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Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker


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Episode Name
The Twin Dilemma 6S 22 Mar, 1984
Attack of the Cybermen 6T 5 Jan, 1985
Vengeance on Varos 6V 19 Jan, 1985
The Mark of the Rani 6X 2 Feb,1985
The Two Doctors 6W 16 Feb, 1985
Timelash 6Y 9 Mar, 1985
Revelation of the Daleks 6Z 23 Mar, 1985
The Mysterious Planet 7A 6 Sep, 1986
Mindwarp 7B 4 Oct, 1986
Terror of the Vervoids 7C 1 Nov, 1986
The Ultimate Foe 7C 29 Nov, 1986

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