Doctor was played by Sylvester McCoy. Admiral Mettna was played by Jacqueline Pearce, General Tannis by John Sessions, The President of Santiny by Huw Thomas, and the Captain by Moray Treadwell. The Music was by Nik Romero, and the Script Editor was Nev Fountain. Sound was by Jon Taylor, and Technical Presentation was by Wilfredo Accosta with Alec Haile-Munro. The Producer was Dan Freedman.
(After the closing music, further credits appear with white lettering on a black background)


(Classical music playing, a woman singing the operatic aria. VALENTINE is male with a black high-collared Time Lord costume and is in a room like a library. There is a globe of the world in front of him and instrumentation behind. A faint noise is heard.)
VALENTINE: Hello? Is someone there?
(The classical music is turned off.)
VALENTINE: Hello? You can come out. I know you're there. I won't hurt you.
(NESSICAN appears as if from nowhere. He looks a bit like Count Dracula and has a slightly electronically-treated voice.)
NESSICAN: No, Time Lord. But I will hurt you .
VALENTINE: I see. Then you hurt yourself.
NESSICAN: There is a rent in Time. What is the cause?
VALENTINE: (laugh) You hardly seem the type to be concerned about the fate of the universe. I don't know who you are or why you ask, but if I knew I wouldn't tell you.
NESSICAN: Then you will die.
(NESSICAN's rearing image casts a fearful shadow on the ground.)
VALENTINE: So be it. Oh? Why do you hesitate?
NESSICAN: This is a trick. They say you have the power to destroy with a thought. They say you can kill planets. Why will you not fight?
VALENTINE: Because you're not my enemy.
NESSICAN: You are a coward! Are you afraid?
VALENTINE: Yes. Only the dead have no fear.
(Swish of sword.)
NESSICAN: If you do not kill me, then I will kill you, then I will kill your companion.
VALENTINE: So be it. There is nothing that would make me kill. If there be blood on my sword, let it be my own.
NESSICAN: (laugh) The Saints! What a waste. To possess such strength and never use it.
VALENTINE: To have it and not to use it, that is our strength.
NESSICAN: Hah! There is no strength in death.
(Thrust of sword. VALENTINE screams. The screen turns red.)

(Opening Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero, shown over the title sequence of the swirling cloud in space.)


(Criss-cross wire fence with a science building behind it, and a wall next to it. Tardis materialises in front of the wire fence. Click of opening door. THE DOCTOR comes out of the Police Box with his umbrella used like a walking-stick.)
THE DOCTOR: No, you have to stop seeing Time as something separate from your place in it.
(ANTIMONY beside him.)
THE DOCTOR: You're part of it. You can't be in two aspects of the same time at once because you are part of that time. Reality is crystallised by a consciousness impinged on an uncollapsed quantum wave. But once your consciousness has impinged on one time line, it can't impinge on another.
ANTIMONY: Oh, right. That explains everything.
ANTIMONY: I can't hear anything.
THE DOCTOR: You should, though. It's as if there were a large predator.
(There seems to be the shadow of a rearing figure not far off.)
ANTIMONY: Well, you're in luck, Doctor, because I was doing some reading about Earth, and it turns out it has some of the largest carnivores of any known world.
ANTIMONY: Oh yes, indubitably , Doctor. There's one called an allosaurus that's absolutely huge, and I think this fence is indubitably to keep them out.
THE DOCTOR: Allosaurus? I think I nearly got eaten by one of them once.
ANTIMONY: You think? I think you're losing your marbles, Doctor. If I'd seen one I'd remember.
THE DOCTOR: Well, time travel's confusing. I remember tomorrow like it was yesterday.
ANTIMONY: What does "indubitably" mean?


(A room with equipment and a telescope looking out into the night sky which is visible through a circular open roof.)
THE DOCTOR: This is astronomical data. It's an analysis centre for radio telescopes, I think.
ANTIMONY: What gets me is, if they're really that big and fierce, how come there are any humans at all? If I was a human I'd just think, well, here are the dinosaurs, very pretty and all that, but not the ideal environment to live in, quite frankly. I'd move to another planet, then come back dinosaur watching with me friends and family...
THE DOCTOR: This is strange data.
ANTIMONY: Probably not small children, though. Might get scared. Or eaten.
(As THE DOCTOR speaks, a door opens)
THE DOCTOR: Hmm. Look at Cygnus, it's out of position.
(Female DOCTOR CANE. Her shadow on the wall.)
DOCTOR CANE: Excuse me. What are you doing here?
THE DOCTOR: I'm being fascinated by these readings. Did you collect this data?
(DOCTOR CANE is a blonde-haired woman in a lab coat.)
DOCTOR CANE: But ... this isn't open to you. How did you get in here?
THE DOCTOR: Through there. Forgive us. We were in a hurry. Erm, we came to find out about two people who died. We're family.
DOCTOR CANE: But ... you can't just break in. You say you're family? You knew them well?
(THE DOCTOR standing beside the globe. of the world. There are three steps leading up to the complex instruments.)
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Can you tell me how they died?
DOCTOR CANE: You should have been contacted by the police yesterday morning.
THE DOCTOR: We live a long way away. We came as soon as we heard.
DOCTOR CANE: Doctor Valentine was I'm afraid attacked by an animal in the research library on the other side of the campus, then perhaps an hour later, the same animal killed Professor Antenor. It's all fenced off. They died very quickly if that's any help. Why do you ask?
THE DOCTOR: Animal? What sort of animal?
DOCTOR CANE: A dog perhaps, or a large cat escaped from the zoo. They were ... well, bitten. But they don't seem to have suffered, and that surely is the main thing.
ANTIMONY: I bet it was an allosaurus.
THE DOCTOR: And there was no trace of the animal?
DOCTOR CANE: None. Gone for good, I think. They searched the grounds - nothing. Were you close to them?
THE DOCTOR: We were ... related. What was Professor Antenor doing before he died? I mean, what were they working on before it happened?
DOCTOR CANE: Do you think that has anything to do with it?
DOCTOR CANE: Well ... I'm Doctor Cane, by the way. You have my sympathies. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.
THE DOCTOR: Thank you. I'd like to look at this data. Could you show Antimony here where Valentine died?
DOCTOR CANE: Oh, I - I couldn't. It's been taped off by the police.
ANTIMONY: Oh, don't you worry, Doctor Cane. I can get through tape. I'll see you back here, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Keep your eyes peeled. They were murdered for what they knew, or were about to find out.

NESSICAN: Encrypt. Compressed super-luminal transmission. This is Nessican. Here is my report. Both of the Time Lords have been eliminated. They had discovered the temporal distortions, but would not disclose their source, if they ever knew it. I do not think that they had communicated their findings to anybody else.
(His eyes glow red.)
NESSICAN: I do not know the cause of the distortions but neither will anybody else. However, I have made a fortuitous discovery which will interest you greatly. This planet is...
(Voice fades.)

(Criss-crossed yellow and black tape which has marked on it DO NOT CROSS and POLICE INCIDENT.)
DOCTOR CANE: Wait, please, you can't go in there.
ANTIMONY: It's all right, Doctor Cane, I won't be long. We're here to help. We just want to find out what happened.
DOCTOR CANE: Look, I'm very sorry about what happened to your friends. Did they have any other relatives who might have been contacted?
(The tape is blocking a door.)
ANTIMONY: Don't think so. Not that I know of, Doctor Cane. Very nice of you to ask, though.
DOCTOR CANE: Oh. It's the least I could do.
ANTIMONY: Is this it?
DOCTOR CANE: Yes. This is the Research Library. I really don't think you'll find anything useful from here. What sort of information are you looking for?
(Door click. Door opened.)
ANTIMONY: Well, it must have been left open. Erm - no idea. No idea at all.
ANTIMONY: There's someone coming. Doctor Cane? Doctor Cane.
CAMPION: I was sure I heard something.
(Two shadows of male figures face ANTIMONY.)
SPEEDWELL: Well, well.
CAMPION: Good evening, sir. Bit late for research, isn't it?


(CAMPION has small moustache and beard. SPEEDWELL in the background is a thinner man. Both are in suits with shirts and ties.)
CAMPION: What do you think you're doing here, Sunshine? This is a cordoned area.
CAMPION: Is it, he says, Guv. What do I look like to you?
ANTIMONY: Well, you look like a human but with a much bigger stomach.
CAMPION: Are you trying to be clever?
ANTIMONY: No. Well, I would if I thought it would work, but I - I don't think it would. I don't know how to be clever, really.
CAMPION: Listen, laughing boy, you're in a lot of bother...
SPEEDWELL: All right, Campion. Now, would you like to tell us your name, sir?
ANTIMONY: Antimony.
CAMPION: Your full name?
ANTIMONY: That is my full name.
CAMPION: You lippy little...
SPEEDWELL: Campion! Come on now, lad. You must have a surname.
ANTIMONY: Oh yeah, I must. Yes, it's ... Tardis.
CAMPION: And what's that? Greek?
ANTIMONY: Erm ... A bit, yes.
CAMPION: Oh, only me Mum's Greek, and ... Sorry, Guv. Carry on.
(Cases of books on shelves nearby.)
SPEEDWELL: You're too kind. Right, Mister Tardis. You know why you're here, don't you? You were found poking round a crime scene where a murder took place. It was clearly taped off, and my colleague and I were wondering why you were here at this hour.
ANTIMONY: Well, er, you know...
ANTIMONY: I came to see the ... dinosaurs.
CAMPION: Dinosaurs?
ANTIMONY: Yes. I mean, yes. The Doctor told me about this planet, and he said that...
CAMPION: Doctor. Right.
SPEEDWELL: Did he now? Did he? And whereabouts do you live? Where do you come from, Mister Tardis?
ANTIMONY: Er, London.
CAMPION: This is London.
ANTIMONY: A small hamlet in London you wouldn't have heard of.
SPEEDWELL: Try me. I know the hamlets of London quite well.
ANTIMONY: Oh. It's called, erm, it's called Green Village.
(An image of a green forest behind ANTIMONY, his vision of such a place.)
SPEEDWELL: Oh, I know it well. That's the one with the big green gnome in the main square, isn't it?
ANTIMONY: Yes, yes, that's it, yes. Oh, how I miss the green gnome of my home being there.
SPEEDWELL: So, other than seeing our abundant dinosaurs, Mister Tardis, why did your Doctor bring you here at this hour?
ANTIMONY: Erm ... well, we had a problem with our vehicle - our automobile.
SPEEDWELL: Did you? Yes, automobiles can be tricky, can't they?
ANTIMONY: Oh, yes, yes, yes.
SPEEDWELL: What exactly was wrong with the automobile?
ANTIMONY: The view-screen was broken.
(The light fitting on the ceiling consists of several lamp attachments in addition to the centre light.)
SPEEDWELL: Right, yes, oh dear oh dear, cost you an arm and a leg to get that fixed.
ANTIMONY: Why? That's not possible. Won't, will it?
CAMPION: Guv, can I have a word?
(Door closed. The two policemen in a different wood-panelled room.)
SPEEDWELL: Gordon Bennett, some mothers, eh?
CAMPION: What's he on? He's like a kid or something. And what's wrong with his eyes?
SPEEDWELL: Well, there might be something in this Doctor thingies, he may have just wandered out of some nut-house. Look, you get on the blower and get a shrink down here to talk to him. Probably nothing, but best to be sure.
CAMPION: Right, Guv.
(Door opened back to the room where ANTIMONY is waiting.)
SPEEDWELL: Mister Tardis, one thing - you said there was a Doctor with you.
ANTIMONY: Yes. There was Doctor Cane with me here but she disappeared suddenly, no idea where she's gone. And then of course there's the Doctor.
SPEEDWELL: Well, I think we'd better go and find him, don't you?


(ANTIMONY and SPEEDWELL in the control room where THE DOCTOR is standing by a machine.)
ANTIMONY: Doctor, a strange man to see you.
SPEEDWELL: Evening, sir.
SPEEDWELL: Would you be this young gentleman's Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Shh! Just a moment. This is extraordinary. This is extraordinary.
SPEEDWELL: What's extraordinary, sir?
THE DOCTOR: This data. The level of X-rays this telescope has been picking up are enormous.
(He seems able to look out into space at the swirling cloud amongst the stars.)
THE DOCTOR: There are new black holes forming, and the existing ones are expanding at an alarming rate.
SPEEDWELL: Is that a bad thing, sir?
THE DOCTOR: Yes, it's a bad thing. It means, there's a tear in the fabric of Time.
SPEEDWELL: Really, sir? That sounds a bit drastic.
THE DOCTOR: It's worse than drastic, it's ... quite bad.
(His hands clutch the handle of his umbrella.)
THE DOCTOR: But it's what caused it that bothers me.
SPEEDWELL: And what did cause it, sir?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know. If I wasn't me, I'd be the prime suspect.
SPEEDWELL: Oh yes, sir? Well, you can hardly arrest yourself. Would this information be worth killing two people for, sir? Is it the sort of thing someone would want to cover up?
THE DOCTOR: Possibly. But who? You see, I don't know who'd violate Time and then murder to cover it up. Wait. So you think they were murdered? You don't think it was an escaped animal?
SPEEDWELL: I find it somewhat puzzling, I must say. Two people being attacked by an animal with no blood and no trace of that animal left in the space of an hour in different places. Call me a sceptic, but that sort of thing appeals to my cynical side, sir.
THE DOCTOR: Oh. Mm. Now, the thing to do is ... Wait a minute. Who are you?
SPEEDWELL: Oh, how rude of me. I do apologise, sir. I didn't mean to interrupt your tampering with the crime scene. Name's Speedwell. I'm merely the investigating officer. Now Doctor, if it wouldn't interfere with your schedule, perhaps your Highness would like to tell me what you're doing here, what you're a Doctor of, and what your patient is doing wandering around a cordoned area at three in the morning before I lock you both up!
(Static. Female voice on walkie-talkie radio.)
RADIO: Base to Speedwell. Over.
SPEEDWELL: Go ahead. Over.
RADIO: Officer reports a possible animal attack in progress in the East End. Police Officer is on the way to investigate. Over.
SPEEDWELL: On my way. Over. You two stay here.
THE DOCTOR: No. Let me come with you. I can help.
SPEEDWELL: All right. But he stays.
ANTIMONY: Oh, what? Now, Doctor...
SPEEDWELL: I'll have to handcuff you till Campion gets here. He'll only be a few minutes.
(Handcuffs used.)
THE DOCTOR: All right, Antimony.
THE DOCTOR: Come on, it's important. Only a few minutes. You stay here, keep watch and be careful.
ANTIMONY: (laugh) Yeah, of what?

(Brief closing music then the following scene to end Part I. ACE looking out to space and the swirling cloud.)
ACE: What is this?
ACE: We're too close. Stop rowing.
MALE VOICE: I can't.
ACE: There's someone behind you.
(Water flowing. The screen fades to white.)



(SPEEDWELL and THE DOCTOR see NESSICAN in a police uniform.)
SPEEDWELL: Where are you going, Constable? Did you radio in the incident?
NESSICAN: Yes, sir. Down that alley there.
SPEEDWELL: Right, show us.
NESSICAN: If it's all the same to you sir, I'd rather stay here. I am a bit squeamish.
SPEEDWELL: Squeamish? Squeamish, but ... Oh, I don't beli... All right.
(Down the darkened alley. Metal bins on one side, and propped up against the other side, a slumped body with blood nearby.)
SPEEDWELL: Oh, bloody hell. She can only be what? Eighteen? Gordon Bennett, what's happened to her skin?
THE DOCTOR: Nothing. She's been drained. Take a closer look at the neck.
(Two small puncture holes.)
THE DOCTOR: What do you make of these marks?
SPEEDWELL: Oh, Lord. Well, I know what they look like.
THE DOCTOR: They look like what they are.
SPEEDWELL: But ... (Spluttering) Oh, God! Are you saying it's a person? Oh, God! God!
THE DOCTOR: Very dangerous. She's a young female, so he's probably an adult male. That's how they work.
SPEEDWELL: Do you think it's ... I don't know ... some sort of psychotic, a ... a - a cannibal?
THE DOCTOR: Wait. She's not been completely drained. I mean, look at these marks. He was disturbed in the act, then there was a struggle. Look, there's more blood over there - there, look, look, another body.
(Blood by one of the rubbish bins, and another male lying on the ground with blood around the body.)
SPEEDWELL: Oh no. I know this man, he's a policeman.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. He disturbed the killer in the act.
SPEEDWELL: Where are his clothes?
THE DOCTOR: The policeman who directed us in here - do you know him?
(An image of NESSICAN.)
SPEEDWELL: No. Damn it!
THE DOCTOR: He'll head for the dark.

(A lighter alleyway and the glow of a street lamp.)
SPEEDWELL: Bugger. Nothing. Excuse my French. He was talking to me like nothing had happened, bold as brass. Are you sure it was our killer?
(THE DOCTOR with the image of NESSICAN behind him.)
THE DOCTOR: Oh yes. They're experts at blending in. That's how they hunt. They weave their way into confidences like a cat. If you're that used to deception, you can seem like anything you like..
SPEEDWELL: You seem to know a great deal about...
POLICEMAN: (radio) Base to Speedwell. Over.
SPEEDWELL: Speedwell. Go ahead.
POLICEMAN: (radio) We've got another disturbance report from near the university. We intercepted a woman reporting screams, and an animal attack.
(Police car siren approaching.)
SPEEDWELL: That can't be him. How the blazes could he get there so quickly?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know.
SPEEDWELL: Base? On my way.
(Two policemen in uniform and police caps appear.)
POLICEMAN: Reporting as ordered, sir.
SPEEDWELL: There's a murder victim in that alley. We've got to check out another report. You two, have a look around this area in case.
THE DOCTOR: Look in dark places. And be careful. He's extremely dangerous.
SPEEDWELL: Do as he says. Base? This is Speedwell. Can you ask Campion to let me know when he's got...?
POLICEMAN: (radio) Campion? Isn't he with you?
SPEEDWELL: No. Then where is he?

(ANTIMONY in wood-panelled study.)
ANTIMONY: Come on.
ANTIMONY: Hello? Hello, anyone there? Hello?
(A figure at the door.)
ANTIMONY: Hang on.
(CAMPION groans. Blood around the neck and some on the face.)
ANTIMONY: Mister Campion. What ... what happened?
ANTIMONY: Oh, thanks.
(Handcuffs unlocked.)
ANTIMONY: Here. Try to press this on, stop the bleeding. I'm going to get help. Mister Campion?
CAMPION: (groans.) Quite strong...
(CAMPION lying on the floor. A lot of blood around the neck area.)


(Inside a building where the mirror image of its name can bee seen on the glass: BLUES BAR.)
SPEEDWELL: Base? This is Speedwell. Over.
POLICEWOMAN: (radio) Go ahead, Speedwell. Over.
(Bloodstained body after bloodstained body shown scattered around the bar.)
SPEEDWELL: Get as many ambulances as you can to the Blues Bar near the university. We've got at least twenty casualties. It's an absolute massacre.
THE DOCTOR: You don't need ambulances.
SPEEDWELL: It's just like the others.
(Multiple bodies lying near each other, two men and one woman.)
THE DOCTOR: No it isn't. Their throats haven been ripped out, but the blood hasn't been drunk.
(A seated man slumped over the bar, bartender lying across the bar counter.)
SPEEDWELL: Drunk? Oh, God. How can you?
(A body slumped over an overturned table with overturned chairs nearby.)
SPEEDWELL: Who would do this? What sort of creature?
THE DOCTOR: I think you know what sort of creature. The question is, what is this for? This is like some sort of display. The girl was killed for food, but these have been killed for what? Their bloodthirstiness? But then, why so openly?
(Glass smashes.)
THE DOCTOR: He's still here. I'll take the front, you take the back, quickly.

(Outside in the street, out of breath.)
SPEEDWELL: Ah, lost him. Are you all right, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Give me a moment. Oh, not as young as I was. Mind you, I never was.
SPEEDWELL: I'll see if the other two have seen anything. Patrol, this is Speedwell.
(Static on radio.)
SPEEDWELL: Any sign of anything around the crime scene?
POLICEMAN: (radio) We have a sighting of a man covered in blood by the owner of a twenty-four hour grocery, two streets from the alley. We're inve...
SPEEDWELL: Patrol? Patrol!
THE DOCTOR: It's him.
SPEEDWELL: It can't be him. Why would he go back there? He couldn't possibly make it back there in that time. It's not possible.
THE DOCTOR: When you eliminate the possible, what remains however improbable is usually what I've just said. Come on!
SPEEDWELL: Surely no animal could do that at that speed then get back to Whitechapel.
THE DOCTOR: Speedwell, it's not an animal.
SPEEDWELL: I know it's not, Doctor. I know it's not.


(Cat mews. Daylight over the greenery near the fountain.)
CASMUS: Wake up. The sun is halfway into the morning.
ACE: I am up. I need rest. I think you frog-marching me around yesterday opened up my wounds.
(ACE standing with CASMUS nearby.)
CASMUS: You'll feel stiff for a while, but your injuries are fading. Here. This plant is called Knitbone. It has excellent healing properties. You would be wise to learn to recognise the family. You'll find plants similar to it on most planets.
ACE: Eugh! It's like eating a swamp.
(CASMUS laughs. Mew of black and white cat on the ground beside ACE. ACE is wearing Doc Martens.)
ACE: Hello there, Midas. Aren't you sweet? Oh. This stuff's quite nice, you know. For slime, that is.
CASMUS: (laugh, then) Is something wrong?
ACE: No. I don't know. I had a sort of nightmare. I think I was in a boat, being rowed, into a whirlpool. I never usually remember my dreams.
CASMUS: Yes. Your mind is opening to reality. You must try to remember your dreams from now on. They are perceptions uncluttered by shadows of matter.
ACE: Mine are usually useless and the details are all wrong.
CASMUS: The truth is rarely in the minutiae. In the grand scheme of things, the scheme is the thing.
ACE: (smiling) I just end up with my trousers down in a classroom.
(The silhouette of the three figures, Casmus, Ace and the cat looking out across the dawn.)
CASMUS: Before you sleep, think that you will remember your dreams. When you wake, stay in that moment. Do not look for clarity, for detail. Look for an impression. After a while, you will begin to remember them automatically. Now, come. Time is against us. Soon we must leave here.
ACE: And go where?
(Mountains in the distance.)
CASMUS: To Mount Plutarch. There you will meet the Kingmaker, and your abilities will be tested.
ACE: Tested? Oh, you're joking, I don't know anything yet.
CASMUS: (laughs.) Remember that, Midas. She doesn't know anything.
(They are on a path with rows of hedges on either side and in each field on either side a large tree in the centre.)
CASMUS: You do not require information. You need only see the universe as it is, and - you will continue to learn long after I am gone. Knowledge is a door that once opened, can never be closed. Now, we will stay here tonight, and in the morning, we will ascend.
ACE: It was a bad dream. Really bad.
CASMUS: Tell me, who was rowing the boat?
ACE: I don't know. I didn't recognise him. I sort of ... felt him. If this makes sense, he seemed friendly, but dangerous.


(Marching. A lot of purple-uniformed Canisian soldiers in the middle of a forest. CAPTAIN CARNE and SUNEEL black-haired. CAPTAIN CARNE has scars on his face.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Halt. This is as clean as we'll get in this festering mud-bath. We'll stop here. Secure the perimeter, set up for a scan. Lieutenant Suneel, signal base.
SUNEEL: Santiny Base Four from tracking platoon. This is Lieutenant Suneel. We are approximately fourteen miles east of you. The area is clear of guerrilla activity. We're stopping to make scans.
MALE VOICE: (communicator) Acknowledged, tracking platoon.
SUNEEL: Canis rising. Captain Carne, with all due respect to your strategic genius, this seems a slightly exposed spot to set up the scanner. They could come out of the trees. Why don't we make for that hilltop? We'd be less vulnerable to an ambush.
CAPTAIN CARNE: And expose ourselves to air attack? You fool. I'd be shot for incompetence.
SUNEEL: But sir, the resistance don't have aircraft, do they? There's no way a vehicle could get past our radar.
CAPTAIN CARNE: That's enough. There are two things I will not tolerate. Lack of hygiene and insubordination. Are you questioning my orders again, Suneel?
SUNEEL: No Captain, it's just that I...
CAPTAIN CARNE: Listen. What's that?
(Faint Tardis materialisation. A new tree appears.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Quiet. Take cover. You. Yes, you. Go and see what it is.

THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Hmm. What a forest. What a fragrant emerald. You know, I think these trees are a species of sequoia, but I've never seen ones this big, they must be what, two, three thousand years old? Think of the complexity, the tiny universes in each leaf. All that life, all this pristine beauty, and all you can do is crawl around in the undergrowth waving guns.
(Shadows on the ground and behind the network of trees, of Canisian soldiers.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Er, incidentally - I don't have a gun, so why don't you come out, shake hands, and we can all be best enemies, mm?
(The soldiers come out of hiding and aim their guns at him.)
SUNEEL: Raise your hands.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Suneel, this honey-tongued native may be armed. Check his pockets.
SUNEEL: Just these cubes.
(Transparent multi-coloured dice with dots signifying numbers on them. They seem to pulsate and change colour.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Don't give them to me, man. They may be diseased. What are they?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Quantum dice. The sort of thing the other children played with while you were being harshly potty-trained.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Identify yourself.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'm the Minister. I've come to help the resistance. As I said, I'm unarmed so if you could get the shouting over with, arrest me and take me to your leader we might save some time.
CAPTAIN CARNE: That's enough, Lieutenant.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Inform Parsus base that we have captured a guerrilla. A particularly smug one at that.
(Guns prepared for firing. Two people there suddenly - SENATOR HAWK who has white moustache and beard, and SENATOR SALA, both dressed in yellow/black uniforms, and both armed.)
SALA: Cancel that order, Lieutenant.
SENATOR HAWK: Drop your weapons. Don't make me shoot you, young man.
SUNEEL: Open fire!
(Shots fired by the Canisian soldiers. Machine guns, explosions. CAPTAIN CARNE and SUNEEL surrounded by nearby plumes of flame from explosions.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Suneel! You insubordinate fool. Why did you give the order to fire?
SUNEEL: Sir, that's Sala and Hawk, reputedly the leaders of the resistance. We can't let this opportunity to kill them slip, sir.
CAPTAIN CARNE: That's enough. I give the orders here. Look at the view - we are crawling around in this filthy forest being murdered by a bunch of natives instead of completing our scan.
SUNEEL: But sir, with respect...
CAPTAIN CARNE: Quiet! I'll have you shot! Because of your rank insubordination you will provide covering fire whilst we withdraw. Withdraw. Fall back.
(Shots continue.)
SENATOR HAWK: Cease fire, cease fire, they're withdrawing. Are you injured, young man?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, I ... I fear in my courageous dive for the nearest bush I've lost nothing but ... face.
SALA: Don't worry. Any enemy of the Canisians is...
SALA: (laugh.) What are you doing here?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, I was looking for you unless I'm much mistaken.
SENATOR HAWK: How did you know where we were?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I didn't. I merely divined where you were most likely to be.
SALA: Have you come to fight with the resistance?
SENATOR HAWK: Hiding in the bushes, kill people, he'd be a great fighter.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Er, quite. I had something rather more radical in mind, actually, if ... if you will entertain suggestions?
SALA: Come. We should leave. Tell me as we walk. I'm Sala.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'm the Minister. I believe we have a friend in common.
(Brief closing music.)


(Police siren, flashing light.)

POLICEWOMAN: (radio) Repeat. We have a report of disturbance in your area. Please confirm.
(Car smashed, Bloodstained man slumped against a wall.)
SPEEDWELL: The patrol is down. Over.
(Siren stopped.)
SPEEDWELL: Base, patrol is down. Two officers dead. They're dead, God love 'em. Doctor, what are you doing in there?
(THE DOCTOR is coming out of a shop.)
THE DOCTOR: Shopping.
(A man in yellow shirt and dark trousers lying on the floor in a pool of blood, bloodstains near the neck.)
THE DOCTOR: This man's dead too. Neck's broken.
SPEEDWELL: One civilian in the twenty-four hour shop, also dead. Stand by. Gordon Bennett! This is terrible. Look. He's even mangled the car.
(Multiple bodies lie on the floor with the mangled car visible from the window leading to the outside beside the two doors leading in.)
SPEEDWELL: God, what's happening? The world's gone mad in one night.
THE DOCTOR: There's something wrong here. This assassin came here to kill the two at the university, then I see two patterns. One is that of a hunter who kills to eat. That explains the girl in the alley. But the massacre in the bar. It's as if the massacre was for show. The others were killed fairly clinically. I think the massacre was for us to see.
SPEEDWELL: Us? Why? To scare us?
THE DOCTOR: No. I think he knows by now that we would be scared off. It's to attract our attention.
SPEEDWELL: You think he wants us to catch him?
THE DOCTOR: I think part of him wants us to catch him.
SPEEDWELL: Well, let's oblige. Where would he go?
THE DOCTOR: He'll go to ground, to cold, to darkness. They're creatures of habit.
SPEEDWELL: What's that smell?
THE DOCTOR: There. Where does that go?
(Moving cover aside. A circular hole in the pavement.)
SPEEDWELL: The sewers. Oh no. In my new trousers? The wife will have my guts for garters.
(Moving in tunnel. THE DOCTOR and SPEEDWELL surrounded by the darkness of the sewers.)
THE DOCTOR: Come on. This is where he went.
SPEEDWELL: Are you sure?
THE DOCTOR: Either that, or he'll return to the scene of a kill. But I don't think so now, not this one.

(CAMPION lying on the floor dead. Door opened as DOCTOR CANE returns to ANTIMONY.)
DOCTOR CANE: Oh no. How dreadful. That poor man.
ANTIMONY: Yeah it was. I just found him here dying. It was horrible. He was sort of coughing blood.
DOCTOR CANE: Who is he?
ANTIMONY: His name's Campion. He was one of the policemen who I met in the research library. What happened to you? You disappeared.
DOCTOR CANE: I didn't want to get caught helping you into the crime scene. I'd have lost my job. Did you find the answers you were looking for?
ANTIMONY: No, I didn't have time.
AN: Oh well, that's a shame. I'm sure you will. Just have to wait. Well, I suppose we should cover him up.
ANTIMONY: Why? He can't get cold now.
DOCTOR CANE: You're strange, you know.
ANTIMONY: Yes, I know.
DOCTOR CANE: You don't smell of anything. Everyone has a scent, you know. You haven't got one, though.
ANTIMONY: Haven't I? Is that a bad thing?
DOCTOR CANE: I don't know. Bad things aren't necessarily bad things, if you see what I mean.
ANTIMONY: Erm - no, not really.
DOCTOR CANE: Well, some would say that these people are the victims, and whatever killed them was the villain. But look at us. We're so ... base. Look at how we reproduce. All we do is pass on genetic material. Surely it's more civilised to pass on your ideas?
ANTIMONY: Sounds reasonable.
DOCTOR CANE: To choose who you wish to be your heir, to make them like you and then to teach them all that you know. The soul of what they are goes on. That is the civilised reasonable way, surely?
ANTIMONY: Well, it sounds reasonable when you put it like that. Except it doesn't mean they deserve to be killed because they reproduce in a silly way.
DOCTOR CANE: But sometimes surely, some races are meant to hunt, and some are meant to be hunted. I mean, lions are meant to eat antelopes. It must be normal and natural for something to eat humans. It must be.
ANTIMONY: I wouldn't know. But you can't expect the ones who are hunted to give in, can you? They can't just let things eat them.
ANTIMONY: I don't know. It's just how things are, I suppose.
DOCTOR CANE: It's all so exhausting.


(Inside the sewer, a light from the manhole above being cast from outside, stairs leading down, eerily-lit archways and rivers of water.)
THE DOCTOR: He must be tired. He must go to ground now, he must.
SPEEDWELL: This wouldn't be my first choice for a snooze, I must say, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Shh! He's around here.
SPEEDWELL: Can you see him?
(The two look into the darkness.)
THE DOCTOR: No, but I can feel the air currents. And look at the way the water's flowing.
SPEEDWELL: You, stop. Stop or I'll fire!
THE DOCTOR: Be careful. Remember what he's capable of.
SPEEDWELL: Stand back, Doctor. I'll handle this.
(NESSICAN appears again almost as if from nowhere.)
NESSICAN: Doctor. So you're the Doctor. You don't look like the most powerful...
THE DOCTOR: You're Nessican.
SPEEDWELL: Do you know this man, Doctor?
THE DOCTOR: I know of him. An assassin. Tell me Nessican. Why? Who's behind this?
NESSICAN: You don't know, Time Lord? Then you'll only know when it's too late.
THE DOCTOR: You know I can't let you go.
NESSICAN: Let me go? You want me to go back to a prison on a phantom sun?
THE DOCTOR: You were sent to kill Antenor and Valentine. Why the carnage in that bar? I mean, why did you massacre all those humans?
NESSICAN: I am not an animal, Time Lord, although you persecute us. I kill only to feed or be fed. I do not massacre!
SPEEDWELL: That's hardly mitigating circumstances, sir, you'll have to come with me.
(NESSICAN's eyes glow.)
NESSICAN: Come. Come to me, come to my touchy soft and easy. No more pain.
SPEEDWELL: Doctor, I'm afraid I can't move!
THE DOCTOR: Don't - don't let him. Concentrate now, concentrate on something. On the water.
NESSICAN: Ware, Time Lord.
THE DOCTOR: Look at the water, Speedwell. Its cold. Can't you see? Don't let him have your mind!
(Gun held, shots fired from it, ricochets.)
NESSICAN: That will only slow your death, human, not mine.
(THE DOCTOR gasps.)
THE DOCTOR: No. Don't bite me. I don't want to die.
(NESSICAN roars, bites. NESSICAN cries out, his mouth covered in the blood he has drunk from THE DOCTOR.)
THE DOCTOR: I told you not to.
NESSICAN: You don't know, Doctor. You don't know.
(THE DOCTOR with bloodstained collar.)
SPEEDWELL: Oh. Oh, Gordon Bennett. Are you all right?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, I can bandage it. Since when do the police here carry guns?
SPEEDWELL: Since when did doctors hunt vampires? What did you do to him?
THE DOCTOR: I poisoned him.
SPEEDWELL: Poisoned? With what?
THE DOCTOR: My blood. I ate this.
(A box with vegetable picture on it, and printed: garlic FLAKES.)
THE DOCTOR: I got it from the shop. Quite tasty, actually.
SPEEDWELL: What? That was enough to kill him?
THE DOCTOR: Iron is a systemic poison to his species. Bullets won't harm them unless they sever the spinal cord.
SPEEDWELL: Now you tell me. Here. What's this?
THE DOCTOR: Let me see.
(A small device in the corner, with blue display screen.)
THE DOCTOR: It's a transmitter. Presumably to contact whoever ordered this, and that's what we still don't know.
POLICEMAN: (radio) Base to Speedwell. Over.
SPEEDWELL: Receiving. Over.
POLICEMAN: (radio) We have a description of a perpetrator from a witness at the Blues Bar.
SPEEDWELL: You're a bit late, lad, we've just killed him.
POLICEMAN: (radio) Him? Our witness described a female.
SPEEDWELL: Must be a mistake. Over. This one's got long hair, mind you.
THE DOCTOR: No! I'm an idiot. There are two of them. That explains the two patterns. They assassinated Antenor and Valentine, then Nessican feeds on the girl, gets nearly caught and escapes, and the other one, the other one is leading us a dance.
SPEEDWELL: Have you got a description of her?
POLICEMAN: (radio) Blonde, thirties, probably blue-eyes.
THE DOCTOR: That sounds like the woman at the university.
SPEEDWELL: What woman?


(Telescope room with ANTIMONY and DOCTOR CANE.)
ANTIMONY: Doctor Cane. What are you doing?
DOCTOR CANE: I'm just clearing up.
ANTIMONY: Isn't that the data the Doctor was looking at?
DOCTOR CANE: Is it? What were you going to ask me?
ANTIMONY: If Mister Campion wasn't attacked very long ago, it means the Doctor's looking in the wrong place. Or, the killer was here.
DOCTOR CANE: Well, what does it matter? I mean, as they say, at least he's at peace.
(He turns to her.)
ANTIMONY: You aren't, are you?
DOCTOR CANE: You're a strange boy. You're naive and clever at the same time.
ANTIMONY: Why did you kill them?
DOCTOR CANE: Because I have to.
ANTIMONY: But why? Can't you stop?
DOCTOR CANE: I was born a killer. That's what I am.
(Apart from a small shaft of light at her eyes, she stands in a shadow.)
ANTIMONY: Surely you can change.
(DOCTOR CANE with different voice like NESSICAN's. Images of the bodies she has killed.)
DOCTOR CANE: I've killed more humans than I can count. I convinced myself that I was superior to them anyway, that they deserved it, and I don't think I can lie any more. I'm sick of you all, and I'm sick of myself.
ANTIMONY: (gasp.) Why - why can't I move?
(DOCTOR CANE with glowing red eyes.)
DOCTOR CANE: I'm sorry. We hypnotise our prey sometimes.
ANTIMONY: Prey? But don't you have to have a watch to hypnoti...?
(Swish of sword.)
ANTIMONY: Wait a minute, look, you don't have to be a killer.
(Her eyes glow almost white as Nessican's did.)
DOCTOR CANE: They're usually much more afraid than you are, brave boy.
ANTIMONY: But look, the Doctor will know what to do. He - he - he'll be able to help you.
DOCTOR CANE: I think he probably will. But he won't be able to help you , brave boy.
(Crashing of door as THE DOCTOR and SPEEDWELL enter.)
ANTIMONY: Doctor, it was her.
(SPEEDWELL sees CAMPION lying on the floor with blood at his neck.)
SPEEDWELL: Campion. Oh no!
THE DOCTOR: Leave the boy. It's me you want, isn't it? You don't want this any more. I know you want this to stop.
(DOCTOR CANE looks over to him, her eyes normal.)
DOCTOR CANE: Yes, stop it, come on then, Doctor. Kill me if you can.
THE DOCTOR: No! There has been enough killing!
DOCTOR CANE: It's a pity I can't do anything else.
(Shots fired from a handgun held. DOCTOR CANE falls. Gasps.)
DOCTOR CANE: Good shot, human. Right through the spine.
ANTIMONY: Doctor Cane. You'll be all right.
(Her eyes closing.)
DOCTOR CANE: Yes. I will.
THE DOCTOR: Make some good come of this. What were you covering up?
DOCTOR CANE: Black holes. It's a Time Lord.
(THE DOCTOR and DOCTOR CANE, with spatial cloud and planets hanging in space in the background.)
THE DOCTOR: None of them are murderers. Who is it?
THE DOCTOR: Not who? (echoed) Who ... who ... who ... who...
(The image fades to white.)


(Message travelling across space.)
NESSICAN: Encrypt. Compressed super-luminal transmission. This is Nessican. Here is my report. Both of the Time Lords have been eliminated. They had discovered the temporal distortions, but would not disclose their source, if they ever knew it. I do not think that they had communicated their findings to anybody else. I do not know the cause of the distortions but neither will anybody else. However, I have made a fortuitous discovery which will interest you greatly.
(A large planet hanging in space - Earth.)
NESSICAN: This planet is the richest prize that either Cane or I ever foreseen, with abundant water, resources and raw materials, so much so, that every continent is populated by many tribes, all on the same planet. I do not wonder that the Time Lords decided to hide themselves away here. It is very peaceful.
(Greenery of pastureland.)
NESSICAN: Furthermore, because it is so remote, it has no contact with other worlds and therefore no planetary defences.
(NESSICAN with glowing red eyes speaking.)
NESSICAN: Even compared with Santiny it would be a walkover. A pity. Under the circumstances, it seems a place where one could ... live. I'm going to find Cane and get something to eat. Nessican out.
(Bleeps. Fades to white.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Hmm. Very interesting. A hidden jewel. We must pay it a visit.
(Door opened. Sound of a crowd in the background.)
PILOT: Excuse me, General. Er, Premier Bedloe requests that you join him for his address to the people.
GENERAL TANNIS: I'll be there directly, Pilot.
PILOT: Good news, General?
GENERAL TANNIS: Mm? Oh, simply another iron in the fire, Pilot, just another iron in the fire.
(A view of planet Earth.)

(Closing Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero. Closing credits with white lettering on a black background.)



(Further credits appear with black lettering on a white background)

SPEEDWELL: That sewer water ruined a good pair of trousers. The wife will have my guts for garters.
(A street at daytime with THE DOCTOR in the background and SPEEDWELL in the foreground.)
SPEEDWELL: Well Doctor, it's been a privilege. I'm somewhat at a loss, I must say, I'm ... trying to think what to tell them. Trying to think what to tell myself, actually.
THE DOCTOR: Tell yourself, you saved a lot of people.
SPEEDWELL: It doesn't feel like that.
THE DOCTOR: It never does. That's the way it is. The giants walk while the people sleep. I've modified Nessican's transmitter. I'd like you to keep it.
SPEEDWELL: That's very kind, Doctor. Do I need it?
THE DOCTOR: Let's hope not. It's just a hunch. But it's as well to be prepared.
(Name scribbled onto card.)
THE DOCTOR: Take it to this man. He'll know what to do with it. Oh - and give him my regards.
SPEEDWELL: I might venture to give him mine as well, Doctor. After all, he is my boss.
THE DOCTOR: (laugh) Of course, yes. Goodbye, Mister Speedwell.
SPEEDWELL: It's Lieutenant-Colonel, actually. Goodbye, Doctor.
THE DOCTOR: Goodbye, Lieutenant-Colonel actually.



(Towering structure with lights.)
SUNEEL: Captain Carne, the aliens we encountered yesterday in the forest are here.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Aliens? Sound the alarm!
SUNEEL: No, I mean the Santines, sir. There are only two of them. The Minister fellow who we encountered, and he claims to have brought back Senator Sala, as a prisoner.
(The two on a high parapet looking down far below where THE MINISTER OF CHANCE and SALA are waiting.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: You down there. We have you covered. What do you want?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, I thought we might trade. I've brought you a present.
SALA: Let go of me, you snake.
SUNEEL: Sir, shouldn't we just go out and capture them both?
CAPTAIN CARNE: No, no. It could be a trap.
(Many Canisian guards have come out of the building to confront THE MINISTER OF CHANCE and SALA.)
SUNEEL: We do somewhat outnumber them, Captain.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Er, very well, bring them in.
(Guards with guns that have built-in knives threaten SALA.)
SALA: Get off me, you Canisian pig.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Take her to interrogation.
(Noise of door as it opens.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: I've captured the head of the resistance. I'll make Major for this. Lieutenant Suneel, put me through to General Tannis.
SUNEEL: What are we going to do with the Minister?
CAPTAIN CARNE: Do with him? We're going to kill him.

(Opening Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero, shown over the title sequence of the swirling cloud in space.)


(Cheering. Female voice of COMPUTER emanating from a circular red map with white schematic of the Canisian complex.)
COMPUTER: Canis rising. Welcome to address us, beloved leader, Premier Bedloe. Glory, glory.
(Metal gate-like structure with lit flames on the top of each strut surrounds the city. Dark-haired PREMIER BEDLOE in purple/blue uniform stands on a raised platform accessible by many steps.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: Fellow citizens of the mighty Alpha Canis, by now you - you will have heard the news of yet another great victory, and you will feel the joy that I feel.
(Armed guards around.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: On Santiny too there is joy. Our liberation force was welcomed by cheering crowds as a corrupt Santine President and his decadent cohorts fled in terror. Join me now in - in welcoming home to the motherland our beloved defender and conqueror of Santiny, General Tannis.
(Cheering as GENERAL TANNIS appears.)
COMPUTER: Glory. Glory. Welcome to address us, First General Tannis, conqueror of the Centauri system, of Alterre, of the Kaili and the Sallth. Glory.
(GENERAL TANNIS faces a large crowd.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Fellow Canisians, friends. Thank you. I am humbled by your kindness, beloved leader. To your words I say only this.
(Gauntleted armed guards stand before the crowds.)
GENERAL TANNIS: A simple people led astray by terrorists have been brought under our wing, and into our glorious family. Let us give thanks. Canis rising.
COMPUTER: Glory. Glory. Lecture is in one hour.

(A private room.)
COMPUTER: Please make your way to your home.
GENERAL TANNIS: That should keep the rabble quiet.


(Door slides open. PREMIER BEDLOE comes in.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: A brief but moving speech. You bring glory to us, General Tannis. I must tell you on completion of your campaign we consider you greatly eligible for promotion.
GENERAL TANNIS: Promotion, beloved leader? How gratifying.
PREMIER BEDLOE: General ... My dear General, you mock me.
GENERAL TANNIS: If I wanted a promotion I would take it. In fact, if I want anything from you I will take it.
PREMIER BEDLOE: You forget yourself, General. I am in charge here.
GENERAL TANNIS: Are you? I rather think that large chunks of space are now mine.
PREMIER BEDLOE: You ... you overstep the mark. And how dare you bring the military into the city.
(Armed guards nearby.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: It's expressly forbidden. No General may bring his forces into the capital.
GENERAL TANNIS: Calm yourself, beloved leader. They're not in the city.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Don't play your twisted games, Tannis. Your forces are camped outside the city walls, expressly to threaten me and my leadership. You - you ... you're preparing a coup.
GENERAL TANNIS: (smiling) What would you do if I were? Complain to the Dictator Society?
PREMIER BEDLOE: (spluttering) Insolence! I - I will not be defeated or intimidated.
GENERAL TANNIS: Well, almost. You won't be defeated because there won't be a fight. I don't want to displace you as leader, I want you puppeting along exactly where you are, allowing me to conquer the universe without having to put up a friendly face.
(PREMIER BEDLOE splutters.)
GENERAL TANNIS: And you will be intimidated because I have the loyalty of the armies, and I can do what I like, and because you wouldn't want anything to happen to your child.
(A baby wrapped in a shawl.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: My ...? My children. Why, wh-wh-what have you...?
(A pose of PREMIER BEDLOE and wife holding the child.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Not your children. Your child.
PREMIER BEDLOE: What do you mean? But I have two children. Wh-what are you talking about?
GENERAL TANNIS: What am I talking about. Pilot, how many children does our beloved leader have?
(Armed PILOT standing there.)
PILOT: One, General.
PREMIER BEDLOE: But ... I ... Oh, you - you couldn't. I - I don't believe you would harm my children...
GENERAL TANNIS: You don't? I rather think you should.
PILOT: Transmission for you from Santiny. General.
GENERAL TANNIS: Excuse me, beloved leader. Oh, before I go, may I introduce Major Bander. Come here, Major.
(Dark-haired armed MAJOR BANDER standing beside PILOT.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: But ... wh-wh-what is this?
GENERAL TANNIS: Beloved leader, this is your new bodyguard, Major Bander.
BANDER: This is a great honour, beloved leader. I am at your disposal.
GENERAL TANNIS: He'll be at your disposal. Oh, and he'll be the means of your disposal if you don't behave. Pilot, you're with me.
PREMIER BEDLOE: But ... but, wait, wait!
(Door slides open.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: Is my son alive?
GENERAL TANNIS: I can't give away the ending.
(Door slides closed.)


(GENERAL TANNIS with CAPTAIN CARNE on a monitor screen.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Captain, erm, Carne. I believe you have something important to tell me in person. It had better be very important.
CAPTAIN CARNE: (communicator) Ah. General Tannis, sir.
CAPTAIN CARNE: (communicator) Sir, this is a ... a great honour. So this is, Captain Carne. I'm speaking from Ousis outpost on the Santine colony...
GENERAL TANNIS: I'm aware of that. The question is why, Captain?
CAPTAIN CARNE: (communicator) I'm pleased to report to you that I have personally captured the leader of the Santine resistance, Senator Sala.
(Her image on the monitor.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Are you sure?
CAPTAIN CARNE: (communicator) Yes, sir. At some personal risk, I might add. What should we do?
GENERAL TANNIS: The usual, but leave no marks on her face, and don't kill her. Pilot, deal with this.
PILOT: Well done, Captain Carne. Hold her.

PILOT: (communicator) I will be there to interrogate her personally as soon as possible.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Yes, Fleet Pilot. Canis rising. Lieutenant Suneel, you will prepare for the arrival of the Fleet Pilot as my honoured guest. You ... You have a spot on your shirt!
SUNEEL: If I might ask whether at any stage in your account of the valiant capture of Senator Sala you'll be mentioning the Minister.
CAPTAIN CARNE: No you may not ask! You are constantly questioning my command.
(Red background image of THE MINISTER OF CHANCE shown behind CAPTAIN CARNE.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: It's obvious he's an off-world freebooter who's managed to get onto the planet under our noses. Do you know what General Tannis would do if he found out? I have a brother in the blockade. It could be his head on the block.
SUNEEL: I bow to your wisdom, Captain.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Yes, yes. Take the woman out of the breaking cell and put her back in the dungeon with the Minister.
(Image behind CAPTAIN CARNE of SALA with mouth open in pain.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: You are in personal charge of her. You are not to leave the cell door until the Pilot gets here. I will be there to evaluate this Minister character shortly.

(Police Box travelling. Tardis control room background.)
ANTIMONY: I like that Speedwell fellow, but that planet wasn't anything like you described. Oh, are these the images from the telescope?
ANTIMONY: I quite like them. What are they?
THE DOCTOR: Black holes.
ANTIMONY: What's a black...?
THE DOCTOR: Dead star. The gravity's so strong that not even light can escape.
ANTIMONY: I don't understand why we're so worried about them.
THE DOCTOR: Because the only thing that can make them grow like that is a Time Lord misusing his abilities on a grand scale, and that ... well, that's something we have to stop at any cost. I think the Saints were trying to track down who it was.
ANTIMONY: Couldn't it be the Minister? He seemed a bit weird.
THE DOCTOR: For a Time Lord? Are you saying I seem normal?
ANTIMONY: Well, you do to me, but that's 'cause I'm used to you. I'm sure to most people you're just ridiculous and mad.
THE DOCTOR: Remind me to teach you the concept of tact. Shouldn't take more than a century. No, the Minister's one of ours, there's no evil in him. Now, he'll be causing trouble for the Canisians on Santiny, and that should distract Tannis. I don't know what Tannis' involvement is, but I'm going to stop it.
(Scanner operated.)
THE DOCTOR: While the cat's away the mice are going to engineer a coup on Alpha Canis One.
ANTIMONY: Great. I like mice. You know what these pictures look like to me?
ANTIMONY: Whirlpools.
(The Police Box travels onwards.)


(Echoed voices of a dream. A whirlpool and a photographic negative image of THE MINISTER OF CHANCE.)
MALE 1: On the Edge.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I don't want to be here. Why am I here?
MALE 2: Save us!
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: It's not me. There's someone behind you.
MALE 2: Save us!
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Stop pushing me. Why am I here.
(Thunder. Fade to white.)

(THE MINISTER OF CHANCE wakes up in a cell.)
(Door slides open.)
SUNEEL: You. Wake up. Get away from the cell door. Further, right to the other side.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I was ... I was rather enjoying the delights of that side...
(SALA in pain.)
SUNEEL: We've finished with your girlfriend for the time being.
(Body falls in.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: What have you done to her?
SUNEEL: She'll live, you won't. You're scheduled for execution. Enjoy your remaining time together.
(Door closed.)
SALA: I'm all right. I can manage.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Here, here, take my coat. Erm - lie down here. Animals. Unbelievable barbarians! Would it, would it be possible for you people to go for five minutes without committing an atrocity!
(SALA in the darkness at the back with a small light on the wall the only source of illumination.)
SALA: I'll live.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: What can this sort of degradation possibly achieve?
SALA: Hey, calm down. I am the one that was tortured. What's wrong with you suddenly?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, I ... Oh, now you're wrist is broken.
SALA: If we can find that prison camp it will be worth it.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'm afraid it was necessary to let them take you...
SALA: Enough. There was nothing you could do. Stop whimpering like a woman. I will be fine.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Erm - look away.
SALA: What?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: You can't travel far with a broken wrist, can you? Now, just - look away.
(Humming, a red glow. SALA gasps.)
SALA: How did you do that? Can you do it here too?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: No. It's - something to be used sparingly. Now, we must act quickly.
(Criss-cross structure in the cell but too small to squeeze through the gaps in the X shapes.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Erm - you think the prison camp is at Luria, yes?
SALA: That's where we think it is. They're keeping them somewhere. All the dissidents and sympathisers have been rounded up from the cities. Ow. So ... so what are you going to do? Fill their prisons until they're really fed up?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: No, no. You see, the beauty of a dictatorship is that everything is controlled directly from the top. And that means everything can be accessed directly from below. Now we must be swift. Erm, Suneel? Suneel!
(Door slides open.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'm going to promote you to the rank of Captain.
SUNEEL: Shut up.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: How would you like evidence that your Captain Carne is a traitor?
SUNEEL: You have no such evidence...
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: He will come in here shortly, then he will insist on leaving with me, without explanation. All you have to do is follow us.
SALA: Are you sure you know what you're doing? How do you know he'll do that?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Trust me. I've done this before.
(Brief closing music.)



(Forest noises in the background. ACE in the forest with CASMUS.)
ACE: How far is this place?
CASMUS: A few days' walk. Across the Lune Forest we attend, around the inland sea.
ACE: I still don't know how you knew I'd be on that ship. I mean, if the Doctor sent you, how did he know?
CASMUS: He did not send me, and neither of us knew where you would be.
ACE: So, what? You can see the future?
CASMUS: No, the future cannot be seen. For only in the seeing does it become real. No, we can only predict what is likely to happen next.
ACE: But you can't be that specific.
CASMUS: No? Were the universe a random and chaotic place then that would be so. But you perceive chaos because the order is too complex for you. But an order there is. We are in the painting, so we cannot see the painter. But there is a painting, and not just a random smudge of colours, and so there must be a painter. The bear eats the fish of the river, and the fish eat the minnows, and the minnows eat the plants, and the plants eat the light itself, and all in proportion, and all in the same system, all in dynamic balance. If there is a hot summer, the fish will grow plentiful, but no so much that they eat all the minnows, because the bears will grow in number to eat more of the fish. This is the painting. A delicate, organised, intricate painting, and therefore, there is a painter. Reason above all must be your guide. See where trouble always flares. See where your help is likely to be needed.
ACE: But what about ... How can you predict random stuff?
CASMUS: Nothing is random, especially stuff.
(ACE short laugh.)
CASMUS: Always see the pattern. This is no accident, there is no chaos here. This is not mere chance.


CAPTAIN CARNE: Suneel? Open the cell door, I haven't got all day.
SUNEEL: Yes, Captain.
CAPTAIN CARNE: And in the name of Glory, man, clean your fingernails.
(Door slides open. THE MINISTER OF CHANCE and SALA standing in the cell.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Senator, you'll be pleased to know that the Fleet Pilot himself will be here in two days time to interrogate you.
SALA: I will tell you what you need to know.
SALA: Yes. It turns out you are the son of a thousand fathers, every one of them a bastard like you!
(Gun prepared for firing.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Captain, I have some somewhat less ornate information to exchange for my miserable life.
CAPTAIN CARNE: You are to be shot, you grubby, dirty little man. What makes you think you have anything to say that would interest me?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Because knowing where the resistance is going to strike will allow you to plan an ambush, and make the victory look like brilliant foresight on your part.
CAPTAIN CARNE: What do you take me for? I could get this information from the woman.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: No, the Fleet Pilot will get that information when he interrogates her, and he will get the credit for any advantage it brings.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Well? I don't have all day.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Er, I can trust you?
CAPTAIN CARNE: Ye-yes of course.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, they plan to swell their numbers tenfold by freeing the dissidents from the main prison camp at Luria.
SALA: Traitor! Don't tell him about Luria.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: What? Oh, oh, yes - yes, sorry.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Luria? How do you know about Luria?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, we didn't for sure but you just told us.
CAPTAIN CARNE: What? Wait a minute.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: And you don't want the Fleet Pilot to know that you can let secrets like that slip out in conversation, do you?
CAPTAIN CARNE: He won't find out from you.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: No, he'll find out from her.
SALA: Luria. The camp is at Luria. Captain Carne told me.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: She remembers, you see?
CAPTAIN CARNE: The informa... The information won't be any use to you. You won't be able to tell anyone.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: She'll be able to tell the Fleet Pilot, which will be enough to have you, what? Demoted? Shot? We're going to die anyway. We don't care.
SALA: Luria. Now we know. Thank you, Captain Carne.
CAPTAIN CARNE: But ... What do you want?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Take me to a computer terminal, and I can show you every detail of the weaknesses they plan to attack. You can then get the glory of foiling it, and I get to live.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Yes. I'll squash the attack under Pilot's nose. But if this is a trick...
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh, perish the thought, my dear Captain. You'd shoot me, and I know better than to take you for a fool.
(Bleep. Door slides open. CAPTAIN CARNE outside the cell with THE MINISTER OF CHANCE.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Suneel? I'll take the prisoner from here. You wait here and guard the woman.
SUNEEL: But - but sir, I'm under orders to do...
CAPTAIN CARNE: Question my orders again and I'll have you executed for insubordination.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Now, don't try anything.

(Holographic image of the Canisian map.)
COMPUTER: Canis rising, Captain.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Access maintenance schematic for Luria deep cover camp. Lower security clearance. Show no detail, access only. Quickly.
COMPUTER: Please wait. Here is the item you requested.
(SUNEEL emerging from a corridor and is watching CAPTAIN CARNE.)
SUNEEL: Captain, would you mind telling me what you're doing?
CAPTAIN CARNE: Suneel, how dare you. I ordered you to stay where you were.
SUNEEL: So you could give a prisoner access to our computers? You'll be shot for this.
CAPTAIN CARNE: No. I am merely trying to determine whether or not the guerrillas are going to attack Luria.
CAPTAIN CARNE: You've just shown him the schematics. Now they know where to attack.
CAPTAIN CARNE: No, no, we'll just kill him. He can't get that information to the resistance.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'm afraid I can. Computer?
COMPUTER: Canis rising.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I rather think not. (Command voice) "One zero, star base cube eight."
(The power fades down and COMPUTER becomes erratic. Darkness.)
COMPUTER: I think I need some attention.
CAPTAIN CARNE: Oh no! What has he done?
(Alarm starts.)
SUNEEL: Computer! Lights! Lights!
(Dim light showing CAPTAIN CARNE. Shots fired.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: Where is he?
(Shots fired.)
SUNEEL: Stop shooting, you imbecile. Computer.
COMPUTER: I'm sorry...
SUNEEL: Emergency lockdown.
(Unintelligible babbles from COMPUTER.)
SUNEEL: Computer! Computer!
COMPUTER: Thank you ... Yes ... I'm sorry ... Affirmative ... No ... Thank you ... No...
(Door opened. In the half-light of her cell, SALA.)
SALA: Who is it? Who's there?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Me. Snake. How do you feel about a spot of escape?


(A scene of dwelling-houses. The Computer voice heard from all around.)
COMPUTER: Bedtime is in two hours. Please make sure you are safely home in two hours' time. Canis rising.
(Tardis materialisation. Police Box appears. Door opened. Walking. Two silhouetted figures, ANTIMONY and THE DOCTOR. ANTIMONY is taller.)
THE DOCTOR: That's what we want. A wall computer.
ANTIMONY: Why can't we just blow Tannis up?
THE DOCTOR: That would make you as bad as him - and me, worse. That's a line we drew for ourselves long ago. You learn early on that if you wipe out all the bad ones, the good ones turn bad. We're going to give Tannis a rival, and set the dogs fighting against themselves.
ANTIMONY: Well, someone must be in charge while Tannis is off-planet.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. I'm going to subtly find out who it is.
ANTIMONY: (whispering) Leave it to me. (Loudly) Hoi! Who's in charge round here?
(The darkened shape of a woman not far off.)
WOMAN: Premier Bedloe.
(THE DOCTOR looks at him witheringly.)
ANTIMONY: What? It worked.
THE DOCTOR: All right. Now, we need to get to him. By my reckoning the leader of Canis would have got a bit nervous about Tannis's over-mighty ways. The question is, why hasn't Caesar moved against his Coriolanus?
ANTIMONY: Against Corials...?
THE DOCTOR: No, no, no, no, nothing like that, I mean - Tannis must have something Bedloe wants.
ANTIMONY: Or someone.
(The screen shows the Canisian map and THE DOCTOR and ANTIMONY looking at it.)
THE DOCTOR: Touch the screen.
COMPUTER: Greetings, Citizens. Canis rising. Please state your enquiry.
THE DOCTOR: Right, let's see. Does Premier Bedloe have a family?
(The screen shows the picture of BEDLOE and a woman beside him holding the child.)
COMPUTER: Our beloved leader and the mother of our people have two children.
(There are four red rectangles which highlight green one after the other as the Computer indicates.)
COMPUTER: If you would like to send a gift to them, you may do so here. If you would like to wish them well, please indicate here. If you have overheard inappropriate or disrespectful comments about them, please indicate here. If you wish to report a subversive or anti-social act, please indicate here.
THE DOCTOR: Well, that's a start.
ANTIMONY: But why are we so interested in his family? I mean, his wife's horrible. Well, she is - you saw the picture, she's got that thing on her nose...
THE DOCTOR: (quietly) Shh! We have to act like loyal citizens.
THE DOCTOR: Computer, we kidnapped the beloved leader's children.
(The screen shows a Canisian soldier.)
COMPUTER: Please wait by this panel while you are arrested. Thank you for reporting an anti-social act. If you would like to report another subversive or anti-social act, please indicate here.
(The top four of the rectangles goes green.)
COMPUTER: If you would like to go back to a previous query, please indicate here.
(The second square down highlights in green.)
COMPUTER: For options, say "options."
ANTIMONY: How do you make it shut up?
COMPUTER: I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that...
ANTIMONY: Computer, shut up.
COMPUTER: If you would like to rephrase your request, please indicate here.
(Top rectangle changes from red to green)
COMPUTER: If you would like help, please indicate here.
(The second red rectangle down changes to green.)
ANTIMONY: I don't want help, I want you to stop.
(A vehicle has approached.)
COMPUTER: If you would like help, please indicate here.
(The third box down changes to green.)
COMPUTER: For options, say "options."
ANTIMONY: Options.
COMPUTER: Thank you. Just a moment.
(Angry tapping. The screen rapidly changes to show Premier Bedloe and his children then the soldier and the rectangles changing colour erratically.)
COMPUTER: Options. To auto entry, say "one." To re-text, say "two."
(The voice goes higher and higher as it continues giving a third option. Then a smash. White flash.)
(The boots of a Canisian soldier.)
GUARD: Canis rising, Citizens. Please come with us.
(Canisian guards there.)
ANTIMONY: What? Hey, get off me.
GUARD: Come with us, please.
ANTIMONY: Get off!
THE DOCTOR: (quietly) It's all right, it's all right. Let's hope Tannis has done his bit.


(A control room with the Canisian circular map on a wall. SUNEEL is leaning against a wall in a corridor leading off while PILOT confronts CAPTAIN CARNE.)
PILOT: He what?
CAPTAIN CARNE: He s... he seemed to speak to the computer in a certain way, sir.
PILOT: A certain way? Really?
CAPTAIN CARNE: Yes, Fleet Pilot, I ... I fought with him, but he overpowered me. He had super-human strength, he ... he seemed to say several things at once and ... then as soon as he did that the entire power system failed catastrophically. During that time he escaped with Sala. There was nothing we could do, Fleet Pilot, sir.
PILOT: Indeed. And he didn't get any information from the computer?
CAPTAIN CARNE: Certainly not, Fleet Pilot.
PILOT: What I want to know is, how did he get to the computer terminal?
PILOT: Oh, spare me the excuses. I have already spoken to Lieutenant Suneel, who is now a Captain.
SUNEEL: Hello, Carne.
CAPTAIN CARNE: But I ... I ... Suneel? He's lying. Suneel, you traitor.
(Shot fired from a gun. CAPTAIN CARNE lying on the floor gasps.)
CAPTAIN CARNE: This floor is...
(He chokes, and slumps.)
PILOT: Get rid of that.
SUNEEL: Yes, Fleet Pilot.

(Bleep of communicator. Holographic image of GENERAL TANNIS as PILOT addresses him.)
PILOT: General, the escaped woman has been positively identified as Senator Sala.
GENERAL TANNIS: (communicator) Indeed? Does she have any military background?
PILOT: No, General. She has a record in Government only of welfare reform.
GENERAL TANNIS: (communicator) Can I take it that it wasn't this housewife who collapsed a computer system planet-wide?
SUNEEL: I believe it was her companion, a man calling himself ... the Minister.
(GENERAL TANNIS looks pleased.)
GENERAL TANNIS: (communicator) The Minister. Indeed. Just the sort of typically cretinous name I'm looking for.
SUNEEL: He appears to have introduced a virus to the computer verbally, sir. How he could do this or how it is possible remains unclear unless he is some sort of android.
GENERAL TANNIS: (communicator) Yes, of course. I'm en route to Santiny. I want this Minister found, but not approached.
PILOT: That will be difficult. Planetary communications are still down. We only have ship-to-ship comms. Do you know this Minister, General?
GENERAL TANNIS: No. But I think a lot of people have been looking for him for a long time, and I think I just got there before them.
(Brief closing music.)



(Guard aiming gun at ANTIMONY and THE DOCTOR.)
GUARD: Do you have anything to confess?
THE DOCTOR: Yes. I told you. We've kidnapped Premier Bedloe's children, and we've come to deliver our ransom demand.
ANTIMONY: And I bashed in a wall panel. It was annoying me.
GUARD: The people's children are safe and well. Why would you confess such a thing?
THE DOCTOR: Why indeed, unless it's true. Check on their whereabouts. When you find they've gone, you can inform your leader, and he'll be forever in your debt.
GUARD: We'll see.
(Door slides closed.)

(A room with centre light lit, pictures on the walls and red curtains on the windows.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: I see. I'll be there directly.
(Bleep. PREMIER BEDLOE at the far end of the room and BANDER on guard.)
BANDER: Yes, beloved leader?
(PREMIER BEDLOE walks up to him.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: I'm going for a short walk. I wish to be alone.
BANDER: I'm under strict instructions to protect your person at all times, beloved leader.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Ah - I am still your leader. I will go alone. Stay here.
(Door slides open. Bleep.)
BANDER: This is Major Bander. Compressed super-luminal transmission. Canis rising, General. General, the man you described has arrived as expected. The Doctor is here.

(Door slides open. PREMIER BEDLOE facing ANTIMONY and THE DOCTOR.)
THE DOCTOR: Premier Bedloe, I presume.
(Door slides closed.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: Who are you and what do you want?
THE DOCTOR: Tannis has your children. You want your children back, I want your children back. You want Tannis brought down, I want Tannis brought down. I can bring Tannis down with your help.
PREMIER BEDLOE: You speak of treason against one of my greatest Generals? I ... I know nothing of such...
THE DOCTOR: You know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't think Tannis will baulk at killing. You can't trust your own people. No, let us try to help. I want to know where Tannis is based.
PREMIER BEDLOE: The defence ministry...
THE DOCTOR: Is full of people. He wouldn't take them there. He would take them to somewhere they wouldn't be seen. Somewhere full of his own people, and very much out of sight. Where?
PREMIER BEDLOE: He has a villa. there on the Turing coast. It's isolated. He has his own bodyguard trained and housed there.
THE DOCTOR: That's it. Now, have us released as a couple of harmless cranks, and we will bring you your sons. If we do, then you are free to bring down Tannis. Now, tell your guards to release us.
PREMIER BEDLOE: But ... but who are you?
THE DOCTOR: I'm just another alien.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Alien? Alien to where?
THE DOCTOR: Everywhere.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Only one of my sons was taken. The other is safe.
THE DOCTOR: Good. We'll bring him someone to play with.
PREMIER BEDLOE: But, but ... this is preposterous. This is one of Tannis's tortures. Why should I trust you?
THE DOCTOR: You don't have to.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Release them.
(Door slides open. THE DOCTOR's hands clutching the handle of his umbrella.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: They said you were a doctor?
THE DOCTOR: Of sorts, yes.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Doctor, bring me my son, and I will bring you Tannis.


(A sweeping view of stars in the night sky. Sounds as if a small fire to keep warm has been lit in the background.)
ACE: Oh, I recognise that one. I'm surprised how similar the constellations are here. Don't you think it's strange to think that that star might be dead by now? The light's taken so long to get here.
CASMUS: You're not looking across Space, but across Time. The fabric of the heavens. Time is the canvas on which worlds are painted, and its ways are many and mysterious.

(Outside, ANTIMONY facing a guard.)
ANTIMONY: Excuse me, is this General Tannis's villa?
(Shots fired by the Guard.)
ANTIMONY: You'll have to be quicker than that.
GUARD: Freeze. Identify yourself.
THE DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor. Have you got a child hostage?
GUARD: Don't move. Identify yours...
(Thumped by ANTIMONY. A building in the distance with a large spherical celestial body like a planet or a large moon to its left.)
THE DOCTOR: This way.

ACE: I don't think I'll ever forget this view. This is something I'll tell my grandchildren about.
(CASMUS gives a gentle grunt to indicate no.)
ACE: What?
CASMUS: The responsibility we carry is great, as is the power we wield. But the painters cannot be in the picture. You cannot become involved to that extent.
ACE: What do you mean?
CASMUS: You will walk a tightrope. You will be like other humans, and yet not like them. You will be the same as them, and yet more than them. But in some ways, you must always remain aloof.

(The images of THE DOCTOR and ANTIMONY dwarfed by the structure with burning beacons they are heading towards.)
THE DOCTOR: Right. Get their uniforms and masks.
THE DOCTOR: Tie that one up. Now we start a riot. As soon as they realise there's a fire, they'll run to where the child is. You watch through those windows, see where they're running to.
THE DOCTOR: As soon as you know, you signal to me. In the confusion, we run in looking like the rest of them, get the child and run like the clappers to the Tardis.

ACE: What are you saying?
CASMUS: (sigh.) You will have no grandchildren, nor children, nor a mate. Bonds of affection between us and them are too great a risk, and the consequences are too dreadful to contemplate.
ACE: I see. I think I knew that already.
CASMUS: Yes. You must walk lightly in the world now. Light as smoke.

(Explosion. An armed soldier posted on guard.)
MAN: What was that?
(Confused shouts.)
MAN: Where's the fire coming from?
MAN 2: It's the child, where's the child?
(Baby in shawl seen.)
MAN: I've got him!
(ANTIMONY looms into view through the smoke.)
ANTIMONY: I'll take him. Thank you.
(Punch. Confused shouts and thick smoke.)

ACE: Don't you get lonely?
CASMUS: You learn to take pleasure in the things around you. There are many flowers in the garden, each with a different scent. If you don't linger too long by the lilies, you soon find comfort in the scent of roses, and then, of simple grass.

(THE DOCTOR and ANTIMONY fleeing from the building, ANTIMONY holding the crying baby.)
THE DOCTOR: This way. Nearly there. Make it stop crying.
ANTIMONY: Erm, yeah. Shh. Excuse me, can you...? How?
THE DOCTOR: I don't know, I've never been one.

CASMUS: Sleep now. Tomorrow, we will reach the caverns, and that will be your first test.
ACE: (yawns.) Quite glad, to be honest. Time Lords must lead a pretty boring life.

(Still thick smoke everywhere.)
GUARD: Sir, someone with a primitive incendiary device at the rear entrance of the villa.
BANDER: Wait. Where's the child?
GUARD: Someone had it.
(Beneath the image of the large planet, Tardis dematerialises.)


(Tardis materialises in Premier Bedloe's large room. Door opens. THE DOCTOR holding the Child with PREMIER BEDLOE in the foreground. The child squeals.)
THE DOCTOR: Premier Bedloe. We have something for you.
(Baby crying.)
PREMIER BEDLOE: Oh! My son, my son.
THE DOCTOR: He's safe and well. Unlike Tannis's guards, I hope. Now, you have your son, and I want something from you.
PREMIER BEDLOE: I would give you anything if I could.
THE DOCTOR: We want the same thing. I want to stop Tannis from taking over the universe.
PREMIER BEDLOE: Doctor, you brought me my child, for which I'm ever in your debt. However, due to factors beyond my control, I'm afraid there's been a change of circumstance.
THE DOCTOR: What do you mean?
(GENERAL TANNIS steps out of hiding.)
GENERAL TANNIS: He means that our beloved leader and I have come to a little understanding, haven't we, Bedloe?
PREMIER BEDLOE: He found out. I don't know how.
ANTIMONY: Who are you?
(Gun prepared for firing. GENERAL TANNIS grinning insanely.)
GENERAL TANNIS: I'm a very, very bad man.

(Closing Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero. Closing credits with white lettering on a black background.)



(Note: Actress who played the computer, her name should be Julienne Davis, not Julianne Davis. And yes, the credits here do have Nick Romero and Nik Romero. Further credits appear with black lettering on a white background)

(also known as "THE CHARM") - PART I


(The middle of a forest, SALA and THE MINISTER OF CHANCE.)
SALA: How did you do that? How did you disable their computers?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I gave them a virus. But we must keep moving. The Canisians will have them repaired before long. Come on.
(SALA wincing in pain.)
SALA: Wait - wait, Snake ... Minister. Min... Minister. What sort of idiotic name is that, anyway? Don't you have another name?
(THE MINISTER OF CHANCE in his hands is holding his multi-coloured quantum dice.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Idiotic? If my mother had been born yet, she'd be turning in her grave. I'm rather enjoying "Snake", actually.
SALA: Yes, it suits you. But really, what is your name?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh, I'm afraid I think you'd find it unpronounceable.
SALA: I would like to try.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, it's ... fnan ... anth...
(SALA laughs.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I told you it was unpronounceable.
SALA: No really, what is it?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh, we arrive by our names in the same way you do. Your ancestors were named perhaps after what they did, and that nickname would become their name. Erm, the giver, the taker, the meddler, the truth-seeker. I was always concerned with ... probability. Sala. Now that must mean something to do with ... sadness, eh?
SALA: Yes! It means sorrow.
SALA: How did you know?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, there are common routes to most languages, one learns along the road.
SALA: How many planets have you visited?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Is there something about this planet's atmosphere that makes everyone an interrogator?
SALA: Must be a long, lonely road, I think.

(Dark red background.)
ACE: Oh, this is lovely. You got anything slightly less like a spooky giant pothole?
CASMUS: We are not stopping to rest, not yet.
ACE: But we've been going all day.
CASMUS: And we must continue when we have finished here. This is the Cavern of Infinite Death.
ACE: Mm, nice.
(A red river before them and many stalagmites.)
CASMUS: Now, he-here is your task. You must cross to the other side by standing only on the stalagmites. You must not allow any part of your body to touch the pool of saronite.
ACE: Bog off, it's impossible!
CASMUS: I will not bog off.
ACE: You try it.
CASMUS: I already have, and here I am. Are you afraid?
ACE: Weren't you?
CASMUS: Oh, yes. But that is neither here nor there. A coward and a hero both feel fear. A coward is simply a man who obeys it.
ACE: You know, all your proverbs are about men. A wise man, a brave man and all that. Haven't you ever heard of feminism?
CASMUS: I am not familiar with your primitive religions. Now, concentrate. Be bold in your strides, and purposeful.
ACE: But you can't expect me to ... (Sigh.) Oh, all right, let's get it over with.
(The centre of her boot on the tip of the stalagmite as she begins jumping over from one piece of rock to another.)
CASMUS: Good. Be careful. You must not touch the saronite. Should you fall, the consequences would be unthinkable.

(Rain, thunder. The edge of a hill and a waterfall.)
SALA: My leg is too weak.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'll catch you. Trust me.
SALA: You say that too often for an honest man.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I don't remember claiming to be honest or a man. Now, jump!

(Jumping across more rocks.)
CASMUS: Good. Try not to land with all your weight on one foot. And alike any slippery.

(SALA screws up her eyes in pain.)
SALA: We have to find another way round.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: There's no time. They'll repair the computer system soon.

(CASMUS in the foreground watching ACE move across the rocks.)
CASMUS: Always move, never wait. There is no true stillness. In a flowing stream, even to keep still you must swim forward.
(ACE grunt of effort.)

SALA: If you drop me I will come back to haunt you. You'd better have a strong...
(Dislodging, her mouth opens wide in a scream.)
SALA: (cry) aaarm...!

(Opening Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero, shown over the title sequence of the swirling cloud in space.)



(ACE cries out, splashing about in the water.)
ACE: Aah! Ah, it's all over me! Oh, what do I do? Get it off!
(Her body is completely immersed in the saronite.)

(SALA gasps, wincing.)
SALA: I'm okay. I'm okay, thank you.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Yes, erm ... you can let go. I, erm, sometimes like to circulate my blood.

(ACE writhing from side to side.)
ACE: How do you get it off?
CASMUS: There is something, but I forget its name. Oh yes. A towel.
ACE: But what about the poison?
CASMUS: Who said it was poisonous?
(ACE's face is red.)
ACE: But ... but ... you said it...
CASMUS: I said you mustn't touch the saronite.
ACE: Well, what is saronite?
CASMUS: It is much like water, with one important exception.
ACE: What exception? What is it!
CASMUS: It is red.
(Her splashing stops.)
ACE: It's red?
(CASMUS wheezes with amusement.)
ACE: So - why couldn't I tou...? Oh no. Oh no!
(Her hair is wet and her face and her usually green uniform are both red. CASMUS laughs.)
ACE: I don't believe this. The Cave of Infinite Death? Oh, you made that up!
(CASMUS laughs.)
ACE: Oh, that's rubbish! I can't believe you did that.

SALA: You know, the more jokes you make, the more there is something sad about you.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Nonsense. I'm as happy as a simile.
SALA: You seem somehow older than you look.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Very kind of you to say so. I like to think I cut a dapper presence despite my alleged antiquity.
SALA: Always joking. You have the cold eyes of a dog beaten so often that when he is hit he no longer barks.

ACE: So the big lesson we've learned today children, is...
(ACE starts off with a red face but is clearly drying the red dye from her face and clothes as her face returns to normal colour after Casmus finishes speaking.)
CASMUS: It is this. In the world of this game, you must perform a series of steps in order to complete the task I set. In order to reach the other side, you must negotiate the stalagmites. However, now that you have knowledge of the world outside the game, you may cut out the difficult series of steps and simply complete the task without effort. In the world of the game, that means walking to the other side. The question is, do you follow the path of greatest comfort, or do you obey the rules, even though the task be harder?
ACE: Guess. Well, I'm sorry, but why not?
CASMUS: Because your understanding of the world as it really is puts you above your fellow man. It gives you a terrible power. And if you exercise that power for good or evil, you cannot live amongst the others as an equal.

SALA: You do this often, don't you? Arrive in a place, then run on to your next brush with humanity.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: If you can manage to speak a little louder, I'm sure that a nice Canisian patrol will be able to detect us.

ACE: We're not talking about a game now, are we?
CASMUS: We are not.

THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Come on, give me your arm.
SALA: I can manage on my own now, thank you.

CASMUS: You will have the ability to break the rules, but the rules are all that make the world. If you break the rules, you'll break the world.
ACE: Are you saying the world is a game?
CASMUS: No. I am saying that there is a greater world outside it. Not left, not right, not up, not down, not through ... out.

SALA: Snake, wait, I...
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh, now here. Get - get up on my back. Come on.
(SALA almost slumped back in his arms, eyes closed.)
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'll do the walking, if you can stay awake to navigate. Hup! Sala? Sala?
SALA: Keep the noise down, Snake, I'm trying to sleep.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: (sigh) How can someone with so elegant a figure weigh so much? Did you fall in love with gravity?
SALA: You're not so thin yourself, for a snake. Why don't you use your power to help us?
(Her eyes are only half-open.)
SALA: I haven't forgotten. I know you're something special. Maybe sent to help us. Maybe it's fate. Tell me what I must do. I want to save my people. What can I do?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Well, I'm relying on you to navigate. I don't know this planet. Please, keep your mind on the path, mm?


(Greenery. Bubbling n the background. ACE's hair is back to normal.)
ACE: So the world outside this one has a mind.
CASMUS: The world outside this is the mind. It is memory, consciousness, intent, thought itself. And its manipulation is the greatest of our powers.
ACE: Powers? Show me, then.
CASMUS: Don't be so eager. This is the most powerful, the most real of things, and the most terrible and dangerous, and its misuse is to court destruction. Should any one of us begin to walk that path, well...

(Leaves, trees. SALA being carried on the back of THE MINISTER OF CHANCE.)
SALA: Snake, stop. Put me down. I'm too weak to go on. Listen to me. You must leave me here.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh, I can manage. You're not that heavy.
(He is holding her, and she is slumped in his arms.)
SALA: You know you can't. I can't walk. I have lost too much blood. I didn't show you the injuries on my back.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: What? Why not? No, I can carry you. Here.
SALA: Snake, if we free those prisoners from Luria, we will have an army, and a fighting chance. This is more important than my life. It is all I want. Go.

ACE: Oh, I wouldn't misuse it.
CASMUS: No, of course not. None of you ever would. So sure, so confident, so flippant. Would you ever kill a man?
ACE: No.
CASMUS: Would you kill a man if he were about to kill a friend?
ACE: Well, maybe.
CASMUS: Or would you have the strength to stand and watch him die? To watch a thousand die?

SALA: Go on, tell them.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I ... I ... I can't heal you again.

CASMUS: We guard Time, the substance of the universe. It is ours to manipulate with a thought.

THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Show me your back.
(Humming. A red glow in the background, SALA gasps, and is able to smile again.)

ACE: Why is it so dangerous? I don't get it.
CASMUS: Because it is the power of Creation, and it is not your place to make the world one way, or another. If you banish darkness, then light will not exist.

SALA: Hawk. It's Luria. We must attack Luria now.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: The Canisian computer system is down, but it won't take them long to put it right. You must attack now.
SALA: It's true. They have a camp full of resistance sympathisers hidden at Luria.
(Santine people in the background.)
SENATOR HAWK: Everyone, to your units, quickly. Prepare to march for Luria. Sala, you're injured. You let them torture her!
SALA: No, he saved me, Hawk. Go. Go to your unit...

CASMUS: Evil too has its place, and death, and pain, and sorrow. It is your place only to fight them, not to end them with a stroke.

THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I'm sorry you had to go through that. I fear I was so intent on the job in hand that I failed to take sufficient account of your well-being.
SALA: Don't go soft on me now, Snake. We did it, we made it.

ACE: Jumping stalagmites?
CASMUS: Yes, jump, always. Even though you may fall.

SALA: Come. We must rejoin my unit. Take my hand. Thanks to you, General Tannis won't know what hit him.


(Tardis materialises in Bedloe's large room. Door opens. THE DOCTOR holding the Child with BEDLOE in the foreground. The child squeals.)
THE DOCTOR: Premier Bedloe. We have something for you.
(Baby crying.)
BEDLOE: Oh! My son, my son.
THE DOCTOR: He's safe and well. Unlike Tannis's guards, I hope. Now, you have your son, and I want something from you.
BEDLOE: I would give you anything if I could.
THE DOCTOR: We want the same thing. I want to stop Tannis from taking over the universe.
BEDLOE: Doctor, you brought me my child, for which I'm ever in your debt. However, due to factors beyond my control, I'm afraid there's been a change of circumstance.
THE DOCTOR: What do you mean?
(GENERAL TANNIS steps out of hiding.)
GENERAL TANNIS: He means that our beloved leader and I have come to a little understanding, haven't we, Bedloe?
BEDLOE: He found out. I don't know how.
ANTIMONY: Who are you?
GENERAL TANNIS: I'm a very, very bad man.
(GENERAL TANNIS grinning insanely.)
(ANTIMONY has black trousers and green boots.)
ANTIMONY: Tannis, I thought you were on Santiny.
(Gun prepared to fire.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Don't, boy. If you move I'll shoot the Doctor. Oh, and if you move, Doctor, I'll shoot the boy.
(He has an alien gun pointed at them which has a blue light at the nozzle and a circular section around the area where the gun is held.)
GENERAL TANNIS: It's a little family game of my own creation. Fast, isn't he? Congratulations, Doctor. Don't look so surprised, of course I know who you are. You're quite a legend in our circles. You just don't know what I am. The universe moves in patterns, Doctor, doesn't it, everything moves in patterns. Political systems, planets, everything. Everything can be predicted and manipulated, can't it, Doctor? And that's what you do. You waltz around, manipulating things because they're so predictable. But do you know what else is predictable? Oh, you don't? How ironic. It's Time Lords. Swaggering around in an undisguised time capsule. The arrogance.
THE DOCTOR: Antimony, I want you to go, now.
ANTIMONY: I can't. He'll shoot you.
THE DOCTOR: He'll shoot me anyway. Now, go!
GENERAL TANNIS: He's not moving, Doctor. Ask him again.
THE DOCTOR: Antimony, get out now, go!
ANTIMONY: No! I'm not leaving you.
GENERAL TANNIS: The boy who moves faster than the eye, they say. Well, try it, boy. You might even get to me before I shoot him.
ANTIMONY: I'll get to you all right.
THE DOCTOR: What do you want?
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, it's so unimaginative I'm almost embarrassed to say. To run the universe. And I want all of you out of the way.
(We see images of VALENTINE from Episode 2 and other high-collared Time Lords as GENERAL TANNIS continues.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, we don't all make grand entrances in flashy Tardises and ridiculous clothes. Just because you're a Time Lord doesn't mean you can't behave like a petty dictator.
THE DOCTOR: You're a Time Lord? My boy, he's going to shoot me anyway. Now, go!
ANTIMONY: No! I won't let him shoot you, Doctor. I don't want anyone to die.
THE DOCTOR: Ant, go, please, trust me, just go!
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, he won't leave his father. What? You mean he doesn't know?
ANTIMONY: What's he talking about, Doctor?
GENERAL TANNIS: (laugh) Oh, you must be very fond of him. Antimony, like the metal. He can dodge bullets, they say.
THE DOCTOR: Ant, please...
ANTIMONY: No! You put that gun down, Tannis. I'm warning you.
GENERAL TANNIS: Now, here's a thing. You can dodge bullets, but have you ever been shot? Well, let's experiment. Let's try a leg.
(Shot. Blue streak of light from the gun. ANTIMONY cry.)
THE DOCTOR: Stop, Tannis!
GENERAL TANNIS: I said don't move.
(ANTIMONY with head raised.)
ANTIMONY: Doctor, why is it...? It's circuits.
(The leg wound has opened up the leg but there is no blood or muscle within, only burning metal within.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Look at that. A metal leg. Let's try an arm.
(Another shot fired from the gun, engulfing the arm in a blue glow.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Quite a dilemma, isn't it, Doctor?
(ANTIMONY with a burned mark on the arm.)
GENERAL TANNIS: You move, I kill you, no-one left to stop me. You don't, I kill him. You kill me - well, we know you won't do that.
(ANTIMONY groans.)
GENERAL TANNIS: You know, I heard all about you, and I thought to myself, what species can move that fast? And then I saw the footage from the villa, and something struck me as a little too precise. You don't fumble like a human, you don't sway or stumble.
ANTIMONY: Doctor...
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, he doesn't get it.
ANTIMONY: What ... what am I?
GENERAL TANNIS: Let me summarise your predicament, Doctor. Loneliness, isolation, centuries of solitude, all your acquaintances age and die before your eyes, they fall in love and they leave you. Why not build one that will last forever? Look, boy. Wires in your leg.
(Shot fired again at ANTIMONY, which appears to hit the centre of the chest.)
GENERAL TANNIS: And you know what? The Doctor could save you. He could tell me to die - oh, and I would. He could tell a ship to explode - oh, and it would, but he won't. Will you, Doctor? Look. Wires in your head.
(Shot fired from the gun.)
(ANTIMONY lying on the ground, head lying to one side, a gaping hole in the chest beyond which can be seen circuits, and burning from a similar wound in the neck.)
ANTIMONY: (weakly) Doctor? Doctor.
GENERAL TANNIS: Goodbye, Doctor. That's the thing about Time Lords. You never know who is one.
(Door closed. TARDIS dematerialisation. GENERAL TANNIS shown disappearing and an image of space beyond with the swirling cloud.)
THE DOCTOR: Antimony.
(ANTIMONY on the ground, broken, with mouth half-open, and lifeless staring dark-coloured eyes.)

(also known as "THE CHARM") - PART II


(It is raining. SALA in front with THE MINISTER OF CHANCE behind her.)
SALA: Come on, Snake. Now you're the slow one. Wait! We'll rest for five minutes.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: What's that ... what's that sound?
(One of the veined leaves and its stem shown as she explains.)
SALA: That is the lilies on the lake. Their leaves collect water and the rain, and ... when the weight of it becomes too heavy they wilt, and the water splashes into the lake, and they spring upright again. They develop a shiny wax on the surface to stop the water penetrating, but it just collects on the outside and when there is too much, it gives way.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh. It's overwhelming. The scent of the ferns. The air is ... is delicious. This is a place ... a place where one could ... live.
SALA: If I had your power, that thing you did - I would use it to help my people.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: We - we have a sort of code.
SALA: Yes, I know. But no code would keep me from healing all the hurt here and driving the Canisians out.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I think you might find it difficult to understand.
SALA: I understand this. Without other grains, sand is not sand. All men are the same, I think, wherever you are.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: You don't understand. I'm not a man.
SALA: I know. You are more than a man, better.
SALA: Yes, to me, yes. All people feel the same things. Loneliness, sorrow, anger, love. Some try not to love for fear of the sorrow, but sooner or later, the feelings must be faced, or they will face you.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Perhaps for some, it is not they that would be hurt by ... involvement. Sometimes it's for the good of all that a few must remain isolated.
SALA: Maybe so. But I think it's dangerous to think that they can.


COMPUTER: Docking complete. Canis rising.
(Door slides open.)
PILOT: Canis rising. General, welcome back to Santiny.
GENERAL TANNIS: Have you found him?
PILOT: No General, we don't have planetary communications yet.
GENERAL TANNIS: We are dealing with a super-intelligent strategist. He sabotaged the computers for a purpose. Any resistance attacks?
PILOT: None, General. The slave mines have experienced a couple of uprisings but nothing from resistance as yet. They don't have super-atmospheric craft, sir. Our main weaponry is safe. Do you think he'll attack power stations?
GENERAL TANNIS: No. He'll play to his strengths, which are ... small-scale guerrilla warfare from the jungle. He'll want more personnel. Pilot, where is the main detention camp?
PILOT: The plain of Luria, General.
GENERAL TANNIS: Take me there. Now.

SALA: Hawk, where are you?
(A metal building stands in the centre of a field.)
SENATOR HAWK: (communicator) We've set the cannon on the edge of the jungle about quarter of a mile from the main gate. Are their communications still down?
(Trees to one side of the building.)
SALA: Affirmative. We have no com traffic detectable to or from this base. Prepare to blow the main gate. The Minister and I will direct the prisoners when they come out.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Quickly. This silence is too deep. Too deep.
SALA: Relax. Their communications are still down.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I know, I ... feel something.

PILOT: General, we are beginning to regain communications. We have just received a satellite image of Luria camp, sir.
(Sound of this. The building in the field seen.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Scan the forest edge.
(Whining of scanner.)
PILOT: That's them. The Minister and Sala.
(With their backs to the screen, SALA being protected by THE MINISTER OF CHANCE who is standing beside her, almost behind her.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Hah. No. Can it be that easy? Excellent. (Laughs.) Excellent. (Laughs.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Look how they're standing, Pilot.
PILOT: I don't follow, General.
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, let me explain. What's our ETA to Luria?
PILOT: Three minutes, General.
GENERAL TANNIS: Come here. Stand there, as she is standing. Closer. That's it.
(GENERAL TANNIS right beside the PILOT, to one side of him and behind him.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Now reply candidly - how do you feel? Well? You feel uncomfortable, don't you?
PILOT: Yes, General.
(He looks at the two beside each other on the screen.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Unlike these two. He probably doesn't even realise, they are too close for comfort, Pilot, which makes them very easy to hurt.
PILOT: General, if I may ask, why are we so interested in this Minister?
GENERAL TANNIS: Do you know why I signed the treaty of Carselai, Pilot? Do you know why I signed away the right to all those planets?
PILOT: It's not my place to question you, General, but I assumed there was a strategic advantage in placating the UP.
GENERAL TANNIS: That's what I wanted them to think. No. It's because on a small, obstinate plant-infested world in Alnilam, we dropped a plague...
(The planet is seen.)


GENERAL TANNIS: No. It's because on a small, obstinate plant-infested world in Alnilam, we dropped a plague.
(The planet is seen.)
GENERAL TANNIS: No-one noticed, not even the UP. The population was only a couple of hundred million, light years from anywhere. But they resisted our attempts to mine the planet core, so we dropped a plague on them.
(A body on the ground seen.)

SENATOR HAWK: Return fire.
(Shots fired by soldiers in purple uniform.)
MALE: (communicator) That's the last of the gun turrets destroyed, Senator.

(Image of a body lying on the ground.)
GENERAL TANNIS: On the first day, they became sick. The second, the symptoms became acute. What do you think happened to the population on the third day, Pilot?
PILOT: I assume they perished, General.

SENATOR HAWK: (amplified) Prisoners of the Canisians, this is Senator Hawk of the Santine Republic. We are here to free you. Say goodbye to Luria.
(Cheering from a group inside the building in the field who are visible beyond a sealed iron prison gate.)
SENATOR HAWK: (amplified) Stand as far from the gate as you can.
MAN: Open fire.
(Shots are fired at the gates.)

GENERAL TANNIS: You would assume that, wouldn't you? Except that on the third day, no-one died. In fact, on the third day, the plague was gone. The inhabitants awoke to find themselves in perfect health. Not a trace of it. Two hundred million people.
PILOT: That's certainly unusual, General.
GENERAL TANNIS: Isn't it just.

(SALA smiling.)
SALA: We were right. Good work. Pull back, Hawk.
MALE: Fire!
(Explosions. The gate is destroyed. Cheering from the people who are now free.)

GENERAL TANNIS: And do you know what else is unusual, Pilot? No-one could find any explanation. No medical anomalies, no genetic resistance, nothing. Well, I was so intrigued, I went there myself, and I could find nothing unusual either.
(GENERAL TANNIS with several armed soldiers.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Then by pure chance, I discovered a small cult on the outskirts of the capital city. They claimed that the blessed god of the trees or some such had descended amongst them for a time.
(The image of a forest behind him.)
PILOT: Yes, General?

SALA: Look at them. Over here. This is wonderful.
(Flames around the prison building.)
SALA: You did this. Now we have an army. This is the greatest...
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Oh nonsense, I only ... Shh, shh, shh. What's that?
(Soaring overhead.)

GENERAL TANNIS: His arrival on the planet coincided roughly with when our interest in the planet began. He was never seen again after the day of the miraculous cure. They couldn't tell me where he came from, or why.
(The silhouetted image in the forest of the people's saviour.)
GENERAL TANNIS: They could only tell me the name of their god. Manaster.
(The silhouette is of THE MINISTER OF CHANCE.)

(Ships in the sky surrounding the prison building.)
SALA: Canisians. How did they know?
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I don't know. Get them out of the open ground.
SALA: Here. Over here. Take cover.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Sala, go back! I'll do it! Into the forest, quickly. Stay down!

PILOT: I'm not sure I follow, General.
GENERAL TANNIS: Hmm. Of course. Why would you? Gunner? Open fire on the prisoners. Scan for the Minister.
PILOT: Got him, General.

SALA: No! No, they're massacring them...
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Sala, come back! Stop!
SALA: Make it stop! Stop them, use your power!
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I can't. Come under cover!
(A man and a woman holding a child fleeing from the flames.)
SALA: No, please. I'm begging you. Forget your code, save them.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I ... I can't. Stay down. Come back!
SALA: Please Minister, please, do it for me. Save us.

MALE: (communicator) Target acquired, General.
(SALA crying out in protest on the screen.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Excellent. Fire.

SALA: What difference does a code make here? This is...
(She is hit. She falls with a gasp. THE MINISTER OF CHANCE cradles her head in his hand.)
SENATOR HAWK: Sala. Sala. No. Minister.

GENERAL TANNIS: Good shooting. Pull up, maximum speed. Take me to my ship. Withdraw.

SENATOR HAWK: Minister. Minister.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Leave. (Command voice) "Now!"
(The background screen turns red as though the environment is damaged every time he uses his powers. Explosions.)


(Ship in flight.)
PILOT: Sir, we've re-established full communication with the fleet.
GENERAL TANNIS: Good. Gunship? This is General Tannis. Target the planet surface at random, avoiding the area of Luria. Fire at will.
GENERAL TANNIS: Covering fire. I don't want him dead yet, Pilot. Someone else will do that for me. Meanwhile I'm just ... twisting the knife.
(A Canisian soldier on the screen.)
MALE VOICE: Sir, this is gunship Three. We are unable to fire. We're under attack from an unknown weapon.
(Cry, dies away. The screen fades.)
MALE VOICE 2: General sir, I regret to inform that the gunship has exploded.
(Brief image of damaged ship.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Hmm. He's more powerful than I thought. Pull out. All remaining craft, pull out.
PILOT: Sir, our ground forces report they are also under heavy attack from an unknown weapon.
GENERAL TANNIS: Leave them. Their sacrifice will be noted. Sever all communications with the planet. Withdraw the fleet from orbit now. Now!
PILOT: Ye... Er, General ... Sir, do I take it we're abandoning Santiny altogether, sir?
PILOT: But General, may I ask, what heading for the fleet?
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh yes. You know, one should always have two irons in the fire, Pilot. Always.
(Image of the planet Earth, his target.)
(Brief closing music, fade to white.)

(also known as "THE CHARM") - PART III


(Night sky, a mountain peak and a field.)
ACE: When, though? Why have the power if you can't use it? I mean, if you're almost never to use your power, why almost never? Why sometimes and not others? When can you use it?
CASMUS: Teatime.
ACE: Teatime?
CASMUS: Teatime.
ACE: And the punch-line is...?
CASMUS: This is not a world of absolutes. It is a world of approximation. Everything changes constantly. It is a moving stream. You must swim, merely to keep still. Nothing here is truly itself. There is the crux. There is no certain answer to your question. You must judge each time. This is the subtle line we walk.
ACE: Talking off walking, is it much further? This mountain goes on forever.
CASMUS: Yes indeed, but we do not. We have arrived.
ACE: Where is he, then?
CASMUS: Where is who?
ACE: The Kingmaker.
CASMUS: Ah. Sweet irony.
(A doorway is crafted into the ice.)
CASMUS: He is in there. You must enter alone.
ACE: I think you've got a thing about caves. Are you going to be here when I get out?
CASMUS: I shall be here.
ACE: Only, you're so old I thought you might croak if I take too long.
CASMUS: This is no time for levity. Go.
ACE: All right, all right.


(Walking in a cave. Ice walls, semi-darkness.)
ACE: Hello? Hello? Hello!
(At the end of a tunnel, a throne with burning beacons on either side. ACE gasps. THE KINGMAKER is suddenly visible - wearing a large purple hood, an old woman with white hair and piercing eyes.)
THE KINGMAKER: Do not miss the sparrow at your feet as you stare at the distant mountain. Neither miss the mountain as you meet the sparrow's eye. You must see all. The Time Lords guard Time and I guard the Time Lords.
(Images of the high-collared robes of Time Lords - and ACE before them with the upturned collar of her uniform is not dissimilar.)
THE KINGMAKER: Should you violate Time and use it to your own ends, good or ill, you will be hunted down and destroyed without pity. Speak!
ACE: Well...
ACE: I don't feel ready to take that responsibility.
THE KINGMAKER: Good. Then it is yours.
ACE: What?
THE KINGMAKER: The path you choose is a lonely one. You will age and you will not die. Yet you will never be young again. You will wander abroad, and will not form attachments as others of your race do. You will be alone and live for the many, and the One. You will possess great power, and great responsibility. Speak.
ACE: Do I have a choice?
THE KINGMAKER: Pleasantries! You have already chosen. However, before I allow you to become what you may, you must pass a test. You will go to Anima Persis.
ACE: But - can't I think about it? I mean, it's a bit sudden.
THE KINGMAKER: You will go now.
(The plague planet mentioned earlier by General Tannis is seen.)
THE KINGMAKER: Anima Persis is a geo-psychic world. Strange figures leer from the storm-clouds. There are auras over the deserts in times of great heat, and the cacti hiss foul words as strangers pass. The weapons that wiped out its population were products of the planet. When the chemicals came they killed the plants and the land. But when the bombs came, they blew the souls from their victims' bodies. And now, all that is left of its people are vengeful ghosts.
ACE: So what do I do when I get there?
THE KINGMAKER: You will take light, but no weapons. And you will defeat the spirits of the tortured dead and restore the planet to its inhabitants.
ACE: Defeat them? What with?
THE KINGMAKER: We grant you Tardis!
(Explosion sound made at start of Tardis dematerialisation. Police Box seen.)
THE KINGMAKER: What you do with it determines whether or not we shall meet again. And mark me well - should you corrupt your power, should you wield it irresponsibly in feckless impulse or mad passion ... Now, go.


(Outside, mountain peak. ACE with CASMUS.)
CASMUS: Well, was he nice to you?
ACE: Funny. She's a right laugh.
CASMUS: (laugh.) Now, I have something for you.
(TARDIS materialisation. The Tardis is in the shape of a small peaked block of ice about the size of an igloo.)
CASMUS: This is my Tardis. It is a licence to move. The essence of transport born of the fiery thoughts of travel and movement.
(Doors opened.)
ACE: I know what a Tardis is.

(Tardis control room.)
CASMUS: As always, you're not only wrong, but proud of it.
(Pillars and roundels in the control room.)
CASMUS: The Tardis is not simply a vehicle. It contains complex instrumentation. It receives signals of any form of communication, and decodes, and combines them to the displays.
ACE: What about you? Don't you need your Tardis?
CASMUS: I ... Attend to the task in hand. This is the great test.
ACE: No. What do you mean?
CASMUS: For once, please, listen to me. You must go now. Time is against us.
ACE: But ... I'm supposed to fight ghosts. I don't know why or what to do, how - how will I know what to do?
CASMUS: You will not need instructions. A Time Lord sees things that linear beings do not. To them, the universe moves in beats, small events that change small things. But great change takes time, and so a Time Lord sees the real movement of things.
ACE: A Time Lord? But I'm not a Time Lord.
CASMUS: Not yet. Do well, as I know you will. Now, there is one last thing I have to give you.
(The wand looks like a stick with a round silver tip.)
CASMUS: This is your wand. With it, you will have the power to manipulate Time, the most terrible and dangerous of our abilities. It is yours to guard, but you must resist its use, and mark me well - you must not use it on Anima Persis. The consequences would be unthinkable.
ACE: I won't. You will be here when I get back, won't you?
CASMUS: I shall be here.
ACE: Promise?
CASMUS: You're not frightened?
ACE: Oh no you don't.
(CASMUS stands by the open doorway where the mountain and orange sky can be seen beyond.)
CASMUS: In winter, when old wounds ache, remember - you are part of a greater whole. Even though you walk in the desert, you are not alone, for the sky itself cloaks you. You are a part of a great unity based on logic, and in a logical universe, in the end, reason prevails.
(Door closes. Tardis control room, now only containing ACE. Outside, CASMUS stands, hearing his Tardis dematerialise for the last time as the block of ice vanishes. THE KINGMAKER is suddenly beside CASMUS.)
THE KINGMAKER: Time is against you, Castellan.
(He looks briefly sad, weary.)
CASMUS: It is. This is no longer our age. Twilight falls, and the strange dream ends.
(The image of the swirling cloud.)

(Closing Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero. Closing credits with white lettering on a black background.)



(Further credits appear with black lettering on a white background)



(Howling wind, barren rocky landscape. Some caves or dwelling-huts with entrances. The Tardis materialises, disguised as another of these caves. Howling wind outside. ACE looks round.)
ACE: Hello?
(Howling wind continues, for about 4 seconds.)
ACE: Is someone there?
(Howling wind continues for another couple of seconds.)
ACE: Hello?
(Howling wind continues for 3 seconds. Door opened as she goes inside one of these dwelling caves. Screams from a group of eight people.)
MAN: Come back, Megan!
(MEGAN is a young girl.)
MEGAN: Wait, Father, she's not one of them.
MAN: Come back child, it's a trick!
MEGAN: No, she's not one of them.
ACE: Not one of who? What are you frightened of? I'm not here to hurt you.
(Terrified whimpering from the group. MEGAN's voice barely audible over the screams)
MEGAN: You're not from this planet. What are you?
ACE: I'm a ... I'm a Time Lord.
MEGAN: Have you come to help us?
ACE: Yes. I think so. I thought there was no-one left alive on this planet.
MEGAN: We're the survivors of the wars.
ACE: What are you so afraid of? Who did you think I was?
(MEGAN's hazel eyes show her fear.)
MEGAN: On stormy nights the spirits of the dead flow from that crater and come here and penetrate our minds. They drive us mad with fear and there's no escape from them. Then they take one of us back with them.
ACE: What for?
(Clean-shaven man.)
MAN: They terrorise their victim to death. Then they come for another. We're all that's left.
ACE: Well, I'm here to defeat them. We're going to take back your planet. Has anyone ever been into the volcano?
MAN: No. That would mean certain death.
ACE: Who died and told you?
MEGAN: There is a path, but I've never been up it all the way and, only in daylight.
ACE: Right. I'm going up the volcano.
(Chorus of "No!" from the others.)
ACE: Anyone want to come with me?
MAN: No. You're ... you're crazy.
ACE: Any other suggestions? It's either that or play board games.
MAN: You'll go mad. They'll drive you insane.
ACE: Yeah, that won't take long if I sit in a bare hut in the dark with a load of screaming people.
MEGAN: I will go. I'd rather go with you than live another night like this.
MAN: No, you will not! They will exact terrible revenge for this. Maybe they won't come tonight.
MEGAN: They'll come. They always come. I'm going.
(Chorus of "No!" from the others.)
MAN: No! Please don't!
ACE: I won't let anything happen to her. I just need a guide. And you lot - if they feed on fear, you might want to try to stop whimpering.
(Door opened into cold wind outside, leaving the seven people inside, door closed.)

(Opening Doctor Who theme music, arranged by Nik Romero, shown over the title sequence of the swirling cloud in space.)



(Fountain. In the middle of the pathway around the fountain, the black and white cat mewing.)
CASMUS: What is it, Midas?
(Cat mews. The cat sitting beside a man with blue boots adorned with a long gold motif.)
(The gun used to destroy Antimony prepared for firing.)
CASMUS: Oh, you won't need that.
(The man standing beside the cat is GENERAL TANNIS.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, don't blame yourself, Casmus. It was inevitable. How do they put it - society's to blame. With so much good in the universe, there had to be a lot of bad in it somewhere - balance and all that. It was my fate, so on and so forth.
CASMUS: Fate must be shaped by the world. I'm sorry, but in such a coherent universe, you fit so badly.
GENERAL TANNIS: The universe will fit around me. I've disposed of the Time Lords of the Fraction, the Saints are squashed...
(Image of VALENTINE and other high-collared Time Lords behind him.)
GENERAL TANNIS: ... the Doctor and the Minister will finish each other off.
(Image of THE DOCTOR and THE MINISTER OF CHANCE side by side.)
GENERAL TANNIS: You are the last, Casmus.
(Suggesting offhandedly that all other Time Lords, every single one, except the Doctor and Casmus, have been destroyed by General Tannis.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Where is the girl you took from my ship?
CASMUS: You're a little late for that.
GENERAL TANNIS: I had more pressing matters to attend to. Where is she, Casmus?
CASMUS: I sent her to Anima Persis.
GENERAL TANNIS: (snigger) The famous Casmus sense of humour. Don't toy with me, I don't have time.
CASMUS: And you never will. But you are the one beating about the bush. What you really mean is, what is she?
GENERAL TANNIS: I know she means something to you and the Doctor, which is reason enough to kill her.
CASMUS: Ah, you see, the best jokes are the ones whose conclusion you cannot foresee, and this joke has not yet been told.
(Image of ACE.)
CASMUS: She is the future. In time, she will be like you and I.
(GENERAL TANNIS laughs, and sighs.)
GENERAL TANNIS: You're not serious. You can't make a Time Lord.
CASMUS: Really? Do you think anatomy or appearance or possession define what we are? We are what we do, slow agent. Ha-ha. You have come here seeking my approval, and I regret I can give only my pity.
GENERAL TANNIS: Save your pity for yourself. You're the one who's going to die.
CASMUS: I was always going to die. I'm so old, I try to mention my age all the time, and I can't remember it. (Laughs.) My time has come, but so has yours. Don't you see? You're the antique. The age of extremes is at an end.
(Silhouetted images of CASMUS, Midas the cat, and GENERAL TANNIS.)
CASMUS: We're relics of a chaotic time, when the skies were unexplored, and monsters roamed. Now you look to the sky, and every star has a name. The great discoveries of this plane have been made. The great swings of good and evil are over. The new age will be one of balance. You can't see it, poor Tannis. For a Time Lord you're so limited.
GENERAL TANNIS: Limited? I rather think the universe is my oyster.
CASMUS: Hardly. We're Time Lords. The many sparkling universes, the myriad dimensions you could explore.
(An image of space behind them.)
CASMUS: But your ambitions are limited to the physical. You are the smallest and most miserable of our kind, and she, she will be the greatest of hers.
(Image of ACE with a view of space behind.)


(Howling wind background. An extinct volcano rises up out of the rocks.)
MEGAN: We're approaching the northern lip of the crater. The demons are within. Why are you not afraid?
ACE: I am afraid. I've just been trained to put fear to one side, and act rationally. Either - they're just trying to scare you, in which case, not acting scared is the solution...
(The two stand on a slope.)
ACE: ... or - they're trying to scare you away from here, in which case, coming here is the solution. Get it?
MEGAN: I envy your confidence. You fill me with courage. I will go with you into the crater.
(Rumbling. Inside, shadows. The two in a cave room with a purple glow from the cave walls. Their voices echo and their images are blurred.)
MEGAN: I can't hear anything. Can you hear anything?
ACE: (whispering.) I don't know, it's okay.
(MEGAN gasps.)
ACE: It's fine.
MEGAN: How can you say that?
ACE: It's nothing.
MEGAN: What was that?
ACE: Nothing, it's okay.


(In the volcano, their voices echo, their images blurring.)
ACE: Shh!
MEGAN: What?
ACE: Hold your nerve.
MEGAN: I ... I can't see anything beyond.
ACE: Concentrate. Breathe deeply and slowly. Try not to act scared. I won't let anything happen to you.
MEGAN: What happened?
ACE: We're at the bottom.
MEGAN: Where are they? There's nothing here.
ACE: I don't know. Have a look round.
WHISPERING: Stupid girl. I let her in here. So stupid, I won't let her die. Try to encourage her, protect the child. Stupid girl. I let her in here. So stupid...
MEGAN: What's wrong, what's that sound?
ACE: It's my thoughts.
WHISPERING: Try to encourage her...
ACE: I think they've turned into me.
WHISPERING: Stupid girl. I let her in here. So stupid, I won't let her die...
MEGAN: I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared!
ACE: It's all right! It's all right!
MEGAN: I can hear what you're thinking!
WHISPERING: Try to encourage her.
(A group of grey, wizened figures, some wearing cowls, their faces a parody of a human form. Like ghosts, or zombies.)
MALE VOICE: We can, we can, stupid girl, you can't fight us, we're in your mind. Stupid girl, you failed, we see your thoughts, we take your mind, strong mind, powerful mind, great power, powerful mind, great power here, great power, you have, now we have, we have your mind, your mind is, your mind is powerful, more powerful than us, what is the one...
WHISPERING: Take the chance...
MALE VOICE: What is the one, the one is the power, she could stop us.
WHISPERING: I can't do that, I can't do that, the easy way, not the right way, I won't do it, concentrate...
(Two figures either side of MEGAN.)
ACE: Please! Please! Let the girl go! Please!
MALE VOICE: Yes, we'll take your mind.
MEGAN: Yes. Take me!
ACE: Let her go!
MALE VOICE: Yes, take your mind, your mind and your power then we have the power, yes, then we kill the girl then we fly free and kill them all.
WHISPERING: I can take the Tardis, yes I can take the Tardis...
MALE VOICE: Yes, the Tardis, the Tardis, we can go anywhere, we can go anywhere...
WHISPERING: I can't do it, I can't let them, they could go anywhere, go anywhere in the Tardis...
MALE VOICE: Tardis everywhere then give us the girl and we let you go, give us the girl and we let you go.
MALE VOICE: Give us the girl.
MEGAN: You said you wouldn't let them hurt me!
WHISPERING: I can't, I can't. I have to. I can't, she was so brave, how can I? I have to let her die, I can't, it's not human, it's impossible...
MALE VOICE: Kill the child, kill the child and the rest, you can go. Kill the child and then the rest and you can go.
WHISPERING: I have to let her die, I can't, it's not human, it's impossible choice.
(MEGAN starts to change into one of the zombie-like creatures herself.)
MEGAN: Please don't leave me! Please don't leave me, Ace! Mummy, please, please...
WHISPERING: All going to die, I have to, just once, it can't be too bad, just once. Casmus, Casmus.
(Reversing voices.)
ACE: (echoing yell) Stop...!


(Humming of Tardis control room. Roundels.)
ACE: Where am I? Wait a minute, aren't you my jailer?
(The blurred image of a man becomes clearer - with slight scars on the forehead and no longer wearing a Canisian soldier's uniform - GOLCRUM.)
GOLCRUM: Me? No, no, no, I used to be your jailer, sorry to say, but you got rescued by an old man and I got sent here as punishment by General Tannis - that and one or two lesions to the face and arms.
(And this is the doctor she is reunited with - Golcrum from Episode 1 whom Casmus commanded to devote his life to medicine.)
ACE: Here? Where am I?
GOLCRUM: We're on Anima Persis. We're on your ship ... if that's what you call it. I found you collapsed outside. I was quite relieved, I can tell you. I thought I'd never see another living soul. You opened the door, which was another shock, but I was relieved by a small glass of water.
(ACE groans.)
GOLCRUM: Wait - wait, wait. Lie still. You've had some sort of trauma. Though I'd say more psychological rather than physical.
ACE: I ... Oh no. What about the others? What about the girl?
GOLCRUM: Others? No, there's nothing else out there. Some ruins and a village.
ACE: But no-one left alive?
GOLCRUM: No-one I could see. Not even any bodies.
ACE: I destroyed them all.
GOLCRUM: No-one there like I said. That's why they sent me here, I suppose. Shall we get off this planet, then?
ACE: I failed them all. I couldn't let her die, and I couldn't let them have my mind and I killed them all. I did exactly what I wasn't supposed to.


(The Kingmaker's throne in the cave of ice. Slow sad walking, shuffling.)
THE KINGMAKER: Who comes to Mount Plutarch in a cloud of sorrow? Who walks like a crow plucked from a torrent?
(THE DOCTOR is seen.)
THE DOCTOR: It's me.
(Brief closing theme music.)



(Sad music as at the entrance to an ice cave, a silhouetted figure, whose shadow approaches the throne of the Kingmaker. Slow sad walking, shuffling.)
THE KINGMAKER: Who comes to Mount Plutarch in a cloud of sorrow? Who walks like a crow plucked from a torrent?
(THE DOCTOR in the cave looks towards the throne area.)
THE DOCTOR: It's me.
THE KINGMAKER: Little truth-seeker. I have summoned you before and you did not come.
THE DOCTOR: I know. This is different.
THE KINGMAKER: Yes, different. What would you have me do?
THE DOCTOR: Do? Stop Tannis. I didn't realise until it was too late - he's a Time Lord. Why didn't you tell us there was another?
THE KINGMAKER: Tell you? That is not my role.
THE DOCTOR: Who is he? What does he want?
THE KINGMAKER: He is the slow agent. The darkness to counter the age of light.
THE DOCTOR: Tannis? I can't believe it.
THE KINGMAKER: There can be no positive without a negative. Did you forget? You and your kind could not have existed, were it not for the presence of a balancing force.
(THE DOCTOR's face an eerie mix of yellow and purple in the light of the cave.)
THE DOCTOR: But, if there are several of us and one of him, his abilities must be immeasurable.
THE KINGMAKER: Not only his.
(Image of GENERAL TANNIS, with explosions behind.)
THE DOCTOR: He's been amassing power, weapons, invading planets. He has a whole system at his command, butchering and murdering.
THE KINGMAKER: The morality of linear beings is not my concern. He has violated no law of Time. His actions can draw no sanction from me.
THE DOCTOR: Violated no...? He killed my...
(A brief image of the broken ANTIMONY.)
THE DOCTOR: He's insane. If you don't do something to stop him, he'll be too powerful even for you.
THE KINGMAKER: Then so be it. I cannot act to prevent a violation, only to stop one. What must be, must be. Time must be left to its own devices. Your passions bring you here, not logic. Friendship shades the truth from reason's view. Tannis is not the cause of the distortions.
THE DOCTOR: But who ... who's causing them?
THE KINGMAKER: That is why I summoned you here. The danger always lurks in the uncertainty of the half-light. It is rarely in the deep darkness.
(The face of THE MINISTER OF CHANCE in THE DOCTOR's eyes.)
THE DOCTOR: The Minister? No.
(THE MINISTER OF CHANCE looking out into space.)
THE DOCTOR: He would never do such an immoral...
THE KINGMAKER: Morality is not in question. Any violation even born of good intention is still a violation. He sought to help as you did, aeons ago, but it was not his place to do so.
THE DOCTOR: Oh no. I was blind and now...
THE KINGMAKER: And now ... you must destroy your friend. There is no alternative. If you do not make the sacrifice, the universe will pay the price.
THE DOCTOR: There must be another way.
THE KINGMAKER: He is lost. You must end the torment. You walk the sword's edge. I do not envy you. Now, go.
(His shadow seen first as THE DOCTOR walks further and further away from the Kingmaker's throne for the last time.)
THE KINGMAKER: Truth-seeker. We will not meet again.


(GOLCRUM outside.)
GOLCRUM: Casmus? Mister Casmus, hello there.
(His mouth open in shock.)
GOLCRUM: Oh. Oh ... Oh ... Oh no.
ACE: Casmus? Hello-o? Casmus?
(Grim-faced GOLCRUM looking down to the ground with ACE in the background.)
GOLCRUM: Ace, he's over here, but...
ACE: Did you find him? What is it?
ACE: Is he all right?
GOLCRUM: Don't look.
(Her eyes wide, her mouth open in shock.)
ACE: No! No!
(CASMUS on the ground in front of the fountain, head back, eyes staring, with the cat sitting nearby.)
GOLCRUM: I'm sorry, he's...
ACE: He can't be gone.
(A memory image of the smiling wise face of CASMUS.)
ACE: Who can have done this? He was just an old man.
GOLCRUM: He was more than that to me. He gave me a ... a purpose.
ACE: (tearful) I don't know what to do.
(Her head bowed, brow furrowed, eyes closed in grief.)
ACE: What do we do now?
GOLCRUM: I suppose, we find out who did it.
(THE DOCTOR appears with his umbrella used like a walking-stick.)
THE DOCTOR: Tannis did it.
ACE: Doctor!
(Ace is now reunited with the Doctor - the other Doctor.)
THE DOCTOR: Hello, Ace.
(They hug, ACE holding her wand.)
ACE: He said he'd be here.
THE DOCTOR: The least of him is here. Just his body.
ACE: I failed him.
THE DOCTOR: We all failed that test.
ACE: I misused my power. I bent time. I corrupted it to save myself. I killed everybody.
THE DOCTOR: That was an illusion. Spirits and phantoms.
ACE: No, not them. I tried to stop the spirits and I killed the people too. And a little girl.
(The image of the grey zombies.)
THE DOCTOR: Ace, those people were the spirits. There's nothing living on the surface of Anima Persis, hasn't been for hundreds of years. You don't have that power, not yet. You take that memory with you wherever you go.
ACE: But I thought ... What about my wand?
(The stick with pink orb held at the tip.)
ACE: Yes, Casmus gave me a wand.
THE DOCTOR: Ah. Tell me, what does your wand look like to you?
ACE: A stick.
THE DOCTOR: A stick.
ACE: (laugh) Just a stick. (Laughs.) Wand. Casmus's last practical joke. I fell for it, old man.
GOLCRUM: A stick. (Laughs.) I don't get it.
ACE: Doctor, this is Golcrum. He used to be my jailer.
THE DOCTOR: Wonderful. How do you do?
GOLCRUM: You look a bit tired, Doctor. I suggest a rest.
THE DOCTOR: A rest is for criminals.
ACE: Doctor, where's Antimony?
THE DOCTOR: He ... had...
ACE: How?
THE DOCTOR: Tannis. Tannis is a Time Lord.
ACE: What? That doesn't make sense. Why would he fight wars if he could just...?
THE DOCTOR: He knew if we found out what he was, the other Time Lords would stop him. He couldn't defeat us if ... if we were acting together, so he distracted us one by one, split us up, killed those he could get away with killing, and when one of us did go astray, he manipulated him. And he left both of us alive, so one would destroy the other. Now, I have no choice.
ACE: But ... you mean all that invasion and the war was just to distract the Time Lords?
THE DOCTOR: I don't think so entirely. He still wanted to conquer the universe. Just had to do it in the slow way, until now. Two irons in the fire.
ACE: Wait a minute. Where do I fit in?
THE DOCTOR: You'll see. Somewhere after me, I should think.
ACE: Oh, spare me from cryptic old men. So Doctor, what do we do? What do we do now?
THE DOCTOR: We save the universe. I want you to go and see our friends, they'll arrange a welcoming party for Tannis, and maybe your jailer can help you.
ACE: He's heading for Earth, isn't he?
THE DOCTOR: Mm. You have come a long way.
ACE: What about you?
THE DOCTOR: This is something I have to do alone.


(Burning prison camp with the trees on either side. THE DOCTOR beside SENATOR HAWK.)
THE DOCTOR: Hello, Senator.
SENATOR HAWK: It seems that the planet is ours again.
THE DOCTOR: Yes. Yes. But at what cost?
SENATOR HAWK: They shot Sala, the ... the Minister ... changed. He destroyed the Canisians that were here, all of them. What are you people?
THE DOCTOR: Where is he?
SENATOR HAWK: He's on the mountain. You didn't answer my question, what...? He won't let anyone come near him.
THE DOCTOR: He'll let me.
(Rousing incidental music. Images of carnage beneath a mountaintop which has a waterfall. THE MINISTER OF CHANCE stands on the summit of the mountain.)


(Rousing incidental music. Images of carnage beneath a mountaintop which has a waterfall. THE MINISTER OF CHANCE stands on the summit of the mountain.)

(THE DOCTOR approaches the mountain where THE MINISTER OF CHANCE is standing.)
THE DOCTOR: Minister, old friend. Minister.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Get out. Go away, I don't want to talk to you.
THE DOCTOR: Come down.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Keep away from me!
THE DOCTOR: You must see reason. Tannis is running amok. I need your help. He's a Time Lord...
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Tannis? Tannis? Blood and guns and idiots marching in lines, I'm ... I'm sick of this. Get out!
(Thunder. Flashes of lightning.)
THE DOCTOR: Stop. Think what you're doing. This must stop!
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I don't care. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of watching them die, and talking to two-faced rubbish. We can stop the killing. Why do we have to sit by and watch? We can stop the pain. Why?
THE DOCTOR: Have you stopped the killing here? The plain below is strewn with bodies. How many killings did you stop? This is against everything we were. It's not our place to interfere like this.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: Go back and leave me be.
THE DOCTOR: You've corrupted Time. You must listen to me.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I want it to stop. Get away or I'll kill you too. I'll kill you all. Plagues and bombs and blood.
THE DOCTOR: Enough! I don't have time for this. Your Tardis is revoked!
(Brief Tardis console image behind them. Thunder and lightning flashes.)
THE DOCTOR: Now, I'm going to try to stop this. You, face yourself.
THE MINISTER OF CHANCE: I just wanted it to stop. Make it stop. What have I done? What have I done.
(The swirling cloud in the night sky.)


(A room with computer banks and people seated at these. Along the bottom of the screen)
NASA Mission Control
(One of the characters talking is called Mission Control. Why not, if people called Baker can be bakers. He has a voice that sounds remarkably like one of the policemen in the US police series Starsky and Hutch. He is wearing a white shirt and purple tie, has blond hair and blue eyes, and is speaking to a dark-skinned woman in a turquoise outfit with her black hair worn up.)
MISSION CONTROL: No, no. Now you see it, now you see the Voyager probe. That is such bull man, I mean, because look - if they could see, but like I mean, if - if they were advanced enough to ... to understand that, then they would have totally contacted us already, man.
WOMAN: Bob, you so need a hobby.
(Image of the planet Earth beside the blond-haired man who is called MISSION CONTROL.)
MISSION CONTROL: I'm serious, babe. Think about it. Who says they have eyes? Who says they can recognise what pictures are, man?
(Woman sighs.)
MISSION CONTROL: You send them Mozart, man - like, are you sure they have ears, man?
WOMAN: No...
MISSION CONTROL: There have been thousands, I repeat, thousands of sightings of aliens, man, I mean they are all grey little itty-bitty guys and none of them had anything to hang ear-rings on, man.
WOMAN: Uh-huh.
MISSION CONTROL: They are already here and the Feds and public are trying to cover it up.
WOMAN: Bob, have you been experiencing that anal probe again?
WOMAN: I mean, make up your mind. Are they here or not?
(Alarm. A monitor screen has a glowing green flash.)
MISSION CONTROL: Whoah! Check this out, babe. This is weird.
WOMAN: No. Hang on, that can't be right. Sir, you'd better have a look at this.
(A MAN with a long face, black hair and small moustache/beard, white shirt.)
MAN: What is it? Holy s...
(Phone rings. A tracker shows several golden lights indicating spaceships as they approach planet Earth.)
MAN: Oh my! Holy Hootenanny! Holy Mother of God...
MISSION CONTROL: Too fast for comets, man. They are altering course. They just crossed the solar system in under a minute.
MAN: Oh my God, oh my God, they just crossed the solar system in under a minute.
MISSION CONTROL: I just said that, man.
WOMAN: They're going to collide with the Earth...
MISSION CONTROL: Oh man, that ain't worth it, man. I don't believe this is happening, man.
MAN: Son, get me the President.


(The flag of the United States of America. In an office with long windows, a bespectacled dark-skinned MAN in a dark suit.)
MAN: Mister President, sir. It's Mission Control, NASA. Confirmed. We have First Contact. They're broadcasting on TV and radio and everything else.
(THE PRESIDENT in suit and tie looks and sounds like George Bush.)
THE PRESIDENT: Oh my God. S... stick ... stick 'em on.
(The PILOT can see THE PRESIDENT on his monitor screen.)
PILOT: Earth, you have the honour of being addressed by General Tannis, supreme commander of the defence forces of the Canisian Suns. You will kneel.
THE PRESIDENT: Man. Greetings. This is the President of the United States. We welcome you to Earth in a spirit of peace and friendship.
(GENERAL TANNIS can see THE PRESIDENT and his aide on the monitor.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Mister President, thank you. In return, we are willing to accept your total surrender.
THE PRESIDENT: Erm ... what, er, what - what, now? I'm - I'm - I'm sorry sir, could you ... could you repeat that?
THE PRESIDENT: Surre...? Look, Mister Tannis, there is, erm, no need for this kind of talk. We extend our hand...
GENERAL TANNIS: Your Stone Age planet is surrounded by my fleet.
(Images of his spaceships.)
GENERAL TANNIS: I've just flattened another backward planet, and I rather feel like flattening yours. Now, think carefully. Would you like me to blow up a few cities to convince you?
MAN: Er - try stalling, sir?
THE PRESIDENT: (slowly) Er, sir, may I suggest that we arrange a meeting to...
GENERAL TANNIS: (sighing) Gunship, prepare a tectonic bomb.
THE PRESIDENT: What the hell is this, Plan Asshole From Outer Space? Activate the missile defence system.
MAN: We did, sir.
MAN: It missed.
(A target with Planet Earth as its centre.)
GENERAL TANNIS: There. That one on the island. What is that city?
PILOT: London, sir. A provincial capital.
GENERAL TANNIS: Then target that city.
THE PRESIDENT: Sir, I think you misunderstand.
THE PRESIDENT: We wish to enter into a friendship. We will welcome you and your persons to our planet.
GENERAL TANNIS: Pilot, what is the population of the city of London?
PILOT: Around eight million, sir.
GENERAL TANNIS: Now, Mister President.
(Phone rings beside a bank of controls.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Do I take it that you and your entire planet surrender?
(Receiver lifted.)
MAN: Sir, it's the Prime Minister from London, sir.
MAN: In England, sir?
THE PRESIDENT: Right, erm...
(The blue-eyed PRIME MINISTER looks and sounds a little bit like Tony Blair.)
THE PRIME MINISTER: Mister President, stand by. We have counter measures.
THE PRESIDENT: Counter measures? What the hell kind of counter measures?
GENERAL TANNIS: Gunship, fire tectonic bomb.
THE PRIME MINISTER: Activate counter measures.


(Explosion. A ship explodes in space.)
GENERAL TANNIS: What was that?
PILOT: Unknown, sir. Sir, the targeting ship has been hit. Confirm. The gun ship has been destroyed.
(GENERAL TANNIS with an astonished look.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Destroyed? By what?
PILOT: Sir, the targeting system is inactive. The bomb exploded on launch.
MAN: (radio) Small shuttle fleet breaking cover from behind the Moon, sir.
(In space, the Moon, and a large spaceship that looks like an aeroplane flies out from behind it.)
PILOT: They have no ship to ship weaponry, sir.
(He has the image of the plane on his monitor.)
GENERAL TANNIS: (Loudspeaker) Enemy craft, you have the honour of being addressed by his Excellency General Tannis, supreme commander of the defence forces of the...
(The image changes to show Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT in peaked cap and green UNIT uniform)
THE BRIGADIER: Enemy craft, you have the misfortune of being addressed by the Brigadier. Now, get out of my solar system.
(Explosion as ships are destroyed. As the plane advances, it can be seen that it has the UK flag on its side.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Open fire, stern guns.
(There are other such planes beside the large one, and the fleet of Canisian ships has a fireball at the centre.)
PILOT: No response, General.
PILOT: It's a generative virus, sir. It's worse than the one on Santiny. It ... it looks like it came from one of our own transmitters.
PILOT: They knew we were coming.
GENERAL TANNIS: But how did they...? The Doctor. So it ends here.
PILOT: We're being boarded, sir.
GENERAL TANNIS: Then evacuate to the landing craft immediately. We still have an army. (Communicator) All craft, this is General Tannis. Invasion protocol. Prepare to land.

(Approaching closer and closer to planet Earth. Soaring as ships descend on standing stones - Stonehenge. A larger ship directly above it.)
PILOT: This is the Fleet Pilot to all troop carriers. On landing we will proceed to the capital and secure the city. We do not expect planned resistance but be on your guard.

(A group of armed UNIT soldiers on the ground in green uniform and blue berets.)
MAN: (radio) They're landing on Salisbury Plain.
(SPEEDWELL from Episode 2 also dressed as a UNIT soldier.)
SPEEDWELL: Just as the Doctor ordered. All right, lads. We wait until every ship has landed, then the jets will make one bomb run. The moment the doors of those ships open artillery will fire one volley at each ship, then we break cover and move in.
PILOT: Open stairwell doors, prepare to disembark.
(Doors slide up, gliding open, revealing Canisian soldiers inside. Nine jets in formations of three soar past the sky leaving a trail of smoke behind. Explosions engulf the Canisian soldiers.)
SPEEDWELL: Fire one.
(Tanks fire. SPEEDWELL leads his men.)
(The PILOT leads his men.)
PILOT: Return fire. Forward!
(Battle between the two groups. GENERAL TANNIS stands in the background behind the PILOT.)
PILOT: General, they were prepared. General, your orders, sir.
GENERAL TANNIS: Find the Doctor at all costs.
PILOT: But the Doctor, General? Are you injured? I mean the troops, sir.
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, damn the troops. Find the Time Lord. Now he's here it won't matter.
PILOT: What's a Time Lord? General! General!
(SPEEDWELL is the only one there suddenly.)
SPEEDWELL: It's Lieutenant-Colonel actually, sir.
(PILOT is shot and falls backwards to the ground. Battle continues between the Canisian soldiers and UNIT troops on Salisbury plain.)


(Image of THE BRIGADIER addressing ACE.)
THE BRIGADIER: This is the Brigadier. Where are you? Over.
(A lone figure in front of the standing stones.)
ACE: Salisbury Plain. What's happening?
THE BRIGADIER: Mission accomplished. We have boarded or destroyed all the remaining orbital vessels.
ACE: Good. We need you on the ground now. Please land as soon as possible. Follow the Tardis's signal. I should be easy to find.
(Her mouth open in shock as GENERAL TANNIS is suddenly beside her.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, you were.
ACE: Tannis!
GENERAL TANNIS: (command voice) "Stop!" (Normal voice) I'll take that, thank you.
(Thump. ACE gasps, bent over in pain.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh, that felt good. Must do it more often. After all, why have the power if you can't use it?
(THE DOCTOR by the far side of the standing stones, approaching.)
THE DOCTOR: (echoed) And you haven't used it, have you, Tannis?
GENERAL TANNIS: Ah. And they say there's never a doctor when you need one. I was just murdering your screamer here, you'll remember the form.
THE DOCTOR: You broke no Laws of Time, so we wouldn't find you and we wouldn't stop you. You never used your power, but you manipulated others so that one day you would be able to, with impunity, and look how even the thought of that much power has twisted you.
GENERAL TANNIS: Oh - oh, you're right. Perhaps you'd better get arrested and turn my people against me. Shouldn't take more than fifty years. The last of the friendly Time Lords. Oh - apart from our do-it-yourself Time Lord of the future here. (Command voice) "Die, slowly."
(ACE chokes.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Well, Doctor? Aren't you going to stop me? Of course you're not. You see, little girl, the Doctor here could save you. He could tell me to die, and I would, he could tell a ship to explode and it would, but he won't. He won't do it on principle. The greatest of the Time Lords. He let his precious metal boy die for nothing, and he'll let you die for nothing. And then he'll die for nothing, all because he won't break the law on principle. That's what you're dying for. Don't kid yourself. If he was interested in the common good, he'd have killed himself long ago. He's just running around the universe trying to assuage a guilty conscience.
(Glowing eyes from THE DOCTOR.)
THE DOCTOR: (Command voice) "Put her down."
(ACE sighs with relief. GENERAL TANNIS's eyes wide in shock.)
GENERAL TANNIS: Doctor. You? You - you can't.
THE DOCTOR: Can't I? Why have the power if you can't use it?
GENERAL TANNIS: You won't violate the code.
(Voices muttering in the background, gentle chanting.)
THE DOCTOR: We held this path for millennia. We held this path so that even if all of us were killed, one of us might stand here and stop an abomination like you from taking over the universe. This is what Casmus used to call teatime.
GENERAL TANNIS: Bluff. You won't do it. (Command voice) "Die!"
(ACE bent over in pain again, briefly.)
THE DOCTOR: I don't think so. We don't have any place in this future, Tannis. It's their universe now.
(Image of space behind them.)
THE DOCTOR: We can't walk amongst them - we never really could. We tried to be like them, or not to be like them, or to hide from them, and you became something less than them. They don't need our guidance any more, and they won't put up with your force.
ACE: Doctor, what are you talking about?
THE DOCTOR: I think ... I'm tired. I'm tired, Ace.
GENERAL TANNIS: You're bluffing. You won't interfere with Time.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, come on, Tannis. If I just let you kill me, I couldn't live with myself. But Time must be left to its own devices.
GENERAL TANNIS: It must be left to its own devices. It must.
(Howling wind starts.)
THE DOCTOR: But you see, Tannis, I am one of those devices.
GENERAL TANNIS: But ... but you'll disrupt the course of Time. (Echoed) No!
THE DOCTOR: (Command voice) "I am the course of Time. I am a God of the Fourth. Now ... die."
(Their images are starting to blur.)
GENERAL TANNIS: But ... but you'll die too. You'll die too.
THE DOCTOR: I've been dead before.
(ACE horrified.)
ACE: Doctor!
(A bolt of lightning comes down from the sky and engulfs them. Whiteness. Thunderbolts as GENERAL TANNIS cries out. GENERAL TANNIS fades, THE DOCTOR fades.)
(One person is left standing, and the Doctor's umbrella lies on the ground. Singing male voice choir in the background, then silence, apart from the howling wind.)


(The jets fly past again. Cheering as the soldiers raise their guns and raise their hands in triumph. GOLCRUM to SPEEDWELL.)
GOLCRUM: Any more injuries, Captain?
SPEEDWELL: Over there, Mister Golcrum. Follow the field medics.
GOLCRUM: Brilliant. I love this planet.
SPEEDWELL: Try not to look too happy about it.
THE BRIGADIER: Lieutenant-Colonel. Where are they?
(THE BRIGADIER's cap has a red band round it. SPEEDWELL beside him, cheering soldiers in the background.)
SPEEDWELL: There you are, sir. We've won, sir. We've won! (Laughs.)
THE BRIGADIER: Pull yourself together, Lieutenant-Colonel. You're a soldier, not a cheerleader. Of course we've won. We always win.
SPEEDWELL: I'm sorry sir, I don't know what came over me.
THE BRIGADIER: Hmm. I'll overlook it on this occasion. Well, let's get teams onto these craft immediately, see if we can't make use of their technology. This is a new age, Lieutenant-Colonel. You'll be flying inter-galactic from now on.
SPEEDWELL: I like the sound of that, sir.
(ACE appears, her face crumpled with sorrow.)
SPEEDWELL: Hello, Miss. Well, we've won.
THE BRIGADIER: Are you all right? Where's the Doctor?
ACE: He...
SPEEDWELL: Is he all right?
(ACE bows her head.)
ACE: He's gone.
(The stones of Salisbury Plain, empty now.)


(ACE in the cave of ice with The Kingmaker.)
ACE: Is he dead?
THE KINGMAKER: Did you find his body?
ACE: No.
THE KINGMAKER: Child, people do not last, only thoughts. For who can kill a thought that was never alive? The tension was created and resolved. The Time Lords walk the worlds no more.
(A line based on the assumption at the time that Survival would be the last ever televised Doctor Who story, and anything could be written, even a story about the death of The Doctor and of all the Time Lords.)
THE KINGMAKER: Now, a new age begins. New adventure beckons. If you hold the light, new darkness will grow to oppose it. Do you wish me to confer on you that light?
ACE: It's your place to decide that.
THE KINGMAKER: No. It is yours. I am far removed from where that decision will make any difference. I place that power in your hands. If the faith of the Doctor and of Casmus was not misplaced, you will know what to do. Farewell, child. We will meet again.
ACE: Yes. We will.
(ACE walking off, outside, she moves away from the cave.)

(An image of space, and stars. A planet.)
CASMUS: Once, long ago, on an island in a sea of clouds, there was a land where giants walked. And the giants lived amongst the other peoples of that land. And they used their great strength to help them ... until twilight fell. Until Death came to Time.
(The planet fades to be replaced by the swirling cloud which fades further and further away. The incidental music which has been playing in the background - Mussorgsky's "Night Of The Bare Mountain" - concludes, fade to black.)

(No closing theme music, credits played silently. Closing credits with white lettering on a black background.)

(Further credits appear with black lettering on a white background)


Transcribed by David Tait

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