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The movies started at the end of the 1970s and continued into the twenty first century.
They span the time from the refit of the NCC1701 after her Five Year Mission, through the 1701A then blend into 1701D and E after the end of the Next Generation seasons.

I am grateful to Tony Morgan, webmaster of Star Trek Cross Index, for providing these transcripts.

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Release date

The Motion Picture 7412.6 7 Dec, 1979
The Wrath of Khan 8130.4 4 Jun, 1982
The Search for Spock 8210.3 1 Jun, 1984
The Voyage Home 8390.0 10 Apr, 1987
The Final Frontier 8454.1 9 Jun, 1989
The Undiscovered Country 9521.6 6 Dec, 1991
Generations 48650.1 18 Nov, 1994
First Contact 50893.5 13 Dec, 1996
Insurrection Unknown 1 Jan, 1999
Nemesis 56844.9 3 Jan, 2003