End of Days

Original Airdate: 1 Jan, 2007

[Gwen's home]

(Morning. In bed, Gwen is watching Rhys sleeping.)
RHYS: You know it's rude to stare.
GWEN: I thought telepathy would get you to make me a cuppa.
RHYS: What's it worth?
GWEN: What do you want?
RHYS: I'll draw you a diagram, shall I?
(They kiss, and then he gets out of bed.)
GWEN: Nice arse.
(Gwen's phone rings.)
RHYS [OC]: Don't answer it.
(But she does.)
GWEN: Yeah.
JACK [OC]: You watching the news?
(In the living room -)
NEWSREADER: There's speculation that the incidents overnight may be linked. Initial reports suggested terrorist involvement, but this morning some intelligence experts have claimed the incidents may be a stunt. The first sightings were of UFOs over the Taj Mahal in India. They came in just after midnight. In London this morning, there were reports of men in historic dress firing upon police. Some religious groups are claiming events overnight are a vindication of their teachings.
(The police overcome the New Model Army.)
RHYS: Do you think it is terrorists?
GWEN: Terrorists bomb things. This is different.
WOMAN [on TV]: People didn't believe us. Now they should. Judgment day is finally here. This is the End of Days.

[Conference room]

(Ianto has looked up the quote in the Bible.)
IANTO: (reading) And I heard but did not understand, and I said, Master, what is the End of all these things? And he said, go, Daniel, for the things are closed up and sealed until the end of time. Daniel 12, verse 10.
GWEN: Sounds a bit close for comfort.
(Owen is with the Hand in the box.)
OWEN: This machine's on the blink. Keeps losing power. Sorry, don't let me stop your portents of doom. Or have you finished?
IANTO: No, plenty more where that came from. Abaddon, the Great Devourer, who'll lead the world into shadow.
JACK: Yeah, thanks, Ianto. I can do without the superstition. You people love any story that denies the randomness of existence.
IANTO: Thanks. That makes me feel better. Okay, I've been fielding calls all night. The government, UNIT, the CIA. Half the Western world and a good proportion of the Eastern are all asking the same question. Is this anything to do with us?
GWEN: And is it?
TOSH: I've run a profile on every reported temporal anomaly and tracked any physical or temporal pattern.
(The red lines on the screen all trace back to one point.)
GWEN: Shit.
JACK: The cracks in time trace back here to the Rift. This city, this Hub, is the centre. What you're seeing around the world are ripples and aftershocks. The Rift is splintering because of you.
OWEN: What?
JACK: You opened the Rift without knowing what you were doing. You've caused the temporal cracks to widen. Time is seeping through.
OWEN: If it wasn't for me, you two'd still be in the 1940s. So are we going to sit around crying into our lattes, or are we do something about it?
JACK: Bring those who've fallen through time back here, into the vaults.
OWEN: And do what with them?
JACK: We'll deal with phase one first, then I'll tell you about phase two.
OWEN: You can't control time. You can't send them back. What are you gonna do?
JACK: We'll think of something! Hey, this is not the end of the world. I'm certain of that.
(A screen beeps.)
IANTO: Priority one attendance at the hospital. Mortality rate's gone through the roof. They're sealing off the area and designating a hot zone.
OWEN: I'll go.
JACK: Tosh, go with him.
OWEN: No thanks, I'm fine on my own.
TOSH: And you'll be even better with me alongside. Shut up and come on.
GWEN: Did you have to pick on him in public like that?
JACK: All of our actions have consequences.
GWEN: And all your staff have feelings, Jack. Even Owen.
JACK: Well, you would know.
GWEN: He brought you back. Would you rather be stuck in World War II?
(She answers her phone.)
GWEN: Hello.
ANDY [OC]: Gwen, it's Andy.

[Police station]

ANDY: Listen, I didn't know who else to call.
(A short time later, with the man in the cells still shouting Latin.)
ANDY: Double murder. Stabbed two blokes in Penarth. Brutal, it was. No mercy. What are we supposed to do? He doesn't speak a word of English, and he's dressed as a bloody Roman soldier.
JACK: He's not dressed as a Roman soldier, he is a Roman soldier and he's shouting in Latin.
ANDY: Only word I could pick out was Gelligaer.
(Gwen corrects the pronunciation.)
GWEN: Gelligaer. There's a Roman fort out at Gelligaer. Built around 75AD.
JACK: So, he was on his way there, time splintered, and he ends up here.
ANDY: Excuse me? Hi. Any time you feel like talking sense.
JACK: That soldier came through a crack in time.
ANDY: He's not serious, is he? This sort of thing just doesn't happen, not in Cardiff.
JACK: Just because you can't understand it, doesn't mean it isn't true.
GWEN: I know it sounds mad, Andy, but
ANDY: All right, Mulder and Scully. Say I do believe you. Which I don't, because it's bollocks. Say I do. How exactly are we meant to handle a prisoner from two thousand years ago? I mean, has he got the same rights as anyone else? How's this gonna work with the CPS?
JACK: We'll take him off your hands.
(Jack opens the observation slit and the soldier rushes the door.)
ROMAN: Ego in semper homo indomitus. Verere. Valde verere.
JACK: Under any other circumstances, an exuberant Roman soldier would be my idea of a perfect morning.
(Jack has his hypodermic ready.)
GWEN: Careful, Jack.
(They let Jack into the cell and hold the door closed. After a few moments it goes quiet.)
ANDY: Everyone's saying it, you know. In work, on the streets. Do you think this is the end of the world?
GWEN: Oh, Andy, don't be silly. Do you think the world's gonna end on your shift?
ANDY: I've seen you use that smile on a lot of people.
GWEN: What smile?
ANDY: The smile you use to reassure people when deep down you know everything's going to shit.

[Hospital isolation unit]

(Everyone is in hazmat suits with their own air supplies.)
DOCTOR: This was the first one to die. NO ID on her. She just appeared in the middle of A & E. Nobody saw her come through the doors, she didn't register at the desk.
TOSH: So what happened?
DOCTOR: She started coughing up blood. We moved her into isolation immediately. An hour or so later, the staff started presenting similar symptoms.
TOSH: Which were?
DOCTOR: Bite-like bumps on the skin, chills, fever, headaches, along with black patches on the skin.
OWEN: Indicating bleeding into the skin and possibly other organs.
DOCTOR: From the staff, it started spreading to other patients who'd been in reception when she came in.
TOSH: These aren't contemporary clothes.
OWEN: Her teeth aren't exactly modern style, either. Shit.
DOCTOR: As soon as we realised the rate of infection, we closed down the whole area.
OWEN: How many others are infected?
DOCTOR: Thirty, maybe forty.
OWEN: All quarantined off?
DOCTOR: We think so.
OWEN: Then have their clothes and their sheets destroyed immediately.
TOSH: What is it?
OWEN: That woman isn't from this century. More like the fourteenth. It's the, it's the fucking Black Death, Tosh. She's infected Cardiff A & E with the plague. And it's my fault.
DOCTOR: The team are instigating procedures.
OWEN: The infected will need thirty milligrams of Streptomycin and Chloramphenicol plus two of Tetracycline.
DOCTOR: That's plague medicine. Standard issue for bubonic.
OWEN: Well done, House. That's what you're up against.
DOCTOR: So, what are you gonna do now?
OWEN: Well, you're a hospital, you've got procedures, haven't you?
DOCTOR: Yes, but everybody said Torchwood would sort it out. What if we get more carriers appearing out of the blue?
TOSH: We're working to stop that.
DOCTOR: We waited for you! You've got to stop this! You've gotta do something!
OWEN: No, you've gotta do something. People are dropping through time and they are going to bring every disease in history through your doors. So you'd better be ready.
TOSH: Owen.
OWEN: You scared enough yet? Cos fuck knows I am. Come on, Tosh.
TOSH: Make sure they get the medicine. Call us if things get worse.
DOCTOR: How much worse can they get?

[Hospital corridor]

TOSH: Owen? Owen.
(She sees a Japanese woman standing a little way down the corridor.)
TOSH: Okasan?
MOTHER: (in Japanese) It is coming, out of the darkness.
TOSH: (in Japanese) What is coming?
MOTHER: (in Japanese) If there is no other way, you'll have to do it.
TOSH: (in Japanese) Do what? Mum!
(But she has vanished.)
OWEN: Tosh! Come on, stop pissing about.

[Police cells]

(Jack is scanning the unconscious Roman with something suspiciously like a sonic screwdriver.)
GWEN: If Owen managed to open the Rift to get you and Tosh back, can't we do the same thing for these people? We've still got the Rift manipulator.
JACK: There's a world of difference. We're talking about taking control of time, not bringing two people back from the past. Besides, look at the damage Owen caused. We mess with it further, we'll put the planet in danger. Have I ever let you down?
BILIS [OC]: Gwen? Gwen?
(She looks into another cell and sees Bilis Manger sitting there.)
BILIS [OC]: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
JACK: Gwen?
(Gwen is standing as if mesmerised.)
JACK: Gwen! Come on. Hustle.
(The cell is now empty. Gwen comes out of her trance.)

[Holding cells]

(Back at Torchwood.)
JACK: Are you sure it was the same guy?
GWEN: It was definitely him. Bilis, the caretaker of the dancehall.
JACK: That's all he said, sorry? Well, what's he got to be sorry for?
IANTO: Coming through.
(He is subduing a Weevil with the spray before throwing it into a cell.)
IANTO: Thirteen more reports of Weevils on the loose. We're not going to keep up at this rate.
JACK: Everything's on the increase.
GWEN: Can you stop them from making that noise?
IANTO: If you've got any ideas how.
JACK: Maybe they're time sensitive. This disturbance may be too much for them.
IANTO: We're now full in all vaults across all nine levels. Do you want me to activate the vaults below? Its just, we've never used them since I've been here.
JACK: Do it. Gwen, maybe you're right. Let's run a search on your dancehall buddy. We need to find him.
GWEN: Okay.
(The Weevil keens.)
(Ianto turns to see -)
LISA: Hello, Ianto.
(No longer a dead Cyberwoman, but a normal human.)
IANTO: What do you want? Why are you here? This isn't happening.
LISA: There's only one way to stop this, before things get worse. People will die, Ianto. Thousands of people, unless you open the Rift.
(Then she is gone again.)


JACK: Owen. How was the hospital?
OWEN: Laugh a bloody minute. They've got an outbreak of the Black Death.
GWEN: What? Oh, my God.
JACK: Have they got it under control? Tosh! How are they coping?
TOSH: Er, Owen got the place quarantined and organised treatments for those who've been infected.
OWEN: Only consolation is, it's treatable these days. But, you know, what happens when the next carrier comes through, Jack? Someone carrying smallpox or Ebola or something from the future we don't even know about yet? What do we do then?
JACK: Yeah, well, it's not doing us any good standing around speculating.
OWEN: We need to be prepared. We're helpless. All we're doing here is putting sticking plasters on gaping wounds.
JACK: What do you suggest?
OWEN: I suggest you lead us and you tell us what the instructions are.
GWEN: Owen.
OWEN: No, come on. You're all thinking it too. You're the big man here. You keep all the secrets. Well, now's the time to tell us a few and tell us how the hell we'll get out of this.
JACK: You want to know a secret? There is no solution. I can't fix this. Because this was never meant to happen. The first thing you learned when you joined Torchwood was don't mess with the Rift. But you disobeyed those orders, and now everything that's happening is down to you.
OWEN: I only disobeyed instructions to get you back.
JACK: And now people are dying.
OWEN: What, so I shouldn't have bothered? Who the fuck are you anyway? Jack Harkness? You don't even exist. We've looked. So, if you're not even a real person, then why the hell should I follow your orders?
JACK: Get out.
OWEN: What?
JACK: Get out! I'm relieving you of your duty.
TOSH: No. You can't do that.
OWEN: Bollocks you are.
GWEN: Jack, wait.
JACK: You're done here.
OWEN: What, so that's it? The whole world is going to shit and you're going to fire me?
GWEN: For God's sake, both of you. We need to stick together on this.
JACK: If I can't rely on you, if I don't have your complete trust, you don't belong here. That goes for the rest of you. Anyone who agrees with Owen, leave now.
OWEN: So now we know how it is. So that leaves me twenty four hours to savour the good times.
GWEN: What are you talking about?
OWEN: Think about it, Gwen. Nobody leaves this place intact. Sometime in the next twenty four hours I get Retconned. All my memories erased. I don't know where or when, but he'll get me.
GWEN: Jack, this has gone far enough.
OWEN: So I guess this is goodbye. Good luck with the end of the world. I would say thanks for the memories
GWEN: Jack, for God's sake!
(Owen leaves, on his own.)

[Shopping arcade]

IANTO [OC]: Okay, guys, Bilis's shop is coming up twenty metres on your left.
(It is called A Stitch in Time, timepieces repaired and refurbished.)

[Stitch in Time]

GWEN: Wow. Some of this stuff must go back centuries.
JACK: He scavenges antique pieces from the past, brings them here, sells them for a profit. Not a bad business plan.
BILIS: We all have to earn a living.
JACK: You're from 1941.
BILIS: As you were. Hello, again.
GWEN: How can you be in two time zones at once?
BILIS: I can step across eras, like you'd walk into another room. At first, it was the most incredible gift. Now I know the reality. It's a curse.
GWEN: Why?
BILIS: I can see the whole of history, but I don't belong anywhere within it. So, your return to this time had a price. Time's splintering. This city exists on a Rift in time. The only way to make it right is to fully open that Rift, let it suck back what fell through.
JACK: No way. It's too dangerous.
GWEN: Can we even do that?
BILIS: Of course you can. Isn't that right, Captain?
GWEN: Jack?
JACK: You've seen what happened. If we open that Rift fully, millions of lives will be at risk.
BILIS: And yet, if you don't, more will fall through. Lives will be lost.
(Jack points his service revolver at Bilis.)
JACK: You know so much, you're coming back with us.
BILIS: I'm sorry.
(And vanishes.)
JACK: Damn it. Trace the temporal activity around this location. We need to find out where he is. Come on.
(Jack leaves. Gwen hears clocks sounding the hour, but they shouldn't be.)
BILIS: Gwen. I am not your enemy.
GWEN: In the cells, why did you say you were sorry?
BILIS: Sometimes it's better to live in ignorance, unless. Do you really want to know?
GWEN: Know what?
BILIS: Hold my hands. I'll show you.
GWEN: Okay.
BILIS: Only if you're sure.
GWEN: I'm sure.
(They hold hands and look into each others eyes. Gwen sees her home, bloody handprints on the wall and Rhys dying in a pool of blood.)
BILIS: I'm sorry.
GWEN: What did you just show me?
BILIS: The future.
(Gwen runs out and past Jack.)

[Shopping arcade]

JACK: What took you so long? Gwen? Gwen!

[Gwen's home]

RHYS: Is that you?
GWEN: Yeah. It's me. Hello. Ah! You're cleaning the oven.
RHYS: Aye, somebody's got to, love.
GWEN: Listen, we've got to go.
RHYS: Why, what's happened?
GWEN: We've got to go, that's all.
RHYS: Let me finish here first.
GWEN: Rhys, we've got to go now.
RHYS: Oh, here we go again. Look, always in a hurry with you ever since you started that bloody job
(Gwen tasers Rhys.)
GWEN: I'm sorry.


DIANE: Owen. Owen.
OWEN: Oh, Jesus. Diane. Oh, Jesus.
DIANE: I'm lost, Owen.
OWEN: I can touch you. I don't understand. Where did you end up?
DIANE: Please. bring me back, Owen. You can do that, can't you?
OWEN: I don't know. Everything's out of sync.
DIANE: Please. Please, bring me back. Open the Rift.
BARMAN: Do you want another drink there, mate?
(Diane has vanished. The music is Stone Roses, Begging You.)
MUSIC: Can it call you or maul you and drive you insane. Can it make you remember time is in place. Now I'm begging you. I'm begging you

[Holding cells]

(Gwen had got Rhys in protective custody. He wakes with a start.)
GWEN: Whoa, whoa. Take it easy.
RHYS: What's going on? Am I dreaming?
GWEN: This is where I work.
RHYS: You work in a prison?
GWEN: These are just the cells.
RHYS: You locked me in a cell? What the hell are you playing at?
GWEN: I was just trying to keep you safe.
RHYS: I was safe at home.
GEN: No, you weren't. You really weren't.
RHYS: Listen here, Gwen. You'd better tell me exactly what's going on, cos I've taken some shit over the past few months. I mean, what's all this?
GWEN: Rhys, listen to me. I need you to trust me. Okay, it may not seem like it at the moment, but I'm just trying to take care of you. I love you, sweetheart.
(A Weevil keens somewhere off.)
RHYS: What the hell was that?
GWEN: Just try and relax, and I'll come back for you.
RHYS: What do you mean? You're not going to leave me down here.
GWEN: I'm sorry.
RHYS: Gwen! Gwen!
GWEN: I'm sorry.
RHYS: Shit.


JACK: Did he wake up?
GWEN: Yeah. Yeah, he did. Tosh, can you bring up the CCTV of the vaults? Er, just leave it on the screen. I know it sounds crazy, but
TOSH: Sure, no problem.
GWEN: Thank you for helping me bring him here.
TOSH: I can't understand how Bilis was able to show you that vision.
GWEN: It was so real, Tosh. I was in my flat. It smelt like my flat. It had all the sounds of my flat. I touched the blood. I can still feel it on my hands. Rhys's blood.
JACK: Not gonna happen. Come on, there's still work to be done.
(The lights go out.)
IANTO: What's going on?
TOSH: We've got a security breach.
JACK: All right, nobody panic.
GWEN: Rhys!

[Holding cells]

(The cell door swings open and Rhys walks out. He sees Bilis.)
RHYS: Oh, do you work here? I'm Rhys. Gwen's boyfriend?
(Bilis stabs Rhys with a curvy knife, once in the stomach and the second time up into the heart. Rhys dies. Bilis wipes the knife then vanishes. The lights come back on. Gwen and Jack rush in.)
GWEN: No! No! He's gone. He's gone. No, please, no. Please. No. Please. We can, we can bring him back.
JACK: There's nothing we can do.
GWEN: Yes, there is. My boy. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? No! No!

[Autopsy room]

(Jack cleans Rhys' blood from Gwen's hands as she looks at the body on the table.)
GWEN: I'll have to tell his family.
IANTO: We'll deal with it.
GWEN: The way you dealt with that porter the first time I met you? No, you won't deal with him, Ianto.
TOSH: Gwen, I'm so sorry.
GWEN: You never even met him. This is what happens here. We all end up alone. Not me. No way. You bring him back.
GWEN: The Resurrection gauntlet
IANTO: Was destroyed.
GWEN: We've got to have something else.
JACK: I said no.
GWEN: No, there's something wrong with time, so er, we, we can go back to the moment, to the very moment
JACK: Gwen
GWEN: There's something you can do, otherwise what's the fucking point of you!
(Gwen flies at Jack.)
GWEN: You, you bring him back! Bring him back. You bring him back. Do you understand me, Jack fucking Harkness!
JACK: I'm sorry.
GWEN: Do you?
JACK: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
(Owen enters.)
OWEN: Oh, shit. What happened?
TOSH: You came back.
OWEN: Are you all right?
(Owen takes Gwen from Jack.)
OWEN: You okay? You all right?
GWEN: Don't touch me!
OWEN: How many other people have got to suffer? I'm gonna fix this. I'm opening the rift.
(Ianto starts to follow Owen.)
JACK: Make sure you stop him.
TOSH: We're gonna help him.
GWEN: Bilis was right. He said open the Rift and everything goes back to normal. Owen's right. I'm going to get Rhys back.
JACK: Gwen.
JACK: Gwen!


IANTO: Enter Emergency Protocol One.
GWEN: Out the way, I'll do this.
JACK: Get away from the computer, Gwen.
OWEN: Jack.
JACK: This is a trap. All these cracks around the world, they're diversions. This is what Bilis wants.
OWEN: What are you afraid of, Jack?
(Gwen needs a password.)
IANTO: Rhea Silva.
(Jack draws his gun on Owen.)
JACK: I said move.
TOSH: What the hell are you doing?
JACK: Final warning.
GWEN: Come on, Jack.
JACK: You're a united front now? Toshiko, the poor girl who'll screw any passing alien that gives her a pendant? Owen, so strong he gets in a cage with a Weevil, desperate to be mauled. Or Ianto, hiding his cyber-girlfriend in the basement. Your three comrades here pumped bullets into her, remember?
GWEN: I've got to get Rhys back.
JACK: Yeah, cos you're so in love with Rhys that you spend half your time in Owen's bed.
(Gwen punches Jack so hard he goes down. Owen grabs his gun.)
GWEN: Fuck you!
OWEN: We're relieving you of your command, Captain. We're opening that Rift and getting back what we lost.
(Retina prints of all Torchwood personnel required for authorisation.)
GWEN: Shit.
OWEN: Stay down.
JACK: You're in charge, Owen? You've gotta have significantly bigger balls.
(Jack stands up. Owen shoots him between the eyes. He goes down. Owen shoots him twice more.)
OWEN: I'm sick of people doubting me.
IANTO: What have you done?
(Gwen takes the gun from Owen. They get the retina prints.)
GWEN: We've still got to do Jack's.
(They take it from his dead, staring eye and enter them all into the computer. It accepts them. Warning. Protocol activation will endanger Torchwood infrastructure. Gwen looks at them all then hits Okay. Alarms sound all over the place. Jack grabs Gwen's arm.)
JACK: Oh, my God. What have you done?
(Electricity shoots up the Water Tower and into the sky. Everything movable is shaking and the Weevils are going crazy. The Roman soldier vanishes.)
GWEN: Help me move him.
(Glass partitions shatter. Rhys' body disappears. They head for the stairs as the Hub falls to pieces.)

[Back street]

JACK: Keep moving.
GWEN: It's going to be all right, Jack. Everything is going to go back to normal.
BILIS: From out of the darkness, he is come.
GWEN: What is he talking about?
BILIS: Son of the Great Beast, cast out before time, chained in rock and imprisoned beneath the Rift.
GWEN: What?
BILIS: All hail Abaddon, the Great Devourer, come to feast on life.
(Towering over the buildings, a horned beast very like Azal from The Daemons roars.)
BILIS: The whole world shall die beneath his shadow.
(Every step sets off alarms. The people run, screaming, then fall down dead as its shadow passes over them.)
BILIS: I look upon you, my god, and know my work is done.
GWEN: How do we stop it? Tell me what to do, Jack.
JACK: Just you get me to an open space.

[Waste ground]

(Jack gets out of the Range Rover, still in pain from being shot.)
GWEN: What are you gonna do?
JACK: If Abaddon is the bringer of death, let's see how he does with me. If he feeds on life, then I'm an all you can eat buffet.
GWEN: No, wait. Wait, you're too weak.
(Abaddon stamps on a block of flats.)
JACK: Get out of here. Go! Drive as fast as you can.
GWEN: Jack.
JACK: Bring it on!
(He attracts Abaddon's attention. It steps across the river and its shadow falls on Jack. He screams in pain and falls to his knees. Abaddon roars, and energy streams from Jack to it. The bringer of death falls to its knees, then collapses. Whiteout. Jack finally collapses. Gwen runs over and cradles him in her lap, weeping.)

[Gwen's home]

GWEN: Oh, you're here.
RHYS: Weren't you just here a minute ago?
GWEN: You're here.
(She kisses Rhys.)
GWEN: Go to bed. Get some sleep and I'll be back for you.

[Cold storage]

(Jack is pale and about to have his bodybag zipped up.)
GWEN: You're certain?
OWEN: He's ice cold. No vital signs.
GWEN: He survived when you shot him. When I first joined, he said he couldn't die.
OWEN: He was wrong.
GWEN: I want to sit with him.
OWEN: Gwen
GWEN: I want to sit with him.
(Owen, Tosh and Ianto leave. Night falls.)
GWEN: Wake up. Jack.


(Watching on the CCTV.)
OWEN: How long's she gonna do this?
(Ianto tidies Jack's desk, then buries his face in the greatcoat.)

[Cold storage]

TOSH: It's been days. We have to face up to it. He's not coming back.
GWEN: I believe in him.
TOSH: Let him go, Gwen.
(Tosh leaves. Gwen kisses Jack goodbye and walks away without pushing him into the storage cubicle.)
JACK: Thank you.
(She runs back.)


(Tosh sees Jack first and runs over for a hug. Then it is Ianto's turn for a kiss. Finally, Owen and Jack meet.)
JACK: I forgive you.
(Owen cries in Jack's arms.)

[Jack's office]

(Later, Jack is wearing his greatcoat.)
GWEN: What's happened to the Rift?
JACK: It closed up when Abaddon was destroyed. But it's gonna be more volatile than ever.
GWEN: The visions we had. We all saw people we loved. What did you see?
JACK: Nothing. There was nothing.
GWEN: Jack, what would have tempted you? What visions would have convinced you to open the Rift?
JACK: The right kind of Doctor.
GWEN: But, Jack


JACK: Where are they with those coffees?
(The hand in the jar glows. A wind blows through Torchwood and the sound of a time rotor can be heard. Jack smiles.)
GWEN: Jack? Jack?
(He's not there. Tosh, Ianto and Owen enter with the takeaway coffees.)
GWEN: Did you see Jack on your way in?
OWEN: I thought we'd tidied up in here. What's the matter?
GWEN: He was just here. Something's taken him. Jack's gone.
(A tiny figure is running across Roald Dahl Plass to continue his adventures in Doctor Who, starting with Utopia.)

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