Lost Souls, by David Lidster

A BBC Radio Audio Drama, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 10 Sept 2008 and released on CD on 18th Sep 2008


(Adjusting something in a tunnel.)
DOCTOR JOHNSON: (communicator) Leon? How are you getting on?
LEON FOIRET: Er ... I've re-secured the valve, so the magnet's fixed, Professor. Er - inspected the cooling pipes, they're all okay.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: (communicator) That's excellent. We don't want any hitches tomorrow. See you when you get back.
LEON FOIRET: Okay. See you up there.
(He gasps as a noise starts, part electronic, part vocal.)
LEON FOIRET: Who's that?
VOICE: Come closer, Leon.
LEON FOIRET: Who's there?
VOICE: Come to me.
LEON FOIRET: Get away from me!
VOICE: There is nowhere to hide.
VOICE: Your life ... is our life.
(LEON FOIRET screams.)

(Opening Torchwood theme, composed by Murray Gold.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Torchwood. Outside the Government, beyond the police, Fighting for the future on behalf of the human race. The Twenty-First Century is when everything changes, and Torchwood is ready.

(Beat music. Crowded room.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Stand back, everybody! Get back!
MAN: Hey! What do you think you're playing at?
CAPTAIN JACK: Chasing a Weevil. Tall thing, leather skin, sharp teeth. Terrible dress sense.
MAN: Who the heck are you?
CAPTAIN JACK: Captain Jack Harkness. Torchwood.
GWEN COOPER: Gwen Cooper. We catch aliens.
IANTO JONES: Ianto Jones. We need to catch this one before...
(Growl. Screams in distance.)
GWEN COOPER: Over there by the fire exit. Come on!
CAPTAIN JACK: Excuse us! Mind your backs! Come on! Coming through!

(Pushing door open to outside. Noise of mobile phone ring.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh. You two carry on.
IANTO JONES: We're on it.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Jack?
CAPTAIN JACK: Martha Jones. Suddenly outside a tacky nightclub, the voice of a nightingale.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Where are you?
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh, you know, chasing a Weevil around Cardiff Bay.
(Shouts of GWEN COOPER and IANTO JONES in the distance.)
CAPTAIN JACK: It's a quiet night, really.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Jack, I need you.
CAPTAIN JACK: Don't tell me, you've finally seen the light and dumped that fiancÚ of yours. I'm on the first train to London.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) I'm not in London, I'm in Switzerland. Have you heard of CERN?
CAPTAIN JACK: Home of the famous particle accelerator? What are you doing there?
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) There's a big thing here tomorrow - lots of politicians, diplomats. UNIT are covering security for it.
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh, sounds like fun.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Anyway, listen. A friend of mine works here, and when I arrived she told me that people were going missing, and ... Look, Jack, something really odd's happening. My friend's disappeared. Please tell me you'll come.
CAPTAIN JACK: You know I will.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Oh, and ... don't come in all guns blazing, yeah? Leaving new Torchwood isn't going to make my bosses happy but I need a fresh pair of eyes looking over things, and ... Dammit, someone's coming, I've got to go.
(Noise of GWEN COOPER and IANTO JONES out of breath.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Where's the Weevil?
GWEN COOPER: It's er ... it went into the bay.
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh. Can Weevils swim?
IANTO JONES: Apparently not. Anyone for coffee?
CAPTAIN JACK: Right, coffee, good idea. Then Torchwood's going to Switzerland.

(Aeroplane landing noise.)
FEMALE VOICE: Ladies and gentlemen, we should be arriving in Geneva in about thirty minutes.
CAPTAIN JACK: Did I ever tell you about the time I flew from Venus to Mars? You should have seen that flight crew. All those hands, all those pincers...
GWEN COOPER: Yes, thank you, Jack! Anyway, I found out a few things about this particle physics lab. Over ten thousand people work there from a hundred different countries.
CAPTAIN JACK: Martha said people were disappearing.
GWEN COOPER: Well, I certainly couldn't find any official record of any accidents or people disappearing. Just a load of scientists all working on something called the LHC?
CAPTAIN JACK: The Large Hadron Collider. A thing of beauty.
(GWEN COOPER slight laugh.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh, I love what they're doing, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.
IANTO JONES: So what exactly are they trying to do with this collider thing?
CAPTAIN JACK: They're looking for the Higgs Particle.
GWEN COOPER: The what?
CAPTAIN JACK: The fundamental particle of existence. Look out the window. See those clouds?
CAPTAIN JACK: Well, what do they look like?
IANTO JONES: Candy floss.
CAPTAIN JACK: They look solid, though, yeah? But they're not.
GWEN COOPER: Yes, thank you, Jack, we all know what clouds are made of.
CAPTAIN JACK: Well, imagine you had a huge digital camera, and you could zoom in, right into the clouds so you could see the individual raindrops, then zoom in further and you ... you see that the raindrops are made of molecules, H Two O.
CAPTAIN JACK: Then zoom in further and see what hydrogen is made of, one proton and one electron, and zoom in to the proton - that's where it gets interesting. At CERN, they've found a way to look at those particles. To the very building blocks of matter of the Universe, of everything.
IANTO JONES: They've got a really big camera.
CAPTAIN JACK: Not exactly. They've built the world's biggest particle collider. It goes through Switzerland and France, deep underground. It's in a circular tunnel, twenty-seven kilometres round. They're gonna send protons racing around it at the speed of light, smash them into each other, and boom!
CAPTAIN JACK: Kinda like the big bang.
GWEN COOPER: That's impressive. So why would they want to make anyone disappear?
CAPTAIN JACK: I don't know. Maybe those people found out something and had to be removed. This proton smashing isn't trivial stuff. Some people think it could open a gateway to a parallel dimension, or ... create a black hole. Or even turn the world inside out.
CAPTAIN JACK: Hey, hey, hey, don't look so worried. It's only a theory. Everything gonna be fine. And Martha's got us front row tickets.

(Aeroplane landing.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Get ready for the biggest hug of your life, Doctor Jones.
(They laugh.)
MARTHA JONES: Jack. It is so good to see you. Gwen, Ianto, how are you?
GWEN COOPER: We're doing okay, thanks.
IANTO JONES: Nice to see you, Martha. How have you been, since the funeral?
MARTHA JONES: I've been okay, thanks. Working over here mostly.
CAPTAIN JACK: So, tell us what's going on.
MARTHA JONES: Right. This mate of mine Julia Swales, well she worked here as a doctor, and a few weeks ago she noticed that people had been taken ill with symptoms no-one could really understand. So because nobody here could do anything, the patients were sent to some specialist hospital across the border in France. Which all makes sense, except when Julia contacted the hospital, she found that they never arrived. They vanished, all eleven of them.
MARTHA JONES: Julia was worried, and as soon as I got here with the rest of the UNIT medical team, she told me about it.
CAPTAIN JACK: Clever Julia.
MARTHA JONES: Clever Julia, who's now gone missing as well.
GWEN COOPER: Why didn't UNIT investigate?
MARTHA JONES: They did, but couldn't find any evidence of anything wrong. And once Julia vanished, I knew I needed you guys. Two days ago, another worker fell ill. He's still in the sick bay. I want you to take a look at him.
CAPTAIN JACK: And you can get us in there, without UNIT security guys being alerted?
MARTHA JONES: They're rushed off their feet. The Large Hadron Collider's being activated today, so they've got loads of dignitaries and ambassadors here and right now, there's a reception being held for them.
CAPTAIN JACK: Ho-ho-ho! A reception for the ambassadors. An ambassador's reception.
IANTO JONES: Excellente.

MAN: Security passes, please.
MARTHA JONES: Here's mine, and this is Mr Ianto Jones. You should have him on your list.
MAN: Mr Ianto Jones. Ah. The Ambassador for Wales?
IANTO JONES: Oh! Hello. That's me.
MARTHA JONES: And this is his wife, Gwen.
MARTHA JONES: And their personal assistant, Mr Harkness.
MAN: Sir and Madame, here are your passes.
(Passing papers to them.)
IANTO JONES: Thank you. Darling? Shall we go in?
GWEN COOPER: Darling, it would be a pleasure.
MAN: And here's one for you.
(Papers passed.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Yeah, whatever.
MARTHA JONES: Well, if you'd like to follow me, Ambassador? Oh, and before I forget, here's an entry pack. It's got a map and itinerary and stuff. We'd really hate for you to get lost down there.
IANTO JONES: Mademoiselle, with these maps you are really spoiling us.
[A further reference to the Ferrero Rocher advert.]
(Lift screech.)
MARTHA JONES: Just get in the lift.
(Entering lift.)
MARTHA JONES: Going down.

GWEN COOPER: Ooh ... oh. My ears just popped. How much further down is it?
MARTHA JONES: It's about a hundred metres altogether.
IANTO JONES: Will our Bluetooths work down there?
MARTHA JONES: Should do. Give it a try now.
CAPTAIN JACK: Jack calling Gwen, Ianto?
IANTO JONES: Loud and clear.
(Lift stops.)
MARTHA JONES: We're there. Undercover, Jack, remember?
(Lift doors open.)
MARTHA JONES: It's like an underground city down here. Research labs, offices ... the control room's on this side, and that is ATLAS.
(CAPTAIN JACK laugh. Machinery humming.)
MARTHA JONES: The biggest of the particle detectors.
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh, impressive.
IANTO JONES: It's like a ... jet engine.
GWEN COOPER: The size of the London Eye.
(Walking towards them.)
MARTHA JONES: And behind that, is the entrance to the tunnel.
CAPTAIN JACK: That's where the LHC is.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: The Large Hadron Collider, that's quite correct. It's the tube that the proton beams will be fired through. Welcome. Professor Catriona Johnson, head of the LHC project. And you are?
CAPTAIN JACK: Jack Harkness.
IANTO JONES: My personal assistant. Ianto Jones. Ambassador for Wales. This is my wife Gwen.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Well, it's - it's good to have you here.
GWEN COOPER: This must be a very exciting day for you.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Nothing could be more important. I've been working all my professional life towards this moment. Today we could unlock the secrets of Dark Matter. What we're about to do could change our understanding of the Universe.
CAPTAIN JACK: How long until the collider's activated?
DOCTOR JOHNSON: The countdown's already started. In fact, Doctor Jones, perhaps you'd like to take these guests to the viewing area.
MARTHA JONES: Yes, of course.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Now, if you'll excuse me.
(Walking off.)
MARTHA JONES: Ambassador, if you'd like to come with me.
IANTO JONES: Thank you, Doctor Jones.
MARTHA JONES: Right. Sick bay's down this corridor.

(Door opened, closed.)
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Hello, Martha. I was wondering where you'd got to.
MARTHA JONES: I've been roped in to show visitors around. Ambassador, this is Doctor Oliver Harrington, head of UNIT's medical team, and my boss.
CAPTAIN JACK: Nice to meet you, Doctor.
IANTO JONES: Looks like you've got some very impressive equipment down here.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Well, we're not exactly in an ordinary situation, cut off from the outside world in a little underground base.
IANTO JONES: I know the feeling.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Well, I mean, it's quite an honour being here, there's not many get the chance to work alongside the world's brightest scientists.
GWEN COOPER: Doctor Harrington, when they activate the LHC, could there be side effects - you know, could the health of the people working here be affected?
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: No, not at all, no, no, we've checked and double-checked everything, so no. Not expecting any problems at all. Today you're more likely to injure yourself slipping on a vol-au-vent. (Laugh.)
GWEN COOPER: That's reassuring.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm representing UNIT's medical team so I really should be getting along to the control room. I'm sure Doctor Jones will take good care of you.

(Door closes.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Handsome guy. Sad eyes though.
MARTHA JONES: His wife died last year. Now he just works all the time. Guess he's blocking out the pain.
CAPTAIN JACK: Okay, Martha Jones. Let's take a look at your patient.
MARTHA JONES: Yeah, he's in intensive care ... it's this way.

(Bleeping of medical instruments.)
IANTO JONES: Who is he?
MARTHA JONES: His name's Leon Foiret. a technician. He was working in the tunnel when ... something happened. His Bluetooth was switched on, they heard him screaming.
CAPTAIN JACK: I can't see any obvious injuries. No attack marks.
MARTHA JONES: He's in a deep coma. Won't respond to anything. Well, nothing we've got, anyway.
GWEN COOPER: Okay. Well, let's try a Bekaran deep tissue scanner.
(Noise of the scanner.)
MARTHA JONES: That's brilliant.
(GWEN COOPER chuckles.)
MARTHA JONES: I've never seen an X-ray like it.
GWEN COOPER: Owen was working on and adapted it before he...
(She stops.)
GWEN COOPER: The readings don't make any sense.
CAPTAIN JACK: What the hell is that?
IANTO JONES: Look at his skin.
MARTHA JONES: It's glowing.
GWEN COOPER: You can see right through it.
IANTO JONES: That is disgusting.
(LEON FOIRET rapid breathing.)
MARTHA JONES: Right, everyone stand back. Come on, Leon, stay with me. Leon, can you hear me? Leon?
(LEON FOIRET speaks in a part-echoed alien voice mixed with his own.)
LEON FOIRET: Your life is our life.
GWEN COOPER: What ... what is he saying?
MARTHA JONES: Okay Leon, we're gonna help you.
LEON FOIRET: Please ... don't take him for ... don't take him...
MARTHA JONES: Leon, shh, shh, shh, shh ... I'm giving you something for the pain. Shh, shh.
(Bleeps. LEON FOIRET groans.)
GWEN COOPER: It looks like he's stable again.
MARTHA JONES: I have never seen anything like this.
IANTO JONES: Do you think this is what's been happening to the missing people?
CAPTAIN JACK: Leon here was in the tunnel when he got sick, yeah? So was he exposed to something?
GWEN COOPER: The collider?
CAPTAIN JACK: Possibly. So let's find out where the other people were when they got sick. There has to be some connection between them.
MARTHA JONES: I've got a list of their names. Here.
GWEN COOPER: Is there a computer we can use, check the facilities, databases, that kind of thing?
MARTHA JONES: Erm ... there's the main computer room. Down the corridor, third door on the right.
GWEN COOPER: Right. Ambassador, you're with me. We're going hacking.
IANTO JONES: Yes, Ma'am.
CAPTAIN JACK: Don't you just love it when she gets bossy?
(Door slides closed.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Now, let's see if we can find out what's wrong with the angel Gabriel here.
(Instrument used.)
MARTHA JONES: How are you, Jack? It's been a while since Owen and Tosh. The last time we talked about it...
CAPTAIN JACK: They're dead, and I've got to stay strong for the others. I'm fine.
MARTHA JONES: Fine? I know you, Jack. I know what they meant to you, I know what they meant to me .
CAPTAIN JACK: We're getting through it. You know how death follows us ... follows me. All the times we try to cheat it but no-one escapes. Just me. Always me. I couldn't save them, Martha.
MARTHA JONES: Jack, I'm so ... I am so sorry.
CAPTAIN JACK: The best I can do now is take care of Gwen.
(He sighs.)
MARTHA JONES: Don't blame yourself. You can't. What happened to Owen and Tosh, it's not your fault.
CAPTAIN JACK: (laugh) I recruited them. Showed them a different sky, and - and now it...
(He coughs.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Right. Back to golden boy, let's see if we can find out what's happening to him .

(In the room.)
GWEN COOPER: Okay, let's start with Martha's mate Julia.
(Typing on keyboard.)
IANTO JONES: Swales, Julia.
GWEN COOPER: When did she fall ill?
IANTO JONES: Two days ago. Says she was transferred to a hospital in Evian-Les-Bains.
GWEN COOPER: Hmm. Has she been in the tunnel where they found Leon?
IANTO JONES: Erm ... wait a minute. It says here that ... she was the one that found him.
GWEN COOPER: Janet Russo, disappeared a week ago.
IANTO JONES: And yeah, according to her work log, she was working on the quadruple magnets? the day she collapsed. With what Doctor Harrington diagnosed as a severe migraine.
GWEN COOPER: According to what I'm seeing on here, those magnets are part of the collider. In the tunnel.
IANTO JONES: Alan Nielson. He was a maintenance worker, in the tunnel. Jacques Fournier, a coolant expert, collapsed after final temperature adjustments were made...
GWEN COOPER: In the tunnel. So all these people go into the tunnel perfectly normal and they come out complaining of migraines. But ... but if Leon's anything to go by, then they actually...
IANTO JONES: Lit up like a Christmas tree.

MARTHA JONES: Jack, look at the liver composition.
(Bleeps of instrument.)
MARTHA JONES: I've never seen anything like it. It looks like it's losing its density.
MARTHA JONES: All his organs are fading. It's like he's made of tissue paper or something. He's disintegrating. I don't believe it.
MARTHA JONES: The human body's made up of atoms, right? And every atom has a nucleus made up of protons and neutrons floating in a cloud of electrons. Well, that's why he's falling apart! His neutrons are missing!
CAPTAIN JACK: But you can't just lose your neutrons, they're part of you.
MARTHA JONES: Oh, I don't think he's lost them. I think they've been taken.
(Bleeps of readout stop.)
MARTHA JONES: You recognise this, don't you?
CAPTAIN JACK: Years ago ... well, years ago for me ... back when I was with the Time Agency, I saw a whole colony go the same way as golden boy. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. There was this creature ... (Sighs.) We'd better tell Gwen and Ianto.

(In the room.)
GWEN COOPER: Okay, so something's happened in the tunnel, but how is it linked to the collider? It hasn't been activated yet.
IANTO JONES: Hang on, let me just access this.
(He types on the keyboard.)
IANTO JONES: There was an injection test back in May, only for a few seconds, but they went live.
(Door opened.)
CAPTAIN JACK: And I wonder what they let through.
(Door closed.)
CAPTAIN JACK: The collider may have only been activated for a few nanoseconds, but something got into the tunnel.
MARTHA JONES: A creature that feeds on neutrons in the human body.
CAPTAIN JACK: A few nanoseconds back in May were long enough to let one creature through. The full experiment today, who knows what's waiting to pay us a visit? I think it's time I had a word with Professor Johnson.
GWEN COOPER: Some of the missing people away from the base is medics, and from UNIT. We're talking about twelve people. They can't disappear without someone covering it up.
CAPTAIN JACK: Someone in charge.
MARTHA JONES: Someone who knows this base inside out.
GWEN COOPER: I know what I'd do. Why risk taking them out at all? I mean, you said it yourself, it's like a city here. Plenty of room to hide the bodies.
IANTO JONES: I'll bring up a satellite image of this place, and compare it with the site plan you gave us, Martha.
(Tapping on keyboard.)
IANTO JONES: Here you go.
GWEN COOPER: Look. There's a small building up on the surface. To the west of the main complex. It's not marked on the site plan.
MARTHA JONES: Julia could be in there. I'm gonna find out.
CAPTAIN JACK: Okay, good luck. Gwen, Ianto, I need to get to the control room. I know how we can neutralise the creature but we've got to locate it first, which means you going into the tunnel.
IANTO JONES: On our way.
CAPTAIN JACK: Hope you're wearing your thermals.

(The tunnel. Shivering with cold.)
IANTO JONES: That is no job for the Ambassador for Wales.
GWEN COOPER: Okay. Jack, we're in the tunnel.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) What can you see?
GWEN COOPER: Not much, It's dark.
IANTO JONES: And cold.
CAPTAIN JACK: Is Ianto moaning?
CAPTAIN JACK: Okay. Get scanning. See if there's any trace of the creature. If you find it, call in immediately, and I'll tell you what you have to do. Don't engage it by yourselves.
IANTO JONES: Let's hope it doesn't want to engage us .
CAPTAIN JACK: Good hunting.
GWEN COOPER: Well, I'll go this way, you go al... (Surprised) Bikes?
(Movement of bicycle.)
IANTO JONES: It said in the information pack, this is how the workers get around down here.
GWEN COOPER: Okay ... okay! Let's give it a go.
(she climbs on a bike.)
GWEN COOPER: Well, I don't feel stupid at all.
IANTO JONES: So, we ride through the tunnel, in opposite directions...
GWEN COOPER: Mm-hmm...
IANTO JONES: ...And meet up in the middle.
GWEN COOPER: Yeah. A nice bit of exercise.
(Starting to ride.)
IANTO JONES: Yeah. Just what we need.
GWEN COOPER: Be careful, yeah?

(Control room. Whirr of instrument.)
TOM: Professor Johnson, we're nearly ready to begin.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Thank you, Tom. (Amplified) Er, ladies and gentlemen, if I could just have your attention.
TOM: Powering up.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: (amplified) Firstly I want to thank you, every single one of you, for your hard work, your dedication, your ... well frankly, your brilliance, over the last few months. Today is a landmark in the history of science. In a few short minutes, our knowledge of the laws of Physics will be propelled into a new era.
TOM: Temperature in tunnel's being lowered.
(Door opened.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Professor Johnson, shut it down. Shut it down now!
DOCTOR JOHNSON: What the hell is this man doing in here?
CAPTAIN JACK: Professor Johnson, I'm ordering you to shut down the accelerator.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: (amused) You're the ... the Welsh Ambassador's assistant, right?
CAPTAIN JACK: Jack Harkness, and I'm Torchwood.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Torchwood. And Torchwood is ...?
CAPTAIN JACK: Torchwood is here to protect Earth against the threat of alien invasion.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Alien invasion, right ... What are you talking about?
CAPTAIN JACK: Listen to me. When the Large Hadron Collider was tested back in May, something came through.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: How do you know about the test?
CAPTAIN JACK: A creature that feeds on the neutrons in the human body.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: And you think this, why?
CAPTAIN JACK: Well, because of the twelve missing people, and because the one you've got in your sick bay has a tendency to glow in the dark.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: What are you talking about, missing people. What missing people?
CAPTAIN JACK: (laugh) Come on, Professor. I can't believe anything happens here that you don't know about.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: I don't have time to listen to this madness. Status report please, Tom.

(The tunnel. Riding bikes.)
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Gwen?
GWEN COOPER: Hey, Martha. What's it like up top?
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Raining. How are things down below?
GWEN COOPER: Er ... cold, damp, underground, I could have stayed in Cardiff! (Laughs.)
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) No trace of Jack's creature, then?
GWEN COOPER: No nothing. How are you getting on?
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) It's a bit of a trek, but I'm nearly there.
(Pause, only the sound of bikes.)
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Gwen, are you okay? You know, after Tosh, Owen...
GWEN COOPER: Honestly?
(Bike stops.)
GWEN COOPER: No. I mean, it's just the whole accepting they're gone thing, you know. I thought the funeral service would give us all closure or whatever, but erm ... when I think about it, or talk to you or Jack or anyone, I get this ... well, I get this feeling of, erm...
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Guilt?
GWEN COOPER: Yeah, guilt. And God knows what it's like for Jack. Outliving centuries of friends and lovers.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) The man who can never die.
GWEN COOPER: I can't imagine a life more ... lonely.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Gwen? I think I've found the building.
GWEN COOPER: Okay. Good luck. Be careful Martha, all right?

(Raining and the sound of thunder.)
MARTHA JONES: Yeah. Martha out. Okay...
(Trying to open a door.)
MARTHA JONES: Couldn't half do with the sonic screwdriver, but ... a rock will have to do.
(She grunts, rock hit at door. door pulled open.)
MARTHA JONES: Oh my god, no. Julia? Julia, can you hear me?

IANTO JONES: Gwen? Come in, Gwen.
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) What is it?
IANTO JONES: My bike's got a bell!
(He ring the bell.)
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) I'm very pleased for you. Oh, it's getting colder.
IANTO JONES: Yeah, same here. You see anything?
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) Nope.
(Half-metallic sound.)
VOICE: Ianto?
(Bike stopped.)
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) What is it?
IANTO JONES: I think I've found something. Who's there?
VOICE: The dead. The dead. We're coming back.
IANTO JONES: You hear that?
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) Yeah. I'm on my way.
IANTO JONES: Quick as you can, yeah? Afternoon. So ... you're the dead then, not an alien creature?
VOICE: I was always alien to you, coffee boy! You told me I was a good doctor.
IANTO JONES: Owen? Is that you?
VOICE: Help me, Ianto.
IANTO JONES: Did I ever tell you, I don't actually believe in ghosts?
VOICE: (plaintive) Help us. We're lost.
IANTO JONES: Where are you? Where are you?
VOICE: We're in the darkness. Help us, Ianto Jones, we're starving!

DOCTOR JOHNSON: How long until activation, Tom?
TOM: Twelve minutes and fifteen seconds.
CAPTAIN JACK: You're making a big mistake, Professor.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Look, even if I believed all this nonsense you're talking, it just isn't possible to stop it. It's not like flicking a switch.
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) Jack?
CAPTAIN JACK: What is it Gwen?
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) Ianto's found the creature. I'm on my way back to him now.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Jack, it's Martha. Come in.
CAPTAIN JACK: What is it?
MARTHA JONES: I found the building, the one that's not on the map. The missing people are here.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: There are no missing people.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) All twelve of them, in comas, Jack, and they're glowing. They're glowing like angels. I found them, Professor Johnson!
DOCTOR JOHNSON: I don't understand. I don't know about this.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) So who put them all here and faked the hospital reports, then?
CAPTAIN JACK: Someone who knows more about that creature in the tunnel than they should. Your tests last May let something through into our world, Professor, and far worse is on its way if you don't stop what you're doing now.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: It's all pre-programmed. Nothing can stop it. There's nothing I can do.

(The tunnel.)
VOICE: Ianto, it's me, Tosh.
IANTO JONES: You're in my head, That's how you're doing this. You're just particles.
FEMALE VOICE: Help me, Please, Ianto, It's Lisa. Hold me.
IANTO JONES: You can't be Lisa. She's gone. They're all gone.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Ianto, can you hear me?
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Gwen's on her way. You okay?
IANTO JONES: Er ... Yeah. No. Sort of.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Oh, that helps. What's going on?
IANTO JONES: It's in my head, Jack. The alien. Talking to me! Saying it's Owen and Tosh and Lisa.
CAPTAIN JACK: The dead stay dead, Ianto, they don't come back. It's just an alien, like the Weevils. Trust me.
VOICE: Ianto Jones, you only need to listen to me, to my voice, so it's just us.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Ianto? Listen, it's not...
(Communication ended.)
VOICE: That's it. Just you and me.
FEMALE VOICE: Ianto Jones and Lisa Hallett.
GWEN COOPER: (off) Ianto, can you hear me?
FEMALE VOICE: Remember how we used to...
FEMALE VOICE: ... go to that Greek restaurant?
FEMALE VOICE: and that night when you told me you loved me...
GWEN COOPER: (off) Ianto, answer me, where are you?
FEMALE VOICE: Ignore her. I'm here.
GWEN COOPER: (off) I'm nearly there.
FEMALE VOICE: I've always been here for you.
GWEN COOPER: (off) Hold on!
FEMALE VOICE: Come closer. Come to me.
IANTO JONES: (yelling) No!

(In the building.)
MARTHA JONES: Hold on, Julia, just hold on. Jack, what's happening?
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Ianto and Gwen have found the creature and Professor Johnson says she can't shut the collider down.
MARTHA JONES: Well, make her.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Oh! Never thought of that. Just look after your patients, Doctor Jones, leave the Professor to me.
MARTHA JONES! Oh, Oliver, thank God. Listen, something's happening.
(Door opened.)
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Martha, you shouldn't be in here.
(Gun cocked.)
MARTHA JONES: Oh my God. It's you! You had any authority, your UNIT credentials...
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Please, don't try to resist.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Because I really don't want to have to start shooting people.

(The tunnel.)
GWEN COOPER: Ianto. Oh God. Ianto, can you hear me, sweetheart?
GWEN COOPER: No it's me, Gwen. Come on, hold on.
VOICE: We'll be back for you, Gwen Cooper. So much death in your short lives.
GWEN COOPER: So not listening! Ianto?
IANTO JONES: Gwen, let me go.
GWEN COOPER: What? What are you talking about, Ianto? Come on.
IANTO JONES: You don't understand. They need our help. Let me go to Lisa, to Tosh.
GWEN COOPER: Come on! I am not leaving you here. Come on.
IANTO JONES: I want to be with them! (Tearfully) I just want them back again.

(Control room.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Listen to me. I'm Torchwood, you lot are scientists. You're here searching for answers? Well, I know the answers. If you fire up the collider now, all hell is gonna break loose.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: You're serious, aren't you? Okay, I don't know what's going on here, but something is, so until we can sort this out, safety procedures. We need to prepare for a total lock-down. (Amplified) Listen, everyone. I want you to step away from the controls.
CAPTAIN JACK: Right. You're firing two beams of protons at each other, yeah?
DOCTOR JOHNSON: That's right.
CAPTAIN JACK: Didn't this place used to have an anti-proton beam facility?
DOCTOR JOHNSON: We won the Nobel Prize for it in the Eighties.
CAPTAIN JACK: Oh I'm pleased for you. Do you still have the facility?
DOCTOR JOHNSON: we use it for making atoms of anti-matter. Of course! If I can flip the polarity of the magnets, and replace one of the proton beam with anti-protons...
CAPTAIN JACK: They'll cancel each other out. Then the portal can open and we'll all live happily ever after.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: That's brilliant!
CAPTAIN JACK: That's me.
(Door slid open.)
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Move away from there!
CAPTAIN JACK: Martha, Doctor Harrington.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Get away from the controls or I'll shoot her!
CAPTAIN JACK: Okay, Oliver, just put the gun down.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: I said stand back!

(In the tunnel. GWEN COOPER grunts with effort, dragging body.)
GWEN COOPER: Come on, Ianto. Come on!
VOICE: Gwen Cooper?
GWEN COOPER: Not listening!
VOICE: Is Ianto an angel yet?
GWEN COOPER: (grunts.) Ianto, quick, up! Jack, come in.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Not a good time, Gwen, I've got company.
GWEN COOPER: It attacked Ianto. He's glowing, he's getting worse, it's coming back for me.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Are you near an exit?
GWEN COOPER: Ye... yes. I can see it, we're nearly there.
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Gwen, I'm gonna have to go. Get out of that tunnel.
GWEN COOPER: What if we don't make it?
CAPTAIN JACK: (communicator) Too much talk of death around here, Gwen. I'm not losing you. Now, fight. Get out of there. You stay alive!
GWEN COOPER: Jack? Jack?
VOICE: Jack doesn't care about the dead.
GWEN COOPER: Oh, you really don't want to mess with me right now.

(Control room.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Oliver, listen to me. Killing Martha won't achieve anything.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: It won't matter if I do. She'll come back. Don't you understand?
CAPTAIN JACK: Back in May after the test, you heard a voice, yeah?
CAPTAIN JACK: Whose voice was it?
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: My wife. She came back to me.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: That isn't impossible.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Don't you see what you've done here? Am I the only one who can see it?
DOCTOR JOHNSON: What do you mean?
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: You've opened the doorway, to Heaven.
CAPTAIN JACK: No. Oliver, it's not Heaven, it's another dimension. A creature has come through and it's feeding off people. The voices are a trick to draw you to it.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: You're wrong. Marie spoke to me. She told me that if I helped her she'd bring everyone back. And it's happening.
MARTHA JONES: But the creature, it attacked those people.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Attacked? Didn't you see them glowing? They're becoming angels. That's why I had to hide them, to protect them until they were strong enough. When the portal is fully open, their souls will be drawn back from Heaven, and they, and Marie, will return to life.
MARTHA JONES: No, it's their neutrons that have been taken, not their souls. Oliver, your wife's gone. She's not coming back.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: And you think that's it? That there's nothing else?
MARTHA JONES: I don't know. Honestly, I don't know. Maybe there is an afterlife, maybe there is a Heaven, but ... that's not where the voice you've heard has come from.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: You're wrong. I have faith.
MARTHA JONES: And I respect that. But the creature's been using you. What if we're right and you're wrong? Are you really gonna sentence everyone on this planet to death?
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: But ... but they won't die.
CAPTAIN JACK: You don't know that. You're going to risk all those lives because a voice told you it was Marie? Can't you see that's wrong?
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: She told me things. Things only we knew.
CAPTAIN JACK: Oliver, it's clever. It knows which buttons to push. These voices, they're not the dead. Trust me.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Doctor Harrington, listen to me. I don't care whether you think it's your wife, or a ghost, or ... or whether Jack's right and it - it's some kind of alien. We're not taking the risk. We're neutralising the collider now.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: No, no. I can't lose her again.
(Moving off. Metal door opened.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Martha, go after him, Don't let him near the collider.
MARTHA JONES: I'm on it.
CAPTAIN JACK: Now, Professor, we have to reverse the polarity or those creatures will be here for good, and the first thing they're gonna find?
(He sighs.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Gwen and Ianto.

(The tunnel. Dragging.)
GWEN COOPER: Look, we're nearly there. Just a few more feet.
IANTO JONES: Everything we've seen ... Torchwood, the wonder of the universe. And we're gonna die in a tunnel, in Switzerland.
GWEN COOPER: What did you imagine, the Bahamas?
IANTO JONES: It's cold, so cold.
GWEN COOPER: Shh! Ianto, listen to me. We are nearly out of here, right? Look. Look, according to the map, the exit's near the control room. That's where Jack is. And coffee. You love coffee. Coffee and Jack. Come on, please. Ianto, I can't carry you any further, please.
VOICE: Don't leave me, Gwen. Don't leave me in the darkness.
GWEN COOPER: Get back. Just keep back!
VOICE: But we're Owen. We're Tosh. We're all the dead. We want to live again.
GWEN COOPER: I'm alive, Ianto's alive, and I'm not listening! Come on, Ianto, please, get up!

(Control room. Bleeps.)
CAPTAIN JACK: Okay, stand back, everyone. I can smell two beams of protons about to be launched.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Have you got any idea what you're doing?
CAPTAIN JACK: Not really. Making it up as I go along. What I do best.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Can you actually stop them?
CAPTAIN JACK: No, but I can try and prevent them creating their portal in Time and Space. And trust me, portals like that are more trouble than they're worth.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: What about Doctor Harrington?
CAPTAIN JACK: Professor, Oliver Harrington is one short step away from destroying the world. I kinda don't care about his well-being right now.
CAPTAIN JACK: Right. Professor, I think I'm gonna do what you wanted. Show you the fundamental particle. The Higgs.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: The Higgs? I'm really going to see it today?
CAPTAIN JACK: Guess so, if we get a move on?
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Of course. The proton beams won't hit each other, they'll hit the anti-proton beams instead. They won't explode, they'll create the Higgs particle. We're doing it all wrong, and this way ... oh my God.
TOM: By George, I think she's got it!
DOCTOR JOHNSON: the particle is life and the anti-protons and protons are going to create it.
CAPTAIN JACK: Professor Johnson, we're gonna have a baby!
DOCTOR JOHNSON: But ... but how is it going to stop this portal forming?
CAPTAIN JACK: The anti-protons will do that by neutralising the protons. The Higgs particle is just a side effect. Almost an afterthought.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: We're going to create life as a side effect? So the Higgs particle - Dark Matter, Dark Energy, all of us, everything, we're just an accident?
CAPTAIN JACK: Guess so. And isn't that cool?
(Alarm sound from control panel.)
TOM: Professor Johnson.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Yes Tom, what is it?
TOM: Doctor Harrington. He's activated the tunnel lockdown sequence.

(The tunnel. GWEN COOPER gasps.)
GWEN COOPER: Ianto, come on, we're at the exit now. Come on. Doctor Harrington!
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: What are you doing here?
GWEN COOPER: Getting out of this tunnel as fast as I can. Just help me with him.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Yes. Yes, all right, come on.
(Distant, further up the tunnel, calling down.)
MARTHA JONES: Gwen! Stop him, stop Harrington!
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: I'm going back into the tunnel. Don't come after me. I ... I'm sorry.
MARTHA JONES: Wait, you'll die in there! Oliver, the doors are locking!
GWEN COOPER: Martha, I need to get Ianto into the warm. Now, please.

(Control room.)
TOM: Tunnel lockdown sequence complete. It's sealed up. The collider is active ... now.
CAPTAIN JACK: Come on, come on! Professor, that switch there.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Okay. Look, an anti-proton beam. We've created it.
CAPTAIN JACK: Gwen, tell me you're clear of the tunnel.
MARTHA JONES: (communicator) Jack, it's Martha. I've got Gwen and Ianto, they're safe. But Oliver's locked himself in the tunnel.
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) I couldn't stop him, Jack.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: The poor man. It's going to...
CAPTAIN JACK: It's too late.
(Power build up.)

(The tunnel.)
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Marie, are you there? It's Oliver.
VOICE: I'm here, Waiting for you, my love.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Oh, it's so good to hear your voice. We'll be together again soon, my darling. All these months without you, I ... I've been so lonely. All I've done is dream of you. But ... but now we're going to be together again, forever.
(Voices laughter.)
VOICE: You humans. So often undone by love. Dream of it, in the void. Be ready to embrace the dark times.
VOICE: We're back. We're home.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: So it was true what he said. You were never really Marie. It was all a lie.
VOICE: You don't need her. But we need you.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: But you know things! Things only she could know!
VOICE: Drawn from your fractured mind. You have given us passage. Enabled us to control and devour the minds of this world. A whole new source of energy to feed us for centuries.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Feed on our ... on our minds?
VOICE: We used you, Oliver Harrington. Your weakness, your gullibility.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: Oh my God. Those people.
VOICE: Your species - you all mean nothing to us except as food.
DOCTOR HARRINGTON: No! No, no, no, no. No, you're wrong. We're so much more. And we're going to stop you! We die, together!
(Power build up. Screams.)

(Control room.)
TOM: Professor, look. On the screen.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: The Higgs particle. It's so beautiful.
CAPTAIN JACK: And it's inside all of us. (Laugh) It's life. You see? Something good out of all this.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Are you sure you've stopped those creature things coming through?
CAPTAIN JACK: Yep. And with them gone, your angel coma patients should be returning to normal. Gwen? Gwen, are you there?
GWEN COOPER: (communicator) Yeah. Yeah. Freezing like a, er ... whatever. And Ianto's stopped glowing. Jack, it looks like he's gonna be okay.
CAPTAIN JACK: We'll come and get you.
GWEN COOPER: Thank you.
DOCTOR JOHNSON: Yes, thank you. For everything.

GWEN COOPER: I dragged you all that way, and you don't remember?
IANTO JONES: No. Can't remember a thing. But Gwen?
IANTO JONES: Thank you.
GWEN COOPER: It's okay.
MARTHA JONES: Here he is, hero of the hour.
CAPTAIN JACK: Doctor Jones! How's your mate Julia?
MARTHA JONES: She's fine. You know what, they're all fine. Guess I just need to let HQ know about Oliver.
IANTO JONES: The stream will cease to flow, the wind will cease to blow. The clouds will cease to fleet, the heart will cease to beat.
CAPTAIN JACK: For all things must die. Never saw you as a Tennyson man, Ianto.
IANTO JONES: We all have hidden depths.
CAPTAIN JACK: You twenty-first century humans with your science, your beliefs and your poetry and ... oh yeah, you're pretty great.
GWEN COOPER: You say all these things. The human race has to be ready. What do you know, Jack?
CAPTAIN JACK: I know you're worth fighting for.
IANTO JONES: No, not good enough. Why us? Why do they keep coming to us?
CAPTAIN JACK: Because you're special. You never stop searching for answers. Sometimes I don't think you know what the questions are, but you never stop searching.
GWEN COOPER: Questions of life and death?
CAPTAIN JACK: Somewhere out there in that chaos of darkness and light, of science and protons, of Gods and stars and death ... somewhere there's an answer. And sometimes I think that just asking the question ... is the answer. And sometimes I think I just ... need a coffee. Come on, let's go home.
(CAPTAIN JACK laughs.)

(Closing Torchwood theme, composed by Murray Gold.)
ANNOUNCER: In Torchwood - Lost Souls, Captain Jack was played by John Barrowman, Gwen Cooper by Eve Myles and Ianto Jones by Gareth David-Lloyd. Martha Jones was played by Freema Agyeman, Doctor Johnson by Lucy Montgomery, Doctor Harrington by Stephen Critchlow and Leon Foiret by Mark Meadows. Torchwood - Lost Souls was written by Joseph Lidster, and Directed in Wales by Kate McAll.

[The CD version gives the first broadcast date as BBC Radio Wales on 19 January 2008, and omits the closing announcer.]

Transcribed by David Tait

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