The Mazes of Time, by Oli Smith, Tag Games for BBC Worldwide

A Doctor Who video game, released  16 Dec 2010

Episode 1

(Amy and the Doctor arrive at a family star ship)
Amy: Sheesh, this is a family-size star-ship? What happened to just getting a boat?
Doc: A very nice piece of tech. Indefinite life-support functions, engines powered by time currents, this cutting edge stuff- And environmentally friendly.
Amy. So why are we here, Doctor?
Doc: The Jones family are in trouble Amy. And we're here to help.

(Room with the Jones family)
Doc: Mr Jones? We discovered your SOS around the horse-head nebula
Mr Jones: We've been attacked! this thing boarded us, tore up the air-lock
Mrs Jones: It's locked in the Engine room, but I don't know how long the bulk-head will hold it. We need to get to safety.
Amy: Leave this to us Mrs Jones, saving people is what we do.
Billy Jones: There's a monster in the basement.
Doctor: I know, you need to keep as far away from the engine room as possible.
Billy Jones: Where are you going?
Doctor: The engine room.
Doctor: Alright Amy, this is it- are you ready to see what awaits us in the Engine Room?
Amy: Always.

(Engine Room)
Doctor: A Dalek Scientist! Amy, keep back!
Amy: What's it doing?
Doctor: It's after the Time Engine. If that technology gets into the Daleks hands...
Dalek Scientist: Exterminate
Doctor: The power couplings! The engine's overloading! We've got to get out of here!
(Engine starts exploding)

(Room with the Jones family again, now they are gone)
Amy: They're gone, all of them...
Doctor: Scattered through time by the explosion.
Amy: What do we do now?
Doctor: What we always do. Save them!

Episode 2
(Amy and the Doctor get out of the TARDIS next to an Incan Temple)
Doctor: An Incan Temple, fascinating.
Amy: And filled with Incan gold if we're lucky, very bling.
Doctor: I've set the TARDIS to monitor all sub-space chat for news of any time-space anomalies since the explosion. Right now we're following upp a transmission reagarding the mysterious materialisation of a young male...!
Amy: That sounds like Billy!
Doctor: Time Orbs, fragments of the Time Ship's drive system - they must have fallen through time with the Joneses. The more we collect, the easier it'll be to fix the ship.

(Room with many blocks (one of them can be moved the others can't))
Amy: I can't push the block! And even if I could, it would be unladylike.
Doctor: I suppose it's down to me to push this block, being a big strong man.
Amy: You're not a big strong man, you're an alien, and for an alien you're pretty weedy.

(New Room with a cyberman)
Doctor: A Cyberman!
Amy: And a switch!
Doctor: The switch isn't the dangerous one.
Amy: That's why I like it better.
(The Doctor is running past the Cyberman to the switch)
Doctor: Interesting, this switch seems to be binary encoded.
Amy: You mean we can turn it on and off?
Doctor: Yes, yes I do.
(Doctor turns the switch off)
Doctor: It should be safe to cross the spikes now- hurry!
(Doctor crosses the spikes)
(Amy runs past the Cyberman and collects gold)
Amy: At last! Bling
Doctor: And it might just save our lives...
Amy: How?
Doctor: The Cybermen don't like gold, Amy- vapourising the soft metal will clog their joints, rendering them useless.
Amy: We'd best get gathering then.
(Amy turns the switch off again)
Doctor: It should be safe to cross the spikes now- hurry!
(Amy crosses the spikes)

Doctor: That moving platform should get us across the spikes.
Amy: You'd think they'd put handrails on those.

Doctor: A pressure-switch, we'll need to keep it weighted down to stray on. Good job I ate all those pies for lunch.

(Room with many Cybermen)
Amy: Doctor, this place is swarming with Cybermen!
Doctor: They must be the source of the transmission we intercepted- this is going to be more dangerous than I thought.

Amy: Careful Doctor, that floor looks pretty thin. We don't want you crashing to your doom when there's blocks to be pushed. Let me try.

Amy: Ha, you're too big to crawl through these gaps. Bet you're regretting those pies now.
Doctor: I can still climb though, unlike skinny old you.
Amy: Skinny young me.
Amy: What's that? It looks like a hole in the air.
Doctor: It's a sub-space portal, a rip caused by the Time Ship.
Amy: I wonder where it leads?
(Amy and the Doctor get to the sub-space portal and teleport away)

Doctor:Interesting, we've moved in space but not in time.
Amy: So where are we?
Doctor: Deeper inside the Cyberman infested temple.
Amy: Well whoopy-doo for that.

Amy: What's that noise?
Doctor: It sounds like a timer.
Amy: Does that mean it's going to explode?
Doctor: I hope not.

(Amy goes to a switch)
Doctor: This switch seems to have triggered something outside of this room.

Doctor: They've got the TARDIS!
Doctor: I know, but that's much more interesting, a large Incan dish, if we can get to it I can do a bit of jiggery-pokery with the sonic screwdriver and use it to vapourise our gold coins!
Doctor: Okay, the good news is that these Cybermen aren't going anywhere for a long time.The bad newe is ,  Billy isn't here- I've detected a transmission and we're at the receiving end!
Amy: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Doctor: Wait, there's more. According to the message it seems that this squad weren't the only Cybermen here on Earth...
(The Doctor and Amy go into the TARDIS)

Episode 3
(The Doctor and Amy arive with the TARDIS somewhere on the roof)
Doctor: I've managed to isolate the Cybermen's communication frequency. The troops we dealt with in Peru were just a scout-force- This is their HQ!
Amy: A medieval town, it's like a history book! One smellier...
Doctor: It seems that not having a nose has come in pretty handy for the Cybermen.
Doctor: The doors locked, and it's made of wood.
Amy: Which means your sonic screwdriver won't work on it.
Doctor: Exactly we need a key.

Amy: The Cybermen aren't ones for historical accuracy are they?
Doctor: The humans aren't the only things they've "upgraded".
Doctor: We can short-circuit those emitters with these switches, should give the Cybermen a shock. Literally.

Amy: That Cyberman looks different. Doesn't he know it's rude to point?
Doctor: It's been upgraded. Retractable blasters have been inserted into its arms.
Amy: Okay, I'll stop making jokes now.

(Amy and the Doctor go to the TARDIS)

Episode 4
(Amy and the Doctor get out of the TARDIS)
Doctor: Keep your head down Amy, there must be a way to turn the Cybermen's own technology against them.
Amy: Is that possible?
Doctor: It's just a case of cranking up the voltage.

Doctor: The electricity's been shut off! We need to find the main power switch.

Amy: Those doors have been barricaded shut. There must be something super secret behind them!
Doctor: Let's find out.
Amy: Cyber-statues!
Doctor: Bringing their elegant design to medieval England. The villagers must have flocked to see such wonders.

Doctor: There's a Power Console, just need to find a way to get to it.
Doctor: Power - sorted and boosted.
Amy: What now?
Doctor: Now we go back and deactivate as many Cybermen as we can. We're shutting this place down!
Amy: Have you tried walking along the wall?
Doctor: I will now.
Doctor: Okay, that should be enough, now let's find a portal to take us to  the central-command chamber.

(Doctor and Amy go through portal and arrive at the roof)
Doctor: I'm getting the hang of these portals now.
Amy: No time to be smug Doctor, we've got some deactivating to do!

(Electric shocks Cybermen)
Doctor: This should be thelast of them. We need to shut them down and get back to the TARDIS.

(Doctor and Amy get to TARDIS)

Episode 5
Amy: Yay, an ice planet, brrrrrrilliant.
Doctor: Telos, the ancient home of Cybermen, frozen in tombs beneath the surface until the time comes for them to re-emerge once again.
Amy: That time wouldn't be NOW by any chance?
Doctor: You read my mind. Let's get Billy out of here and lock down this tomb for good.
Amy: This is different to an ordinary block, it's more... slippy.
Doctor: It's called inertia, which is interestingly the name of a great aunt I once had.
Amy: Hey Doctor look, it's like some kind of space-key!
Doctor: It's a keycard Amy! They have them in your time.
Doctor: Like a key. How have you no seen one of these before?
Doctor: Strange, it seems like the advance guard have been revived by the tomb's intruder alert.
Amy: You mean us?
Doctor: No, it must have happened before we arrived...
Amy: Billy! We're so close!

(Doctor and Amy get to a portal)
Amy: Holy moly, there's technology everywhere! Built into the ice.
Doctor: We're heading deeper into the main chambers- this is the very heart of Cyber control

(Room with Billy and two Cybermen)
Amy: Billy! He's safe!
Doctor: Only just, the Cybermen are preparing him for conversion into one of them.
Amy: Hurry Doctor!

(Amy gets into the room with Billy)
Amy: It's alright Billy, you're safe now.
Billy Jones: Amy! Doctor! I thought I was dead!
Amy: So what's it like being rescued by a girl?
Doctor: There's no time for banter, kids, we need to get back to the TARDIS and find Billy's parents- the last thing I need is another orphan on my hands.
(Doctor Billy and Amy travel with the TARDIS to save Billy's parents, Billy stays in TARDIS)
Doctor: I've been  able to use Billy's time signature to isolate the rest of the Joneses. If the TARDIS is correct, then Mr Jones should be  somewhere nearby.
Amy: A spooky abandoned mine. That's...
Doctor: Spooky?
Amy: Exactly.
Doctor: Fossils- the only relics of a long dead world.
Amy: Except for the Silurians.
Doctor: They're not dead.

(Doctor Amy time portal)
Amy: Look at that, it's green... and glowy.
Doctor: It's bio-technology, we've seen this before...
Doctor: Silurians! I knew it! Hunters, judging by their tribal masks. Keep back, they're armed.

(Amy Doctor Portal)
Amy: Do you think Mr Jones is still alive down here?
Doctor: The Silurians aren't savages Amy, they're are more likely to keep him hostage than risk triggering a war.

Amy: Wait, What are those holes?
Doctor: After so much time underground it appeares that the Silurians have learnt to burrow.
Amy: A Silutian molehill! In any other world that wouldn't be a normal sentence.
Doctor: We should try blocking the hole.

Amy: Did those guys lose their masks or something?
Doctor: Those are the elite warriors, their skills in combat make them feared even without a mask.

(Room with Mr Jones)
Amy: Mr Jones!
Doctor: Time to set him free.
Doctor (to Mr Jones): Well, you didn't quite make it to the centre of the Earth, but  almost.
Mr Jones: Doctor, my son- is he alright?
Amy: Don't worry, he's in the TARDIS.
Doctor: I wish the same could be said for your wife.
(Amy and Doctor  go through portal. Mr Jones stays behind)

(Doctor and Amy go through another Portal)
Amy: Doctor quick! We need to go!
Doctor: Wait! Those transmitters are controlling the cave walls. If we can shut them down, the Silurians will be trapped inside.
Amy: We've got to do it- they are FAR too angry to negotiate with humanity right now!
Amy: We've done it!
Doctor: Yes, sadly- yet another tribe condemned to hibernation for countless more millennia.
Amy: Their time will come, Doctor- one day. Let's get back to the TARDIS.

(Amy Doctor travel TARDIS)
Doctor: Anglica! The city of culture! And we appear to have landed in the cathedral, how nice. (0.43)
Amy: And quiet.
Doctor: And cold. I hope Mrs Jones wrapped up warm.
Amy: This is it Doctor, time to reunite the Jones family!
Doctor: Biscuits! My favourite!
Amy: For tricking Daleks with?
Doctor: No, for eating.

Amy: Oh no! Doctor stop! Daleks!
Doctor: Oh this isn't good.
Amy: What are they doing here?
Doctor: They look like they're searching for something... or someone.

Doctor: must be something in this room we can use.
Doctor: Ooh a button! I like those, let's press it!
Amy: Is your PHD in pressing things and seeing what happens?
Doctor: Ah, I see, the switch operates a magnet.
Amy: Those heavy metal blocks are no match for science!

(Room with Mrs Jones)
Doctor: Mrs Jones! She's alive!
Amy: Something's wrong, why would the Daleks keep her alive? I don't like this Doctor.
Mrs Jones: Doctor! It's a trap, the orange one, the scientist- it was transported here with me. It's using me as bait to take the time orbs from you.
Doctor: Oh yeah? Him and what army?
Mrs Jones: There's a Dalek ship in orbit- if you don't do as he says then it'll destroy Earth!
Doctor: Ah. I see. Right, Mrs Jones, I need you to stay in the TARDIS where it's safe. Amy, we're going on a trip.

(Amy & the Doctor travel with TARDIS)

Amy: Where are we?
Doctor: The Dalek mothership.
Amy: Doctor, we've got to get the Joneses back home, if you get killed up here...
Doctor: Then everyone on Earth will die. I'm got to try and get to the bridge- lock the ship on a course away from here.
Amy: Then what are we waiting for?
Doctor: There are still Daleks on the planet's surface, we can't leave them there.

Doctor: I need to active these controls, but to bypass the dio-capacitor the power-breakers.
Amy: Those aren't even real words.
Doctor: I need to turn them on.

(Doctor & Amy use a portal)
Doctor: Strategists! We must be getting close to the bridge- these are the battle-planners, ruthlessly cunning.
Amy: And that makes them even more deadly.
Doctor: Correct.

Doctor: Okay, I think we've done enough lure the Daleks back from the planet's surface. It's time to finish this


Doctor: The Dalek bridge only a handful of people in all of space and time have been here and lived.
Amy: I'd like to be part of that handful Doctor.
Doctor: I can't promise anything.

Doctor: We need to overload the ship's navigational controls but only a Dalek energy weapon is powerful enough to penetrate its weak points.
Amy: Please don't say what I think you're going to say...
Docor: Oi! Dalek! It's me, the Doctor! You want the time orbs? Come and get them if you think you're hard enough!
Doctor: That's one down. Three more to go!
Doctor: Half way there!

Doctor: We've done it! The ship's hurling towards the outer limits of the galaxy and there's nothing the Daleks can do to stop it!
Amy: Yeah, and we're on board!
Doctor: With the TARDIS.

(Portal ->)
Amy: Phew, the TARDIS might be big, but with those four on board it was getting pretty crowded!
Doctor: Time to fix the Time Ship ad send them on their way. We did it Amy, we kept our promise.!
Amy: And more.
Doctor: We should finish what we've started and fix the engines before saying goodbye.

(Family Room)
Doctor: Alright Mr Jones, the engines are fine- should be good for another six hundred light-years at least.
Mr Jones: We won't forget this Doctor.
Doctor: Well, at least try to forget some of it. You might get nightmares otherwise.
Mrs Jones: Thank you Doctor.
Doctor: No, thank you- for not dying.
Amy: Look after your family Mrs. Jones, they're very brave.
Mrs Jones: I know.
Doctor: Billy Jones! Back on your ship once more, how do you like it?
Billy Jones: It's nowhere near as cool as the TARDIS.
Doctor: I know, but don't tell your dad that- this ship must've cost him a fortune.
Billy Jones: How much did you pay for the TARDIS?
Doctor: Oh, well... hey, is that the time? I'd better be going. See you 'round Billy.
Amy: And that's our cue to leave I think.
Doctor: Always moving on. People to save, monsters to fight, trouble to find and new worlds to experience.
Amy: You certainly know how to treat a lady.
Doctor: I certainly do. Come along Pond.

Transcribed by Julia Stein

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